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http://aqwebs.com/wp-content/fux-single-maenner-kulmbach.php Ewald ist eine Variante von Elwald, die Ellot an den Grenzen wurde. Robert Ewald, Noticed, it is a German name. Do I have something for you to read; http: Had a brother now deceased named Robert, and our first ten clan chiefs were named Robert Elwald. After a millennium I may have found kinship in Germany. Welcome to the moose of the woods tribe. No surname, but likely a tribal name. My migration path is along the mapping of I2a2 which I-M is and your first marker like mine is a Nach einem Jahrtausend habe ich vielleicht Verwandtschaft in Deutschland gefunden.

Kein Nachname, aber wahrscheinlich ein Stammesname. Papa ist ziemlich in amerikanischen Kolonien. Obwohl die Namen von Eliot und Ellot zu Elliot werden, sind die folgenden drei Grafiken die grundlegenden Konzentrationsorte;. Menschen wandern mit ihrer Sprache ab;. Clan Armstrong, ich habe das Recht, nicht besiegt zu werden und unversehrt zu werden wie du. Wissenschaftliches Wissen in der heutigen Zeit und in der Vergangenheit kann von Puritanern normannischen Denkern rationalisiert werden, um Dinge richtig erscheinen zu lassen.

Ein Weg, um in der Vergangenheit weiter zu gehen, ist zu verwenden, wie eine Familiengeschichte wie die Geschichte des Clan Armstrong Fair Bear mit seinen Leuten wandert und wie die Sprache dieser germanischen Menschen dorthin wandert, wo heute das schottische Grenzland liegt. Heute scheint die Geschichte mit meiner eigenen Familiengeschichte eine Migrationsgeschichte zu haben. Korrektur; Herkunftsort der Migration ist 2, Migration zu beiden 1 und 3. A segment of the Y chromosome that appears in almost all Danish and north German men was recently found to be surprisingly common in Britain.

It should be noted that the story of the Fairy Bear starts in southern Germany. Given surname distribution the Rucker family is from southern Germany. Groups such as U, do not migrate with a homogeneity of DNA, but are more heterogeneous in their migration, and it is felt that my U, could of easily migrated with those of I2a2 DNA. This is the answer censored by big brother Clan Armstrong , remember they are not going to censor me out, because my characteristics, are German, Danish, Northumbria, Borders, Ulster, and the Plantations like theirs. The bear, is related to the Elwald Ellot, Elliot , though seemly the Elwald is the middle brother, in this case.

Guest Quakers have a lot to share with The Armstrong. No nation wants to admit they did approximately the same with the Scandinavians as the Germans did to the Jews. It is very doubtful like my grandfather who presented to Salem Village that the accusers did it out of sport, that I will be believe. As Scandinavians in a dominate Norman environment, these would travel as stories such as The Fairy Bear;. Following shows location of Crowland Croyland , and a census concentration location of people with Crowland surname in Norfolk.

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Lindemann, means person of the linde tree. It is felt the linde tree was used in making arms, like shields and wooden shafts, so a Lindemann, may be one who worked the wood of the linde tree. So it is felt the name Lindberg, like in Charles Lindberg is named after a mountain with linde trees on it. Scarborough and Gresham surname distribution maps from census and of gpnames. One can see that the Scarborough and Gresham are from Scandinavian regions and migrated by , to a more dominate Scandinavian area.

There are no recognisable Gaelic spellings and only one Dalliot. DNA reveals the origins of modern Europeans. Angesichts der folgenden Douglas-Grenzkarte kann man sehen, wie nahe Nixon, Burn und Kerr im vorletzten Jahrhundert vor Jahren zu den Elliot lebten. Migrationspfade von Ker und Elwald Ellot ;. It is felt where the Kerr; marsh dwellers which are European elk like moose , and the Elchwald, Elkwald elk of the forest which would also be European elk split, and the Proto-Germanic language travel with these groups, and also from this locality into southern, Germany giving the language a different dialect, making the southern language, much different then the developing Germanic-Danish of the north.

