Duncans Masonic Ritual and Monitor

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DUNCAN'S Masonic Ritual and Monitor

In the State of New York, many years ago, it was supposed, but we think unjustly, to wield a powerful political influence, and to employ it unscrupulously for sinister ends. The war between Masonry and Anti-Masonry which convulsed the State at that period is still fresh in the remembrance of many a party veteran. The Order, however, has long since recovered from the obloquy then heaped upon it, and is now in a flourishing condition in most parts of the civilized world.

The purpose of this work is not so much to gratify the curiosity of the uninitiated as to furnish a guide for the neophytes of the Order, by means of which their progress from grade to grade may be facilitated. Every statement in the book is authentic, as every proficient Mason will admit to himself, if not to be public, as he turns over its pages.

The non-Masonic reader, as he peruses them, will perhaps be puzzled to imagine why matters of so little real importance to society at large should have been so industriously concealed for centuries, and still more surprised that society should have been so extremely inquisitive about them.

Sea-birds are not more in-variably attracted toward a lighted beacon on a dark night, than men to whatever savors of mystery. Curiosity has had a much greater influence in swelling the ranks of Masonry than philanthropy and brotherly love. On a silver platter, we have handed you the operative keys to the mysteries of an ancient craft.

Freemasonry is personal, private and beyond description. We have rituals that we perform, like a play, that remind us of certain moral lessons, and hint at the antiquity of our craft. These are the material manifestations of what we do. They are no longer secrets, yet they remain private in most cases as every group or person has the right to personal privacy.

They are the process of what we do. Just as what I do for a living or otherwise does not define me as a person, so the manner of what we do does not define us as Masons.

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See Note A, Appendix. The Tyler retires to the inside of the outer door of the anteroom, and all Lodgedoors are closed after him.

Junior Deacon To see that the Lodge is duly tyled. You will attend to that part of your duty, and inform the Tyler that we are about to open a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons Fellow Crafts, or Master Masons, as the case may be , and direct him to tyle accordingly. The Deacon opens the door, and says to the Tyler Brother Tyler, it is the orders of the Worshipful Master that you tyle this Lodge as an Entered Apprentice Fellow Crafts, or Master Mason, as the case may be ; then closes the door, gives one rap two, if a Fellow Crafts', or three, if a Masters' Lodge , which is responded to by the Tyler.

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Worshipful Master, the Lodge is tyled. This practice was followed by Mac-Kenzie Beverly Esq. By a brother of this degree, without the inner door, invested with the proper implement of his office the sword.

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor

To keep off all cowans 2 and eavesdroppers; suffer none to pass or repass, except such as are duly qualified, and have the Worshipful Master's permission. I am so taken and accepted among all brothers and fellows. Where were you first prepared to be made an Entered Apprentice Mason?

by Malcolm C. Duncan

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, by Malcolm C. Duncan, at sacred-texts. com. Duncans Masonic Ritual And Monitor - M C Duncan.

In a room adjacent to a legally constituted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a place representing the Ground Floor of King Solomon's Temple. What makes you an Entered Apprentice Mason? How many constitute a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons? The Junior Deacon's place?

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At the right hand of the Senior Warden in the west. Your duty there, brother Junior Deacon? In Egypt, cohen was the title of a priest or prince, and a term of honor. Bryant, speaking of the harpies, says, they were priests of the sun; and, as cohen was the name of a dog as well as a priest, they are termed by Apollonius "the dogs of Jove.

John cautions the Christian brethren, that "without are dogs" kuves , cowans or listeners Rev. Paul exhorts the Christians to "beware of dogs, because they are evil workers" Phil, iii. Now, kuwv, a dog, or evil worker, is the masonic cowan. The Grand Lodge of A. Do not share with anyone other than Masons. Preliminary Preparations The tables are set up in the shape of a horseshoe, or inverted U. The Worshipful Master is placed in the East, facing the middle of the table, with the Chaplain at his right hand.

One of the most common definitions heard is that it is a system of morality, veiled in allegory or a story and illustrated. Masonic Etiquette Learn the Do's and Don'ts of Masonic Etiquette Masonic Etiquette, for the most part, is merely good manners and respect for your lodge, its members, its Worshipful Master and the convention. While it is the duty of the Master of the Lodge toprovide a good and wholesome education to the brethren;.

The participants are a masonic Mentor and a New Brother. The Chapter is set up as for the Opening Ceremony. Roundtree Black irregular masonry started in when Union Lodge No. Murphy The observant Lodge is marked by several characteristics that distinguish it from other Lodges: Dress, decorum, an intentional. Additional Lodge Light A. Handbook Page intentionally left blank. The parts in italics are for your benefit, not to. What is the definition of Freemasonry? In old England, it was defined as a system of morality, veiled in allegory or a story and illustrated by symbols. Lodge Inspections are coming up.

Have you been to any inspections lately? It is called this not only for the solemnity of the ceremonies, but also for the profound lesson of wisdom it teaches. Should Christians Join the Masonic Lodge? By Jason Carlson www. Origins of Prince Hall Freemasonry. There then came the day.

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The Lessons of Masonry Have you ever wondered if there was some lesson or meaning you missed when you took your first degree? Think about it for a minute I m sure there were actually times when you did. Lodge Counselor s Handbook Published By: Now, you will be happy that at this time Masonic Catechism. The Return of Father Job Written by: Father Job has returned to the Bethel.

He has come to find out if the teachings of. There are physical, moral and spiritual qualifications. The petitioner must be a man.

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Benemerito of Long Pine. If the song leaders across the country were to stand. Each of our communications needs to contain a portion truly Masonic, by shedding light on Masonry. It all started when I was asked to identify.

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Ideas for Masonic Education By Brian Kremer This paper 1 is in response to the suggestion that Blue Lodges in Kansas are not doing an adequate job of inculcating the lessons of the Masonic order. Grand Architect of the Universe, we reverently invoke Thy blessing at this time. Wilt thou be pleased to show us how to take our lives in their rude and natural state and dress, square, and polish them.

The Religion Of The Masonic Lodge I contend, without any sort of hesitation, that Masonry is, in every sense of the word, except one, and that its least philosophical, an eminently. What s in a Name? Everything Has a Reason: Can the Hiramic Legend be found in the Bible? A research paper by Robert P.