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Posters and footprints occasionally phosphorescent enjoy great visibility and will never fade because the pictograms are actually included in the mixture. Selesta Ingegneria spa via di Francia 28 Genova tel. Avs Electronics spa via Valsugana 63 Curtarolo Padova avs avselectronics. Pantaleone Miglianico Chieti info dmrleanmanufacturing. What are the prospects, the demands, the problems facing anyone who intends opening or restyling a restaurant, hotel, catering facilities in a museum or a commercial or corporate reality? It is possible to tackle the problems alone or the other option is to call in the experts and in this case, readers should be aware that there is an association that takes care of all the problems associated with food and hospitality.

We spoke to the Italian representative, Luciano Cattaneo. The association that can assist in the choice of equipment, design or restyling of a kitchen, the organization of a restaurant or a hotel is FCSI — Foodservice Consultants Society International. Abbiamo parlato con il referente italiano, Luciano Cattaneo. Quindi, affrontate, e cercate di risolvere, qualsiasi esigenza o problematica. Dialogate anche con le istituzioni? There are consultants operating in almost 50 countries worldwide, including Italy. He has a privileged observation post on the general needs, costs and problems that affect every area of food and hospitality.

The training of the consultants is a priority for the association. There are also moments of targeted consulting. Are you in contact with the institutions? In reference to Italy we are drafting a protocol for communication with the public administration; I would like to re-iterate that food in its widest gastronomic interpretation is one facet of the hospitality culture and our country has so much to offer.

I meeting place sono resi accoglienti da oggetti e materiali colorati, che invitano a sostare. Inside the building, there is a hotel dedicated to the universe of seafarers. The atmosphere of the 25hours is deliberately informal to allows guests to feel very much at ease. Sia le Illustrazioni delle tappezzerie — disegnate da Jindrich Novotny — sia gli accessori e oggetti vintage che impreziosiscono gli ambienti citano a loro volta i motivi di questi 25 rocamboleschi racconti che rievocano incontri romantici, traversate pericolose, tempeste furiose e addii nostalgici.

La presenza di libri e piccoli oggetti decorativi sparsi nelle camere. Al piano terra i pavimenti in resina nera sono marcati in arancione: A container of the Hapag-Lloyd freight lines houses the conference hall in the hotel lobby. I tendaggi sono in cotone cerato, una citazione alla vita quotidiana dei marinai che nel iniziarono a impregnare le loro bluse con cera per renderle resistenti ad acqua e vento.

La combinazione di materiali freddi — quali calcestruzzo, metallo e acciaio — e materiali caldi — come pelle, cotone, lana e legno — coniuga gli estremi creando un sintesi di design contemporaneo impreziosito da una patina di vissuto. Right across Hamburg, the maritime atmosphere is tangible, fascinating and highly intriguing.

The port of Hamburg is the most important in Germany and the third most important in Europe. For centuries, these docks have characterized the life and the economy of this beautiful city, which is still a hub of commercial, cultural and entertainment activities. The modern buildings which have sprung up in the district have been designed by the leading experts in national and international architecture, the highlights of the Masterplan that was drafted in Hafencity is a district in continual evolution, a project driven by great vision for the future of the city and its inhabitants.

And it is here, in the heart of this district, between the Maritime Museum and the futuristic Elbphilarmonie Opera House, that the 25hours Hotel has opened its doors.

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The design of the hotel was inspired by 25 stories of sailors, intercepted and sourced around the world. The popular image of sailors and their adventures on the ocean waves is the underlying theme of the hotel design concept. Every ambience — from the reception to the bar, from the restaurant to the sauna — refers to the sea, ships and the port. Every detail has been given maximum attention to allow guests or potential guests to set sail on a wonderful journey on the seven seas, even the cry of the seagulls. Through the design of this hotel, they managed to create a mood that oscillates between nostalgia for the maritime world and the energy of contemporary living.

The group that designed the plans for the 25hours Hotel includes Stephen Williams Associates, a design and architecture studio; Fabian Tank of Eventlabs, an agency specialized in image; Conni Kotte, interior designer, and Markus Stoll, who managed to collect the 25 stories of the sailors included in the log book found in each bedroom. The 25 stories are the real inspiration behind the furnishing style and the fascinating atmosphere which energize the hotel. The patterns on the wall paper — designed by Jindrich Novotny — and the vintage articles that decorate the ambiences illustrate the tales of these 25 adventures, with references to romantic meetings, dangerous crossings, raging storms and fond farewells.

The outcome is a fascinating structure that stands out for its authenticity, passion and creativity, allowing the guest to slide into a fantastic universe, bubbling with joy and emotions. The parking lots and the rehearsal rooms for local bands or guests who wish to jam in a spontaneous session are located in the basement with the inspiration coming from the engine room of a ship. The reception is joined by MareKiosk selling books and souvenirs. The books and ornaments dotted throughout the bedrooms enhance the feeling of being at home.