This would be the Babylon of the Germanic languages. Germany may not of liked left handed people, because the Kerr are a sorted group of left-handers, of which about a third are. Elliott, which consider to be my step-brother with different mothers. Croyland ist bekannt als Fenland, das Marschland ist;. As one can see the Cordedware Culture covers a good part of the region in which elk moose are found.

Killing the American buffalo, and the European elk, is much like Border Reivers going after cows. Es wird angenommen, dass H. Elchwald, Elgwald, Elfwald and Elwald are felt to be based on Anglo-Saxon place naming given the map;. There are a number of Anglo-Saxon place names around Berlin in which the suffix -wald is being used. Es sollte angemerkt werden, dass der Clan Elliot Chief der Daniel name is felt to have been derived from Andrew where Dan is an alias for Andrew on the Scottish Borders, and borderers, were felt to be Catholic when arriving in the county of Fermanagh.

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Andreas of Germany, for Andrew and Anderson variants as found in Scandinavian, and Scotland, is one of the seeds. Ninian that of Whitethorn , in the Debatable Lands near Canonbie. Diese Haplogruppe kommt in hohen Konzentrationen in den Niederlanden und in Nordwestdeutschland vor. With likely beginnings where the R-S Daniel Group began, and the region where Proto-Germanic language began, and went to Anglia, north into Scandinavia , and south into southern Germany.

Composed by Mark S. Jahrhunderts Kassel, , pp.

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Nevertheless, I do not place my intellect in the seat of judgement; it may indeed happen that they are better than I can discern. Alardus von Amsterdam Cologne, , vol. Johannes von Soest mentions the title of the treatise in his encomium of the city of Worms: Pietzsch, Quellen und Forschungen , p. Manfred Klett Vienna, Munich, ; G. Bonath, Johannes von Soest , in Verfasserlexikon , vol. Didaktische Literatur und berufliche Schreiben des Johann von Soest, gen. Margery Kempe and the Translations of the Flesh Philadelphia, For Hoccleve's relation to the Latin source text of German Dominican provenance which he translates in the course of the Series , see Steven Rozenski, Jr.

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Stephen Jaeger, Ennobling Love: In Search of a Lost Sensibility Philadelphia, In a contemporary and probably more reliable description of the same event Arnold Heymerick underlines the high quality of the ducal chapel's singing and its interaction with the organists: Cuius rei, ne multa subticeam, ducalis capella non minima auctrix sua non canoritate modo, sed et iubilo modulamineque singulari omnium aures affecit. Atque relatu dignum, ymmo vero debitum puto, quod ille Johannes re vera cecus, eciam cognomento Cecus Traiectensis vocitatus, cum organista nostro, cui Johanni eciam nomen et Noster cognomen et oculi ferme semi sunt, sed arte organica certe tam famosi, ne huius etatis ulli secundum relinquere locum dicantur, sese organis immiscent et talem edere cantibus eufoniam atque melodiam excutere auditi sunt, ut humano ingenio id effici posse nemo crederet vel uspiam ante auditum.

Oediger Bonn, , p. For musical practice in Cleves in the fifteenth century see also R. Scholten, Geschichte der Stadt Kleve Kleve, ; 2nd edn A Kapellmeister is not reported in the published account books; however, a surviving contract with a certain Mesquin on 6 April documents that there was one reported in Wiens, Musik und Musikpflege , p.

A later benefice created in established that at the daily Mass choral music would not be accompanied by an organist, thus striking down one of the principles of an earlier performance practice. Kassel, , sig. It seems an extremely strong possibility that it came to Cologne through similar channels. Nevertheless it would be too great a conjecture to suppose on this basis that Hothby could have been one of the two English musicians at Cleves.

Perhaps it was in this context that Johannes von Soest established the contact. There is no surviving information about musical life at the Church of St Mary in Aardenburg in the fifteenth century, but certain grants of the sixteenth century which specify the performance of motets in the context of Salve services point to a well-developed musical tradition.

