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https://oltreadecanab.ga/the-recipe-thief-an-emma-adventure.php His work looks revolutionary to some, but is in fact evolutionary. For example, an architectural ground plan to me is a defined system that. It depicted the human being in contemporary Smart Cities and highlighted the invisible networks and their influence on our future evolution. Instead, collaborations have become essential. Loose, brainstorming collaborations are the norm, and rigid, office-based collaborations are rare.

This allows the project to evolve freely rather than being bound by one decision-making body. At Arphenotype, where blurring the boundaries of different artistic disciplines forms a prerequisite, research topics include robotics and intelligent materials like membranes in combination with LED technology.

Another example is the Woody Wall, a sound-absorbing office wall created by means of software which generates fractals. The shape of the Taipeh X-Site Pavilion is determined by two assumed forces of. The Lion's Gate bridge in Dubai was designed with the help of a virtual sculpting software used primarily for modelling video game characters, creating a free, organic form.

He frequently gives lectures and conducts workshops all around the world and has been invited to provide guest critiques. For his dissertation, he is creating the BrainBox Prof. Lust for landscapes Landscape architecture with a passionate concern for people and place For over fifty years the landscape architecture firm BHF has created innovative open spaces for both urban and rural contexts. Known for their reliability and customer care, their sizable staff are always ready to take on the next project, no matter how big or small.

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Based in both Kiel and Schwerin, the firm takes its name from its current three main partners: Jens Bendfeldt, Uwe Hermann,. Jens' father, Klaus-Dieter Bendfeldt, established the firm in From his time spent working in Kiel as a. After finishing his studies and establishing his business, Klaus-Dieter successfully landed one of his first big projects; executing the landscape design for social housing complexes in two districts of Kiel. Although BHF is nowadays involved in many kinds of projects.

Despite spanning an incredibly wide spectrum, the projects of BHF all have one thing in common: The firm has created spaces for leisure, living, recreation and tourism with their designs for plazas, waterfronts, countrysides, and gardens. Urban renewal and energy projects are also on their roster of talents. BHF's decades of experience working in landscape architecture allow them to quickly assess and fully inform clients of necessary environmental planning issues and challenges that might arise during design implementation.

Choosing to work with BHF means working time efficiently, which naturally helps projects to stay on budget. Partner Uwe Hermann oversees the firm's environmental planning department focusing on large-scale landscape planning. Recent projects have been the six lane expansion of the A7 Bordesholm to Hamburg federal motorway and the widening of the eastern section of the North Sea-Baltic Canal.

Currently, BHF is also involved in constructing approximately an kilometre route of power lines in Northern. These power lines are necessary in order to eventually feed the electricity generated by wind power to the German and wider European power grid. Located in the centre of downtown Kiel, this area will now be home to thirty condominiums and forty-two senior-friendly apartments with balconies and underground parking spaces. The landscape architects of BHF will be responsible for creating a pleasant and inviting space in the public areas between the housing complexes.

This once underused and under appreciated eyesore of the city will now become a space for strolling, lingering and connecting. Larger than usual by German standards, the thirty employees that make up the BHF team all share an immense enthusiasm for their work. When speaking about the team, Mr. Bendfeldt has nothing but praise. They are the ones directing the success of our projects by their day-to-day hard work, demonstrating their strong dedication and commitment.

A passion we intend to maintain far into the future. A good education is the foundation for life and we have great expertise featuring schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities for the most diverse career paths. No matter how specialised an educational institution is, which age group it serves or what curriculum it follows, our editorial staff delivers the corresponding educational message across national boundaries. Ganz gleich, wie spezialisiert eine Institution ist, welche Altersgruppe sie anspricht oder welches Curriculum sie verfolgt: Building character Founded in by Margrave von Baden and Kurt Hahn Salem is Germany's largest and most prestigious international boarding school.

Located in the former Cistercian Abbey Salem Castle the school offers boarding school places for girls and boys. Salem is picturesquely situated in a hilly landscape amidst orchards and vineyards, twelve kilometres from Lake Constance. The state-recognised grammar school for Years 5 to 12 offers the school-leaving examinations Abitur German university entrance qualifying examination and International Baccalaureate IB.

