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THE YENCHOM"> If you want to up your grit game, do so with something that has nothing to do with school. You have to strengthen your grit muscles if you want to excel in your classes next year.

Just think about it: Over the last decade, more and more high schools have started to offer APs to incoming freshmen. Except in the very rarest of circumstances, high-achieving students still need a year to adjust to high school before they can tackle APs. By all means, take as many honors courses as you want to your freshman year. Strengthen those grit muscles and grow up a bit before jumping into APs as a sophomore. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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1. Attend All Your Classes

Even if you do not procrastinate and are the most organized person in the world, time can be one of your biggest enemies in college. Here are some tips for using time wisely:. Tackle harder work first. Yes, tackle the harder stuff first so that you are sure to have enough time to complete it. Take breaks as reward for work. Reward yourself for completing a major task by taking a break and chatting with a friend or watching some television. Break larger projects into smaller, easy-to-accomplish pieces. If you have a massive term paper due at the end of the semester, break up the work into smaller chunks and assign deadlines to each part.

Five easy ways to get better grades

Do not overextend yourself; learn to say no. Besides all your academic work, you will also be asked to get involved in all sorts of clubs and organizations while in college — and at some point, you will have to learn to say no to some requests of your time. Work hard to play hard. Another reason for attending class is recording the class notes. These notes are vital clues to what the professor thinks is the most important material for you to learn, so besides taking notes, learn how to better use them to your advantage. Here are some specifics:. Be an active listener in class. Instead, listen attentively and actively — and ask for clarification when you need it.

Take good notes in class. Rewrite or organize notes on your computer outside of class.

This suggestion may sound a little extreme, but the writing-to-learn literature shows that you can increase your understanding and retention of material by rewriting it. Do buy all the textbooks — and follow these tips for using it:.

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Read all assigned material. When a professor assigns a chapter, read the whole thing unless told otherwise , including the opening vignettes, the case studies, and tables and exhibits.

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At the same time, know what parts of the text are most critical. For example, in one of my classes, the vocabulary is most critical, and the textbook emphasizes the point by having all the terms and their definitions printed in the margins of every chapter. Use outlining system to help comprehend material.

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Reading and highlighting the material in the text is just the minimum. Organize your thoughts before writing. Understand requirements for paper. Be sure to understand the reference system and all the mechanics of the paper font, margins, cover sheet, footnotes, etc. Write a draft and get feedback when possible. Rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite.

Learn that editing and rewriting are your friends. No one is a good enough writer to whip out the final draft in one sitting. The best writers go through a process. Spellcheckers catch spelling errors, but not other problems, so learn the art of proofreading. Another obvious one here? Perhaps, but the rule is you should be spending at least three hours outside of class for every hour in it. So, here are some suggestions:.

Should You Take Easier Classes to Earn Better Grades?

Study early and often. Breaking your studying into shorter periods of time will make less of a chore — and give your mind time to absorb the material before moving on. Develop and practice good study habits. Make it a habit and studying will become second nature to you. Know how you best study, learn material. Some people need complete silence to concentrate while others like a little noise. Find what works for you and stick with it. A study buddy can be a great tool, as long as you actually get some studying accomplished.

Make sure work is done before socializing. Studying is critical to learning, which is critical to better grades — so do the work before heading out to have fun. Here are some hints:. Know what to expect on exams. Every professor has a style of test development, so obtain old copies or ask the professor directly.

Know the types of questions that will be asked — as well as the content that will be covered. Read questions carefully and plan answers. Take your time at the beginning of the test to read through all the instructions and make a plan of attack. Pace yourself so you have plenty of time to complete all parts.

And know the point v alues of questions, so you can be sure to complete the most important ones first in case time does run out. Many classes include a presentation component, so use these tips to improve your verbal communications skills and maximize your grade:.