Criminalisation of the freedom of expression of the inhabitants of Skouries in Halkidiki and violation of personal data protection law. Company takeovers and the privacy of EU citizens. Ruling on the Prestige accident and the vulnerability of coasts to oil slicks. Developments in Libya — declaration of autonomy by Cyrenaica. The rise in coal consumption in Europe and climate change. Treatment of patients with mental illnesses in Serbia. VAT rate on automated external defibrillators in Member States. EU and USA regulation schemes for drones. Infrastructure solutions in the western Balkans.

Confidence of EU citizens in the actions of the European institutions in the areas of employment, education and training. If the degree of civilisation in a society can be judged by entering its prisons, Europe can be said to be a civilised society. Request for clarification regarding the checks introduced in the United States on goods arriving from Italy. Request for clarifications about the checks introduced in the United States on goods arriving from Italy.

Worsening shortage of medicinal products. Assessment of Frontex-Turkey memorandum of understanding on cooperation. The Commission plans to punish the Netherlands illegally. Leasing or purchasing for end-consumers in high-end electronics. Sustainability and resource efficiency in the construction sector. Two-way road in the Bielsa-Aragnouet tunnel. Mutual recognition of protection measures in cases of violence. Investor-state dispute settlement in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The discovery of a collection of art plundered by the Third Reich.

Citizens' confidence in EU institutions. Precaution with products containing parabens. Cancellation of waste project funded by the EIB. Ensuring equal pay for scientists in Europe working on projects funded by EU programmes for scientific research and innovation. The internationalisation of European higher education.

Follow-up question to the Commission concerning drivers from third countries. Labelling of products based on truffles. Recognition of certain agricultural products. Parasite threatens chestnut production in the Veneto Region. Serious incident involving the leakage of JP8 fuel in Padernello di Paese, in the province of Treviso, contaminating the underlying aquifer. Consumer protection in the internal market. Combating corruption in the private sector. Recognition through EU research funding. Privatisation of semi-governmental organisations in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Memorandum and measures with equivalent effects on public finances. Compulsory fitting of speed limiters to vehicles. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Regulation. Occupational health and safety law and safety at work. Support for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Procedure for non-deductible value added tax.

Delay in transposing the directive on cross-border healthcare in Portugal. Access by SME's to finance: Commission's economic priorities for Encouraging cooperation and exchange of good practice for prevention, screening and control of diabetes. Conversion of Agia Sophia to a Muslim temple. Another mosque converted from a Byzantine church in Turkey. The EU should take action in favour of the Hagia Sofia. Largest Byzantine monastery in Istanbul to be turned into a mosque. Does the Commission believe that converting football clubs into publicly owned enterprises is consistent with the deficit reduction measures under the European Semester and the specific recommendations of the Commission?

The Commission is following closely the implementation of policies to reduce the Spanish regions' deficit, including welcome policies to streamline the so-called public institutional administration. The Commission considers that the Autonomous Communities are key actors for the success of the structural reform and consolidation process in Spain. Los bancos no estaban sujetos a restricciones a la hora de utilizar los fondos proporcionados al amparo de la LTRO. The fact that institutions, in times of crisis, are obliged to put paying public debt ahead of public services and social rights increases poverty and social exclusion.

However, the same banking system offers credit and refinancing to government administrations at high interest of 5. Debt restructuring and settlements are practices recognised in international law. Does the Commission consider the position taken by Spanish banks in regard to loans to government administrations to be abusive?

Does it agree that government debt should be considered illegitimate as it results from opportunistic funds under abusive conditions? Does it believe the interest rates should be renegotiated and, if necessary, cancelled because of the 5. Does it think the ECB should place conditions on loans made to financial institutions, like LTROs, so that these institutions make loans at similar interest rates to government administrations for public policies? The Commission is of the view that there has not been any abuse of the conditions under which the funds have been provided.