An old chest acts as a desk and also contains the mini-bar. The bathroom has been decorated with brown tiles. All of the bedrooms, starting with the smallest, the Bunk Room 20 sq. However, the adventure can be enjoyed in comfort! The combination of cold materials — concrete, metal and steel — and warmer materials — leather, cotton, wool and wood — is a combination of extremes which produce a synthesis of contemporary design softened with a touch of lived-in patina. The 25hours Hotel incorporates extremely powerful evocative and emotional sentiments which draw on the life-blood of its history and stimulates the imagination of the visitors.

Architecture can only be the backdrop for human activity and not an end in itself. The 25hours Hotel Hafencity offers much more than a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy their own special travel experience in a hotel dedicated to everyone who travels or would like to visit new destinations; it welcomes the postmodern globertrotters or simply sailors who have come in to port and need somewhere to sleep. The ambience is apparently chaotic and bursting with articles that add a touch of sparkle and energy to the ensemble.

Design is joined by vintage; between the tables in the restaurant, there are stacks of rugs inspired by life on the ocean waves. Diverse aree ricreative intrattengono e rigenerano gli ospiti. From the windows on the patio, close to the sauna, guests can observe the cruise liners moored in the port of Hamburg.

A number of recreational areas entertain and relax the guests. Jean-Michel Wilmotte interior design: Sybille de Margerie camere, Spa spazi comuni ; studio Jouin-Manku bar, ristoranti In controtendenza alla situazione alberghiera generale internazionale piuttosto congelata, il Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group continua ad investire. In un angolo del giardino, fa da padrona la gabbia bianca fuori scala, che accoglie un salottino. A corner in the garden, with rounded settees in ivory-colored resin and armchairs in punched iron.

In one corner of the garden, a white outsize cage contains a lounge area. To the side, an aerial view of the garden. Tra i plus spiccano: Indistintamente ogni camera ha una vera salle de bain: I materiali scelti per la zona toilette sono vetro, legno, marmo bianco e mosaico. I mobili su cui poggiano i due lavabi resi nobili da una pelle increspata e arricchiti di borchie in bronzo.

Sybille de Margerie ha incluso in camera da letto alcune immagini di Man Ray, il famoso fotografo americano trasferitosi a Parigi negli anni Trenta, rievocando il romanticismo parigino delle sue opere attraverso tecniche moderne. Gli arredi, in stile contem-. I mobili su cui poggiano i lavabi, nel bagno bianco e dorato, con vista sulla Torre Eiffel, ricordano bauli da viaggio. Bar 8 with its counter: Qui i toni sono bianchi e rosa polverosi e perlati, il tutto arricchito da giochi di ombre che si muovono sui muri evocando un mondo poetico ispirato alla natura.

In fondo si accede al bagno turco e intorno si trovano le sette Spa suite. Dal relax al business. Il Cake Shop con un grande pannello in noce con nicchie asimmetriche che fungono da mini vetrine. The Cake Shop with its large walnut panel. The asymmetric alcoves act as mini display units. In complete contrast to the generalized stagnant situation of the International hotel trade, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group continues to invest. Each hotel of the group creates an ad hoc fan design to express the intrinsic personality of the individual structure.

The Mandarin Oriental Paris proudly presents its fan to the right of the hall, in front of the entrance to the Camellia restaurant. For the design of the French hotel, the interior designer of the Mandarin Oriental Paris, Sybille de Margerie, commissioned the creation of the symbolic feature to Maison Lesage, one of the most important Parisian couture ateliers.

And in line with the reference target, the hotel was developed under the banner of total excellence, in terms of services and esthetics. It is no coincidence that the founder of the group, the Scotsman Simon Keswicks, wished to keep the legendary hotel of Hong Kong as the keystone of the group. The hotel enjoyed the creative input from some of the major international exponents of architecture and design. Sybille de Margerie of SM Design formulated the design and interiors of the bedrooms, the suites, the Spa and the common spaces, while the agency Jouin-Manku unleashed its creativity in the bars and in the restaurants.

The external lines observed in the lobby are typical of the Thirties: The ceiling has been completely coated in gold leaf and shimmers magically under the effects of the light that penetrates through the large windows overlooking the garden. Guests are immediately embraced by. Il ristorante Sur Mesure, che si ispira al concetto di haute couture, progetto total white dello studio di design Jouin-Manku. A lato, in basso, il ristorante Camelia, che non a caso ha una parete, che richiama dei grandi petali di camelia, rigorosamente bianchi.

An artistic touch has been added by Nathalie Decoster, who created Aria, a piece of sculpture which depicts freedom hanging by a thread, positioned in all of its fragility above the seating. To the left of the lobby, there is access to the restaurant Sur Mesure and Bar 8, given this name as a tribute to the number 8 that Asians consider to be lucky. The protagonist in this central Parisian hotel is the vegetation found in the heart of its structure.

More intimate corners have been created and these have been furnished with rounded sofas in ivory resin and armchairs in punched iron softened with cream cushions. An outsize white cage is used as a summer house; it contains lounge furniture and has been decorated with a series of shocking pink umbrella-shaped lamps.

