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Subverted with Goodman Grey. While he makes reference to being loyal to whoever hired him, his open bloodlust makes it clear what side he's really on, which makes the price he charges Harry, the one who actually hired him, all the more surprising: Played Straight by Binder , with his Rule 1: Reserved for the Cat: Ninette has this motivation at first. It's portrayed sympathetically; it's not that she's greedy, it's that she wants to survive.

In Nero Wolfe , the titular detective is very reluctant to accept a case without the promise of a big fat paycheck, due both to his incredible laziness and his expensive tastes a rooftop greenhouse full of orchids and five star dining every night doesn't come cheap. He's not entirely without honour, however, and can sometimes be prodded into working for free if the circumstances are right. While he is only in it for the money, he refuses on the grounds that the Rebel Alliance likely won't be around long enough to pay his first fee, and sticks with the Empire because he knows that their credit is good.

Second Apocalypse has the scalpoi, mercenaries who venture into the North and collect sranc scalps to turn in for an Imperial reward. They're considered quite unsavory, but they're helping wage a war of extermination for the survival of humanity. In The Witchlands , Aeduen agrees to help Iseult find Safi because she promises to reveal the location of his stolen money, despite the fact that Corlant has ordered him to capture her. Inverted in The Stormlight Archive , where the Lovable Rogue Lift lends her supernatural abilities to a gang of thieves because, while they're off stealing boring old valuables, she gets to enjoy the challenge of eating well-guarded aristocrats' dinners.

Bronn makes it clear to Tyrion that he's serving him solely for the riches, even though he does consider him a friend the pay really "enhances" their friendship, he says. When his services earn him a knighthood, he insists on a higher wage. Eventually, Bronn accepts money and an advantageous marriage to not stand champion for Tyrion in a Trial by Combat , a deal Tyrion cannot match. This later transfers onto Jaime. However, he's quite a bit less Only in It for the Money on the show than in the books, where he never really becomes friends with Tyrion and makes ever-larger financial demands for increasingly lesser tasks I thought we were friends.

We are, but I'm a sellsword. I sell my sword. I don't loan it out as a favor to a friend. Littlefinger points out that the gold cloaks will support whoever pays their salary. He'd rather just be entertained. Cutting off Jaime's hand is worth more to him than all Lord Tywin's money, and watching Brienne fight a bear with a wooden sword is worth more than all her father's sapphires of which he actually has none.

The Second Sons are mercenaries who normally fight for gold. Salladhor abandons Stannis after the Battle of Blackwater Bay. He gave Stannis 30 ships in return for gold from plundering King's Landing. The defeat at Blackwater meant that Stannis couldn't uphold his side of the bargain. He re-enters his service however after the Iron Bank gives Stannis a loan and Davos gives him satchels of coins with more sent to his wife.

He eventually becomes one of Mal's True Companions. Spike at the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sergei Bazhaev in season 8 of 24 , who's only involved initial Big Bad Farhad Hassan because he's set to make lots of money selling him spent nuclear fuel rods.

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After he gets captured by CTU and sees his deal has fallen through, he actually tries unsuccessfully to help Jack recover the rods. An episode of Reba made a reference to this: Reba, after watching a recorded clip of Barbra Jean with her dog: I feel bad for the poor sap who had to tape through all of this.

Eighty bucks is eighty bucks. You know all those hysterically insane Conspiracy Theories presented on the Glenn Beck show? Beck's admitted that if they didn't bring in the ratings, he'd dump them in a heartbeat because even he knows how loony they are. A majority of the villains on Leverage. Notable examples include Marcus Starke's crew, who as a Similar Squad provide a strong contrast with the Leverage team who are motivated equally by cash and a desire to help people , and Mr.

Quinn , a mercenary hired by Sterling to give Eliot the worst beating of his life. Subverted later on as he becomes increasingly obsessed with the film itself due to its corrupting influence. This is lampshaded by Bakovic's widow who notes that the money is just an excuse.

In Star Trek , this is basically the Ferengi's Hat , doing everything just for the pursuit of profit. They will do evil if it will land them cash, but are not willing to just do evil for evil sake. Lucky seems to be all about the money, all the time, though occasionally it becomes apparent that there are a few other things he prizes more highly.

