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go site Kardec, who considered himself an "organizer" rather than an author, grouped the questions and their answers by theme, occasionally including lengthier digressions the spirits had dictated to him on specific subjects, some signed by philosophers such as Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas and writers including Voltaire. The Spirits Book is divided into four parts or "books", each one split into several chapters. Chapters are not regularly subdivided into sections — though most have titles marking the beginning of particularly sought subjects.

Book 3's chapters, for some reason, are not numbered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. I'm only half way finished reading this book, but I highly recommend it to anyone who has questions about what goes on after we "die. Aug 05, Shannon Teichmann rated it it was amazing. The AKES group of Philadelphia is no longer active but they are still selling their books from their Arizona distribution center. This modern English truly helps with comprehension because some of the material is quite deep, so the version I read is written in a clear, elucidating style.

This is an excellent book for those just beginning to explore a New Age or metaphysical philosophy and also for those who are well versed but seeking a source of comfort and confirmation.

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Advanced students of metaphysical philosophy may know a majority of tenets presented here, but I would wager there are still new concepts discussed. Much of these teachings I remembered from my spiritual readings earlier in life, but some of what I learned here surprised me and all of it is helpful to me; most importantly, ultimately, I found it uplifting and encouraging.

This book will be most helpful to those who have an open mind and a thirst for evolving spiritually, especially when the traditional teachings of the church just do not make fundamental sense--especially those regarding eternal damnation. The spirit's teachings here are still Christian based and compatible with the church but they clear up misconceptions stemming mostly from errors in language--inaccuracies of translation from ancient languages.

Rather, it is a real and well-defined entity that in certain situations, can be perceived by sight, hearing, and touch. The original english translation of this book, published in the late 's, is available for viewing on-line. Allan Kardec Educational Society recognized that the unconventional sentence structure and terminology used in the original English text made it a hard book to read, "at times obfuscating Kardec's flawless logic and the guides' superb discernment and wisdom". Return to Book Page. Its answers, according to Kardec, were given to him by a group of spirits who identified themselves as "The Spirit of Truth", with whom he communicated in several Spiritist sessions during the s. Paperback , pages.

This book is best read slowly in bits and meditated upon; the beginning is pretty hard especially for one like myself who is not predisposed in this incarnation toward a thorough grasp of science. The more I read however, the more I understood, leading to a greater understanding and epiphanies as I consumed this material. I'll be keeping this for future reference and rereading as well, and hope I can find other material like it to help me with continued growth and comfort.

For the metaphysical, it's a must read. In Italian, my mother language. Rif In Italian, my mother language. Feb 24, Laura rated it really liked it. Eventhough the text was written nearly years ago, it is very scientific and written for the layman on Earth who Questions the Stars Existence. Who we are, What we are, etcetera. Lovely introduction to Spiritist Philosophy not to be confused with the Spiritualism Movement and engages the reader by way of encouraging 4 Dimensional thought.

Was an "eye opener" for me! Helped to accept myself better Valeu muito a pena a leitura. Sep 05, Annika rated it it was amazing Shelves: The most eye-opening book I've ever read. This is actually so much more than just a book; Spirit's Book offers guidance to our everyday life situations. This has changed my whole life; the way I see myself and others and especially the way I treat other people, how I perceive life challenges, opportunities etc.

I would not say that this was easy reading, though, because to me it wasn't Looking in the mirror and being honest is never easy , but so very very worth it!

The Spirits' Book

Life-altering If you accept the responsibility laid on you, this book will change your life - this one and all future ones! Very interesting for an old book!! Read with an open mind! Donc c'est assez rapidement que j'ai voulu me le procurer. S'il fait de la merde, il sera puni dans une de ses autres vies.

Que les gens y croient, c'est leur choix.

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Oui oui, vous avez bien lu. Um livro de cabeceira. Spirits temporarily assume a perishable physical body, the death of which restores them to liberty.

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Among the different kinds of physical beings on Earth, God has chosen the human species for the incarnation of spirits who have arrived at a certain degree of development. This characteristic gives the human species an ethical and intellectual advantage over other living species.

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Human beings consist of the following: Human beings have, accordingly, two natures: Through the body, humans participate in the nature of animals, with which they share instincts. Through the soul, they participate in the nature of the spirits. A link, known as the perispirit or spiritual body , unites the body and the spirit. It is a semi-material envelope, as opposed to the fully material envelope of the body. At death, the spirit sheds the physical body, the grosser of the two, but preserves the perispirit or spiritual body.

The perispirit constitutes, then, an ethereal body that the spirit can render visible, or even tangible, as in the case of spirit-sightings.

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A spirit is not, therefore, an abstract being, a concept of thought. Rather, it is a real and well-defined entity that in certain situations, can be perceived by sight, hearing, and touch. Spirits belong to different orders; they are not equals either in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence. Those in the highest order are distinguished by purity, knowledge and love of goodness--they are the so-called "angels" or "pure spirits".

The others are relatively more distant from this perfection. Those in the lower orders are inclined to most of our human feelings and may still take pleasure in wrong-doing. Among them are those who are neither very good nor very bad, but have malicious, mischievous or irksome natures.

These might be classed as giddy and foolish spirits. Spirits do not belong perpetually to the same order. They are destined to attain perfection and, as they do so, progress up through the different orders. This advancement is achieved through incarnations, which are undertaken either as special missions or as trials leading to purification.

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Physical life is an experience spirits must undergo many times before reaching this goal. These lives can be understood as cleansing exercises from each of which spirits generally emerge in a more purified state. On leaving the body, the soul returns to the spirit-world, where it exists as a free-spirit i. Spirits have many incarnations. From this we can conclude that we have all had many existences, and will have many others on Earth and elsewhere. The incarnation of spirits only takes place in human beings.

Spirits do not incarnate in animal form. The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit's speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot regress. The qualities of the person are a reflection of the incarnate spirit's. Consequently, a good person is the incarnation of a good spirit, and a bad person of a less advanced one.

The soul possesses its individuality before incarnating and will preserve it after the death of the body. On returning to the spirit world, the soul meets those it has known on Earth. In addition, it gradually recalls the actions, both good and harmful, of its former lives.