In fact, the Fund for Financing of Payments to Suppliers Fondo para la Financiacion de Pago a Proveedores — FFPP was set up in the midst of the financial crisis when the weaker Spanish regional and local governments had either limited or no access to market funding. The interest charged on the loans to the regional and local governments was the prevailing market rate for Treasury borrowing at the time or close to it. Had the regional and local governments been able to secure re-financing for their loans to suppliers at lower market rates they would have presumably done so.

Whether the interest rates should be renegotiated this is a matter to be discussed and agreed upon by the contractual parties. Monetary policy in the euro area is the exclusive competence of the ECB, whose independence is enshrined in the Treaty and the Commission does not interfere with the ECB's Treaty or statutory obligations. Via its three-year long-term refinancing operation LTRO , announced for the first time in the end of , the ECB provided financing to euro area banks at low interest rates to ease the financial and economic crisis.

The aim of the LTRO was to maintain a cushion of liquidity for banks holding illiquid assets and thus avoid a severe credit crunch or a collapse of the banking system. Banks were not constrained in their use of funding under LTROs. The directive sets out the possibility for Member States to give third-country nationals residing in their territory lawfully and uninterruptedly over the previous five years long-term resident status, and defines the conditions for residence in EU countries other than the country which granted this status.

What benefits does the above regime provide to third-country nationals? To how many third-country nationals has long-term resident status been granted in Greece? Can the Commission provide statistical data by Member State on the numbers of persons acquiring the status and the numbers of persons living in a country other than the one that granted them this status? Long-term EU residents and their family members also have intra-EU mobility rights under certain conditions, and can enjoy equal treatment with nationals in the abovementioned areas in a Member State other than the one that granted the long-term resident status.

Long-term EU residents also have protection against expulsion. Please note that the Commission does not collect data on the number of long-term EU permits newly issued during a particular year. Volgens de heer Rehn is het van wezenlijk belang dat een stijging van de binnenlandse vraag in Duitsland moet helpen om de opwaartse druk op de wisselkoers van de euro te verminderen, waardoor de toegang tot de mondiale markten voor exporteurs zou worden vergemakkelijkt in zuidelijk Europa. Tegen deze achtergrond wordt de Commissie verzocht de volgende vragen te beantwoorden:.

Indien Duitsland de meest concurrerende economie van de Europese Unie is, waarom wil de Commissie zijn economisch beleid dan wijzigen? Waarom denkt de Commissie dat een win-winsituatie mogelijk kan zijn in de nabije toekomst, gelet op de structurele onevenwichtigheden tussen de lidstaten van de eurozone? Indien ze denkt dat Duitsland zijn economisch beleid moet herzien ten voordele van de hele eurozone, kan ze dan bevestigen dat de EMU niet meer is dan een permanente transferunie?

He argues that Berlin should adjust its economic policy in order to produce a win-win situation for the eurozone as a whole. The Commission is even due to consider whether to launch an in-depth review of the German economy in the framework of the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure. Does it think that Germany needs to be sanctioned for its extraordinary economic performance?

If Germany is the most competitive economy in the European Union, why does it want Germany to change its economic policy? Does it not think that devaluing the euro would cause imported inflation and further reduce the purchasing power of core and peripheral countries as well? Does it think that a devalued euro would make German goods less competitive than they are at the present? Given the structural imbalances among eurozone Member States, why does it think that a win-win situation may be envisaged in the near future? Las federaciones agroalimentarias de los sindicatos, CC.

The preliminary draft law on agricultural representativeness being discussed by the Council of Ministers does not include any way for workers in the agricultural sector to participate. Is the Council aware of the preliminary draft law on agricultural representativeness being discussed by the Spanish Government? Does it think that the aims of the CAP: While it is not for the Council to comment on national draft legislation, the Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, is responsible for overseeing Member States' application of Union law.