In addition to German, English is the everyday language. The International Classes from Year 8 are unique in Germany. After year 10 a decision is possible for taking either the Abitur or IB. Small classes allow a teacher: Salem also provides intensive preparation for the choice of study and profession and works closely together with 50 international exchange programme partner schools. Sports and recreational facilities. Salem has a great deal to offer to its students, and makes high demands on them as well.

Salem seeks young people who are inquisitive, open minded and willing to make their own way within the community of their peer group. Most boarding staff in Salem are involved in the academic life of the school as well, thereby ensuring that the principle of the unity of education and teaching is upheld. Salem's international atmosphere is enhanced by staff members from the United States, Australia, South Africa and Great Britain, who teach in both.

An extensive tutorial system helps students from abroad. All students have access to modern facilities, such as computer centres, science laboratories, libraries, studios and auditoriums for music, theatre, dance, arts, crafts, social services and various sports. Merit-based scholarships are available and approx. The golden ticket to an international career in hospitality Based on the values of quality and excellence, the Swiss Education Group SEG maintains five different schools, which offer International students a top education in the fast-paced hospitality industry.

With the foundation of its first school in , SEG can look back on more than three decades of successful teaching! With 5, students per year and 25 different programmes, it is without question Switzer-. Head of Marketing and Development West Europe. This is a unique event and gives our students amazing career opportunities.

Gaining an understanding of different cultures is essential for future graduates. SEG also maintains remarkable links with the hospitality industry, including strong ties to prestigious companies such as Hyatt, Hilton, Four Season, Accor, Kempinski, Moevenpick, Marriot and the Ritz Carlton amongst many others. Each of the five SEG schools focuses on different aspects and offers a variety of degrees including certificates, diplomas, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.

It has a unique focus on entrepreneurship and graduates leave the school with a fully developed business plan. Alumni Henrieke Noack remembers: Here the students also benefit from exchange with hospitality management students. It offers courses that merge the best of Swiss hospitality ideals with American management practices. Thomas Gilner, a HIM graduate says: I learned to be more disciplined, organised and to communicate better, skills that I use every day in my role as Assistant Revenue Manager at the Sofitel Hotel in Ningbo, China.

This is my first role following graduation and I already have a lot of.

Graduates from the Bachelor and Master curricula receive dual degrees from both Switzerland and the UK through the University of Derby. Since I graduated, my career has been nothing short of fast-paced! Studying at SHMS taught me all facets of the hospitality trade from the bottom up while facing the challenges of working in multicultural teams. It offers hospitality programmes that place a particular emphasis on the latest innovations in design, technology and luxury brand management and is hence responding to a growing trend.

Christmas time is approaching and the wintry season is pleasantly transforming into a season of lights. Numerous romantic little stalls surrounded by aromas of roasted almonds, gingerbread and the traditional hot mulled wine seduce to drift in a festive atmosphere. Visitors can expect exclusive Christmas arts and crafts offered in the over stalls, in the elegant boutiques in the Kurhaus Colonnades as well as in the exclusive shops in the historic Old Town. Another highlight of the Baden-Baden Christmas market is the life-size manger with living sheep and donkeys that are surrounded by lots of hay.

The splendiferous illustrated "fairy tale route" tells a German Christmas. Another optical highlight is the illuminated, most beautiful church windows. The fancifully tinted oversized windows are painted by school classes in Baden-Baden. Every day they will be back-lighted at twilight that adds to the romantic ambience of the Christkindelsmarkt.

On December 6th, St. Nicholas will float in a hot-air balloon to the Baden-Baden Christmas market to delight the young visitors with lots of little Christmas presents. Every Monday, the Christmas market turns into romantic. From 22 November the ice skating rink opens its doors for all enthusiastic ice skaters. It is open every day from 11 am to 9pm. Now in its 26th year, offering 9 business programmes in total, the Swiss boutique school has recently redefined its mission — to provide a learning platform that enables individuals and organisations to thrive by co-creating viable business solutions for our planet and its people.

She stresses that simultaneously, however, there has been an increasing demand for globally responsible leaders in businesses and organisations of every kind. Its innovative approach to business training is most noticeably recognised in the recent QS Global Business Schools Report where BSL is ranked third in Switzerland the 4th year in a row. Another aspect is that students are integrated into the real business world from the very beginning of their course. Roughly 20 per cent of alumni, mostly MBA graduates who developed a real-life business plan as part of their course, actually set up their own businesses.

