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Tiger's Curse has ratings and reviews. Emily May said: If I had to describe Tiger's Curse in one word, that word would be embarrassing. I'm. Tiger's Curse is the first book in the Tiger's Curse series, released on January 11, It was originally a free self-published eBook novel in Passion. Fate.

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Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention tigers curse colleen houck year old main character break the curse highly recommend tigers quest indiana jones white tiger young adult even though kelsey and ren writing style second book high school feel like indian culture felt like book in the series harry potter.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I bought these books because I own, yes! The books are magnificently binded, pretty sturdy, and with a nice quality of paper. I love that and not completely regret the fact of not being able to carry the books in my devices. An orphan-sweet-good mannered-go with the flow teenage girl. An Indian Prince trapped by a curse in the form of a majestic white tiger. A wonderful world of adventures. From being in a very congruent situation, suddenly everything is stained with her inner monologue, her inner indecision, and the way she auto justified herself for casting away the man who loves her.

Maybe I am asking a lot, in the end, she is just a teenager who doesn't know her own feelings. I am puzzled by Mrs. Houck and her convoluted way of writing.

I don't know if she had an editor, but someone has had to tell her about this. One can read her books, and live everything she writes, but that doesn't mean that her way of writing is enjoyable or sometimes even clear.

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I feel highly betrayed because all this senseless drama is only the excuse for the publication of the second, third and fourth books. She totally distorted the main female character in order to prolong the story. It is not J. It is not Jules Verne. It is not even Charlaine Harris or Stephenie Meyer, but the adventures are highly enjoyable.

I loved that part. I am stuck in the second or third chapter of the second book, unable to swallow this teenager full of mixed feelings who, at that point in the story, doesn't know what she wants. And it is not only that, is the pushing-pulling the rope in almost every single page, what is annoying. Somewhere in time, I will finish this saga, because I love to read and I want to know how everything ends but, for now, I won't continue torturing myself reading these books.

The beginning was pretty slow going, but once it picks up, the action just flies off the pages. Kelsey, our main character, is a pretty likeable character, but has some major flaws, which I will point out in the next paragraph. Ren is such an awesome character; he's nice to everyone around him, is a tiger hello?! What annoyed me so much from Kelsey was the nickname that she likes to be called: It's okay if it comes up here and there, but usually, everybody calls her Kells.

Sorry, but it got on my nerves. We get to travel to India and some more places can't say or it would be a spoiler! Matt and Kelsey cleaned up the stands and seating areas before having dinner with the troupe and going to bed. Davis in the kennel playing with the dogs the following morning. He told her she would be walking the dogs every morning.

After the dogs had been exercised, Mr. Davis took Kelsey to the barn. There, he introduced her to Dhiren, the white tiger, whom she decided to nickname Ren. Kelsey was mesmerized by the creature's bright blue eyes.

She went through the steps of feeding the tiger, and proceeded to watch Mr. Davis go over the tiger's performance routine. Kelsey noticed the animal was calm and tame, even on the occasions his trainer stepped on his tail. After a while, Kelsey went on to team up with Matt once more as a bus of senior citizens shuffled in.

After the show, Kelsey returns to the tiger's barn. She sketched the animal in her journal. When Matt's father joined her, she asked if the white tiger ever got lonely. Davis told her Ren rejected the females he had been introduced to.

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Coming from a fully grown woman, it's just sad. Well, actually, Kelsey does have a personality. But danger lurks around the corner, forcing her to return to India where she embarks on a second quest-this time with Ren's dark, bad-boy brother Kishan, who has also fallen prey to the Tiger's Curse. Okay, I just cannot be bothered to write a long review for this book. As he does, he discovers that love and loyalty create their own magic and accepts that he must decide his destiny once and for all. View all 27 comments.

Kelsey made the barn her retreat, a place for her to draw and read and enjoy the company of the white tiger. One week later, she and Matt were watching Ren's performance when he froze in place and stared Kelsey down. Matt remarked that this had never happened before. After the show Kelsey felt compelled to pet Ren.