One of the strong points of the Mandarin Oriental Paris is the grandeur of the bedrooms, in terms of size some of the largest in the city, and the esthetics; the rooms provide guests with elegance, precious materials, luminosity with maximum attention paid to detail. The hotel has bedrooms and suites, measuring from 38 sq. All of the bedrooms and suites have a wonderful salle de bain: Glass, wood, white marble and mosaic have been chosen for the bathrooms.

Parisian romanticism oozes from his works through the use of modern techniques. The luxurious interiors have been embellished with. The restaurant Sur Mesure was inspired by the concept of haute couture; the total white project was designed by studio Jouin-Manku. To the side, bottom, the Restaurant Camelia; by no coincidence, one of the walls in the restaurant has been decorated with large white camellia petals, in white of course. The contemporary furnishings exalt the materials; there is a predominance of dark wood, pale-colored lacquers and chrome-plated components.

Sybille de Margerie used the world of high fashion and shades of cream, deep pink or plum as the common ground for the Couture suites. The interior design is a harmonious triumph of gold, white, beige and plum, embellished with touches of gilded oakwood, marble, lacquer, velvet and silk. In the bedroom, the bed is wrapped in the Neck by Man Ray, embroidered in silk by Lesage. The white and gold bathroom has a unique view on the Eiffel Tower; the under-basin units resemble travel trunks.

For this reason, a number of French and international artists were commissioned to create unique ad hoc pieces for the hotel. There are a number of common spaces including the eye-catching Bar 8 located to the right of the lobby with enough space for 49 people. The general atmosphere is intimate, thanks to the warm shades of brown and black and the walls in dark wood inlaid with green Lalique crystals.

The ambience has been enriched with a shower of partially-illuminated Murano glass cylinders. Eyes are drawn to the bar counter, a monumental block of gray and brown marble. It weighs 9 tons, was quarried in Spain and carved in Italy. The bronze-colored coffee tables are topped with smoked glass, dotted with mini-lights that glimmer when the sun sets. This exalts the unique quality of the gastronomic creations prepared to order by the chef and inspired by an approach to techno-emotional food. The space was designed by studio Jouin-Manku, as a oasis of peace far from the chaos of the city, where white is the symbol of timeless elegance.

Guests are sweetened by the Cake Shop and attracted by the colors and the beauty of the desserts on display. The central walnut counter is used for the preparation of live Asian cuisine, creating circular movement inside the room. The part that is adjacent to the garden has been furnished with round wooden tables and ivory leather chairs; these are illuminated with lamps inspired by Chinese lanterns.

The other side has a. La salle de bain della suite. I materiali usati sono vetro, legno, marmo bianco e mosaico. The bathroom in the suite. The materials used are glass, wood, white marble and mosaic. Another wonderful feature of the Parisian Mandarin Oriental is the Spa, one of the largest in the city, measuring sq. The meter indoor swimming pool terminates with a wall in shimmering anthracite gray mosaic wall that acts as a backdrop for a waterfall.

The colors used here are white and dusty, pearly white, transformed by shadows that dance on the walls and evoke the poetic world of nature. Six alcoves have been created along the sides of the swimming-pool, relaxing lilac glass recesses furnished with comfortable sofas.

To the back, there is access to the Turkish bath and the seven Spa suites. The hotel caters for everything from relaxation to business. Due immagini della toilette del ristorante Sur Mesure. Qui il rosso fa da padrone che poi sfuma in rosa chiaro. Sotto, la zona piscina della Spa Mandarin Oriental, ai cui lati sono state create sei alcove in vetro color malva.

A view of the stairway that leads from the Spa to the sq. Two images of the washrooms in the restaurant Sur Mesure. The color red predominates and fades into pink. Below, the swimming-pool area of the Spa Mandarin Oriental; six lilac-glass alcoves have been created at the sides. To the back, behind the waterfall, the Turkish bath, and around it, the seven Spa suites.

The facade of the period Maison des Centraliens and the majestic stairwell protected by the Imperial Eagle. Si parte dal salone della reception, dove un colpo di vento sembra aver sparpagliato gli inserti di ardesia nera sul classico pavimento in pietra calcarea del Mareuil. Superata la reception, si accede al ristorante e agli ascensori attraverso un lungo corridoio ricoperto di carta da parati dipinta con le immagini in bianco e nero del Salone Dorato del secondo piano, in stile Napoleone III.

Accanto, le classiche boiseries francesi color avorio del Salon Blanc portano i segni di un passato inesistente: To the side, the classical ivory-colored French boiseries of the Salon Blanc carry the signs of a non-existent past: An unusual hotel in the heart of Paris designed by Maison Martin Margiela A small, extremely unusual hotel with a Haussmann-style facade is located at No.

