A God of Impossibilities

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https://exunatatac.tk/1215.php Considering not and staggering not go hand in hand. The enemy will always try to get you to focus on your circumstances. Have you thought about that? If God were going to answer you He would have already done it. I am blessed from the passage, may God remind me to overcome staggering fear in times of difficulty but I do strongly trust in him, because he continues to prove himself over again according to his promises.

Back to Church Sunday Discovering Truth When it Hurts. Teach Your People to Get Connected. I Love My Church. Hear Jesus Whisper, "Follow Me". The God of Impossibilities Matthew He can change Animal Nature: He can change Physical Law 2Kings 6: Godly saints like Job have been tried severely. Yet, all that we are facing right now is supernatural:.

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We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Here was a godly man who was overconfident in his faith.

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In fact, Peter had just boasted before the other disciples that his faith would endure all trials and tests. Jesus forewarned Peter that the devil would sift him and attack his faith. It is because he knows his time is short. It is because sin abounds and the love of many is growing cold. It is because he failed to bring down Job, he failed to bring down Peter, he failed to bring down generations of martyrs. So now he is determined to bring down the faith of this last generation.

Consider what happens during an eclipse: Something similar can happen with the faith of even the godliest believer. Satan can bring trials that are so intense they seem to block the Light that empowers our faith. Peter suffered a severe eclipse of faith. Yet Peter was warned clearly that an eclipse of his faith was coming.

How could he be God and yet not be able to deliver himself, let alone humankind? It seemed as though the shining sun of faith had been totally extinguished. Now Satan has planted doubts in your mind: A recent poll shows that atheism is spreading rapidly across America and the world.

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Some 30 percent of Americans now say they no longer believe in the God of the Bible. I tell you, we are in the midst of war! You are facing evil powers, fighting for your faith against the father of all lies. He is the one who has planted all those little thoughts: Things are going from bad to worse.

He was left in a river as a baby with the hope against hope that he would be found and cared for… and he was. Later in life he was called by God to free his people. An insurmountable impossibility …especially when everything seemed stacked against him, the situation so bleak and hopeless…well…Turn over to Exodus Chapter 14, Verses 5 through God accomplished the impossible…when the Egyptian army was behind them and the vast Red Sea was before them…right when they were out of routes, out of options, void of all hope…God made the waters stand as walls and once His people were safe, God washed away their enemies.

You see we serve a God that reigns over all impossibilities…your situation, my situation, our marriages, our careers, our church….

The God Of Impossibilities Miracle Arena

Before Christmas this past year, , we had a visitor at the church. A visitor that came when no one was here and completed a task that no one had scheduled. We received a letter at the beginning of January notifying us that the city had concerns regarding the use of this building as a church and they had been informed by the Fire Marshall that the building was not up to code for our use. Now when we moved into this building, we accepted it as is …meaning we did not require the owner to make any alterations and that we would utilize the space as it was currently laid out…however what was not completed at the time of taking possession was a code inspection.

It is a one-hour demising wall and per the code it needs to be a two-hour demising wall…very costly, but required….

God Delivers In Impossible Situations

So, how will you do it, Lord? Yet, all that we are facing right now is supernatural:. That is His work. But again, we come to the question of absolute surrender, and feel that that is lacking in the Church of Christ. Then it will be just as natural for us to love our fellow-men as it is natural for the lamb to be gentle and the wolf to be cruel. Peter suffered a severe eclipse of faith.

And so we updated the drawings for the space noting the change in order to meet code and we submitted to the city. Very shortly thereafter, we received a several page rejection letter noting several additional concerns by the city…. Now we would not be responsible for all of it…just the alterations to our space, but still, approximately half of that is on us… and so we prayed.

The God of Impossibilities

I reached out to a few of my pastor friends at other churches, filled them in, and asked them to pray. We started to look around just in case we received a cease and desist notice from the city. April and I looked at 20 places…warehouses, schools, gutted retail spaces, we even looked at vacant churches that were for sale. They immediately declined and that was that.

Meanwhile, God was working wonders in this place!

Not only was church just going so well and such a blessing and so alive , but He was adding to the church…many of you have only been coming since the beginning of the year! What an encouragement from God to keep going…walk by faith man! God was also working in the heart of the gentleman at the city and even bringing alongside of us wonderful servants from other churches. The sprinklers were by far the bulk of the cost!

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I felt like Moses raising his staff before the Red Sea man…I was preparing to see the water part and for the entire nation of Calvary Cherry Creek to go forward! And so we redid all of the plans. Adding the bathroom, changing the wall, adding the sink and the water fountain and changing the waiting area to an entry way…and we submitted to the city!

I hand delivered them I was so psyched! Meanwhile, I had met with the Embassy Suites over here right down the street and man God gave us such favor in their hearts. Just in case the city wanted to shut us down, the Embassy would be happy to have us…they have beautiful large great rooms and several smaller meeting rooms… it would work just wonderfully!