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Your client gets over emails a day and yours get lost. A handwritten note is far superior to the email and will get read. You can even leave it with the receptionist when you leave. The best follow up is a phone call and the sooner after the meeting the better. You can demonstrate your uniqueness in the marketplace with a disciplined follow up process.

Most competitive products and services are similar and the real difference is you the sales person. Take advantage of this simple technique and watch your closed ratio increase. I had been thinking about this, and right on cue, along comes Gary L. Ford, with his book Life Is Management. He contends that life is all about managing — our money, our time, our diet, our relationships — and we all have some capacity for doing this well.

Ford says there is a definite difference between being a leader and being a manager, but he counters the claim that leadership is further along the evolutionary scale. He believes that we must have both capabilities for true organizational success. We have to manage the day-to-day tasks and deliver results, while at the same time keeping the big picture and long-term objectives in mind. He likes to think of a leader as someone who knows where to go, while it is their management skills that actually get them there.

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Visionaries may have wonderful ideas, but without the ability to execute them, those ideas will never see the light of day. As well, they often have a tendency to change their vision without letting the rest of us know.

How To Overcome Sales Objections "I don't have the money" #SecretsToSales:

How do they do this? Ford believes that good managers, just like good teachers, build on strengths, rather than focus on weaknesses. He also agrees with Malcolm Gladwell that greatness requires an enormous investment of time. He cites the Beatles as an excellent example of these two principles.

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Lennon and McCartney had unique musical gifts, and they focused their energy on these strengths. They devoted untold hours to honing their craft. That is not the way to make work. The author sees coaching in a very different light.

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Rather than setting the bar and then teaching employees how to reach it, Ford sees coaching as the art of asking thoughtful questions, and then listening; they facilitate a discussion so employees can discover for themselves what they can do more of, or can do differently, to achieve better results.

The author also suggests that if we want to change behaviour in others, there is no better place to start than to make some changes in ourselves. And he does warn us that change is difficult, even when the end goal is clear. Whether the change is in you or your employee, start small, be clear and be consistent. Life is Management is a meaty, practical book.

Life Is Sales

I have little sticky notes and highlighted passages throughout its pages. Not only has the author written a book intended to meld two critical workplace skills, managing and coaching, he also hands out some good advice for managing our time and our meetings. There is a lot of common sense wrapped between the two covers. And as a bonus, it is written by a Canadian who uses Canadian examples like Canadian Tire , Tim Hortons and a Newfoundland lighthouse in his stories.

Ford is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in psychology. He has held a series of executive positions in retail banking with Canada Trust and most recently as. He also has included chapters by four other writers: They are all Canadian and they each shine another light on being a manager. Although there was a lengthy list of sources cited, there was no index, although he has included a very brief summary at the end of each chapter, as well as a short biography of each guest author.

Who should read this book? Anyone who aspires to be or is already a leader or a manager in an organization, because we need people who can be successful in both roles. They have tried to get their staff to embrace a change project but with no luck! They have tried to engage their clients to explore new product lines but with no luck! I guarantee that if you are failing to get to YES!

One of these elements is missing! To influence someone there needs to be a trigger, an opportunity either crafted or naturally occurring that must be seized. Without a trigger event influence will not and cannot occur.

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By definition a trigger is an event that precipitates other events. So for behaviour to be changed, either yours or the behaviour of others, there must be an event that causes it to happen. The trigger Aristotle was referring to was your request for them to do something.

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For behavioural change to occur the second element of motivation must be present if change is to occur. Return to Book Page. Life Is Sales by Gary L.

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Life Is Sales 3. Life is about getting what you want, and sales skills can improve your life.

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Life is Sales: Change your life - be more persuasive and get what you want Paperback – September 4, In Life Is Sales, Gary Ford and Connie Bird share their unique perspective on success. And he is the author of soon-to-be published book Life is Sales. The recognized leader in the psychology of sales. Gary offers industry Life is Management review 12 hours ago .

Most people resist spelling out what they want, but those who know what they want and know how to ask for it are far more successful in all aspects of life. This book highlights the psychology behind getting people to do what you want. Paperback , pages. Published January 1st by Insomniac Press first published September 1st Using the psychology of persuasion to influence everyone in your life for more success and happiness. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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