He welcomed the touch and licked her hand. Kelsey later read him the poem I Am the Cat by Leila Usher because she thought he would appreciate it. She stroked the tiger one last time before wishing he were free to roam. A few days later, a well-mannered man showed up at the circus with an interest in Ren.

He introduced himself to Kelsey as Anik Kadam. Kadam made an offer to buy the white tiger and transfer him to the Ranthambore National Park in India. He paid the troupe enough money to get by for about two years. Ren's last performance would be on Kelsey's last day of working at the circus. Later that day, Mr. Kadam told Kelsey the story behind Ren's name. He told her of Prince Dhiren, the noble future-ruler of his kingdom, and how his younger brother had Dhiren killed because of his jealousy.

After finishing his story, Mr. Kadam offered Kelsey a job assisting him in moving Ren to India. She would make sure he was properly looked after and adjusting properly to his new environment. Kelsey was given time to think about this opportunity , and accepted the job at her eighteenth birthday party. The day finally came for Kelsey to travel with Ren to India.

After making sure the tiger was properly taken care of, she and Mr. Kadam boarded a private plane that would stop in New York before flying the rest of the way to Mumbai. Kelsey learned quite a bit about Indian myths and legends from Mr. Kadam while the flight attendant Nilima saw to their needs. They all arrived in Mumbai the very next morning. Kelsey led Ren into the truck he would be transported in.

Tiger's Curse

She drove with the truck driver, who drove her and the tiger to their destination. After three hours, the driver stopped near a small restaurant for a break. Kelsey went into the restaurant and experienced a variety of new tastes. After she finished, she saw a young man arguing with an older man across the street from the restaurant.

Kelsey went out to the vehicle, but remembered she had not paid for her meal. The next time she walked out of the establishment, the truck was gone, and only the tiger remained. Against her better judgment, Kelsey followed Ren as he ventured into the jungle. She was more concerned for the tiger's well-being than her own.

After two days of trekking though the Indian wilderness, the girl and the tiger came across a clearing with a small hut in the middle. Kelsey urged Ren to stay behind while she investigated, hoping to contact Mr. Behind her back she heard someone protest. A handsome man had taken the place of the white tiger. He introduced himself to Kelsey as Prince Dhiren. He was the tiger all along. Once inside the hut, Ren gave his explanation. He was placed under a curse three-hundred years ago that transformed him into a tiger for the majority of the day.

He never aged, and only had 24 minutes each day to be a man. Ren explained that he was captured long ago and was unable to change into a man. But that all changed when he met Kelsey. Somehow, her presence allowed Ren to become human and call Mr. The men came to the conclusion that Kelsey was meant to break the curse. He told Kelsey that he brought her to someone else that might aid in their journey. She believed him, but was upset he did not tell her sooner.

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Phet , an ancient Indian native, came back to his hut. He confirmed Kelsey was the one destined to break the curse, but called her Durga's chosen one. He instructed the two to seek out Durga's prophecy in the Cave of Kanheri. She would tell them what they needed to do.

Before the girl and the tiger left, Phet painted a henna design on Kelsey's hand. Kelsey and Ren walked through the jungle until they came across a jeep with a note from Mr. Kadam was waiting for them. After cleaning up, Kelsey met with Ren in human form.

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He further explained himself by going into more detail about his predicament. Kadam had worked for him ever since he had been turned into a tiger. The amulet that the evil wizard was after is what had kept Mr. Kadam alive for so many years. Kadam cared for the prince's parents until they passed on to the next life, and did all that he could to help Ren when he was captured. After finishing their conversation, Ren left Kelsey so she could sleep.

The next morning, Kelsey was searching through her room's large closet when she stumbled upon a blue sharara dress. She came down to breakfast wearing it. Kadam told her that Nilima picked it out for her. It was then that Kelsey realized the flight attendant was Mr.

He told her he had family, but separated himself from them when he found he could not age.