It is surrounded by the buzzing atmosphere of the golden triangle of Paris that lies between Avenue Montaigne, the Grand Palais and Place de la Concorde. In , the building was extended to accommodate a hotel and a restaurant managed by the Accor group. This has been possible thanks to a new stylish hotel design project commissioned to a group of private investors ODO , with assistance from the exclusive fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. While it is clearly not the typical 4-star boutique hotel, the Maison is already a popular conversation piece and a preferred venue, not just for personalities of the cinema and fashion worlds, but also for an international clientele demanding luxury, discretion, irony and style.

The reception desk at the center of the hall is a monolithic piece which has been covered in mirror panels that multiply the surrounding space, dominated by a wonderful stairwell. All around, the white. The evidence of the absent squares continues on the typically French ivory-colored boiseries of the Salon Blanc, which houses the Essling Bar. Thanks to a unique mirroring effect, a woollen rug is a traditional ceiling. Black rules supreme, from the darkest brown of the leather armchairs positioned around the mirrored tables, to the boiseries and parquet in black-stained, almost charred, oakwood, and the black bottle-lamps by Margiela: Beyond the reception hall, guests reach the restaurant and the elevators along a long corridor.

The dining hall of the La Table du Huit restaurant with seating for 80 provides wonderful views of the lush vegetation of the garden through large windows. However, it is an optical illusion as these pieces are supported by invisible metal platforms. Doors, frames, handles are all oversize; alcoves decorated with black and white cubes have been created in the birchwood walls. The ceiling has been covered in canvas which depict three different classical ruined ceilings.

To the rear of the hotel, there is a small silver corridor illuminated by a diamondshaped chandelier.

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The tiles in the bathroom have black grouting and the effect produced is similar to graph paper. The bathroom lies behind a wall in white birchwood which incorporates a number of alcoves and a desk. However, the expression of the creative imagination of Maison Martin Margiela is maximized in the 7 thematic suites, where the surprises await the guests in every corner: And the luxurious elegance and the style within the Maison is spiced by a subtle sense of humor.

I materiali utilizzati sono alluminio, ceramica, acciaio, plexiglas, LED. The walls and the ceilings have been completely covered in a hand-applied layer of aluminium foil. The materials used include aluminum, ceramic, steel, Plexiglas and LEDs. Gli interni delle camere da letto dallo stile decisamente particolare e anticonformista. The bedrooms illustrate their exciting and unusual non-conformist style. Il tipo di intervento, proprio per la sua stessa impostazione, non ha richiesto una particolare supervisione. Le facciate, entrambe ventilate, sonno completate da un doppio telaio in ferro con zanzariere.

This sprawling hotel was inspired by well-tested structural characteristics; it lives and interfaces with the territory, in perfect harmony with the surroundings. In many ways, it is atypical yet clearly oriented to becoming a reference model for the hospitality and tourist trades. This amenity is located on the edges of Ahuatepec Morelos. The fairly limited budget available drove us to design something that would satisfy the client brief — an environment-friendly coffee-bar, complete with entertainment facilities.

We aimed to avoid the traditional structures that would have led to considerably higher costs. The idea developed from the project by Austrian architect Andreas Strauss. In , thinking about the Desparkhotel, constructed in Ottensheim, he recycled cement pipes and used them to create guest bedrooms. The family was more than happy with the designs submitted by the designers.

The planned a sort of sprawling hotel reminiscent of the structural features of Desparkhotel; there is close contact with the surrounding territory, and no chromatic or visual interruptions. Bottom, graphic designs — crosssection and a view of the cement pipes in groups of three showing the building construction details.

The arrangement differs to the hotel designed by Andreas Strauss in that the rooms or the pipes, are positioned in groups of three, to maximize the use of the available land. This type of operation was simple and easily developed; it required the assistance of a crane, skilled local metal-workers who positioned the cement containers. And position of the pipes was adapted to the nature contours of the land. The site, in the shade for most of the day, ensures that inside the temperature is ideal for the guests and the visitors who travel there from the City of Mexico and Cuernavaca every week.

The doors and windows provide circulation of air throughout. The views from inside the bedroom are extraordinary, stretching across the uncontaminated nature as far as the horizon. From a technical point of view, the pipes have been sealed with a hermetic closure. However, the objectives of the design studio and the company reached far beyond and also has social importance.

It proved that architecture does not always depend on familiar elements and products. Buildings or facilities can be created using materials or articles we have easy access to and this can improve the city and the context. Interessante la scelta di realizzare le aggiunte in stile tipicamente mallorquino, utilizzando muri in pietra che ricordano le antiche costruzioni a secco.

Il disegno mostra lo sviluppo dei collegamenti tra i vari corpi della struttura: The new buildings which join the heart of the original Hotel Maricel. A sketch illustrates the connections between the various wings of the complex. The paths have been created in local brown stone reminiscent of the drystone walls found across the island. Le stanze sono state concepite in maniera contemporanea, prestando particolare attenzione al comfort, allo spazio e alla luce.