Is the Commission aware of the preliminary draft law on agricultural representativeness being discussed by the Spanish Government? Does it think that agricultural workers should be represented in national elections in the agricultural sector? However, transparency with regard to the formation of such councils leaves much to be desired. However, more important than CSR for meeting the above targets is ensuring that undertakings comply with their own legal obligations, since — as we know — undertakings with much-trumpeted CSR often do not even comply with the laws applicable to them.

There is no general obligation for Community-scale undertakings to establish European Works Councils. The Commission does not intend to publish the names of Community-scale undertakings or groups that have not set up a European Works Council or to create a register of Community-scale undertakings. Therefore, it makes no sense to create a specific category for one form of presentation, altering the composition and quality criteria that apply to the same product, but presented in different forms.

The purpose of labelling is to inform consumers and not confuse them. The procedure is ongoing and the Commission is still assessing the notified draft measure. The text referred to under footnote one of the question of the Honourable Member is different to the one which has been notified by the Spanish authorities. The Commission, therefore, bases its reply on the draft notified by the Spanish Government. What assurances can the Commission give that the removal of unnecessary non-tariff barriers, such as the additional fees on EU dairy exports, will be one of the key objectives in the TTIP discussions?

The Commission is of the view that non-tariffs trade barriers may constitute a very significant obstacle to the EU-U. To this purpose, the Commission has also requested in its consultations with stakeholders to specifically identify the most relevant non-trade barriers that should be addressed in the TTIP negotiations. The TTIP negotiations will offer the possibility to address these issues in order to find appropriate solutions in all relevant areas, including in the dairy sector, and to avoid in particular any discriminatory treatment.

We rightfully acknowledge Armistice Day to commemorate members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty. The Commission has supported awareness raising of European history through the Europe for Citizens Programme , in particular Action 4: This Action has focused on commemorating the victims of Nazism and Stalinism, both to overcome the past and to pass on its memory to the young generation of Europeans.

The proposal for a regulation establishing the Europe for Citizens programme for the period aims to broaden the focus of remembrance to defining moments in modern European history, including World War One. One of the pillars of this programme is easing the passage of young people from the education system to the labour market through a system of traineeships and professional development.

The second pillar is encouraging youth mobility, which I believe to be a bad solution. In the short term, mobility could improve unfavourable statistical data at EU level and satisfy the immediate needs of the single labour market. However, in the long term this will rob poorer EU Member States of their future, as they will lose the young and educated segments of their population. If the Commission genuinely does recognise the need for solidarity and convergence between the richer and poorer Member States, how does it plan to achieve convergence if educated young people — those who will bring progress to their countries — leave the poorer Member States for the richer ones?

Labour mobility within and between countries can act as an adjustment mechanism by filling vacancies with jobseekers from regions or countries affected by high unemployment, resulting in a win-win situation for both sending and receiving locations, and of course young people themselves. Past experience suggests that mobility is often followed by a return to the home country once conditions improve. However, the Youth Guarantee should be understood precisely as a long-term strategy that works to counteract the economic and demographic crises experienced in several Member States.

It centres on structural change, which entails developing a holistic approach to addressing youth unemployment to improve young people's prospects within a Member State. This will have a lasting impact. It is a national initiative: Additionally, the recently proposed Quality Framework for Traineeships, consisting of guidelines for providing high quality learning content and fair working conditions, will help ease the school to work transition of highly educated young people, who most often take such placements.

Indeed, the outcome of the Youth Guarantee should be that the good-quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship serves to keep young people active in their own countries, without them needing to search in other Member States. Resulta innecesario citar los preceptos vigentes. The successive Treaties that have created the European Union have stressed the need for good administration and correct action in areas that may affect European financial interests. There is no need to cite the existing requirements. Numerous regulatory provisions, communications, reports and action plans also develop the provisions of the Treaties.

Several investigations in Spain now reveal the possibility that public aid from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF may have been diverted from the training courses to which it was wholly allocated. I have expressed my concern to the Commission on previous occasions about the illegal use of European aid e. Is the Commission aware that a procedure has been started to check whether very large sums of European aid were properly used in training courses held by Spanish trade unions?

