Manuel Goded Llopis
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meygiesanbuscro.tk/chica-de-pueblo.php The arrival of the Republic was a recognition of the merits and qualities that Goded was cherished during his military life. Goded did not last long in this position, since it was relieved as a result of their clashes with the Republican Colonel Mangada. He participated decisively in the events of the so-called sanjurjada, so it was again placed in a situation of available. In October , Goded, along with general Franco , was required by the Government of Gil-Robles to repress the revolution of Asturias.

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The merits accumulated thanks to this action earned him the position of general director of Aeronautics and III inspection of the army. The electoral victory of the Popular Front in February threw decidedly to the conspiracy against the legitimate Government.

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To labor under the mistaken impression that you are all-powerful. Delusions of omnipotence. Manuel Goded Llopis (15 October – 12 August ) was a Spanish Army general who was one of the key figures in the July revolt against the.

He was appointed commander general of the Balearic Islands in order to move him from the capital. On 19 July , the following day occurred the military uprising, Goded ruled in Mallorca almost without opposition, arresting the civil Governor of Palma.

Manuel Goded Llopis

Its mission within the military conspiracy was transferred to Barcelona to be at the forefront of the organic Division IV. Goded took a seaplane which Manuel led him to the city, accompanied by some officers and his son. The plane landed in Naval Aeronautics from Barcelona and Goded approached the captaincy General to proclaim the uprising.

There he was arrested and dismissed the general Francisco Llano de la Encomienda , head of the aforementioned division. But from there the plans not dizzying as it had projected: For parts that require it, we have a wide range of folding machines.

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Diálogo entre Maya Goded e Iván Ruiz sobre "Plaza de la Soledad"

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