La planimetria generale della struttura mostra come la palazzina originale sia collegata alle parti aggiunte su progetto dello studio spagnolo EQUIP. A lato, una pianta della zona evidenzia la vicinanza al mare e i collegamenti diretti con la spiaggia. The general layout plans illustrate how the original building is connected to the new buildings. Right, a map of the area showing how close the zone is to the sea and illustrating the direct access to the beach.

At that time, the availability of land and the unspoiled natural surroundings meant that the hotel had direct access to the sea, just a few hundred meters away and clearly visible from the hotel windows. Buildings have mushroomed and many corners of paradise have been destroyed. The Maricel Hotel was recently purchased by Hospes, a hotel chain based in Barcelona. The group has invested more than 16 million euro to restructure the building and commissioned operations to EQUIP. The work completed by the Catalan architect,. Part of the original hotel, a white neo-classical building, was returned to its ancient splendour through precise operations of conservative restoration.

Two new wings contain the 51 bedrooms — a mixture of suites and standard rooms; they are connected to the old building by means of a series of corridors and pathways. One interesting idea was to add some typically-Majorcan features, using stone walls inspired by the ancient dry-stone wall constructions.

The stone has been combined with wood to produce a decorative yet highly functional element; dark beams are visible throughout the hotel; they act as sunblinds and protect the guests from indiscrete attention. The bedrooms have been given a contemporary style, with special attention paid to comfort, space and light. Pieces of minimalist furnishings interface with shades of beige and cream, creating a relaxing elegant ambience. The sunken swimming-pool attracts attention and completes the facilities the hotel has to offer — with the deep blue of the pool perfectly re-iterating the color of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Sotto, una pianta mostra dove si trovano i diversi servizi. Top, this cross-section drawing of the hotel indicates how the original part of the building and the new constructions are connected. Below, the plans show the positions of the amenity services. Diverse viste degli ambienti interni. Un parquet in legno chiaro corre in tutta la struttura. Sia per le stanze sia per le zone comuni, come la sala conferenze, gli arredi sono bianchi o color legno. Several views of the interiors. All of the walls have been constructed using local stone, a tribute to the traditional architecture of Majorca.

La coste croate annoverano diversi hotel di successo dal punto di vista architettonico, e nonostante siano stati costruiti in quegli anni appaiono ancora moderni, malgrado i tentativi di riprogettazione attuati negli anni Novanta, che invece hanno avuto poco successo. Anche nelle camere il panorama ritorna protagonista, grazie alle ampie vetrate e al balcone concepito come estensione da vivere a tutte le ore.

This is an impressive piece of architecture; there is constant interface with the natural context around it. Hotel Lone brings the traditional 70s hotels in this tourist area straight into the 21st century. The distinctive features of these establishments were the large terrazzos and the luxurious lobbies. E poi ci sono le opere. Almost as a contradiction in terms, the most important feature of the interiors is actually the natural ambience outside the building.

The architects of the Croatian design studio 3LHD organized the space to ensure that every room enjoyed a spectacular view. The common services were positioned around the lobby located in the core of the building. The coastal areas of Croatia have a number of hotels that are successful from an architectonic point of view, and despite the fact they were constructed four decades ago, they still have a very modern feel.

It should be mentioned that the restructuring attempts in the Nineties were of little success. The spatial arrangement cascades into the luminous, dilated volume of the full-height hall, enhanced by the sinuous circular dimension of the balconies and parapets; this ambience is predominantly white, softened with fabrics in shades of beige and gold. This central ambience is perceived as an uninterrupted unitary entity, with a neutral color-scheme, an open-plan arrangement to facilitate the comprehension and the usability of the common spaces; by contrast, the bedrooms and 11 suites have been decorated in a softer, more intimate style with warmer materials.

The panorama also takes center stage in the bedrooms, thanks to the large windows and the balcony designed as an extension to the living space, and exploited throughout the day. Another important feature of the design is the illumination system for the balconies; this was designed to exalt the special architectonic value of the building.

Some of the balconies have been transformed into terrazzos complete with swimming pool, another example of water as a predominant feature inside and outside the hotel. This is reiterated in the wellness center, designed by the architecture studio 92, covering a surface. Hotel Lone was designed as a global project with hands-on involvement of the architects, artists, graphics and designers. The team of Atelier I-Gle designed the staff uniforms.

The hotel also showcases works by artists such as Ivana Franke who created the light yet highly-impressive sculpture in display in the lobby. Artist Silvio Vujicic designed the collection of graphic art for the bedrooms and an installation positioned at the entrance. He also designed the fabrics used to furnish the bedrooms — he was inspired by 15th-century frescoes unveiled in a number of churches in the Croatia coastal region of Istria. The bedroom furnishings are based on oakwood from Slovenia and the graphic designs on fabric by the artist Silvio Vujicic, inspired by frescos in some of the churches in Istria.

The hotel boasts three restaurants and a wellness area of sq. Siamo a Finisterre, un piccolo paese della Spagna occidentale abitato soprattutto da pescatori. Progettato per accogliere i turisti, il ristorante-bar Alara occupa gli spazi di una vecchia abitazione bianca in stile coloniale.

