Feed My Sheep: Leadership Ideas for Latter-day Shepherds

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tiofreshaptaistan.gq/marvel-fantastically-impressive.php What did Peter do? Why do you think Peter did this? What question did Jesus ask Peter? Why do you think Jesus asked Peter this question three times? How did Peter feel when Jesus asked him the same question three times? Who are his sheep? What does Jesus want his sheep to be fed? The truths of the gospel.

What had Jesus called his Apostles to do? Help the children understand from this discussion that Jesus had commanded his Apostles to preach the gospel, and he wanted them to continue this work, not go back to fishing. See enrichment activity 2. If there are still sheep cutouts around the room, ask one of the children to gather them and bring them to the front. Explain that some of these children whose names are on the sheep may need a shepherd to help feed them the gospel.


Use the following ideas, if necessary:. Refresh and try again. Are there some scriptures or quotations in this article that the family might read aloud and discuss? HIMorrison rated it really liked it Mar 07, Digital items cannot be gifted.

By setting good examples, by visiting those who do not usually attend class and being friends with them at school, by standing up for the gospel and the Church, by serving those in need, and so on. How can we help family members and friends better understand gospel principles? Why are we showing our love for Jesus when we help others? You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge.

Feed My Sheep: Leadership Ideas for Latter-Day Shepherds

Write Feed My Sheep at the top of a large chart or use the chalkboard. Discuss with the children ways they can show their love for Jesus by feeding his sheep. Write their suggestions on the chart or chalkboard. Use the following ideas, if necessary:. Be a good example by attending church, using clean language, obeying the commandments, being honest, praying, studying the scriptures, living what you learn, and obeying your parents and the laws of the land. List on the chalkboard some Church callings, such as bishop, teacher, stake president, home teacher, visiting teacher, missionary, prophet, apostle, Primary president, and so on.

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Books by Alexander B. Trivia About Feed My Sheep: No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Please give home teaching and visiting teaching an increased emphasis. Our prayers today must be of the same intensity and concern as were the prayers of Alma as he sought to reclaim the wandering Zoramites who had strayed from the Lord:.

Feed My Sheep: Leadership Ideas for Latter-day Shepherds

Our clerk had brought a list of all the elders of that quorum, and on the list was the name of a man whom I had known for some years. If the bishop made a call to do some work on the chapel, he would usually respond, and if the elders wanted to play softball, you would sometimes find him out playing with them. He did have leadership ability; he was president of a service club and was doing a fine job.

I know there is some hazard in it, but he has the ability.

He hesitantly invited me in; his wife was preparing dinner, and I could smell the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen. I asked him to have his wife join us, and when we were seated, I told him why I had come. The next Sunday, as soon as he opened the door I saw there had been a change. He was glad to see me, and he quickly invited me in and called to his wife to join us.

He was set apart as elders quorum president, and attendance in his quorum began going up—and it kept going up. He went out, put his arm around the less-active elders, and brought them in. A few months later I moved from the stake. I am now a bishop. They must be taught the gospel. They must feel the power of the Holy Ghost through the teachers. We are particularly concerned that new converts be integrated into full fellowship in the Church.

They must be welcomed with opened arms. Let us be united in our efforts to bring the less active back into full activity in the Church.

Feed My Sheep

In doing so, we will all be more fitly joined together in accomplishing the mission of the Church—to bring the gospel, with all of its blessings and ordinances, more fully into the lives of all Church members. May we all seek the blessings of the Lord to strengthen us and give us the necessary power and influence we will need as we work together in this great labor of love. Some Points of Emphasis. You may wish to make these points in your home teaching discussion: Members of the Church are asked to extend their love to less-active members and nonattenders—members who at present are not fully living Church teachings and feeling the influence of the gospel.

The solution to successfully helping less-active members return to Church activity is found in prayerful and heartfelt concern for them as children of our Father in Heaven. Relate your personal feelings about the influence of the gospel in your life. Encourage family members to participate fully in Church activity and help others receive the blessings of the gospel.

Ideas for Home Teachers

Are there some scriptures or quotations in this article that the family might read aloud and discuss? Would this discussion be better after a pre-visit chat with the head of the house?

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Is there a message from the bishop or quorum leader?