Sue Wilson is persuaded to stay on only with the promise of a salary raise. Selina Meyer herself, although in a variation, this is more about political donations rather than personal wealth: Her team even comes up with codewords for donors who they feel are being stingy: Okay, for two grand, you don't get a call from me, okay? Just send him a button or something. Bingo Little replies to Bertie with this when asked why he would ever tutor Oswald Glossop.

What would you want to tutor the Glossop kid for? Pre- Character Development , Jerome was quite uncaring and sneaky, and did things only for his own benefit, usually monetary. The first thing he did when he decided to meet Rufus was take money from him in exchange to spy on Sibuna. He also set up "Donkey Day" in season 2 to get money, but it was played with- he needed to pay off a Private Eye he hired to find his father, so it was much less selfish this time around.

Especially Strakk, who will partake in a battle to have an opportunity at looting the bodies. The cover featured a parody of The Beatles and the whole thing was designed to satirize rock stars profiting off the counterculture. Jose , a superhero for rent. He is described as "being like Daimos , except that he charges you after saving you". The music video shows him presenting the people he saves with a receipt right after beating up the bad guys. Unfortunately, Rat got him drunk. Balance start out like this.

Samoa Joe joined Christopher Daniel's Prophecy only because he was paid and later defected to more liked minded Steve Corino's group. However, money only went so far and when Morasca slapped Kong who had so far succeeded in everything asked , that put an end to all deals. Austin Aries claimed so in TNA, proclaiming this trait made him better than Alex Shelley and Brian Kendrick , who he proclaimed only cared about making sure the fans were entertained presumably, those two things would be directly intertwined but whatever This was Wade Barrett 's attitude in WWE's version of FCW.

However, he felt he was treated so badly on NXT that he had abandoned this motivation by the time he got to the main roster. He was now motivated by revenge. The Devastation Corporation Sidney Bakabella usually leads through Chikara don't care about glory or even about championship belts.

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Just about hurting people and hitting the pay window. The ogre in the Caves of Chaos will fight for whoever pays him the most money. I'm not interested in your looks, your age, your sex—nothing except as it affects the case. You mean just one thing to me: While the other waitresses have entered tournament in the spirit of competition , Satomi's only interested in winning the prize money. She's had to support herself and her kid brother and needs the money to cover the cost of the procedure that can cure his condition.

This applies to just about every playable character in the Jagged Alliance series to a greater or lesser extent, as well as quite a few of the non- Mook enemies. Not altogether surprisingly, he turns up working for the other side. Pretty much any time he's trying to do something it's either to get some treasure or the reclaim the stuff stolen from him, and anything else that happens i. And his rival Captain Syrup is even worse. Generals , is implied to work for money rather than to further the cause. Whatever the hell that cause is meant to be, anyway.

When the Thug Leader is discussing a service with a client opposed to their current employer , he initially declines until he's offered a lot of money. In Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War , Cipher and Pixy initially fight in the eponymous conflict for Ustio's money, as Pixy regularly reminds us on the radio. In fact, many regular forces comment on this in disdain Fire Emblem series has the "Beowulf archetype", a mercenary working for the enemy side who can be bought over to your own with enough cash.

Fire Emblem Jugdral 's Beowulf is the namesake of this, recruited in Chapter 3 with a payment of 10, gold. You can haggle him down to 5,, but reducing his fee also means reducing his stats. Try to go lower and he'll go back to attacking you. Farina from Blazing Blade , only recruitable on Hector's route, requires 20, gold.

Not even having her sisters talk to her will bring her over. If she is hired, most of her support conversations are bragging about how much she's getting, and her pre- Final Battle quote is reminding Hector about her pay. She's got a noble reason, though; she's trying to pay off big sister Fiora's massive debt after Fiora went against her own employer to save Farina's life. Volke also charges for his services—as a thief in Path of Radiance , 50 gold per lock picked; as an assassin in the same game, 50, one-time, and all locks picked afterward are free.

Radiant Dawn plays with this characterization, however; while he does cost a 3, gold one-time fee for his services for the rest of the game and you only get him very late in said game , he comes with a weapon that, by itself, normally costs about four times that, and is a worthwhile fighter in and of himself—in short, he's giving you a bargain.

Volke also has a Running Gag along these lines; while he charges reasonable prices for his regular services, he charges far higher prices for "tasks" not part of his regular services such as eating meals with the rest of the company , or to learn his real motivations—in other words, things he doesn't want to do. Humorously subverted in Fire Emblem Awakening.

A group of assassins attack the Ylissean palace to kill the current ruler, but one thief named Gaius lets on that they were only told to kill her once they were five feet from her room, and he was led to believe they were just robbing her blind and he really doesn't want her to die.

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If the player has the ruler's younger brother Chrom talk to Gaius, he explains his situation to Chrom, who offers to have him join the good side. Gaius says he'll only do it for pay. Chrom is a little peeved at this, but reaches for some cash anyway, only to drop a bag; Gaius looks inside and, accompanied by the delightful voice clip of "sugar The contents of said bag? Double Subverted when he says "don't worry about the gold-I'll take that later. Rennac from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is another example. He soon left the two after feeling shortchanged when he wasn't receiving any compensation L'Arachel believes that he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

However he can join for free if you use L'Arachel instead. Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is in theory only for the money, due to his boss's three million dollars getting stolen during a drug deal gone awry. He does build loyalty with some people, though. In turn, Ray Liotta said he voiced Tommy Vercetti for the money.

Which is the opposite of irony. Jimenez admits outright that he volunteered just because of the pay he's contrasting himself to the various more idealistic members of the Schwarzwelt expedition. We're not exactly talking the most pleasant human on the planet here Captain Jack and his mercenary squad are the same way, but unlike Jimenez, they're actual villains. Gobi in Breath of Fire joins and stays in your party because Ryu owes him money. While many Champions in League of Legends are motivated to fight for their city or for influence and power, Sivir is motivated solely by material wealth and riches and has become one of the richest people on Valoran.

She no longer works for Noxus after objecting to their war on Ionia ; not on moral grounds, but simply because she foresaw that the war would end in a stalemate. Zaeed Massani only joins up with Shepard because of the pay. This may end up being subverted if you earn his loyalty. This mission doesn't sound like good business Initially this may look like utter stupidity on his part since he is explicitly informed that this is for all intents and purposes a suicide mission He's just that good. Nevermind that he is usually the only one to get out of his missions alive. His dossier in the Shadow Broker's ship also shows that he's really unconcerned about survival at this point.

One of the retirement plans he considered was buying a ship, packing with explosives, and blowing himself up. Not that he's anything close to suicidal. You just can't go and settle down someplace quietly after a lifetime of kicking ass. Kasumi Goto also initially appears to play this trope straight, as she tells you when you initially recruit her that Cerberus is paying her very well for her assistance, but it becomes obvious quickly that she's really more of a thrill seeker who considers the money to be more of a bonus. The Bounty Hunter class in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a cross of this and Glory Seeker.

They sure as hell aren't loyal to the Empire, and have very little reason to be especially if you play non-human. Depending on how the player chooses to play the Smuggler class, they can be helping the Republic because they feel it's the right thing to do, or just for the money. This seems to be the team's motivation to do their work in the Star Fox games.

In Star Fox Adventures , Fox constantly whines that he's not being paid enough to save the planet. It's easy to forget that Star Fox isn't a team of lone wolf heroes that work for the good of the Lylat System, no matter their personal ties to the villain. Thankfully in Star Fox 64 you're reminded of the fact that Star Fox is just four hired guns looking for some quick pay right at the end of the credits when you get to see the bill for their services, and General Pepper's reaction if you did well enough.

This was, however, completely averted in their original incarnation , where they were outcasts - criminals - drafted into working for Pepper. Instead of payment they're allowed to return from exile and, in Fox's case, get revenge. Shadow from Final Fantasy VI is this. He requests to be paid to join the group, there is a risk that he simply leaves with every battle and he literally doesn't care about the heroes until the world is about to end where he will try a Heroic Sacrifice. From then on, he gets better thanks to Character Development. The summon Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X must be paid for each attack he makes.

Which attack he uses depends partly on how much you pay him and partly on his affection level, with higher levels resulting in stronger attacks. His affection level rises when you overpay him or when he uses a strong attack, and it drops when you underpay him or he uses a weak attack. The main gimmick of the fight is that the actual antagonist pays Yojimbo to use his ultimate by tossing piles of gold into the arena, which you can intercept to weaken the attack. If you're foolish enough to let Yojimbo pick up every last pile, it's a guaranteed wipe. In The Babylon Project , the Raiders begin doing mercenary contract work for an unknown employer.

