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They are continuously pushing and pulling the other to the point of no return. Tate likes to be "handled roughly" and Jameson is happy to dish it out. Jameson has a filthy mouth and Tate is hypnotized and energized by him. While the average woman would feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to be spoken to in such a manner, when Jameson talks to Tate it is as if he is performing a Shakespeare Sonnet.

Not only does the man know how to talk, he is well versed on how to make Tate's body feel truly satisfied. She couldn't think, couldn't breathe. Just gasped and pushed and pulled. Not only is the central conflict full of intrigue, the secondary characters add depth to the plot as well. Tate is pulling further away from her best friend former sex buddy Ang and Jameson's PA Sanders is a true specimen of greatness. Add a bitchy ex-girlfirend to the mix, and you have a dynamite plot with enough tension to cause the hoover dam to burst. Stylo Fantome has an addictive writing style.

The dialogue flows smoothly through every sentence of every page. The characters are complex and well developed throughout. The emotional connections are strong and allow the reader to empathize with every character regardless of their questionable and moral behavior. I was so enraptured by the story, I was unable to put it down. As soon as I finished this read, I downloaded the second book immediately. Degradation ends in quite a cliffy. If you are sensitive to "rough play", then this is not the read for you.

If you don't like a dirty talking hero, then this book is not for you. However, if you like a strong female leading lady and a counterpart hero that knows how to meet her at every challenge, you must read this book! If you like to experience a dark romance with a hint of "psychological mind play", then this is absolutely the book for you. It has been such a refreshing journey to have discovered Jameson and Tate. I am completely invested in these characters and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Onward to the next book!

View all 49 comments. Jameson Fucking Kane This name does things to me. And that would probably win me the 'Biggest Perv Ever' crown since he is borderline maniac in bed but who cares. This guy was H. So this was officially my last book of this summer. And I am so happy that this was a win for me. As the name suggests, this story contains a lot of sex degrading, pervy, bordering on abusive kind of sex. And I absolutely loved it. Oh and yes there is definitely a story in the book.

Tatum is a 4. Tatum is a good girl who always plays by the rules. She has a bright future ahead of her. Jameson Kane is Tatum's older sister's boyfriend who never paid attention to her. But one night, they get drunk and have animalistic sex and then Tatum goes all - Basically, it's like sleeping beauty. Prince charming fucks her and then she is wide awake. Tatum's family finds out, Jameson breaks up with the sister but he doesn't want to be with Tatum either He wants to be a free agent , Tatum runs away from home and goes off into the sunset, all alone.

Seven years later, Tatum is banging guys left and right. She knows that she loves rough and abusive sex and she doesn't mind being a slut. Jameson is pretty much doing the same. They meet again and pick up where they left off all those years ago. We have all heard this story before.

Nothing novel going on. However, I loved how it was executed. We have a heroine that doesn't believe in rumors, she TALKS about the issues, doesn't over react - Dream come true, really. T and J are fuck buddies with an open relationship. They have sex with other people but they tell each other about it. J has one night stands and tells T about it. I know but in this book it worked and dare I say, beautifully. There were no outward influences tearing them apart, they were doing a bang up job of it by themselves.

I loved that the story was completely character driven. No extra secondary characters. Every one had a role to play. They were true best friends with benefits. And it was really amazing to watch them together. Oh, did I mention their sex was amazingly hot? My hormones were all over the place.

I am actually still feeling the effects of it two days later. What I didn't like - When they first meet, view spoiler [ J offers her money to have sex with him so she doesn't have to do a job and so she can be available to him whenever and wherever hide spoiler ] And she agrees to that pretty quickly.

It was extremely hard for me to not judge Tatum in the beginning but she grew on me as the story progressed. She was a weird combination of cute and slut. I don't even know it it makes sense. Jameson was a pretty rough guy. Some of the things he said were really, really mean. It kind of put me off a little. Will I recommend this? Well now is the time to tell you guys that there is a Holy mother of all cliffhangers in the end.

I never pick up a series until all the books are released but the one time I do that and this happens to me! Anyway, I would love for you guys to read this book I would strongly suggest waiting till all the books come out , if you can get past open relationship and brutal sex. It's kind of refreshing. This story made me laugh, squirm and hot all at the same time.

