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go to site On his way to the palace of Alcinous, the king of the Phaeacians, Odysseus is stopped by a young girl who is Athena in disguise.

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She also advises him to direct his plea for help to Arete, the wise and strong queen who will know how to get him home. Once Athena has delivered Odysseus to the palace, she departs from Scheria to her beloved city of Athens. Odysseus finds the palace residents holding a festival in honor of Poseidon.

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As soon as he sees the queen, he throws himself at her feet, and the mist about him dissipates. He then explains his predicament, and the king and queen gladly promise to see him off the next day in a Phaeacian ship. Later that evening, when the king and queen are alone with Odysseus, the wise Arete recognizes the clothes that he is wearing as ones that she herself had made for her daughter Nausicaa. Suspicious, she interrogates Odysseus further.

To absolve the princess for not accompanying him to the palace, Odysseus claims that it was his idea to come alone. The next day, Alcinous calls an assembly of his Phaeacian counselors. Athena, back from Athens, ensures attendance by spreading word that the topic of discussion will be the godlike visitor who recently appeared on the island.

At the assembly, Alcinous proposes providing a ship for his visitor so that the man can return to his homeland. The measure is approved, and Alcinous invites the counselors to his palace for a feast and celebration of games in honor of his guest. There, a blind bard named Demodocus sings of the quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy. Whichever stage your family is at, the Odyssey has the perfect seat configuration. A seamlessly integrated central display keeps the most important information in direct sight. On VTi-L models step up to powerful LED projector beams to light the path ahead while Active Cornering Lights almost give you enhanced vision around the tightest of bends.

Second row comfort The 7-seat VTi-L, hosts two very indulgent captain's chairs in the second row. These seats are designed to slide together for enhanced access to the third row, or apart to create a handy centre aisle.

The chairs recline and extend with the unique ottoman footrest so your passengers can be chauffeured in ultimate comfort. Pull-up sunshades on the second-row windows provide superior protection and shade for the rear of the cabin.


Conversation mirror With this handy conversation mirror your front seat companion can keep an eye on the special little passenger in the baby seat or catch up with your rear seat occupants. A floating liner gives you additional control over the level of light shining down onto your passengers.

Handling The Odyssey defies its size with its remarkable level of agility. So how does it perform under pressure in the supermarket carpark for example? Well the Odyssey runs circles around the competition. Tiny circles in fact. Eco driving Econ mode Engage the green button and Odyssey does exactly what you might expect, adjusting engine behaviour, transmission and air conditioning to maximise fuel economy.


Eco assist How economical is your driving? It's about to get a lot better thanks to the Eco Assist coaching system. Fuel-saving behaviours such as smooth acceleration and braking make the speedometer glow green while aggressive starts and stops that consume extra fuel will see it glow white. Like magic, you'll be saving money on your fuel bill without a second thought. Idle stop In optimum conditions, Idle Stop technology automatically switches off the engine when you come to a standstill, like at traffic lights.

It re-starts automatically when you take your foot off the brake, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Power for your people. Engine At the heart of this car lies an impressive Earth Dreams 2.

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The Odyssey generates an impressive Nm of torque and kW of pure power, making every little errand a pleasure to run. Designed to ensure the throttle responds curtly when you press the accelerator, the result is exhilarating acceleration and a smoother, more natural driving feel. For more performance-orientated driving, simply switch into S-mode and take manual control of seven fixed gear ratios with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters at your fingertips.

Not in the Odyssey VTi-L, which will help guide you into even the tightest of parks. When you've found an available space, the Smart Parking Assist System takes action. With just a couple of actions to ease back and forward on command the Odyssey automatically steers into any standard right angle or parallel space. What's more, the multi-view camera display acts as your second pair of eyes, providing an all-round view as you go so you'll always feel in control.

Multi zone climate control Multi zone climate control Conduct the interior climate from the front seat with the impressive touch-based control panel. With an up or down swipe of the finger you can pinpoint your perfect cruising temperature, one degree at a time. In the VTi-L, rear seat passengers can also independently adjust fan and temperature settings to take control of their own climate.

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Comfort and convenience Rear ventilation Everyone will ride in comfort with 2nd and 3rd row ceiling ventilation to keep your family cool. One-touch power sliding doors Power sliding doors on both sides of the VTi-L and one side of the VTi model open and close automatically with the touch of the door handle or press of the remote key fob. You can even open or close the door from the dashboard for a lightning-fast after school pick up.

Display audio 7-inch display It wouldn't be a Honda without its cleverly designed interface. This full-colour, 7-inch touchscreen display keeps you connected to your world. State-of-the-art technology at a touch. Just press your foot on the brake pedal and hit start. To turn the car off, simply hit the button again. Leave the key fob safely in your pocket or bag and the doors will automatically unlock when you touch the front door handles or press the tailgate release button.