Especially by launching these programmes, BSL has considerably strengthened its positioning as a school focused on sustainability, entrepreneurship, and responsibility. They additionally function as areas of achievement. February and September www. Stiftung Louisenlund Where the future is shaped and values are preserved For over 60 years Stiftung Louisenlund, a full-day German secondary boarding an IB World School, has been dedicated to delivering first class education in a most pleasant environment and preparing pupils for life as caring and committed members of society.

The boarding school was created to provide children from ages 5 to 12 the opportunity to discover themselves and be creative. Kurt Hahn, a key figure in the development of experiential education in those days, played an important role in the process. Times were tough and MarieAlix Herzogin zu Schleswig-Holstein, honourary member of the board of trustees. This is how the Louisenlund school pullover was born. Some are scholarship holders and. Louisenlund focuses exclusively on the Diploma Programme and 77 pupils are currently enrolled en-route to the IB.

But the implementation of the IB is not the only future-oriented measure Louisenlund took to prepare pupils for a successful professional life in Germany and abroad spend a lot of time and effort implementing modern concepts. The campus is spectacular, featuring a magnificent white castle and an imposing manor house surrounded by seemingly endless water-backing parkland.

The proximity to the open sea can be smelled in the air and water sports play an important role at Louisenlund. Sailing is a very significant part of the plenty of extra curricular activities which can be chosen by students. Louisenlund is proud to be the only school in Germany that owns a real research vessel for young explorers.

Just like the German system, the IB programme is structured in three different parts: Pupils also get a variety of opportunities to engage in social activities in the surrounding communities. The so-called Guild programme encourages teamwork, creativity and service spirit amongst youngsters. By engaging in the local service activities, such as technical relief or the fire brigade, attending first-aid courses, acting as tutors or.

Exactly a year ago, Dr. Part of this is to be capable to answer questions from the energy, mobility, health and biotechnological sectors. DESIGN Design is a topic we are deeply passionate about and we have truly enjoyed working with some of the finest home-grown talent over recent years. Amazing German, Swiss and Austrian product designers, industrial designers or fashion designers are just a few examples of specialised creative minds we have had the honour of working with.

Due to our image-focussed graphics concept, our new client publishing service offers the ideal international showcase for innovative and striking new designer products. Mithilfe unseres bildlastigen Grafikkonzepts, bieten unsere neuen kundenorientiertes Publikationen eine ideale Plattform, um innovative und beeindruckende neue Designerprodukte international zur Schau zur stellen. It is the design that tells us about the brand. Great design has the capacity to attract attention, stir emotion and spark loyalty for the brand. Today we do this not only through design, but consulting and.

The result is a timeless ski design, easily recognizable by its two basic colours, a unique Hollowtech symbol and distinctive graphics. The result is brand design that is both iconic and consistent over the seasons. It also accommodates at least 10 years of human resources growth. But, what is the secret of successful brand building? Every brand has its own values and deserves the consistent design language that remains true to it.

It is about consistent differentiation: The long-term success of KISKA proves Gerald right, as design of new products often begins with careful observation and analysis of the brand, target group and product position in the market. With the new bike KTM was able to expand its market share significantly, attracting more first time KTM riders than ever before.

Gerald knows that his greatest asset is his team: Most significantly, this pays off for our clients, because our diverse team can accommodate all of their brand building needs under one roof. Any designer can think of ways to make a product connect to the world around it. The fact that German car brands are sought-after all over the world nowadays may also be linked to the big and long tradition of industrial design in Germany.

And to a sort of cultural shock in an early phase of globalisation: The London show, which took place in the famous Crystal Palace was what initially sparked the evolution of model collections and industrial museums everywhere in Europe and thus also in Germany. Based on the patterns of the show collections the regional economy should learn what successful products should look like. Even today, this learning by models system.

Hedda Gabler (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)

The desire for better design of German products and the desire for a better life in modern times resulted in remarkable institutions such as the Deutsche Werkbund at the beginning of the 19th century as well as the Bauhaus in the s with renowned and internationally active masters like Walter Gropius. Till today the impact of these educational facilities has been omnipresent in German industrial design and the historic roots are showcased in the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and the HfG Archive in Ulm.