At one point they're told to stand down from massacring civilians, and they reply they would miss out on a big payout if they did. Magnus in Kid Icarus: Apparently, he's willing to fight the forces of an evil god for it. Seems to be a Subverted Trope when Palutena discusses his motivation and you see his personal ties to the villain of the chapter.

He also seems to actually be doing hero work later on, but it's implied his appearance in Chapter 25 is just him being hired again, this time to face off against Pit, though again it's for the benevolent purpose of making sure he's worthy. New angel Vulcanus is in it only for the Zenons.

She's called the Angel of Avarice for a reason. Hard to say if it's to fuel the Great Flonnger or not Mortal Kombat has their fair share of people who work only for money: Pierre, Lara's rival in Tomb Raider , raids tombs for artifacts like Lara does. However, Pierre only raids tombs for the money while Lara does it for appreciation of the past. Finn, the main character of Adventures to Go! Many minor characters in Armored Core series is explicitly described as purely in it for the money. Since Ravens are, after all, mercenaries or, as one of the Bureau said it, "Dispute Resolution Agents" , fighting purely for the filthy lucre isn't all that unjustified.

People who do espouse this kind of view run the gamut from being simply in love with cash, greedy bastard s who couldn't care less about others, recently unemployed ex-blue-collar worker that needs to desperately earn a living, a notoriously spendthrifty person who uses only Energy weapons due to them not having an ammo cost, all the way to a Hitman with a Heart. This tradition is continued all the way to Armored Core: Verdict Day , where the player character is yet another mercenary eking out a living amidst the war between the Three Great Forces.

Subverted with Wynne D. Being one step above the rank-and-file soldiers that use MT or Normals, some of them truly takes the Honor Before Reason approach a bit far. Otherwise, aren't we simply in the business of killing? Although she started out this way, she genuinely grew to be fond of her latest clients: Fran, the daughter of a late revolutionary, and you, the player character. Then double subverted in the ending of the Order Missions, where, when asked what to do by "living for one's own sake", she immediately suggests making money as the first thing to do.

Dark Alliance II is out to earn as much gold as possible, although his motivation is a bit less selfish than it first appears; his clan owes a massive debt to the elves, and he's just doing his bit to make sure they pay it off. Few people know his clan name, Goblinbreaker , but since avarice is his most obvious trait, he's earned the nickname 'Gold-hand' amongst people who know him.

Lawrence the helmsman in Skies of Arcadia makes it clear that he doesn't give a damn about Vyse's goal, but he'll follow him to the ends of the earth as long as he's paid. If I had known how big this job was going to be, I would have asked for more than 10, gold In Sonic Adventure 2 , Rouge the Bat appears to be this at first, going into action to get her hands on the Master Emerald, but she's actually a government spy trying find out what Dr.

Eggman is up to. Although she still insists on getting paid for her services. In Sonic Heroes , Team Chaotix is initially reluctant but is spurred into action when their client offers to "pay them handsomely"—they are working for Dr. Eggman , and Vector knows it, but they are perpetually broke and desperately need the money. They ultimately manage to obtain two Chaos Emeralds and are the extra nudge Sonic needs to defeat the final boss.

Eggman WAS going to pay them, but only after he had taken over the world. Vector has had enough of him and forcibly removes the money from his pockets. By that, he means getting revenge on Eggman for forgetting not to pay him. In a subversion, Vector, according to his background, is willing to do anything for money, but he usually does it when there's good deeds involved and he also has a sense of justice as well. In Jedi Outcast , Kyle Katarn sarcastically asks Reelo Baruk what a decent crime lord like him is doing associating with the likes of Desann and the Imperial Remnant, and Reelo answers "Making money, of course.

The Wealth aspiration from The Sims 2. While the Teladi in the X-Universe have a very respectable military and rather large industrial capability, as well as having their entire society organized like a Mega Corp. It's not surprising to see some rogue Teladi operate as pirates who do whatever unscrupulous activity possible, and all in the name of the almighty buckzoid.

The encyclopedia explains that this is mostly only true of Teladi spacefarers, however: Balrog from Street Fighter operates entirely on what will earn him the biggest paycheck. Once his boxing career derailed he became a full-fledged criminal in Shadaloo because Bison was paying so well. The promise of money is a good way to keep him in his place since he's otherwise none too bright. Dex from the webgame Strike Force Heroes 2 is the only member of the title team who isn't in it for the cause. He turns out to be the one tipping off their enemies, the evil organization Globex, for cash.

