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Blog Stats 1, hits. She's a "Passion Parties" veteran — and she says it's her husband's idea. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what Passion Parties is! However, feel free to spice it up as well. Suspected gas explosion destroys eatery in Japan, hurts

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Here on Planet Earth, you must make lifestyle changes and or take deliberate actions. In order to have success-potential, goals must be S. That is, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Text Me, Girls Night, Passion Parties, Party, Ladies. Visit The Ultimate Girls' Night In | Passion PartiesPassion Parties by Zoraida, Zoraida Vidal. Ultimate Girls' Night In with Passion Parties by Rubie.

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It should be a realistic goal that you are willing to work toward. You want to throw a classy affair and make all of your guests feel comfortable.

Buying a sex toy is supposed to be a fun experience and you should make sure as a hostess that you are planning a night for everyone to enjoy. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Webb signed on with "Passion Parties" last summer. She is a classic suburban mother of three, married 20 years to her college sweetheart. But Webb says it's more important that she's getting women to talk about what used to be said in whispers. By the time they're done they're using those terms. However, in Webb's area, not everyone was as comfortable talking sex as she was. The "Pink Passions" and "Moodlight G-Spots" she was been selling may have gotten her extra income, but they also got her a mug shot. The one-time Bible School teacher was charged and booked under a Texas law that defines an obscene device as one designed to be used for sexual stimulation.

There are shops in Texas that sell sexual devices, but they aren't breaking the law because they call the devices a novelty or a gift item.

'Passion Parties' Expand Female Freedom

Webb's attorney, BeAnn Sisemore, interprets Texas law as saying you can either sell the devices, or you can explain what to do with them, but you can't do both. However, Sizemore says the Texas law that snared her client could also be used against businesses that sell condoms and don't label them novelties. They're ribbed condoms, for his pleasure and her pleasure.

If it is used in any manner to affect the human genitalia then it falls under the statute," she said. Around town, opinion on Webb is divided. This is something they don't believe in so they want to do away with it.

Girl's Night Out - Adult Toy Party

But another woman said, "I don't believe that was the way the Lord intended for sex to be that you have to have toys. While she hopes it won't come to that, she is concerned. Sisemore, a veteran of the civil rights movement, says she has never been so emotionally involved in a case. I feel a huge sense of responsibility. In the meantime, Webb continues to conduct her Passion Parties, risking arrest with each one. But for her, what was once just means of bringing a little extra money into the home has become a cause. That is my plan," she said. A Special Function Webb says she wasn't surprised when women at her parties began to confide in her about the problems they'd been having.

~ SO much more than one of THOSE parties!!

Talk of the Town Around town, opinion on Webb is divided. Republicans treading cautiously on Trump's potential legal trouble. Cohen interview, girl dies in border custody, and The Lorax: