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If you like ty and zane You should try captive prince the first vol is a bit slow but second vol will wow u its really ur thing if u like slowly building up romances cant wait for vol 3!!! Tymber Dalton Love Slave for Two series. And the trip they take in the RV is hilarious!!! Kim Dare writes some great mm love stories. My favourites are Duck and Magpie, I highly recommend reading them. The main character is acerbic and genuinely confused about how the owner of a book store that sells nothing but gay mystery novels could end up in the middle of a murder mystery himself. I laughed and rooted for his relationship with the deeply closeted cop who hounds him.

The entire series is well worth a read and, best of all, has a happy ending! A GFY storyline with rape, military, and redemption. Books are free PDF files on his website. Have been sucked in by Special Forces…nothing else accomplished today…so good! Easy and enjoyable read. I have a new appreciation for bunny slippers. Just finished Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander. It is a great follow-up to Double Full.

Thanks for the referral. I have found some really interesting and others, not so much. I think the readers are the best part of the experience, from meeting readers at book festivals and conventions to readers reaching out to me personally to talk about how much the story resonated with them, whether it was Jess feeling like not quite one or the other in terms of being Chinese-Vietnamese American, to her being the middle child and being overshadowed by her siblings, to being bisexual, and the story in general. Being the girl no one quite notices is OK with Jess anyway. Home for the Holidays Choices.

Good writing, editing, and storylines. Your blog is my go to site when looking for a new read. You never let me down. Thanks for all the work you put in, its greatly appreciated. Dangerously Happy ranks up there with Try for me.

Queering up your shelf, one rec at a time!

The first encounter alone at the beginning of the book took my breath away, very sexy! I recommend the sequel as well different characters. Let me know if you like any of these. Keep up the good work! I almost forgot Stay with me — omg, this writer is amazing! The main character a surfer type, private investigator is so witty and kept me laughing throughout.

The sex was well done and I was disappointed to see the author has only this one book available. The 3rd book from power exchange series is out.

Just started it, pretty intense. Yakuza Pride and Yakuza Courage by H. Brues are good books with a different alpha male description as these are Japanese gangsters interacting with American males. Good stories from a different cultural perspective. I thought the author did an amazing job. Just finished Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane. Mackey and Trav are maybe my favorite couple of all time sorry Keira and Kellen.

The story gave me the same feel as the early relationship between V and Butch in BDB, really intimate. I loved, loved, loved this book. A Maxfield, this is one of my favourite books form one of of my fav authors. Dark and disturbing but addictive: Fallocaust series by Quil Carter. Really innovative storyline that sucks you in and makes you want to forget. Books have cliffhangers and thus far no happy endings. Next book debuts on 15 November and I cannot wait.

Different descriptions of characters falling in love but each book is better than their synopsis.

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Two books out so far. I have read many of these. A couple I have never heard of so I need to check them out. Thank you for the suggestions. I have read the first 4 a few times. You should definitely try The Captive Prince series, by C. There are two books in the series, with a third coming out soon. Also, there are two independently published authors who are terrific: Harper Fox and Jordan Hawk.

Thanks for the recommendations! Then the husband and him meet. I loved this list and made it through the whole thing. I mean not at all. I thought Tracie was crazy. But she convinced me to read the second book. Well it had me hooked! The lack of connection that I was completely feeling between the two of them was there. It honestly was like it was written by someone else. It was perfect from all aspects — suspense, the feels, romance, tension, and love.

I read the rest of the series straight through and am now anxious for the final book in March. Just had to get that out there. I love this genre! Thanks for the recs, Maryse! I love the mm genre and have been almost entirely devoted to it for the past few years. If anyone loves amazingly well written stories with quirky humour and characters you never forget you should try Ethan Day.

I swear by his books my all time favourites are Sno Ho and its sequel Life in Fusion. These books just m a me my day every time I read them.

The Virgin - Steam Room

Full of adorable and unforgettable characters. Latakia and The Fence and Then the Trees are both awesome.

No steamy sex scenes but slow build with great story lines. Just discovered a new author.. They are relatively short.. Some GFY genre by T. Protection is set in s British prison. Well fleshed out characters, steamy scenes and true love story…also Something Different. Should definitely be added to this list. Great recommendations here is mine: Jennifer, thanks for the T.

Not a fan of her Nevada series. Jakes but especially the Hell or Highwater series. Kinndle Alwxander has some good ones, Always was a great full, lifetime love story. Highly recommend the Infected series by Andrea Speed. In this series being a shifter is the result of a disease.

Each book in the series has mysteries to solve. The secondary characters add great dimension to the series. First book in the series is Infected: Like honestly, the best part of reading romance is to feel both characters, the relationship itself. Feel in love with the actual characters and their dynamic and not just with the idea of finding a man like that. All bundles have been super awesome so far. Plus lots of different types and storylines since multitude of authors. Hi Thank you so much for the list! More Heat than the Sun by John Wiltshire. The whole series has an average rate of 4.

Here is the link: There story plot and twist is fantastic! It will blow your mind. Read this please, it is worthy of your time!! It is insanely good!

Sci-Fi | LGBTQ Reads

I highly recommend Captive prince trilogy by C. This is historical romance with very intriguing plot and so captivating caracters! It is slow burn but very very worth it! E Via is an awesome read for those who love cops stories. Have read Nicholas Bella New Haven series.. It will grab you. Where is Heidi Belleau? It is an unacceptable shame that these lists continue to leave out authors like Sean Michael and B. The Rain and Whiskey series is fantastic.

As is the Hammer series, the Roughstock series, and the Mannies, Inc. Just those 4 series have all the genre you can handle. The stories are full of love, and sex of course! Work that, for the right person, is well worth the effort. Thank you for recommending them, Leslie! I will add them right now. They were certainly not left off the list on purpose. Some of my favorites that are not on the list is Beyond Complicated and the Southern scrimmage series by Mercy Celeste.

They are so freaking good! I could not put Bootleg Diva down!! I definitely recommend the Captive Prince trilogy by C. There are 3 books so far, and I love all of them. I was scrolling just know and actually looking for it, hehe. I love the characters and their lines, especially the lines.


I laughed and cried a lot. Thank you and have a great day x. I havent seen Tiffany Reisz The Angel anywhere and as it is my very first mm read and it has Reiszs masterpiece writing I wholeheartedly recommend it though the series should be read in order. The Understatement of the Year also exquisite. A matter of time series…so many awesome books out There. Probably one of the 1st authors I read was Sloane Kennedy.

The Freshman, Book 3 Choices

I inhaled her Escort series then went on to start the Finding series. After the last story in the Escort series I paid for and downloaded ALL of the Finding series and also the next lot of crossover stories in the Barretti Security series. I got a tad pissed with her because all of these series cross over and she changes her writing style.

She changed from the 3rd person to 1st person and for a long time 2 weeks…. So other authors and their series are Riley Hart. Her Crossroads, Black Creek and Broken pieces series are great. I must say the new book covers are soooo much better then the previous too.. Her Sunset Cove series I am listening to through youtube. Well worth a listen or read. I also just started reading with Kindle and a lot of these books you can get using a Kindle Unlimited account… Well worth it.

So thanks for listening to me waffle on and please add other authors as I seem to be running out of material to read. Thank you SO much Robyn!!!! The first book tells how Jack and Riley get together…. Jack is a cowboy and very very gay, while Riley is a very rick playboy and straight, and maybe even bi. So he blackmails Jack to marry him for one year…. This series got me twisted in so many ways. It is actually my best read so far,and trust me,I have read quite alot. This is a must read. The storyline is amazing!! The place becomes a character in the novel as well. About a 17 year old boy and a summer house guest.

Thank you for the find! Hi, just discovered your blog and it has been a treasure trove! I have found some really interesting and others, not so much. However, my one true favourite all time MM author is Alessandra Hazard and I cannot help but recommend her.

Her books are hot, her characters are memorable and they will leave you with a happy feeling. Notify me of followup comments to this post via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. What to Read After Beautiful Disaster. What to Read After Fifty Shades.

What to Read After Kristen Ashley. The Ultimate Cara McKenna list. What to Read After Hopeless. What to Read After Thoughtless. Recommended Comedy Romance Books. Next 10 books on my TBR list. Younger Man, Older Woman. My Top 10 Dark Reads. My Best Books of List. My Top 5 Summer Reads Ultimate List of Rock Star Books. Ultimate List of Fighter Books. Ultimate List of Biker Books.

Ultimate List of Teacher-Student Books. What to Read After Twilight. My Top 10 Paranormal Series. My Top 10 Vampire Series. I will be looking for more. This list makes me happy! And it would appear so many of you are with me on this! Read some of the many 5 star reviews on Amazon, they say it so much better than I can. The romance was the focus and so intense! Love Marcus and Thomas. One of my fav books of all time! I cried for days! I have so many I love…. Their relationship develops gradually over the books.

One is a closeted gay former swimmer and gymnast, teed off because the army has seen fit to make him a clerk-typist. The other is a womanizing, muscular, overconfident Italian-American paratrooper from Detroit. They are reluctantly paired off on a train trip to a port of call where they will ship overseas. This is the tale of their experiences and an unlikely connection.

On a connecting flight from North Carolina to Boston, on arguably the worst day of his young life, lovelorn Tristan Shaw meets someone who is completely wrong for him. Straight, sporty and ridiculously good looking, college athlete Noah Thomas is everything Tristan is running from and everything he can't resist.

Kyle, the quarterback of his high school football team, is a cocky womanizer and as straight as they come. On the night of the last big party of the year, he thinks he's finally got the chance to bang the only girl who's ever turned down his advances. But she has a much more sinister plan in mind, involving horny tentacles that are desperate to breed Muscle Men is a celebration of the body beautiful, where men who look like Greek gods are worshipped for their outsized attributes.

At the gym, in the locker room, and especially in the steam room, the hunks who look hard, work hard, and play hard inspire fantasies the world over. Called "consistently outstanding" by the Lambda Book Review and cited for "glorious approaches to gay male sexual writing, " by the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review , Richard Labonte's Best Gay Erotica series sets and raises the bar in the volume. Gathering the hottest, freshest, and most literary fiction for the year, Best Gay Erotica captures the tenderness and raw energy of man-on-man desire.

From the innocent but oh-so-beautiful boy next door to the "seen it all" gritty street hustler, these provocative and potent short stories will grab your attention and your erotic imagination. Best Gay Romance covers every romantic possibility with first love, true love, wake-up sex, makeup sex, and everything in between. Contributor David Holly's "meet cute" hook-up in "Guy Sydney" is a thoroughly modern love story, while Elazarus Wills's dramatic "A Companion for the Road" shows that many things get better with age. Short fiction that is long on romance, Best Gay Romance encompasses the dizzying emotions of the human heart in love: From first times to brief encounters, to rediscovered missed connections and longtime companions, editor Richard Labont?

Each story unfolds the "possibility of happy-ever-after-the warm, beating heart of romantic desire". Brains, muscle, tenderness, kink. Like the perfect lover, Best Gay Romance captures the raw energy of man-on man desire like no other. From mariners on huge yachts to competitive sailors in races like the America's cup to recreational boaters, the combination of men and water is irresistible.

Whether they're wearing Speedos or slickers and handling megayachts or windsurfers, these guys can set sail right to our heart. Neil Plakcy, the editor of Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, Skater Boys, The Handsome Prince and Model Men sailed the high seas and gazed through many a porthole looking for stories of navy men, yachtsmen, and even a pirate or two and the fun they get up to, on land and on sea.

What is it about cops that so excites gay men?

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Could it be the buzz cut and chiseled jaw, those bulging thighs under tight blue serge, the cool mirrored glasses that reflect unbridled lust in the eyes and other body parts of their beholders? Maybe it's the promise of punishment at the end of a nightstick. Perhaps it's the sheer pleasure of transgression? Showing results by narrator "Drake Stone". Categories Erotica 15 Fiction Under 1 Hour 2. Whispersync for Voice All Categories 16 results. Gay Erotic Fiction By: Add to basket failed.