Completa il progetto un ampio terrazzo, dove sedie e tavoli in plastica colorata dialogano armoniosamente con il pavimento in cotto e delle aiuole con poche piante verdi. La taverna, caratterizzata dalle ampie lampade a sospensione, realizzate ad hoc per la struttura.

A number of different views of the Alara interiors. From the left, clockwise, the restaurant, furnished with elegant black and white accessories. The tavern is characterized by large suspension lamps, designed ad hoc for the venue. Below, two transition zones; all of the ambiences are stylistically connected by large period photographs that narrate the everyday events of life in Finisterre. A handful of houses are perched on the rocks and the picturesque harbor is protected from the power of the Atlantic Ocean by a few strategically-positioned cliffs.

Designed for the temporary population, the bar-restaurant Alara has been created in an old white colonial-style building. Designed by architect Marcos Samaniego and his studio Mas Arquitectura, Alara is a venue with a thousand souls. The outside of the building was preserved; however, the interiors have been split into a number of different ambiences. - vocedeapple Ресурсы и информация.

The bar area is fairly casual; square tables and low-level stools are available to the customers; the tavern and the restaurant are more stylish — folding chairs have been skilfully been combined with polished lacquered tables and exalt the luxurious tableware. Clearly a winning mix-and-match. In alto, i tavoli apparecchiati del ristorante. Top, the restaurant tables set and ready to welcome the diners. Pino Veclani; Philippe Ruault progetto: Jean Nouvel interior design: Vincenzo de Cootiis, Storage, Monica Armani. Al basement — meraviglia nella meraviglia — si trova eat, lo spazio food con prodotti selezionati dallo chef Davide Oldani.

Once upon a time There used to be a cinema here and it was once an important meeting point for the inhabitants of the city. A brand new luxury goods store was opened last September Undeniably the gemstone of the Coin shops, the Excelsior cinema has been completely restructured to a design by the French architect, Jean Nouvel. They show videos created by Marco Braga, who has been responsible for all of the artistic aspects. The astonishing installations — gigantic dogs falling-down from above with bags in their mouths and unusual brush-like mannequins that appear to be painting the walls — welcome the clients as they enter the store.

Simply Top of the Range, under every aspect. I differenti livelli sono collegati da una lunga striscia di schermi LED schema sotto che proietta immagini del visual artist Marco Braga. Tutti gli spazi sono aperti e in comunicazione diretta tra loro. A lato, una sezione laterale mostra la successione dei piani.

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Inside the Coin Excelsior. All of the spaces are open and interconnecting. The outside of the Coin Excelsior, immortalized from Galleria del Corso. The management of the facility and the selection of the garments was commissioned to the famous Milanese boutique, Antonia. Il progetto trae origine dal prodotto: Gli ambienti sono racchiusi da moduli di. Sul pavimento, una moquette delimita gli spazi relazionali e i punti di vendita. The new retail outlet, Faraone, in Via Montenapoleone, is located in a restructured portion of a listed and extremely elegant building. Faraone is a famous Italian company, specialized in the creation of exquisitely unique pieces of jewelry.

In other words, the design was guided by the products: The end result is a shell, a sort of sacred casket, generated by clean lines cut by sinuous elements that create lighting effects and allows the surfaces to overlap. And the essential ingredient of the entire project was the exaltation of the brand in full respect of the traditions of its clients. However, the historic restrictions did not contain the restructuring imagination of the architect. The geometric glass display cabinets — inspired by the jewelry — intersect and overlap modulating the shadows and creating the visual perception of the general arrangement.

It can be described as the most eloquent image that developed as a analogous fragment. As its name would suggest, there is an explicit reference to melted gold. Ideal, in that it is not a faithful reproduction of the reality observed: The walls of the showroom support the presentation of the merchandise with luminous glass cabinets that exalt the natural color of the stone; from these long volumes of light, others protrude to the center of the space and intersect sinuous bronzed strips.

The seats have been covered in a soft natural hide; the upholstery is enclosed by a strip of hand-polished brass. All of these factors combine to create a warm and extremely inviting ambience. To guarantee the best illumination possible and exalt the perfect harmony of the creations by Maison Faraone, Iosa Ghini and his design team dedicated a considerable amount of time to the lighting design project. Of all existing products, jewelry is the one that interacts more closely with light.

Apart from the metals, the magic of the pieces is expressed and enhanced through the light beams that cut through the materials. Nella pagina accanto, planimetrie e sezioni del negozio. Sketches for the project. On the opposite page, layout plans and cross-section of the store. Chic by Accident Studio. Gli spazi di M. ROY richiamano le forme e il linguaggio architettonico tipico delle popolazioni amerinde. La costruzione originaria, completamente svuotata e privata dei muri divisori e dei tramezzi, accoglie uno spazio a doppia altezza, che ricorda nella forma una piramide Maya.

Un progetto citazionista, che decontestualizza e racconta in chiave moderna storie di popoli e tradizioni purtroppo andate per sempre perdute. This club is crying-out to be discovered. It was once the capital of the Aztec kingdom, it was here that Spain expanded its colonies; and nowadays in this sprawling modern metropolis, a whole range of styles, colors and tastes meet.

Even though the popularity of the area waned during the 20th century, it has now returned to being the buzzing quarter it once was. This district is rich with restaurants, coffee bars, libraries, galleries and cultural centers, public institutions and clubs, a range of dynamic amenities that are injecting new life into the zone. And one of the clubs that animates the nightlife is the fascinating M.

ROY has been created inside an anonymous crumbling two-storey building where Manabendra Nath Roy, the founder of the Mexican Communist Party held illegal gatherings. From the outside, nothing suggests that there is a discotheque inside;. The anonymous building was left in the same condition as prior to the refurbishment. The only clue is the shocking pink door. To the side, an interior corridor.

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Anche gli arredi dello Zmianatematu sono stati realizzati su misura, utilizzando sempre assi di legno. Un vero e proprio palesamento del genius loci. It promotes a debate that is coherent with the objectives of the event and the exhibition in particular. There are a number of common spaces including the eye-catching Bar 8 located to the right of the lobby with enough space for 49 people. Don't have a Kindle? Nessuno snobismo o preconcetto dunque, approccio chiaro da subito nella programmazione della galleria.

The architects wished to stimulate the curiosity of the passers-by, drawn by the long queue of people waiting to enter the seemingly abandoned building every weekend. And they achieved their objective, particularly when what lies behind the mysterious pink door is revealed. The contrast is so strong that visitors may actually become disoriented.

ROY club was inspired by the Amerinda populations. The interiors of the original construction have been stripped back, there are no partition walls or ceilings, the space is double height and reminiscent of a Maya pyramid. It is a project of references, a creation that decontextualizes and modernizes the histories of peoples and traditions that risk being lost forever. Pietra scura, cemento grigio e gole luminose che creano atmosfera sono i tratti caratteristici del locale.

Dark stone, gray cement and luminous openings create the ideal atmosphere in the nightclub. Juergen Eheim interior design: Simone Micheli Laboratory engineering, realizzazione: The distribution-functional layout, the engineering and the construction were the responsibility of Mioblu Special Wellness. A new polyfunctional center has been created in Villorba, just outside Treviso. Its construction is an example of complete osmosis between function and emotion, between dreams and reality. The interior architecture project was designed by the Simone Micheli Laboratory; the distribution-functional layout, the engineering and the construction were completed by Mioblu Special Wellness.

The reception is one step in the direction of this emotional dimension: There is also a very large booth for couples to enjoy hydrotherapy in a special tub, a caldarium for mud-treatments and a water bed. The beauty treatment zone is completed by the Nail Room for two. Designer, progettista, quasi un nomade, Lotersztain ha dedicato buona parte della sua giovane vita ai viaggi e ha fatto fruttare questa sua esperienza per il Limes Hotel: The interiors of the Limes Hotel are characterized by a precise formal style; the well-balanced innovative interior design combines with criteria of order, simplicity, performance and the quality of the materials.

The important main design features include durability, preservation of the value and the esthetic aspects over time with an extremely balanced, warm welcoming result. The concept design for the interiors of the bedrooms aims to integrate the normally separate bedroom and bathroom, imagining them as two spaces that merge into one another while maintaining a good degree of privacy. The designer avoided the classical solutions of static desks, often used in the many hotels.

The overall impact is an extremely lively design with some highly successful pieces of contemporary furniture joined by some pieces in a modern style. Where possible, design can be observed everywhere, in the common areas and in the various interiors, for example the choice of the extremely decorative mirrors which also expand the space. The atmosphere is truly unique and the staff-guest interface is a core value which expresses this new concept of hospitality which exalts personal space and provides an authentic welcome.

Maggiormente utilizzati sono il legno, il corian, il mosaico di Bisazza e altre materie che permettono di plasmare lo spazio in tutte le sue sfaccettature. Un connubio di design estremamente vivace, con dettagli particolarmente riusciti di arredo contemporaneo, abbinato a qualche dettaglio di design moderno. The building is certainly eye-catching: It was undeniably an esthetic challenge given the power of its presence in the city.

Designer, architect, almost nomadic, Lotersztain has dedicated a large part of his short life to travel and has injected his experiences into the design of the Limes Hotel: At the same time, the hotel attracts the attention of the. Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini. Un vero e proprio palesamento del genius loci. Sulle pareti che si fronteggiano nella zona letto si esprime appieno il mood del progetto, con sagome di alberi laccati che spiccano in rilievo sulla superficie a specchio o su pannellature laccate.

The hotel designed by Daniele Menichini was inspired by woodland, expressed through an atmosphere that is green, warm and textured, interpreted by the furnishings created by Toscana Interiors. Daniele Menichini explained that the lightening bolt that illuminated his imagination for this project struck during the journey to meet the client. He found himself in Prealpine woodland where all of the senses were charged by color, aroma and texture… It was a wonderful example of genius loci.

