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This IS that instrument--sweet and bell-like clarity of tone--perfect for the highest quality recording. New pin block and soundboard. Original Ebony and Ivories. New strings and bridges. Fully re-finished Circasian Walnut cabinet a highly figured extinct wood! We got our piano today! Everything went smoothly at the border and Green Mountain Piano Moving did a great job setting it up and going over everything with us.

We are really happy with the Steinway, the sound, the beautiful way you restored and refinished it, it looks great in our house. I've been playing it all afternoon, love that tone! We had a fabulous experience with Country Piano! I am the kind of person who likes to research things before making big decisions.

I interviewed numerous piano restoration companies before deciding to hire Country Piano. The piano has been in our family for over 50 years, and I was very concerned about letting it out of my possession. I could not have asked for a better experience. My piano was handled with the utmost of care by the movers, and the piano returned to us in beautiful working order. The outside of the piano was returned to it's original luster, and the music from the piano sounds full and robust.

As an additional note, the local piano tuner I hired after the piano was delivered also commented on the excellent quality and workmanship of the restoration. Thank you for a great experience. As you know, I have had the piano for almost five years and am absolutely thrilled by it. Your rebuilding work is of the highest quality. The new soundboard, pinblock, strings and hammers are now at home in the gorgeously refinished mahogany case. The resulting tone is even richer, more beautiful and has greater clarity than when I first purchased the piano.

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I tried dozens of pianos before I came to Country Piano and did not find a single one that I wanted to purchase. Many rebuilt pianos that I have played are well crafted but not tonally pleasing. I was most impressed by the wonderful, singing, ringing, musical quality that your pianos have. I have already mentioned your store to several of my colleagues and would happily send anyone I know who is in the market for a restored piano to your showroom.

It was well worth the trip from Chicago to visit your workshop. Thanks again for your wonderful work! Our piano technician tuned and checked the Steinway grand today and said that it is an excellent instrument. He complimented your workmanship and asked for your card, which I gave it to him. We thank you for a very pleasant shopping experience. I bought a restored Steinway from Country Piano. The whole experience was pleasant, unhurried, and resulted in my acquisition of a great piano, which will be good for a lifetime.

The Country Piano website is user friendly and allowed me to sample hundreds of entries in the privacy of my home. Good quality speakers in my PC helped me listen to the subtleties of sound performance of their dozens of offerings. My appointment to their showroom lead to a low key conversation with the knowledgeable owner who applied no sales pressure at all. I was free to play any piano I wanted. Price info was in full display so I could make informed choices. I got a fair trade value on my old 5' 1" Baldwin via digital pictures I had brought along.

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The deal included free moving for both pianos, free first tuning for my new piano, and a five year warranty. I selected a Model A Steinway, 6' 2".

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It sounded great at the demo site, and sounded great at my home in Georgia. The Victorian Steinway arrived intact on the promised date and sounded at home better than at the store. I own a superb fully restored instrument with a real ivory keyboard as good looking as it was in The harp lettering is so crisp that I bet it looks better than it it did in This is like a new Steinway, with a new soundboard, bridge caps, action, pinblock, pins, strings, and all new felts. I believe the instrument looks and sounds better than it did in A keeper in every respect.

I am in love with my Model A, a genuine piece of Americana. I think the Country Piano Steinways are the best value in grand pianos today. It is exquisitely gorgeous and wonderful. My wife is also very impressed with the sound of it.

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They were right on time, very courteous and professional when they delivered the instrument Thanks again! Yes, the piano arrived about two hours ago. It is beautiful and it sounds and plays great! This will be a great blessing to our family for a long time. You Had Me From Hello. We Can't Make It Here.

I Serve a Savior. Break Up in the End. Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay. Audition Cut - Short. There's a New Kid In Town. Let It Be Christmas. Go Rest High on That Mountain. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Having a sampler means you can import any digitized sound you can think of and put it to use in your music—a worthwhile feature if you like to experiment with sounds outside the realm of standard instruments.

Workstations are powerful instruments designed primarily for players who are experienced with sequencing and recording. Chances are if you are shopping for your first keyboard, a workstation might be a little over your head. That's where our next category comes in. If a workstation can be viewed as a studio, an arranger can be compared to a songwriting partner.

Arrangers are portable-style keyboards with professional sound engines and a number of compositional tools to enhance the songwriting process. Sometimes referred to as a band-in-a box, an arranger provides the sounds and sequencing tools necessary to flesh out an idea and create a full-fledged song. Arrangers are also powerful instruments for live performance, and often the instrument of choice for one-man bands. There is practically no style, sound or feel left uncovered by the Korg Pa Arranger Keyboard.

While most arrangers do have great sound engines, the scope of available sounds typically isn't as broad as that of a workstation. Arrangers offer a good selection of the main sounds you'll need for a live-band type of feel, such as drums, piano, organ, horns, etc. Arrangers offer a number of styles backing accompaniments that let you tailor the instrument to your particular brand of music. This means you can plug in your chord progression, choose the style you're after, and you'll instantly have a jazz, rock, Latin, or other type of feel to the music with a full band behind it.