So I am giving you a big giant Yes Please read this! View all 69 comments. It would completely turn her life around. But it wasn't time, they were not ready, they needed to live, to become Satan and his Succubus. Jameson Kane is 31 yrs old. He wants to play and he wants to play with Tatum now that he has found her again. Ta 5 "Playing the Game" Stars A one time encounter, 7 years ago, would forever change 2 people. Tatum O'Shea was a sweet demure 18 yr old Harvard freshman. She is estranged from her family because of that one night 7 years ago but good riddance.

She loves who she is now and not that robot her parents wanted her to be. When these two meet again by sheer coincidence, that electricity that they both felt seven years ago is still there. But Jameson is not 23 he's a 31 yr old self assured financier who has grown into The Devil. Now the Devil wants to play with Tatum, the 25 yr old sex kitten. While Tatum has grown into herself, she has never forgotten Jameson and their one encounter.

She barely survived that one night, could she survive playing games with him now? Maybe if she can keep her heart out of the game. Sexy banter, dirty talk, and rough sex make a lot of the story. They can fight, they can play, they can be hateful, they can be loving but they can not tell when the lines get blurred to the game they are playing. It's all suppose to be fun and games, no commitment , no falling in love, just sex. When jealousy and spitefulness enters the equation, will the game be over, will someone lose beyond saving?

I loved Jameson and Tatum. They are both so perfect for one another but their games and their lack of giving in to one another sets up a house of cards destined to fall. The ending left me very emotional that I immediately jumped into book 2. I was quite surprised that I fell for Sanders, Jameson's assistant. While he owed his loyalties to Jameson, he became a good friend to Tatum. I loved his eccentricities and how he believed in Jameson and Tatum. He was her rock and the man who molded her. While they used each other for sex whenever, mostly they were each other's family.

I want to thank SueBee for gifting me a copy and telling me that this series would soon be a favorite of mine and boy was she correct!! View all 59 comments. This book was written for me. My heart was beating out of my chest by the time I got to the end of this book.

I loved every minute of it! Tatum O'Shea and Jameson Kane first have sex when she is dropping off some stuff for her sister. She is 18, a prim and proper girl who has Harvard and a Political career ahead of her. When her sisters boyfriend, Jameson, gets her drunk on champagne, they have a wild encounter that will change them both forever.

This blurb will probably put some people off - cheating is a no no - but I love flawed characters and love to discover how an author can redeem such taboo behaviours. She has let loose, loves sex and is not ashamed. Whilst waitressing one night, she bumps into a familiar face who sets her body on fire and her heart racing. I like being single. I like being me, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it. I loved that the author wasn't afraid to take the story in a direction that might not be popular, these two have an open relationship, which I hated , but it is fundamental to the story and for me it added to the emotion rather than made me feel angry about it.

This book just worked for me, I loved Tate and how she didn't care what people though of her, but was also the most caring and sweet friend and full of life. I loved her relationship with her best friend Ang, the porn star and I especially loved her relationship with Sanders, Jameson's assistant.

Jameson Kane was a true Bastard, but I loved him anyway. I don't know what this says about me I'm going to fuck you every night from now on, for as long as I can. Why are you so fucking good to me? View all 47 comments. So, I had all these fabulous plans how I'm going to read new books while on vacation. Instead of that, I ended up re-reading this. Still, love this book. However, Dunn makes me hate him more and more with every re-read. Really, I wish there was something done about that guy. So, after re-reading the Second book I had to move on the first one.

I still like it however with each re-read I hate her father and sister a bit more. The ending gets me every time. I just wish Dunn did not disappear from the series after this one. He deserved so much worse than he got. I loved this book. The writing style was really easy to read. I liked the "plot. Especially Tate is something. She is one of the few really strong characters that do not care what anybody thinks or says. Though I sort of wish that she would punch her father and sister.

Oct 28, Sasha elle a. Controlled, and always in second place to her sister and favourite child Eloise, Tate is always left in the corner her dreams and ambition don't mean anything, but when an innocent encounter turns her entire existence upside down, Tate begins to realise not only did she dance with the devil but he took her soul. I don't think I ever did". At age 23 Jameson was at content with his life graduated from Yale with an MBA and finally take over his father's company but falling into bed with his girlfriends "Eloise" little sister wasn't part of the plan so when one faithful encounter turns into the most memorable fuck miss Tatum O'Shea will ever have Jameson plays the game well maybe a little to well.

All alpha male and downright sexy Mr. Kane is dominance and pleasure all tied together behind those steel blue eyes and perfect smile. After Tate's steamy little secret is discovered all hell brakes loose even before she makes it to her car, disowned and shamed by her family Tate fucks it all and leaves, while never looking back. Fast forward 7 years Tate is not the same girl she used to be booze, sex and freedom miss goody two shoes has now turned into a seductive man eater and she loves it while she does numerous temp jobs and a part time bartender, the past comes creeping in but she thought she left the devil behind and it turns out he was always there and ready to play "It hasn't escaped my attention that you growing a massive set of balls seems to have happened right after I fucked you.

I think I deserve some credit, and therefore, you owe me". How many guys have you slept with? Now it was his turn to roll his eyes. I don't keep count. A lot, but not, like, astronomical. Was he really insecure about how he stacked up? He'd probably been fucking his way through the Ford Modeling Agency". Jameson is intrigued by the new Tate and wants to her moan out his name again, After coming to terms both Tate and Jameson decide to be fuck buddies and play the game. He sighed and squatted down in front of her.

You dealt the last hand. Had all the chips Degradation is not your average insta love or heck any story you've ever read your heart will hurt with the palpable lust and your mind will scream out. Stylo is an epic beyond compare author and god would I sell my soul to be one of her characters. Your probably wondering why I gave it 4. She loved to tease him. She would crack him some day. He cleared his throat.

View all 52 comments. Stars I feel like Degradation was just one of those books where I had no expectations, but I was completely swept away. Jameson is NOT prince charming. I love the characters. Tate is a Heroine I do not like reading. So how in the heck did I fall in love with her? If she wants to do her best friend whenever she feels like, she should!

Jameson is villain hero you love to hate. They are just in a different class.

Bullies To Love – The Ultimate List of Bully Romance Books!

He calls Tate stupid, degrades her, treats her like crap and sleeps around with other girls. It sounds harsh, but all the scenes, all the banter and rudeness just worked for me. I think I liked it so much because it just flowed. I loved the witty writing style, I loved how awful Jameson is and how slutty Tate can be. View all 10 comments. I want Prince Charming to ride up on a white horse, and carry me off to his castle.

The only difference between me and other girls is once I get there, I want him to bend me over the throne and pull my hair while he fucks me hard and calls me names. So if that alone turns you off.. Works for some not for others. I mean way fucking harsh Tate she got off on being called a dumb cunt. But you know what? Stylo made it work for Jameson and Tatum.

Someone did that to me personally… well lets just say they would never say it again. She loved it and begged for more I absolutely adored Tatum.

Degrade (Flawed Book 1) eBook: T.L Smith: Kindle Store

She sleeps with her sisters boyfriend, while cheating on her boyfriend. Lets Jameson say and do filthy things to her and then starts crying… We as readers are all like…. But Jump to 7 years later and Tatum is not that spoilt rich girl she was then. She dropped outta school, moved away, made new friend and likes to FUCK… a lot… she is a self-proclaimed slut. Jameson freed her from her life by making her feel alive. She has never felt like that again. I loved her character.. She was strong, and witty and funny and sexy and knew who she was.

She owned that shit! Jameson… well he is Satan. Seriously he is the fucking devil in an expensive suit. He gets what he wants… always. He is unapologetic and takes what he wants when he wants. Seems he wants Tate now that they have crossed paths again. It leads them into a deadly game… But we all know there can only be one winner… who will it be though? Seriously I want to know… It kinda ends on a cliff-hanger! There are secondary characters in this book that just make this story that much better as well. Sanders and Ang are fantastic and I fell in love with them.

I smashed the shit out of this book. So yeah all in all… You like rough, hot hard sex scenes? Raw and real characters and writing? Then Yep I totally say read this! I want to hurt Satan so bad right now.. I didn't know what to think of this book but I ended up being sucked up into the story and now I have to start book two like ASAP View all 6 comments. If I take out the rough sex and the degrading dirty talk, this might just be a romantic comedy. I laughed so much while reading their sexual banter at each other in and out of the bedroom. The bisexual friend, Angier is funny.

Even the stoic assistant, Sander, is also funny in his own peculiar way. The prologue brought us to seven years ago, on the day Tate slept with her bossy sister's boyfriend, Jameson. So that make Tate's the slutty sister and Jameson, the cheater! Instead of feeling disgusted by them, I thought the whole scene was really hot. And when Tate gave Jameson the middle finger, I just love this spunky young lady. Seven years later, Tate is the wild and sexually confident woman who was struggling with rents, but she love her life.

Jameson is still the same rich and successful prick. They met again and then kaboom, fireworks everywhere. Jameson Kane manage to avoid the cliche rich man persona. He is domineering without being OTT like all the other rick prick that I read about. He doesn't make up stupid rules. And he had a great sense of humor!

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Honestly, the banter between Tate and Jameson is the highlight of the book. The way they goad and test each other boundaries. Despite the 'degradation' as the theme of the book, I don't think of it as some kind of humiliation on Tate's part. He just love to dirty talk to her and she love it. It just happened that some of the words he used comprises of 'slut', 'whore' and 'stupid'. But I don't think Jameson really mean it literally, or if he did, he wants her anyway. They enjoyed an open relationships, love playing games with each other, who gonna win, who gonna lose.

Everything is nice and dandy until someone got hurt. Things ended in an ugly way. I'm nervous for the next book. View all 4 comments. Hot, steamy, dirty, crude, filthy, raw and intense that's Degradation for you! He does whatever he wants, he takes whatever he needs and he fucks whoever he wants, and he is not apologizing for any of it. If you think he sounds like a usual rich alpha male then you are wrong, because he is so much worse. Tatum O'Shea is not the naive little Hot, steamy, dirty, crude, filthy, raw and intense that's Degradation for you!

Tatum O'Shea is not the naive little rich girl she used to be, now she is a tough girl from the bad side of Boston who isn't afraid to ask or take what she wants either.

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Tate shook her head. Together they play a dangerous game, and in every game there is only one winner, right? Usually, I am not a fan of main characters playing games, but in this one I really enjoyed the game. One always trying to play another, it was fun, even though sometimes it went a bit too dark and dangerous. Degradation was definitely a different kind of erotica book and I can say that it won't work for everybody. I was intrigued by the premises and the book was so much more than I expected it will be.

I enjoyed it, but I just wish there was more of a plot in it and maybe a bit less sex. She shook her head. Maybe you weren't mean enough," she managed with a laugh. Jameson, After that ending I need to know what will happen next, on to the next one! View all 31 comments. Why didn't I read this before? And, how do I continue on without it? This story is so freaky, almost perverse but absolutely delicious. Like trying something for the first time and thinking you should have been having it all along. It was absolutely addictive, a total masterpiece! View all 9 comments. Wow what did I just read??

The hero cheats on his girlfriend with her little sister. The hero calls the heroine a slut while he is cheating, to which the heroine replies, "only for you". The hero is a piece of shit. He has no intentions of breaking up with the heroine's sister, despite cheating on her, he simply had wanted to fuck the heroine since she was like Neither hero or heroine were going to admit to the sister that they had sex.

Sorry, not for me. Siempre he buscado leer historias de "amor" que reten mis ideales. Como lectora quiero verdad en lo que leo, este de acuerdo o no con esa verdad. Termino complacida este 2 "We are a match made in Hell. Como dice una de mis mejores amigas cuando hablamos de esta clase de hombres, Kane para NADA es "boyfriend material". Sin embargo, es ese tipo de personajes que no quiero parar de conocer. No por nada Tatum lo llama Satan.

Tatum se ha convertido en uno de los mejores personajes femeninos que he conocido. Yo nunca me adelanto. Quiero llegar al final de esta historia. It was the best decision I have ever made, writing this story was such a catharsis, such a joy. It sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. So read what you want, write what's in you to write, and fuck anyone who gives you crap about it. I can't imagine a bigger waste of time than criticizing someone's work just because it scares me. View all 7 comments.

I wanted to strangle both Jameson and Tate and at the same time I wanted hug them both!! A train wreck you can't stop watching even though you want to!! I couldn't stop reading I couldn't wait to find out what these two would do next!! I devoured this book!! These two characters took over my thoughts I love Jameson's filthy mouth!!! Tate's feisty attitude was perfect for him!! What this book isn't Its raunchy, angsty pull your hair out, spitting fire love. So if your looking for sugar sweetness don't read this book.

View all 13 comments. May 19, Elle rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm sooo late to read this because I'm not sure if I'm gonna love it. In fact, it was surprised me in a whole new level. So many reviewers worship Jameson Kane. Well, it's time for to meet the handsome devil ; Tatum O'Shea 25 changed her life o 4.

Well, it's time for to meet the handsome devil ; Tatum O'Shea 25 changed her life outside comfort zone. It has been seven years and nothing Tatum can do to forget him. Even she's moving on her new life and develop slutty attitude, Tatum couldn't forget him easily. He's the devil who practically owned her life.

