The Stations of the Resurrection

Stations of the Resurrection
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The Gospels tell the story of the witnesses, the one's who saw and touched the risen Messiah.

It is holy, and it is history. What is written about did in fact happen.

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The many witnesses tell us so. Preparation The world around us is full of noise and turmoil. Find a quiet place. Shut the door, or find another way of allowing solitude.

Station of the cross - The Last Supper (First Station)

If this is not possible, turn on some quiet music, something which soothes, and lets your heart calm. Breathe in deeply, exhale. Sit up straight, your hands on your knees. Relax your body, let your thoughts of the day clear, let your worries go.

Relax your shoulders, let the tenseness out of your limbs. Pray a prayer of focus, such as "Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. Continue until you feel the calm of the Spirit. After a moment of empty silence, pray these words: Show me the truth of your story and speak to me that I might hear your voice. The Stations of the Resurrection.

Journey Into Hope: The Stations of the Resurrection

The Scriptures tell us the story of Christ's Resurrection. When Jesus rose it was not the end of the story, it was the beginning. We celebrate what happened and we grow in understanding this world and ourselves.

What happened was prophesied, it was meaningful. We participate in a story within a larger story.

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This consideration reminds us of the broader work of God in time, space, and our lives. Following the model of the Via Crucis , the faithful process while meditating on the various appearances of Jesus — from his Resurrection to his Ascension — in which he showed his glory to the disciples who awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit cf.

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John 14, 26; 16, ; Lk 24, 49 , strengthened their faith, brought to completion his teaching on the Kingdom and more closely defined the sacramental and hierarchical structure of the Church. Through the Via Lucis , the faithful recall the central event of the faith — the resurrection of Christ — and their discipleship in virtue of Baptism, the paschal sacrament by which they have passed from the darkness of sin to the bright radiance of the light of grace cf.

Col 1, 13; Eph 5, 8. For centuries the Via Crucis involved the faithful in the first moment of the Easter event, namely the Passion, and helped to fix its most important aspects in their consciousness.

Stations of the Resurrection

Analogously, the Via Lucis , when celebrated in fidelity to the Gospel text, can effectively convey a living understanding to the faithful of the second moment of the Paschal event, namely the Lord's Resurrection. The Via Lucis is potentially an excellent pedagogy of the faith, since "per crucem ad lucem" [ through the Cross one comes to the light ]. Using the metaphor of a journey, the Via Lucis moves from the experience of suffering, which in God's plan is part of life, to the hope of arriving at man's true end: The Via Lucis is a potential stimulus for the restoration of a "culture of life" which is open to the hope and certitude offered by faith, in a society often characterized by a "culture of death", despair and nihilism.

As of [update] there is no universally-agreed list of Stations of the Resurrection, nor have any Church authorities sought to impose a definitive list, and as a result some churches have commissioned sets of sculptures for the Stations according to their own distinctive scheme which may not be followed elsewhere. This is similar to the history of the Stations of the Cross, which attained their normative form only after many centuries of widely varying local practice.

As to the number of Stations, however, there is general agreement that in order to emphasise the complementarity between the Stations of the Cross and the Stations of the Resurrection there should be fourteen Stations of the Resurrection, as is traditionally the case with the Stations of the Cross.

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In spite of continuing local variability, there appears nevertheless to be an increasing convergence upon the following as a recognised list of Stations of the Resurrection:. Other sources, however, including some recent ones, replace some of these Stations with others, such as:.


The Stations of the Resurrection, also known by the Latin name Via Lucis (Way of Light), are a form of Christian devotion, encouraging meditation upon the. Stations of the Resurrection. Introduction. All: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. O sons and daughters, let us sing! The King of heaven the glorious King, Over death.

Stations of the Light: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History [ edit ] In the traditional scheme of the Stations of the Cross, the final Station is the burial of Jesus. In spite of continuing local variability, there appears nevertheless to be an increasing convergence upon the following as a recognised list of Stations of the Resurrection: Jesus is raised from the dead The finding of the empty tomb Mary Magdalene meets the risen Jesus Jesus appears on the road to Emmaus Jesus is known in the breaking of bread Jesus appears to the disciples in Jerusalem Jesus gives the disciples his peace and the power to forgive sins Jesus strengthens the faith of Thomas Jesus appears by the Sea of Tiberias Jesus forgives Peter and commands him to feed his sheep Jesus commissions the disciples upon the mountain The Ascension of Jesus Mary and the disciples wait in prayer The Holy Spirit descends at Pentecost Other sources, however, including some recent ones, replace some of these Stations with others, such as: The earthquake The angel appears to the women Jesus meets the women Mary Magdalene proclaims the Resurrection to the disciples Jesus and the beloved disciple Jesus appears to over five hundred at once Jesus appears to Saul References [ edit ] Stations of the Resurrection, Raymond Chapman, Canterbury Press, , Common Worship: