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The eagle's assistant then looks to see if there are any players standing in the ray of light. Those caught are out of the game. Remaining players continue stalking forward. The first one to touch the eagle can be the next eagle. Flashlights, pen and passport — the passport is a list of cities with their corresponding Morse code usually six to 10 cities are used ; a defined playing area - this can be marked with landmarks and glow sticks.

Outdoor Night Games with kids

Several leaders go to hide, scattered around the area. They each have a different Morse code signal to flash to represent their city.

At camp we often give each girl a glow bracelet - this seems to magically solve the fear of darkness! He turns out to be a sociopath, who begins to take over her life, abusing her both verbally and emotionally, yet she can't seem to tear herself away from him. Edit Did You Know? The roamers will be trying to tag the girls and steal their city codes. Julie Miller Paul Jenkins The ghost can re-scatter the dots on the floor.

Choose code patterns based on long flashes dash or short flashes dot: City 1 — dot dot dash City 2 — dot dash dot City 3 — dash pause dash and so on… The girls are then split into pairs. Each pair of girls needs a flashlight, passport and pen.

  1. Holding Her Breath (Indigo).
  2. Song of the Flaming Fountain, Book I: When the Dawnstar Rises.
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The roamers will be trying to tag the girls and steal their city codes. The girls explore the playing area in pairs. They are on the lookout for each of the leaders who are representing the cities. These leaders can be hidden anywhere within the playing area.

Each of the cities will periodically flash their code pattern using their flashlight. When a pair of girls thinks they've found a city by the pattern of flashes, they approach the city and whisper the name to the leader. If they are correct, the leader signs off on their passport. If they are incorrect, they must go off and try to find another city before returning.

While all this is going on, the girls also need to be on the lookout for the roamers. If a roamer manages to tag a pair of girls in their flashlight beam, the pair must give them one city code that they have already identified from their passport. The roamers may NOT approach a city directly; they can only steal the coordinates from a pair of girls.

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  • Magie (German Edition).

The game is over when either all the girls have found all the cities, or a roamer has got a completed passport from stealing codes from the girls. Glow in the dark paper cut into circles, whistle for leader This is an indoor game played in the dark. Depending on the size of the group, two to four people girls or Guiders are the ghosts that can come after the Pac-Man. All of the other girls start at different parts of the maze.

They walk along the lines, picking up the dots as they walk. The ghost can re-scatter the dots on the floor. The game ends when all of the dots are picked up or time is up — indicated by the whistle being blown and the girl with the most dots wins. Whistle for the leader and for each pair of girls Split the group into pairs and send one pair of girls out to hide while the rest count to 20 or more depending on the size of the area. Then the pairs must hunt around to find the ones who are hiding.

When a pair comes across the hidden girls, they hide right along with them, squishing together like sardines in a can!

When you are down to one pair of girls who are still looking for everyone else, blow the whistle to call everyone back in. The first pair who found the hidden pair is the next ones to hide. The girls can have whistles too, for safety reasons - if they do manage to wander quite far from the main play area, they can blow the whistle and the leaders can locate them.

Hide and Go Beep! For Brownies or Guides Equipment: Noisemaker such as a bell, horn etc.

This is a version of hide and seek that is played in the dark. The aim of the game is to locate one another by sound.

The players have 20 seconds to hide. The beep can be a sound that the girl makes, or the girls can use a noisemaker. None Find a long, straight, dark path. Send two girls down the path with the instructions to hide somewhere along its side. Then send the rest of the girls down the path, either alone or in pairs, to look for the pair that is already hidden. If they manage to pass the hidden girls without spotting them, then the girls who are hiding can whistle at them or do something to get their attention.

RJ White has his finger on the pulse of Cam Newton and the Panthers.

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Summer Outdoor Night Games for Kids and Teens

Oh, this post brought back memories from my childhood. We played night games with the kids in the neighborhood and my parents! We played all the ones you listed—our favorite being Kick the Can. It seems really fun.. I love your post and I enjoyed reading it.

Summer Outdoor “Night Games” for Kids and Teens

I wish I could try playing at night with my kids. I remember playing night games when I was younger. Particularly Ghosts in the Graveyard. I also remember the police coming by and telling us all to go home.

You know, Studio 5 did a segment on this a little while ago. I remember doing all of those as a kid. Might be worth a late night or two, though.