The Song of Hiroshima

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  • TOKYO (11 p.m.)
  • When I was in the States, my friends there would point out my Japanese heritage.

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    In either case, I was always on the other side. Many Japanese artists have tackled the subject, too. It never gets overly political, a quality that has earned it fans in Japan.

    1. Hiroshima in a song.
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    4. 1. “Never Ever” (D. Kuramoto/P. Hata) HIROSHIMA 1978!

    The music was written by composer Masaru Sato, who often scored films. He presents a simple structure consisting of two distinct parts that are lyrically separated by a farewell to an absent lover and a message to the wider world. The orchestration builds on a very simple rhythm that crescendos for each section of the song.

    TOKYO (11 p.m.)

    "Hiroshima" is a pop song about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima written by David Morgan and first recorded by Wishful Thinking in In their single . Hiroshima in a song. How the purveyors of pop interpreted the atom bomb in the decades that followed Last Published: Thu, Aug

    When I spoke to music critic Masahisa Segawa for the first installment of this column, I asked him if he wanted to share any of his own experiences from the war. However, he pursed his mouth and remained silent.

    The track was supposedly part of a plan to break him in the American market Warner Records hoped to evoke the image of a Japanese Bruce Springsteen who sang political songs. Yazawa is from Hiroshima and his father died from radiation poisoning, so when asked to sing a song about the atomic bomb for an American audience, Yazawa worried that it was exploitative.

    In the end, however, he released it.

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    The track is a stadium-rock ballad that makes interesting use of MIDI sequencing and distorted power chords, with Yazawa singing lyrics written by American Michael Lunn. Songs that dealt with the atomic bombings were rare following the actual events of The sky hangs like a shroud overhead And the sun's in the cage of the black, lowering cloud.

    No birds fly in the leaden sky, Deadly the harvest of two atom bombs. Then, brothers and sisters you must watch, and take care That the third atom bomb never comes,.

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    Gentle rain gathers poison from the sky And the fish carry death in te depths of the sea; Fishing boats are idle, their owners are blind, Deadly the harvest of two atom bombs. Then, landsmen and seamen you must watch, and take care That the third atom bomb never comes,.

    Hiroshima Bomb detonation (Music: Saw Theme)