In Munich the Neue. Sammlung in the Pinakothek offers a remarkable insight into the whole topic of German design tradition up to today. Current German industrial design is represented internationally mainly though automotive brands, and the fascination can be experienced in contemporary glass palaces: The charisma of these brands has transferred the design to many other technical innovations from Germany, in the areas of engineering, medical technology or the creation of rail vehicles as well as other industries. The future of German industrial design. The results reflect the challenges shaping the future of industrial design.

Some of these challenges are the themes of mobility, universal design in relation to demographic changes and the efficiency of resources for the purpose of reducing environmental burdens. All VDID activities address current transformation processes in industrial design. Industrial designers perform the transfer of new materials and technologies. VDID industrial designers develop new guiding principles and exercise their responsibility for the change of product culture.

Accessibility is achieved by lowering the caravan and using a wide entrance and sliding doors. The interior furnishings can be tailored to suit individual abilities. According to the jury, this is a universal design in the best sense of the word, as it makes this object more conveniently usable by people of all generations and abilities.

It uses a frame mounted on the top of the building, exterior tunnels, shredders and sorters to transport and process the materials that are recovered — including glass, concrete, steel and waste products. A latticework construction made of bamboo sandwiched between two exterior surface materials saves renewable resources and enables a good balance between weight and construction stability. According to the jury, the designer has embraced two important aspects of sustainable product design: All designs of the 45 newcomers selected for the competition show that the next generation of German industrial design is working on the challenges of the future, through studies and in practical life and of course in multinational teams.

Dedicated to identity and simplicity You name it, they have won it: In the past twenty-five years design studio ARTEFAKT have been honoured with numerous prestigious, internationally renowned design awards for their product innovations in the areas of construction, cycling and bathtubs. What is the secret of their success? Newly designed products contribute to the confusing multiplicity.

The result is a timeless design, independent of fleeting fashionable trends. From the visual point of view, this. The evolution in the bathroom brings more comfort and safety for the user. For instance, the quantity of water and its temperature can be programmed for up to three people, thus eliminating the risk of overflowing or time-wasting temperature adjustment.

Just one push with your finger and your bathtub fills up with water at your preferred temperature. Revolutionising the bathroom Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl look back on a long history of successful innovations. Roughly two years ago, the designer team started to turn a personal passion for cycle racing into professional success.

Hereby, the designers played an important part in work-. They have a lot more to offer in their other areas of expertise: Like a golden thread, creative, innovative and consistent design ties together all the stages of product conceptualization and realization. Yet good design is more than just attractiveness.

It also performs, converts, astonishes, and fulfills its purpose. Good design is also a strategic business decision that emphasizes the care and quality. Founded in and led by Dipl. Philippe Lingott, the firm is characterized by its extensive expertise, established industry contacts, and innovative design solutions. In the last four years alone, the company has worked on over proj-. The range of services offered and the broad portfolio reflect their holistic approach.

Projekter Industrial Design has designed and created specialized power tools, machinery, bikes and e-bikes, automotive technology, measuring instruments, medical tools, sporting goods, and domestic appliances. In the last few years, many of these objects have been awarded several design awards and earned critical appraise, including red dot awards for product design, been a nominee for the German design award, and the winner of IF Design Award Concepts.

Compared to previous models, Projekter Industrial Design have increased the required mobility of the component by an optimal choice of materials and a new manufacturing process, and simplified the mounting of the bicycle frame. The new one-piece construction replaced six additional components.

Consequently, the complete pre-assembly disappeared and production costs were significantly reduced. Increased functionality and usability Not only the aesthetics but also the ergonomics of a product profoundly impact on user satisfaction. User-centred design makes a product more understandable, improves the workflow and increases efficiency.

In addition, intuitive usability evokes user pleasure instead of frustration. The design team at Projekter Industrial Design balance creative, innovative and progressive thinking with the practical, industrial constraints of actually producing real-world solutions. This step in particular requires knowledge of production processes, materials, industry standards and technology. Longstanding partnerships with Asian manufacturers also guarantee trouble-free processes in overseas production.

The firm conducts strict quality controls so that the products meet all customer requirements and previous performances, and make a smooth market entry. Projekter Industrial Design is optimistic about the future: Our objective is to help even more companies to realize their projects and be successful in the marketplace. Market entry and support Finally, Projekter Industrial Design offers ongoing support. After completing the de-. Whether it is a conventional hardware tool, a sleek bike, or a Right: Bosch car charger C3 Below, middle: Parkside jigsaw Below, right: The results are lovingly produced items with a distinctive design.

Even though each piece is unique due to the wear and tear of the recycled material, the combination of the blue rubber sourced from the mats and the brown leather creates a distinctive look, which is complemented by the unique surface feel and, sometimes, smell. Our brand is based on experiences and individual pasts, no matter whether these are good or bad memories.

Vom Ansprechen zum Date - Absolutes Mastering (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Real Man. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. FOREX – Entwickle deine eigene Strategie (German Edition). £ Kindle Edition. Vom Ansprechen zum Date - Absolutes Mastering (German Edition). £

The timeless design is accentuated by the beautiful patina of each piece of leather and manages to do the balancing act between design standards, heritage, functionality and sustainability. Each piece comes with a passport, consecutively numbered and printed on old driver's licence paper, which informs customers about the age of the particular mat and leather used. The passports include an old photo of Bernd, and he individually signs and fastens them with a shoelace.

And we just brought out a fabulous range of protective cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They never have items in stock, but instead produce according to demand to avoid wasting materials. Customers can order prototypes through their retailers, and if a prototype makes it into the collection, it is given a name, which usually refers to gym-. We would also like to do a very obvious thing: A shortage in materials. It is more the prospect of inertia. Nowadays, it is a rarity to have bruises caused by a collision with a vaulting horse.

Unfortunately, youngsters do not practise gymnastics on untreated leather anymore, but instead practise mastering their games console. I believe that society is more likely to hit the wall before the materials do. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Please try your request again later. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg.

Available for download now. Vom Ansprechen zum Date. I shall be back again presently. Yes, we can't thank you sufficiently. Of course she talks of a little rearrangement here and there; and one or two things are still wanting. We shall have to buy some additional trifles. But we won't trouble you about these things. Hedda say she herself will look after what is wanting.

Thanks, for a moment. Oh, the money question is not so very pressing; though, for that matter, I wish we had gone a little more economically to work. But that would never have done, you know! Think of Hedda, my dear fellow! You, who know her so well! I couldn't possibly ask her to put up with a shabby style of living! Stil, Griffel, stilisieren, Entwerfen, Art. No, no--that is just the difficulty.

And then--fortunately--it can't be long before I receive my appointment. Well, you see--such things are often apt to hang fire for a long time. Have you heard anything definite? Your old friend, Eilert Lovborg, has returned to town. I know that already. How did you learn it? From that lady who went out with Hedda. What was her name? I didn't quite catch it. Of course--he has been living up in their regions. And fancy--I'm delighted to hear that he is quite a reformed character. And then he has published a new book--eh?

Yes, indeed he has. And I hear it has made some sensation! Quite an unusual sensation. Fancy--isn't that good news! A man of such extraordinary talents I felt so grieved to think that he had gone irretrievably to ruin. That was what everybody thought. But I cannot imagine what he will take to now! How in the world will he be able to make his living?

Well you see, dear--we were talking about poor Eilert Lovborg. Well--no doubt he has run through all his property long ago; and he can German asks: Zweifel, bezweifeln, zweifeln, Bedenken, anzweifeln. Sensation, Empfindung, Sinn, Aufsehen. So I really can't see what is to become of him. Perhaps I can give you some information on that point. You must remember that his relations have a good deal of influence. Oh, his relations, unfortunately, have entirely washed their hands of him. At one time they called him the hope of the family.

At one time, yes! But he has put an end to all that. Well well, I hope to goodness they may find something for him to do. I have just written to him. I asked him to come and see us this evening, Hedda dear. But my dear fellow, you are booked for my bachelor's party this evening. You promised on the pier last night. Had you forgotten, Tesman? Yes, I had utterly forgotten.

But it doesn't matter, for you may be sure he won't come. What makes you think that? Both you and him. Well, my dear Judge, out with it. You must be prepared to find your appointment deferred longer than you desired or expected. Think of that, Hedda! But who can my competitor be? Konkurrent, Mitbewerber, Rivale, Nebenbuhler. H'm--that is what it may come to, all the same. Well but, Judge Brack--it would show the most incredible lack of consideration for me. We have married on the strength of these prospects, Hedda and I; and run deep into debt; and borrowed money from Aunt Julia too.