Does it not believe that calls for financial aid should include measures to prevent organisations that have allocated previously obtained resources inappropriately from receiving more European funds?

The Commission is aware of various investigations related to training courses delivered by the trade union UGT in Spain. The verification procedure has been started by the managing authority of the programme immediately after publication in the press. The managing authority suspended payments to UGT and is carrying out an administrative investigation to check whether possible irregularities or any other possible infringement have taken place in order to assess the potential financial impact. The selection process and criteria are determined by each programme's monitoring committee in line with transparent and objective requirements.

The committee designs the criteria that ensure that previous experience of organisations with Structural Funds, in particular a negative one, is taken appropriately into account. However, it cannot be excluded that an organisation that previously submitted irregular expenditure will obtain funding in the future, provided that it has taken remedial action and duly corrected previous irregularities. The plan includes infrastructure development, which will have a very severe environmental impact on the immediate area around the park, proposing the construction of an airfield and golf courses, as well as large hotel complexes.

This plan will have an environmental impact that could jeopardise the entire area by attracting tourism. The people of Castellar de la Frontera have rejected the plan, proposing alternative uses which ensure sustainable exploitation of the estate. Will the Commission request information from the Spanish authorities about this plan for use of the Almoraima estate? According to the information provided by the Honourable Member, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment presented in the Municipal Council of Castellar de la Frontera a special plan for use of the Almoraima estate, but it appears that for the time being the Plan has not been approved by the Municipal Council.

De knikkebolziekte doodde al tienduizenden kinderen en jongeren in Zuid-Soedan, Tanzania en Oeganda. De mysterieuze ziekte ontwricht zo deze afgelegen streek. Overweegt de Commissie dit of gelijkaardige projecten financieel te ondersteunen in het kader van EU-ontwikkelingssamenwerking? Over de zogeheten knikkebolziekte is al eerder een parlementaire vraag gesteld.

De Commissie is zich bewust van deze ziekte en volgt via haar delegaties de ontwikkeling ervan en het relevante onderzoek van internationale partners. Volgens de ontvangen rapporten is er sinds geen nieuwe relevante informatie te melden. Behalve deze routineopvolging werden geen andere specifieke initiatieven genomen. Van de drie in de vraag vermelde landen wordt alleen de gezondheidssector in Zuid-Sudan specifiek ondersteund.

De Commissie volgt de wetenschappelijke literatuur over de epidemiologie en mogelijke oorzaken van de knikkebolziekte op. Zij is ook bekend met het onlangs in november opgestarte onderzoeksproject over een mogelijk verband tussen mycotoxinen en de knikkebolziekte aan de universiteiten van Gent, Antwerpen en Makerere. Nodding disease has already killed tens of thousands of children and young people in South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. This mysterious disease is crippling this remote area. For the time being, the cause is not known, nor is there medication to fight the disease. Can the Commission provide an overview of existing European initiatives in this connection?

Is the Commission considering providing financial support to this or similar projects as part of EU development cooperation? The Commission is well aware of and follows through its Delegations the evolution of this syndrome and the related research by international partners. According to reports received no new salient information can be reported since Beyond this routine follow up no other specific initiatives have been taken. There are no specific EU support projects to tackle this disease.

Among the three countries mentioned in the question, only South Sudan is supported in the health sector specifically. The Commission follows the scientific literature on the epidemiology and potential causes of nodding syndrome. However, the evaluation process in view of the accession to the Schengen area is carried out by the Council and the decision on accession is taken by the Council by unanimity.

The Commisison has no role in this process. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodgan has unleashed a new flurry of provocative statements against the Republic of Cyprus, when speaking in the margins of an international conference recently held in Poland. Among other things, he specifically stated:. Why is your flag flying on every corner? Does it think that such statements, which are utterly offensive not only to Cyprus but also to the Union itself, conform to the behaviour that a candidate country accession should display?