Honestly, Tatum isn't really a good 'woman'. She's living her life freely. A daredevil with snarky attitude which is I liked. When she meet again with her past, she's become unsure. In the verges of wanna slap or kiss him. He dragged his eyes away from her tits and stared her in the eye. Oh my, I may have met my match. This should be interesting. Jameson Kane 30 came from old money and become success with his own sweat. He's really a handsome devil with blue eyes and cocky attitude.

No relationship, no monogamy. But when he met Tatum again, Jameson consider something dangerous. The deal with the devil. Seven years ago, Jameson never dream about Tatum and her changed life. She becomes brave and wilder beyond imagination. He always get what he wants. Sometimes Jameson acts like an asshole. He faked his jealousy really good but in the end, he's frustrated by himself. I couldn't get to his head at first because I'm a bit confused with his actions. In between yes and no. In a real life, Jameson is the kind of man that I will avoid. I'm not that 'masochist' but Tatum balanced him very well.

Both of them are very competitive individual. They're playing a very dangerous games and one of them will be hurt in the end. They love to hurt each other. Pain with pleasure was one of their kink. Their sexy banter always ended up with ripping each other clothes and fucking until their brains out. The power exchange between Jameson and Tatum was intense. Jameson also has very very filthy mouth and it turns me on in their sex scenes. Well, there are several minors that I didn't enjoy it. Of course, the big part is with their game. Jameson has commitment issue and Tatum has trust issue. They fight and fuck and repeat.

Both of them need to see psychiatrist. It's not healthy relationship because everything based only with Jameson's rule. But Tatum is such a masochist who's also having fun in their game and she didn't want to lose. So, what's the point? As ridiculous as it sounds, I loved it. The plot is only about the games until they hurt. I also surprised that Angier Tatum's best friend and Sanders Jameson's assistant has big part in their life.

Usually, sidekick didn't really get attention but I'm really curious about Sanders. The ending literally crushed me! It was predictable but I didn't realize the damage was that bad. Overall, this is a great read with crazily amount of dirty fuck. For perv like me, I have no shame. I want him to remember me. He will rememeber me. View all 17 comments.

At the age of 18, Tatum O'Shea is on a road to a new life. She is off to Harvard and has plans for her future. While she is dropping off boxes at her bitch of a sisters' boyfriends apartment, her sister is not there. Her boyfriend is there though. After 2 years of them dating, 23 year old Jameson Kane has never talked to her, but she's always had a crush on the handsome man. Tate is shocked when it seems like Jameson wants to get to know her. They talk, and sh They talk, and she is liking the playful banter they have.

The banter turns flirtatious, and soon the two are succumbing to their desires. This isn't your typical quick hook-up. Jameson is a dirty talker. He is not gentle with her, and he is degrading during their sexual encounter. Tate has never felt more alive. Thinking they have something special, she is caught off guard when he dismisses her right after they finish. When her sister shows up, he is very blunt about what a slut she is for sleeping with him, and promptly kicks her out. He truly is the devil.

Something changed in Tate that night. She was tired of being the good girl in her sisters shadow. She is going to live her life the way she wants to. It doesn't help, that when her sister tattles on her to their parents, she is cut off from their wealth. Who needs them anyways? She is finally free from the suffocating life she had. She will start living on her terms. Seven years later, the struggling yet happy Tate, does as she pleases.

Moning — he was sooooo dark, and sooooo hot….

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Mo The Nature of Cruelty is the only L. Adding it to my TBR pile. Not sure though if that will change. Great read so far!!!! Fae Chronicles rock big! Under Locke and Kulti by Mariana Zapata — 2 of my all time favourites — and they both started out as bullies but ended up being 2 of my favourite ever heroes. This is one of those like in books but in real life? Stay away from the people that can only express themselves through cruelty.

I was thinking of Rush Finlay as well Rosemary Beach …. Deviant by Jamie Roberts has to be my 1 pick…. Raw by Belle Aurora…. Another one that jumps to mind is Debt by Nina G. Is Surviving Raine a bully book? Geesh, you want me to read something, just say that! Deviant is a bully book? I thought it was just dark. I have that one too! Goodness knows, that sounds like my type.