Good heavens, they had as good as promised me the appointment. Well, well, well--no doubt you will get it in the end; only after a contest. Why, my dearest Hedda, how can you be so indifferent about it? I am most eager to see who wins. In any case, Mrs. Tesman, it is best that you should know how matters stand. I mean--before you set about the little purchases I hear you are threatening. This can make no difference. Then I have no more to say.

Wettbewerb, Wettkampf, anfechten, Preisausschreiben, angreifen. Schuld, Ausstand, Verschuldung, Verpflichtung, Forderung. Oh yes, yes--your news has quite upset me. Yes, dear--there is no denying--it was adventurous to go and marry and set up house upon mere expectations. Perhaps you are right there.

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Well--at all events, we have our delightful home, Hedda! Fancy, the home we both dreamed of--the home we were in love with, I may almost say. Yes, if you only knew how I had been looking forward to it! Fancy-- to see you as hostess--in a select circle! Well, well, well-- for the present we German adventures: Abenteuer, Gefahren, Geschick, Schicksale. Of course I cannot have my man in livery just yet. It would be out of the question for us to keep a footman, you know.

What is it, Hedda. Henrik Ibsen 59 sake, Hedda darling--don't touch those dangerous things! For my sake Hedda! A smaller table stands near the sofa on the left. Most of the bouquets have been taken away. She stands by the open glass door, loading a revolver. The fellow to it lies in an open pistolcase on the writing- table. Don't stand aiming at me! This is what comes of sneaking in by the back way. Laden, Beladung, Belastung, calling: Dear me--did I happen to hit you? Come in then, Judge.

He carries a light overcoat over his arm. What the deuce--haven't you tired of that sport, yet? What are you shooting at? Oh, I am only firing in the air. Ah, here it is. Then what in heaven's name would you have me do with myself? Have you had no visitors? I suppose all our set are still out of town. And is Tesman not at home either? He rushed off to his aunt's directly after lunch; he didn't expect you so early. H'm--how stupid of me not to have thought of that!

Because if I had thought of it I should have come a little--earlier. And is there no sort of little chink that we could hold a parley through? You have forgotten to arrange one. That was another piece of stupidity. Well, we must just settle down here--and wait. Tesman is not likely to be back for some time yet. Never mind; I shall not be impatient. BRACK lays his overcoat over the back of the nearest chair, and sits down, but keeps his hat in his hand. They look at each other. Ecke, Winkel, die Ecke. Mittagessen, Lunch, lunchen, das Mittagessen, essen.

Stille, Schweigen, Ruhe, Stillschweigen, das Schweigen auferlegen. Of course I don't count those few words yesterday evening and this morning. You mean since out last confidential talk? Well yes--since you put it so. Not a day passed but I have wished that you were home again. And I have done nothing but wish the same thing. And I thought you had been enjoying your tour so much! Oh yes, you may be sure of that!

But Tesman's letters spoke of nothing but happiness. You see, he thinks nothing is so delightful as grubbing in libraries and making copies of old parchments, or whatever you call them. Yes, of course; and no doubt when it's your vocation Oh, my dear Mr. Brack, how mortally bored I have been. Yes, you can surely understand it! To go for six whole months without meeting a soul that knew anything of our circle, or could talk about things we were interested in.

Yes, yes--I too should feel that a deprivation. Tesman is--a specialist, my dear Judge. And specialists are not at all amusing to travel with. Not in the long run at any rate. Not even--the specialist one happens to love? Faugh--don't use that sickening word! And then all this about the domestic industry of the middle ages--!

That's the most disgusting part of it! My accepting George Tesman, you mean? Well, let us put it so. Good heavens, do you see anything so wonderful in that? Spezialist, Fachmann, famos, genial, phantastisch. I had positively danced myself tired, my dear Judge. My day was done --[With a slight shudder. You have assuredly no reason to.

Oh, reasons [Watching him closely. His correctness and respectability are beyond all question. And I don't see anything absolutely ridiculous about him. Well--and his powers of research, at all events, are untiring. No--if you look at it in that light German accepted: It was more than my other adorers were prepared to do for me, my dear Judge. All I require is a pleasant and intimate interior, where I can make myself useful in every way, and am free to come and go as--as a trusted friend--HEDDA.

Of the master of the house, do you mean? Such a triangular friendship-- if I may call it so--is really a great convenience for all the parties, let me tell you. Yes, I have many a time longed for some one to make a third on our travels. Fortunately your wedding journey is over now. I have only arrived at a station on the line. Well, then the passengers jump out and move about a little, Mrs.