What practical measures does it intend to take to put an end to such unacceptable behaviour? Hoe verklaart de Commissie deze contradictie? Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodgan has made a new flurry of provocative statements against the Republic of Cyprus, when speaking in the margins of an international conference recently held in Poland. Does it think that such statements, which are utterly offensive not only to Cyprus but also to the Union itself, amount to acceptable behaviour from a candidate country for accession? How does the Commission explain this contradiction?

If not, how does the Commission defend the legitimacy of the accession negotiations in light of this? Freihandelsabkommen mit Kolumbien und Peru.


Die Zivilgesellschaft ist und wird auch weiterhin eng in diesen Prozess eingebunden sein, auf formeller Ebene z. In recent meetings with Colombian human rights defenders they have told us about the continued increase in the instances of murder of human rights defenders and leaders of land restitution processes. We would like to know what concrete monitoring mechanism the Commission is planning to implement; with which benchmarks; how regularly it is planning to activate this mechanism; and how civil society will be involved in this monitoring process.

Moreover, how will the Commission follow up on the roadmap on human, labour and environmental rights and secure its implementation? Who exactly is in charge of monitoring? The Commission fully agrees with the Parliament that the Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru, through promoting trade openness and economic interdependency, will support the EU's overarching objective to protect democracy, the rule of law, human rights and the principles of international law. They hold monthly meetings of a local working group on human rights to share information and analyses. They also exchange information with organisations having a local presence in Colombia's regions as well as with civil society organisations.

Moreover, annual meetings high level and techinical level take place with Colombia in the framework of the EU-Colombia Dialogue on Human Rights. They constitute a forum in which HR-related concerns are raised. In addition, EU concerns on HR issues are also regularly addressed on the occasion of high-level visits. Civil society is and will continue to be closely associated in this process, both in a formalised way i. The roadmap drafted by Colombia upon request of the European Parliament will be a useful instrument in furthering the protection of human rights, labour rights, and the environment.

Ist der Hohen Vertreterin dieser Sachverhalt bekannt?

Falls ja, wie gedenkt die Hohe Vertreterin, hiergegen vorzugehen? Falls ja, was hat bzw. Die EU ist sich der genannten Problematik bewusst. Die Entwicklungspartner haben weiter gefordert, dass die Verordnung nicht angewandt wird, da sie der Kommission die Befugnis zugesteht, Amnestien zu empfehlen, und als nicht den internationalen Standards entsprechend bewertet wird. The upcoming elections in Nepal are being financed by, among others, the Nepal Peace Trust Fund, to which the European Union is the biggest donor. The list of candidates includes people who are suspected of having committed serious human rights violations according to the Accountability Watch Committee.

Is the High Representative aware of these facts? If so, how is it justified that European money is being given for a cause where we obviously find violations of human rights?

Romantic Comedy

Is the High Representative aware of the developments concerning impunity in Nepal and the risk of an amnesty being granted by an ordinance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? If so, what plans has the High Representative to combat this? Is the High Representative aware of the particular situation of girls, who lack equal rights to education and even in terms of their living conditions in certain areas, girls have to sleep in huts during menstruation? If so, what steps are being or have been taken by the High Representative to ensure that girls have equal educational and living opportunities?

The EU is aware of this issue.

Translation of «Elch» into 25 languages

The development partners continued urging not to execute the ordinance, as it grants the TRC the power to recommend amnesties and has been considered as not meeting international standards. According to Nepalese law, girls have equal rights to education and the practice of chaupaudi has been criminalised. However, various economic and social factors act as barriers to girls accessing and staying in education and the practice of chaupaudi , although eliminated in some areas unfortunately remains in some places.

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion are high on the agenda for policy dialogue in regular joint meetings with Government and in development partners monthly meetings. Projects funded through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and Non State Actor budget lines have also focused on promoting girls' education, improving living condition and also combating discrimination. It has come to my attention that there is a discrepancy in the charges levied by eBay on the posting and packaging of goods in different EU countries.