Fear Me… Up there, where I said he scares me? I read Bully Me. That was pretty good, though I never got around to the second book. Which makes sense thinking. No wonder I adore it. Fallen Too Far, again, loved it. Golden Dynasty man, that was good, and he was definitely a jerk. Surviving Raine is absolutely a bully book… well… more of that total alpha male. Oh, and read Nero! That… that was totally different and fun and yeah. He had her totally believing she was ugly and making her insecure. The exception to me is Fear Me, but it was more mental than actual pain, except when they met. I love these types of books!!

I read this column with my lips tightly pressed together. I read 2, count them two, books today. Ive read several on your list Maryse, all of your personal favorites, as a matter of fact. Totally ignoring her and pushing her away. God how I love that book. Is Golden Dynasty part of a set?? But on the rare times where he showed his feelings for Mac, it was incredibly touching.

Ryder from the Fae Chronicle falls somewhere in between those two categories for me. He started out with Z, Lachlain and Barrons but by the last book his jerk-filled manhood disappeared somewhere up in his abdomen and that junk never dropped again. The latest one i read was A Pound of Flesh.

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There are some great reads on this list! He is bully for sure and the heroine in this book is not spineless at all: I hate spineless heroines! Also Broken Love series by B. Reid is pretty good but even though it was already mentioned, I gotta say — it is really dark and I loved it and hated it at the same time. Daemon is kind of a bully but mostly for the first bigger part of the first book. Another book to add to this list: I loved loved this book so much.

The Royal guys are immediately not a fan of Ella. She comes from a different world and upbringing, barely able to make ends meet and seeming less savory than what their prestigious staus grants them. They plan to make sure Ella is reminded of this at all times. Reed, the leader of the Royal pack, has the influence to make her life miserable. Ok maybe I will read that tonight….. I really like bullying books but only based around high school and I would like to know any suggestions you might have. It is from the book series lovely vicious.

Eee, my fave list! Got a few new ones to read now — thanks for the update! Loveeee soSO many on this list already. Seeing this list reminds me I wanted to rec After by Anna Todd. I love this list! He was just such an ass and I was shocked by his actions, but secretly smitten by his actions. What he did in front of his intended bride — was shocking. I skipped over a few years until I met Zsadist. Coming back to my home base. Thanks as always, Maryse, for being awesome! Grey, your recent comment had me coming here to check out this list…. The author did something crazy.

The hero starts off nice in the first book and ends up becoming this ruthless jerk mob boss over text series. And the third book is nuts!!! The heroine is crazy strong too, even a bitch at times. So much angst and sexy times in the series. First book starts a little slow but halfway through takes off and continues full speed ahead for the next two books. But Ricardo from Shame is everything. Oh, how I love this list! I will be adding these. Can someone help me find a book?

But I remember that the girl who was sweet was forced to live in the mansion of the guy in high school as a maid, he has a jerk for a father. He was also kind of responsible for his fathers death. He would make her life terrible. Many years later they left the town and high school. He became a hot shot buisnessman or something and she applied for a job and they meet again. Can someone please help? Can someone tell me which book is similar to the beautiful beast I already read all the book listed in this group.

Notify me of followup comments to this post via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Book Review — Jezebel by K. Reader Confessions Where did they go? Something pressed into her sternum, over her heart. Any suggestions would be welcome, and, dare I say it, maybe a top 10 Kristina: I was bullied when I was in grade school so I love books that has a bullied theme. I like jerks… MichelleS: One of the most popular ones!

I read it and loved it!! The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester. Total jerseys wad bully book, so you know I absolutely adore it. Jared is from Penelope Douglas Bully. This book makes me so happy! I could go on and on about bully type books. I just finished Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn. This book was steamy and spicy and gut wrenching and everything in between. Reclaiming the Sand by A. Meredith Walters was another 5 star for me, too. I was thinking laid back comedy I mean how serious could a high school book be? Holy crap My stomach is in knots and I have turned off my kindle like 4 times in the last hour only to go back to it after I calmed down.

Debt series really was good. I can see the title being boring though appropriately named but it was so twisted and disturbing. The second debt still replays in my head. It hit that form of creepy for me. He is such a dark and psychotic hero yet I love him!!!

The Book of Enoch 1 - The Book of the Watchers

But one boy makes that impossible. Shane Ellery is tall, muscular and handsome. And there is nothing he loves more than teasing Kaine. Beautiful Beast by Aubrey Irons He is broken, entitled, maybe even a stalker but at the end of the day, he is just a mean ole bully. He is bully for sure and the heroine in this book is not spineless at all I hate spineless heroines! I loved it too!!

Tangled… Man Adonis is such a jerk face bully… Gah!