I never jump out. I would rather keep my seat where I happen to be--and continue the tete-a-tete. But suppose a third person were to jump in and join the couple. Ah--that is quite another matter! Fonds, Kapital, Kasse, Geldkasten. He has a number of unbound books under his arm and in his pockets. Hallo--are you there already, my dear Judge? Berta didn't tell me. What books have you got there? Yes, books on his special subjects, Mrs. Do you need still more books on your special subjects? Yes, my dear Hedda, one can never have too many of them.

Of course one must keep up with all that is written and published. Dreieck, Triangel, das Dreieck, Zeichendreieck. Yes, I suppose one must. I looked into it a little on the way home. Well, what do you think of it--as a specialist? I think it shows quite remarkable soundness of judgment. He never wrote like that before.

I'm longing to cut the leaves! And then I must change my clothes. Oh, dear no--there is not the slightest hurry. Well then, I will take my time. Is it that affair of the bonnet that keeps her away? Oh, not at all. How could you think such a thing of Aunt Julia? The fact is, Aunt Rina is very ill. Kleider, kleidet, Kleidung, kleidet an, bekleidet, Sommersachen, Kledage, Zeug, kleidet ein. Urteil, Gericht, Spruch, Entscheidung, Gutachten. Yes, but to-day she is much worse than usual, poor dear.

Oh, then it's only natural that her sister should remain with her. I must bear my disappointment. And you can't imagine, dear, how delighted Aunt Julia seemed to be-because you had come home looking so flourishing! What bonnet were you talking about? Oh, it was a little episode with Miss Tesman this morning.

She had laid down her bonnet on the chair there--[Looks at him and smiles. Hedda, how could you do such a thing? To the excellent old lady, too! Perhaps you can give me one? Well-amongst other things, because you have got exactly the home you had set your heart on. Is there nothing in it, then? Oh yes, there is something in it. I, unfortunately, had to go quite a different way. I know you were going a different way last summer. Well, then--you and German bottom: Well, we happened to pass here one evening; Tesman, poor fellow, was writhing in the agony of having to find conversation; so I took pity on the learned man--BRACK.

Yes, I really did. And so--to help him out of his torment--I happened to say, in pure thoughtlessness, that I should like to live in this villa. No more than that? Yes, my thoughtlessness had consequences, my dear Judge. Unfortunately that too often happens, Mrs. So you see it was this enthusiasm for Secretary Falk's villa that first constituted a bond of sympathy between George Tesman and me.

From that came our engagement and our marriage, and our wedding journey, and all the rest of it. Well, well, my dear Judge--as you make your bed so you must lie, I could almost say. And you really cared not a rap about it all the time? No, heaven knows I didn't. Agonie, Todeskampf, Qual, Angst. Folgen, Konsequenzen, Wirkung, Effekte. Verlobung, Verpflichtung, Verbindung, Verabredung, Einstellung.

Now that we have made it so homelike for you? Uh--the rooms all seem to smell of lavender and dried rose-leaves. Yes, there is an odour of mortality about it. It reminds me of a bouquet--the day after the ball. Why should not you, too, find some sort of vocation in life, Mrs. A vocation--that should attract me? If possible, of course. Heaven knows what sort of a vocation that could be. I often wonder whether-- [Breaking off. Let me hear what it is.

Whether I might not get Tesman to go into politics, I mean. No really now, political life is not the thing for him--not at all in his line. Geruch, riechen, duften, stinken, wittern, Duft, Gestank. No, I daresay not. Why--what satisfaction could you find in that? If he is not fitted for that sort of thing, why should you want to drive him into it? Because I am bored, I tell you! H'm--you see, my dear Mrs. Hedda--to get into the ministry, he would have to be a tolerably rich man.

It is this genteel poverty I have managed to drop into! Now I should say the fault lay elsewhere. You have never gone through any really stimulating experience. Anything serious, you mean? Yes, you may call it so. But now you may perhaps have one in store. But that must be Tesman's own affair. I assure you I shall not waste a thought upon it. Tropfen, Fallen, fallen lassen, Abfall, Schnaps, sickern, sausen, senken, sinken, aus Zink, zinken. Abfall, Verschwendung, verschwenden, vergeuden, verschwende, verschwendet, verschwendest, vergeudest, vergeudet, vergeude, Ausschuss.