This is a huge advantage for both composers and live performers. Arrangers can also be powerful learning tools that familiarize you with the sounds and patterns of various styles of music. Because they are more automated than workstations, arrangers can help you work backwards through a particular style to fully understand all its elements.

If workstations and arrangers were automobiles, the former would have a manual transmission, the latter an automatic. Portable keyboards are generally oriented toward beginning players. The sequencing functions are more basic than those of an arranger, and most include learning functions that help beginners find their way around the keyboard and sequencer. Many portables also feature USB connectivity for transferring sounds to and from your computer or the Internet, saving projects, or even downloading songs for karaoke.

If you're a beginning player, or perhaps you play another instrument and would like to have a keyboard to learn or experiment with, a portable is the way to go, as they deliver great bang for the buck and provide fun and entertainment as you learn. As noted above, many portable keyboards include tools to help you learn to play piano. While having a professional teacher or pianist friend is an optimal way to learn, there are many other resources available to help keyboard students develop their skills for a lifetime of satisfaction and fun. These include a myriad of teaching methods, books, CDs, and DVDs, all aimed at building your piano skills.

Many have simplified chord-based approaches that will have you playing songs in no time. Digital pianos can be divided into two categories depending on their intended use. Console pianos are generally intended for use in the home, while stage pianos are designed for the performing musician who needs something more portable.

Grand pianos

Console pianos incorporate not only the sounds of a piano, but traditional cabinet design elements as well. Console pianos are an ideal choice for the home. The Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano packs a sweet selection of pianos and other instruments beneath its sleek, decor-friendly cabinet. Important elements to consider when buying a digital piano are the responsiveness of the keys, its sound quality, the amplifier and speaker system, and the design that best fits your needs.

Many digital pianos include comprehensive learning systems that make them ideal for beginning keyboardists. As stated earlier, weighted keybeds will provide a more realistic piano feel as you play. Most digital piano have 88 keys, just like their acoustic counterparts, though a few are equipped with 61 keys. The sound a digital piano produces is dependent upon the samples that are embedded within.

Most digital pianos get their samples from high-end acoustic pianos, so they all generally will produce quality sounds. Many manufacturers offer sound clips of their pianos. Listening closely for nuances like the sustain and decay of the instrument's sound will help you pick a piano with satisfying sound quality. Amplification is another important consideration when shopping for a digital piano for home use. If space is a concern, be sure to select a piano with an internal amplifier and speakers.

Musician's Friend has a big selection of keyboard amplifiers if you think an external amplifier will better suit your needs. Anyone who has dragged a classic Hammond B3 organ and its hefty Leslie speakers to a gig knows what a hernia-inducing experience that can be. The best modern organs replicate subtle nuances of old-school organs right down to the sound of their key-thunk!

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Most organs today use digital modeling, but incorporate drawbars like a traditional organ to change the sound. Digital organs also have features like effects, pitch bend and modulation wheels, and MIDI compatibility.

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Country Sheet Music for Christmas. Musicnotes has the best selection of Country Christmas sheet music around. Find Christmas arrangements from all the. At, we have the piano sheet music you're searching for. From the latest radio hits to opera and Broadway classics, we have hundreds of.

The Hammond Sk1 Organ conjures up the sounds and feel of the classic B3 while also offering capabilities and voices undreamed of by old-school organists. Before buying a MIDI controller , it's important to define what you need to control, and how much control you need. While MIDI controllers come in different forms, the most common ones have keys. Keyboard-style MIDI controllers can have varying numbers of keys and different response characteristics such as velocity-sensitivity the keys respond to the speed with which they're pressed , weighted more realistic, piano-type feel , and aftertouch allows additional parameters to be assigned to a key such as vibrato or filter sweeps.

Learn more with our Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers. Not all MIDI controllers have keyboards. They come in various forms including drum pads, control surfaces for controlling a software mixer, for example , wind controllers , and combination controllers with keys, knobs, and sliders. For example, if you plan on doing mostly synth work with a software synth like Reason, for example , you will want a keyboard-style controller with your preferred keybed action.

From there, you can decide whether additional buttons, sliders, or trigger pads are necessary for your setup. With the power that software synths, sequencers, and recording programs offer these days, many players are opting for a robust computer setup with a comprehensive MIDI controller. Others opt for mobile solutions using a control surface as a more hands-on way to control iOS and Android music-production apps.

Even better - it doubles as an audio interface. By now you should have a pretty good idea of the important things to look for when considering a keyboard or digital piano. The following are some common terms you will encounter when shopping for your keyboard, piano, or synthesizer.

Use this glossary as a reference while you browse Musician's Friend's huge selection of synths, workstations, MIDI controllers, portable keyboards, arrangers, and digital pianos. Measured in bits and represented as bit, bit, bit, bit, etc. Higher bit depths usually produce higher quality sound. The means by which most keyboards produce effects, equalization, filters, etc.

Commonly used to alter basic waveform pitch settings.

A protocol that allows musical instruments and digital devices to communicate. GM is short for General MIDI, a music industry standard since that ensures consistent performance on all GM-compatible instruments and standardized sounds and locations. GM2 is an extension of GM that requires voice polyphony instead of 24 for GM and includes more programs. Measured in kHz and represented as The higher the sample the greater the musical fidelity.