He kills West, the General of the team, and Professor Iagi, whose research the team was counting on against Globex's clones, but is ultimately killed by the Globex Leader, who considered him a great pawn, but too expensive to keep around. Summed up rather well during the game's intro movie when your commander fails to make it back to the dropship in time. Right after she's killed and the screen starts to fade to black, the dropship captain tells you "Look at the bright side, kid. You get to keep all the money.

Castle will occasionally comment on Spectre's various choices of employers, and his responses include things like "We're here for the payday, not the politics" or "That's the mercenary's lot—we go where the pay is. The Pit is a mercenary on Arbuda IV only to search for phat lewt, in contrast with the other characters who are either there under orders or because It's Personal. The Letheans and Nausicaans are mercenaries who joined the Klingon Defense Force because they're being paid.

Ninja Kage from Suikoden is willing to do anything robbery, murder, deliver messages , as long as he's being paid. In the first Suikoden , you even have to pay him to join you and he leaves as soon as his contract is up.

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In Shadowrun Returns dialogue choices allow you to roleplay this way, and the game encourages it by having some times when the only way to get payment for services awarded is to directly ask for it. A major plot point in H. After spending significant capital to get a defense contract with Brazil, tensions flare between that country and a terrorist organization, prompting the United States to assist with military force.

Facing loss of profit a defense contractor loses out when they're not the primary defense force anymore , Artemis makes the illegal decision to switch sides mid-conflict to support the terrorists, who are paying them more. They then go completely off the walls when they decide to attack US forces in retaliation for the loss of their profit margin and also to hold the country ransom. In the Descent series, Material Defender is entirely in it for his paycheck from the PTMC, going so far as to grumble that he doesn't really care if they sue him for breach of contract at the start of the second game, but he's got no choice if he wants his money, despite having risked his life repeatedly through a long series of hellish robot-infested mines.

Though the third game's plot involves MD working with a group out for revenge against the PTMC, during his final confrontation with Dravis, he seems more concerned with getting his payment than actually stopping the computer virus that's caused all the problems in the first place. Petra admits that she only takes the case because of the large amount of money Dee offers.

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This is later subverted though once Dee offers more money for Petra to get involved in obtaining illegal magical items. Rutee's only ever into anything for the money, including community service. At least she has a reason for it; the orphanage she grew up in will get shut down if it doesn't repay a huge debt. Mercenaries in Crusader Kings will only fight for you if you have money and they will simply disband if you run out of money. Or worse, they'll sign on with your opponent or try to conquer some of your land.

Franklin starts off a down-to-earth street hood but after doing a heist with Micheal De Santa and Lester Crest, Lester begins tapping Franklin to perform hits on his behalf. Franklin goes through with it but when Lester attempts to justify his actions as being for the greater good, Franklin brushes him off and replies that he's only looking for a good payday and that there's no way to whitewash how unpleasant his task is.

In Sickness , this is how Suoh justifies some of his criminal activity, at least towards the beginning.

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I cant wait for another title from this up and coming writer or better yet a movie of this title!! Cause a bitch got books to sell. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Otherwise, aren't we simply in the business of killing? Initially this may look like utter stupidity on his part since he is explicitly informed that this is for all intents and purposes a suicide mission While she does have a very good reason to gather large amounts of gold, even before then she was greedy.

The main motivation of the LLC from Battleborn is making money. The faction only does anything as long as a profit could be made. It's the reason why the LLC split from the UPR for "Where's the profit in defending every sentient race if we can't sell our drones to everyone left in the universe? While they certainly wish to preserve the universe, if it were to come to a sudden and dramatic end however, the LLC would be the group selling tickets to the live stream to watch the last battle.

They dress rather smartly for a gang of spoiled misfits, their primary goal is simply to make as much caps as possible. Any material reward satisfies them, whether it's stolen or earned. Hey Wilhelm, wanna come to the moon and hunt a Vault for me? I'll pay you a couple million dollars. Of the 8 assassins hired by Black Mask in Batman: This is especially true with Deathstroke.