No, no, I daresay not. But suppose now that what people call--in elegant language--a solemn responsibility were to come upon you? Nothing of that sort will ever happen! No responsibilities for me! Are you so unlike the generality of women as to have no turn for duties which? Now you know it. Here comes the Professor. Hedda, has no message come from Eilert Lovborg? Ton, Tonus, Klang, Timbre, Klangfarbe.

Then you'll see he'll be here presently. Do you really think he will come? Yes, I am almost sure of it. For what you were telling us this morning must have been a mere floating rumour. At any rate, Aunt Julia said she did not believe for a moment that he would ever stand in my way again.

Well then, that's all right. We have plenty of time yet. None of my guests will arrive before seven or half-past. Then meanwhile we can keep Hedda company, and see what happens. Lovborg can remain here with me. If he won't go with you and Tesman. Remember, Aunt Julia can't come. We three can have a cup of tea together. Oh yes, that will be all right. Well, you know, Mrs. Tesman, how you used to gird at my little bachelor parties.

You declared they were adapted only for men of the strictest principles. But no doubt Mr. Lovborg's principles are strict enough now. Well, show him in. Fragend, bittend, auffordernd, anfragend. Tasse, Becher, Pokal, Kelch, die Tasse. His hair and beard are of a blackish brown, his face long and pale, but with patches of colour on the cheeks. He is dressed in a well-cut black visiting suit, quite new. He has dark gloves and a silk hat. He stops near the door, and makes a rapid bow, seeming somewhat embarrassed. Quite right, quite right.

Let me tell you, I have got hold of your new book; but I haven't had time to read it yet. Schnell, rasch, geschwind, hurtig, Schnelle, Stromschnelle. You may spare yourself the trouble. Because there is very little in it. Just fancy--how can you say so? But it has been very much praised, I hear. That was what I wanted; so I put nothing into the book but what every one would agree with. Very wise of you.

Well but, my dear Eilert! For now I mean to win myself a position again--to make a fresh start. For this is the real book--the book I have put my true self into. And what is it?

  1. The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them.
  2. .
  3. Central Banking and Financialization: A Romanian Account of how Eastern Europe became Subprime (Studies in Economic Transition).
  4. Geometric Modelling: Dagstuhl 2002!
  5. MOBY DICK (illustrated, complete, and unabridged 160th Anniversary Edition);
  6. ?

It is the continuation. Of the new book? Why, my dear Eilert--does it not come down to our own days? Yes, it does; and this one deals with the future. But, good heavens, we know nothing of the future! No; but there is a thing or two to be said about it all the same. Why, that's not your handwriting. The first deals with the civilising forces of the future.

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The first time I draw my salary, we'll see about exchanging it. But though Tesman is a ninny, he is, as Hedda says, a "specialist"-- he is a competent, plodding student of his subject. Whether it is a conventional hardware tool, a sleek bike, or a Right: Well, please show her in. The second audience includes English-speaking students enrolled in bilingual education programs or German speakers enrolled in English speaking schools. A wedding-tour seems to be quite indispensable nowadays.

And here is the second-[running through the pages towards the end]--forecasting the probable line of development. I should never have thought of writing anything of that sort. Bahnstrecken, Bereiche, Strecken, heavens: That was very good of you, Eilert. Well then, some other time. There is no hurry. I must tell you, Mr. No, but listen--will you not do me the favour of joining us? We shall be quite a select little circle. And I assure you we shall have a "lively time," as Mrs. I have no doubt of it. And then you might bring your manuscript with you, and read it to Tesman at my house.

I could give you a room to yourselves. Yes, think of that, Eilert,--why shouldn't you? Lovborg would really rather not! I am sure German assure: Gnade, jemand begunstigen, bring: Schwarm, Einholen, Einziehen, detain: Ehre, ehren, beehren, behalten, einpferchen, halte fest, verehren, Ehrung, Gewinn, Ehrerbietung erweisen, achten, hochachten, Aufwendung, huldigen. Henrik Ibsen 83 Mr. Lovborg is much more inclined to remain here and have supper with me. Well, she is coming this evening. So you see you are almost bound to remain, Mr.

Lovborg, or she will have no one to see her home. Tesman--in that case I will remain. Then I have one or two orders to give the servant [She goes to the hall door and rings.