There seems to be an issue of cross-border differential pricing in relation to these charges. UK sellers are therefore charged more to sell their items than sellers in other EU countries, even when these items are sent to the same EU country they are listed in. In light of this, could the Commission confirm whether it is planning to take any action on this issue? The Commission is already aware of the fact that some online marketplaces, such as the ones referred to by the Honourable Member, charge different fees from sellers on their platforms e.

However, Maltese consumers often face the problem of online retailers not delivering products to Maltese addresses. This geographical limitation calls for particular attention in the context of the functioning of the online internal market. The purpose of the internal market being to benefit both businesses and consumers to the fullest, accessibility for all is of particular concern.

What action will the Commission take to prevent such geographical discrimination within the internal market? The Commission agrees with the Honourable Member that still too often recipients of services are refused the transaction or are forced to pay a higher price on grounds of their residence in another Member State. The Spanish electricity sector is undergoing a reform that will result in a great number of regulatory elements, which will be added to other substantial changes to the regulations adopted in the last two years. The unpredictability of the regulations, in many cases changed retroactively, seriously affects the principle of legal certainty.

Although the scope of the changes is general, the renewable energy sector is in fact discriminated against, since the real impact of the measures adopted is proportionally greater on this sector than on the conventional sector. The old terms of remuneration no longer apply and the sector does not at present know what the new terms will be, which means its plants must operate without secure knowledge of elements required to adjust their performance.

The model provided in the new law aims to replace the rates previously applied to renewable energy with an investment incentive that would guarantee a return of 7. It is not surprising, therefore, that a large number of claims have been made in the Spanish courts — and in international seats of arbitration — by investors who have seen the conditions under which they decided to invest altered negatively.

I believe that regulation of the electricity sector must be approached from within European regulations and with a view to medium and long-term scenarios; an isolated regulation fails to meet this requisite. Does the Commission intend to take steps to ensure that these standard costs reflect reality? The Commission understands the concerns expressed by the Honourable Member about the impacts of the recent complete modification of the Spanish support scheme for renewable energies. In its political dialogue with the Spanish Government, the Commission has asked the Spanish authorities to assess carefully the impacts of the new measures on existing renewable energy projects and to share this assessment with stakeholders.

Once these new measures are finalised and the Commission has all information requested on the new measures, the latter will assess the compatibility of the new scheme with EU legislation. What arguments would the Commission consider sufficient to allay the concerns of people who actually want clarity on data protection, particularly in such an extensive free trade agreement? However, neither national security matters nor data protection issues fall under the scope of the TTIP. As regards more specifically data protection, in the abovementioned Communication the Commission has made clear that data protection standards will not be negotiated within the TTIP, which in turn will fully respect current and future data protection rules.

Nonostante la cifra media giornaliera erogata per ogni migrante corrispondente a 45 euro circa , le condizioni igienico-sanitarie non rispettano gli standard minimi di decenza. A che punto sono precisamente questi nuovi stanziamenti? Quanto al piano di sostegno speciale dell'EASO, le principali linee d'azione includono la formazione, le informazioni sui paesi di origine, un sistema di allarme rapido e l'accoglienza. Le eventuali richieste di accesso a questo documento riservato, formalmente espresse da uno degli organi parlamentari di cui al punto 1. The Italian State delegates the management of first assistance and reception centres to social cooperatives.

Press reports constantly set out discouraging figures on the inadequacy and inefficiency of their management, and denounce, in addition to the overcrowding, the lack of respect for human dignity through the persistent violation of health and hygiene standards. A serious situation also occurred at the Porto Empedocle centre which houses migrants: In light of the inhuman conditions denounced by the media, and considering the amount allocated to first assistance and reception services, does the Commission not believe that the above situations show not only a failure to respect the criteria of efficiency and value for money, but above all, that they show clear violations of relevant rules and laws, as well as violations of fundamental human rights?

What is the current status of this new funding, precisely? Can it provide a copy of this plan? Italy has shown increasing engagement regarding the provision of appropriate reception conditions by committing to expand its reception capacity and to improve conditions in the centres.