When it's revealed that The Joker is the true mastermind For the Evulz naturally and there is no money involved anymore, he simply stays in his cell and refuses to get involved. Annoyed, he even says that he never would have taken the job had he known there would be no money. He also says that he took payment in advance, making him "contractually obliged" to finish the job.

After losing again , he declares now It's Personal and he'll kill Batman for free. Your Mii gets into trading in Market Crashers to become the wealthiest Mii in the world, just for the sake of it. The Elder Scrolls Throughout the series, this is sometimes a trait of members of the Fighters Guild , an organization of " warriors-for-hire ". Cyrus' primary modus operandi is acquiring wealth and treasure, which, as a pirate, makes a lot of sense. He only got involved in the events of the Stros M'Kai uprising because it was made personal when his sister went missing.

During his quest to rescue her, Cyrus unintentionally becomes the leader of the Hammerfell Rebellion against the corrupt Imperial governor of Stros M'Kai, leading them to great success. They would have named him King of the Redguards afterward, but he turned them down. They only care about being paid enough, not about the ethics of their employer. Deadfire , which actually helps their case when compared to Rautai.

They don't want to trample the Huana culture like the Ruataians do, they just want to do business. And while they're a morally grey bunch , many of them even do so honestly. Though their willingness to overlook the slave trade is a bit of an issue, they can be convinced it's better to wipe the slavers out. Frogfucius chastises them for embodying this trope in Episode 9. She even requests a down payment on information that would ultimately be used to help save a dying client's life. In The Order of the Stick , Haley starts out with treasure as her main motivation.

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All Money Ain't Good Money: A Tale of Greed [Jameelah Kareem] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When two worlds collide, Simone and . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Born and raised in Willingboro, NJ, the 26 year old is a graduate of Rutgers University with her B.A in Journalism and Media .

While she does have a very good reason to gather large amounts of gold, even before then she was greedy. Though she does have a noble streak, and in one case funded a resistance movement out of her own pocket. She's since grown out of it and is now trying to do good just for its own sake in part because of Elan's influence on her. Miron, one of Tarquin 's associates, appears to be mainly motivated by money. He was the one responsible for Haley's money motivation by holding her father for ransom. In Schlock Mercenary , Tagon's Toughs play this to the hilt. The one time they weren't , the Reverend thought Tagon had developed a conscience, until he realized Tagon just hated Xinchub more than he wanted the money.

It makes Tagon in particular very easy to manipulate: We'd all feel really bad if the local biosphere got consumed by nanobots after we left. We'd still get paid, right? In Sinfest , he suddenly can sing Britney Spears when she shows she has money.

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In Lucid Spring , Viktor describes his job as being this, though he seems like a genuinely considerate person at the same time. I challenge you to think of one person who made money their goal who became significant to you or anyone else.

He plowed everything he made right back into furthering the mission of his companies. If money were his goal, he would never be as successful as he is today.

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Warren Buffett and his partner, Charlie Munger, love the game of investing. They enjoy buying a company of high value for a low price, and holding the shares until the value is realized by the wider public. You may not have an idea of what you want to do with the money before you have it, but if you do, the awareness naturally shifts your financial behavior. When you go after money like a life goal, your energetic vibrations match the level of your goal.

If your goal is the money itself, you emit greed as your vibration. Greed is money mis-used. The financial choices you make without a purpose will be wasteful. Work hard to improve your money management and investing skills you need to keep your tools sharp and working at optimum levels , but aim to achieve your financial success by pursuing something bigger than money. The more you have of it, the more you must invest and give away. The rules of finance are the same as with the body. When you consume high quality food, your body must expel the energy through exercise, work and love.

As a result of this circulation, you grow. When you accumulate money and keep it only for yourself, your soul gets fat and sick. People who are looking for fat and sick find you. People who practice selfishness and entitlement. You use them right back.

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That is the nature of your relationships. Taking instead of giving. Be generous and invest in people and other assets in your life that you believe in. Keep that door open so that wealth can circulate, instead of only accumulate through your life. Money has to keep flowing to it. Other kinds of companies, institutions, and people who provide different services will take their place.

Vacuums are always filled. Walmart was a company that made money by buying goods from overseas for nothing, and using local labor at rock-bottom hourly rates to make its profits all over the world. The company had to change. Its managers viewed taking care of its staff as taking care of itself, and giving back to its communities as the same. The company conformed much more to Rule 2.

The natural laws apply to everyone without exception given enough time.