The architect listened to the voices he heard; he decided to eliminate every barrier with nature and allow it to extend inside the building. The restyling of Hotel Ai Cadelach, in the northern Italian province of Treviso, revolved around a stylized interpretation of natural woodland populated by trees — linden, willows, birch, poplar, elm, beech, chestnut, sycamore.

The warm, green and textured atmosphere was expressed through the furnishings by Toscana Interiors. Eight bedrooms have been split over two floors and overlook the swimming-pool; they have been given new life thanks to the interior design makeover: The wardrobe is open-fronted with a lacquered panel as the backdrop; this also acts as a support for hanging storage containers, such as the drawer with a compartment for the security box and the storage box for the extra cushions and blankets; below, the bridge-like structure can be used as a suitcase support and above for hanging clothes.

The walls of the sleeping-quarters fully express the mood of the project; there are lacquered tree-shapes in relief on the mirrored surfaces and on the lacquer-dipped panels. The woodland comes to life through branches and trunks, ornaments and sculptures in the various colors of leaves that change with the seasons. All of the bedrooms have the same layout but each one has been associated to a particular tree, among those listed above.

The ad hoc scents produced to perfume the air, the color-scheme and the fabrics were all based on the specific tree. Surrounded by nature and in accordance with landscape ethics, the hotel has under-floor heating powered by solar panels, the illumination system exploits low-consumption or led lighting, while the materials used were sourced from certified companies, in full respect of eco-compatibility. The name of this dish is recognized across the world and the picture conjured-up is a stall or eatery where the kebab can be bought and enjoyed on the spot, with the meat served in pitta bread rolls or on plates accompanied by vegetables and a variety of sauces.

The eatery is called The Doner Company, and it brandishes the red and black logo on the napkins, bags, menus, tiles and t-shirts. The Turkish-born owners commissioned the well-known studio Concrete with the design of the articles: It was clear that the idea was to create something new without concelling or interfering with the origins. The project aimed to revamp the facilities on both sides of the counter, with attention paid to shape and the expression of something well-made.

It was an exercise that focused on the overall image, including the graphics; the architects wished to create a pleasant atmosphere in a location that would attract people to enter, drawn by the perception of the high quality of the food on offer inside.

The vitality of the eatery is immediately apparent from the circular wall with its patchwork of tiles, a wealth of sumptuous multi-colored decoratives — cream, willow green, ochre yellow, aniseed brown, cobalt blue, pepper-red. The image has been creatively constructed with references to the chaotic buzz in the Turkish street markets, the bright colors of the spices and the decorative motifs that were inspired by the exotic stalls and shops.

However, this wall is of two-fold importance — it has both esthetic and operative functions. There are integrated stainless steel alcoves which were designed to house the food, the equipment and some of the services. To increase the speed of preparation and consequently improve customer service, the activities have been reorganized according to a new logic. In the time the customer pays for his order, the counter staff will have prepared the drinks and started the food preparation by heating the bread.

The series of suspension lamps by Tom Dixon is particularly attractive with an alternation of suspension heights above the counters, exalting the angled arrangement that subsequently interfaces with the row of spotlights installed to follow the curve of the wall. The project is made up of interlocking glass boxes that are both pulled and pushed to create overhangs, a terrace, and visually communicate a sense of unity among the essential elements.

As one scans the building, its various parts are easily understood. The functions are expressed in blocks and read as a hierarchy within the grid of the three-story structure. The space makes no attempt to hide plumbing, electrical conduits, nor ventilation ducting, giving the retailer the. This block, along with two other vertical circulation elements, is zinc clad to punctuate what differentiates them from the otherwise glass horizontal structure.

Section demonstrates the large amount of below-grade parking that was required. The Canon Street elevation is equally transparent. The offsets break up the massing and add visual interest. Paul Sandilands, direttore dello studio, ha dichiarato: Un luogo non per tutte le tasche forse, ma dove ognuno potrebbe trovare il suo peccato di gola preferito.

Organizzato su due livelli, lo spazio ospita un supermarket con prodotti selezionati e alcuni punti vendita specializzati, come una pasticceria e un sushi bar. Two views of the food department in the Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow. Split over two levels, there is a supermarket with specially selected food and a number of specialized sections, such as the bakery and the sushi bar. The eyecatching polished metal roof is a pivot point of the entire project. Quality food and delicacies from every corner of the world attract the Russian bourgeoisie Amidst contradictions and inequality, Moscow is one of the European cities where the desire for exaggerated luxury is on a roll.

Consequently, alongside the historical buildings of power, there are the designer boutiques and stores of every imaginable international label. One of the most exclusive shopping malls is the Tsvetnoy Central Market covering 36, sq.

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The food market has become the focal point of the entire structure, visible from the entrance and accessible by escalators which appear to be suspended in mid-air. Paul Sandilands, who manages the studio, stated: Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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