A Whisper of Rosemary (Medieval Romance) (The Medieval Herb Garden Series Book 3)

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here This story is too long and drawn out meandering all over the place.

Medieval Herb Garden Series

It needs centralization, which the author had once all the key players were in place early in the book, but then the author have her characters wander aimlessly around sending people here, there and everywhere. I can't get a grip on this story, so I'm skipping pages. When I come across a sentence or paragraph that needs clarification, I go back and look for it. This is the worse way to read a book. I'm going to finish it, but I'm two-thirds thru and the H and H are still apart.

They had two kissing sessions, from which no closeness developed. Not my kinda romance story. There is no history either, so I really don't know what the author is shooting for. I don't get the title yet either, because the H is using all kinds of herbs and this story is rough, not whispered, so for me there is a title mismatch.

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Plus the woman on the cover does not look like this H sounds in the book. H seems to always wear her hair in a thick, long braid.

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H sounds younger than the woman on the cover. Cover should have been a lone single woman. Now see, this is what I don't get with these writers. When Dirick was injured falling from his horse, how come it was Michael and Victor who went to get Maris? What happened to Raymond, who was sworn to protect her? What happened to all the men who were on the hunt with him? Why wasn't one of those men sent?

This is where these books annoy me. I am ready to shut this book down because the author is offending the reasoning ability of her readers. Why did she go with Michael and Victor of all people? How did they get to her? They just walked up to her door? This is supposed to be an intelligent woman. The writer suspends the H's intelligence. This does not work for me. I didn't get why Michael killed his son, Victor, and in such a brutal manner. While I like the way the book ends, it won't be one of my go to romance novel to curl up in my lazy boy chair in front of the fireplace on a rainy night in Georgia.

First time reading this author's book and I thought it was just an ok read for an medieval romance. There was nothing that jumped out to WOW me, or keep my attention, I found myself skipping over paragraphs. I'm not sure if I should try another book. This could have been so much better with more careful editing.

The incomplete sentences and rewritten sentences that didn't remove the parts of the original were jarring and distracting. The book felt much longer because of the repetition of certain themes that must have appealed to Gleason--how many times do we need to read about the "think coils" of Maris' hair? And after identifying the threat to Maris, Dirick hies off for a bachelor party with her other protector, leaving Maris to the machinations of her greatest threat? Then she's actually saved by the other villain to the piece who has a change of heart?

And, by the way, when she has been fearful of the d'Arcy's for the full length of the book, she goes off with them alone at the end? Some plausibility issues there. It is hard to imagine this medieval time, when compared to our own time period. The pomp and ceremonies of the Kings court, ruthless killing and arranged marriages, are the basic story. The 3rd son of Derkland, Dirick has no high expectations for his life and serves at the king whims, though he is well liked at the Kings court.

She has been given privileges that other Lady's of her class would not be expected to get, but her father has decided that he wants her to wed and make sure her future is secure. There are many twists and turns in this story as Maris is betrayed, kidnapped and held captive. A good overall representation of this time period. I do think that the title should be a whisper of Lemon though. Sir Dirick of Derkland is on the king's business.

He is also hunting down a murderer.

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Maris is a healer and the Lady of Loungement spelling? Merle, her father, betroths Maris to Victor D'Arcy, a match she does not want. Dirick inflames her blood with his kisses. He wants Maris, but he knows he's far below her station.

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He whisks her away just before her betrothal ceremony, determined to force her into marriage. No trivia or quizzes yet. Five stars all around. Visions of vampires, werewolves, and my own death. See all 80 reviews. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Am I a psychic?

When her father dies, Maris is summoned to King Henry. She is now the King's ward. Can Dirick stand by and watch Maris be given in marriage to another man?

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Love, intrigue and the grandeur of Medieval England blend into a Book 3 of 4 in The Medieval Herb Garden Series (4 Book Series). Lavender Vows: A Mini-Novel (The Medieval Herb Garden Series Book 1) (Jan 6, 3. A Whisper of Rosemary (Medieval Romance) (The Medieval Herb Garden.

Maris is a strong-minded, independent woman. She can administer, ride and hunt like a man. Maris is the healer for Loungement.

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A time when kings and queens vie for power amid treachery and betrayal And a time when women are nothing more than political game pieces, moved at will by the men in their lives. One woman dares to be different. Mistaken Identity Dirick of Derkland cares about nothing but seeking vengeance for his father's brutal death. When the beautiful and spirited Maris mistakes him for her betrothed, sparks ignite, and he suddenly finds himself torn between honor and the only woman who may be able to heal his soul. A Whisper of Rosemary Maris is a gifted healer who can cure many ills with the herbs in her garden.

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