Poésie / Poésia: (et sil ny avait que ça…) (Portfolios) (French Edition)

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Cecilia is related to famous artist Oscar Schlemmer. She won shell art competition 1st place when she was Cecilia has a completion of pictures Sketched on A3. At the age of 2, Alan Kent moved out from the Coast to the Jungle Region of the country where he lived for nearly 10 years within the spell and embrace of nature. This land had a great impact in Alan Kent and he developed a taste for the mysteries and the unknown.

At the age of 5, he experienced his first confrontation with Art as he was part on the "Regional Children Art Contest: Painting on the Road" where he won the main prize. Then he moved back to Trujillo. Life in the Coast was different to living in the jungle, but it could allow Alan Kent to experience a better Education and eventually walk his way on the path of Art, since there were no Art Schools in the Jungle. At the age of 20, he finally began his studies of Art when he won a grant to study at the "Fine Art School Macedonio de la Torre" in Trujillo.

He studied there from to and graduated with the "Gold Medal Prize". Tilsa Tsuchiya and Venancio Shinki He lives and works in Wroclaw. He has been exhibiting since with solo and group shows both in Poland and abroad. Christopher Ogonowski [born in 81], studied contemporary poety in under the supervision of a poet Karolina Turkiewicz-Suchanowska. He won numerous poetry contests.

He also writes lyrics. He studied painting during his architecture studies, at the professor Jan Rilke's department in He participated in many exhibitions. He received the first prize at the Biennale in Vladivostok [category: He is the co-author of many architectural and landscape designs, e. His works are inspired by the geometrical strings theory. They are sophisticated combination of architecture, poetry, painting, music and mathematics.

He lives in Warsaw where following his architectural and financial education, he runs architecture and finance adviser office. I have no willingness to live in this time and space, where there in no place for: The key to the solution of Everything reneved redefinition is the geometrical theory of strings in its broadest dimension of m-theory.

It is this theory that gives hope. The aim of redefinition is to create new space-time continuum, that is a new dimension of valnes, natural environment, economy, etc. Thirteen — painting and texts. It is a definition of primitive notions, where each is potentially true and potentially false. The point of departure is: Represented in several private and institutional collections in the country and abroad. In addition to painting, passing through poetry with poems published, amateur theatre, Director of several programs on a local radio, co-founder of a music group, author of lyrics, songs and musical arrangements.

Olimpia Iacob, Satu Mare. In she graduated from I. Civil engineer, graphic designer and painter. Lives and works in Serbia. She paints from an early age. Her works are in private collections in different countries. She has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions , including London and Hamburg. The pictures are kind of testimony about the time behind us. My work will remain as a record of the current of modern life. Gloria Keh , an artist based in Singapore, is very passionate about raising funds for charities through her art.

Drawing her inspiration from Mother Nature, literature and poetry, Gloria finds freedom, contentment and inner peace through her art. Painting is a spiritual practice for Gloria, who particularly enjoys art journaling and creating mandalas. She was born in the Chinese astrological year of the dragon, the year being Her first teacher, was her late father, the oil painter, Martin Fu.

Growing up with the smell of turpentine, Gloria began selling her artworks as a child, to supplement her pocket money. As an adult, she studied mandala art and symbolism in Melbourne, Australia, and undertook a short course in art therapy in Singapore. In , Gloria founded Circles of Love, an art based, non-profit charity outreach programme, using her art in the service to humanity. She has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs, both locally, as well as internationally please see list of exhibitions. For the next few years, she hopes to be able to take up art residencies, offering workshops for healing, through mandala art and art journaling.

She also hopes to have another solo exhibition on just her larger canvases. For the list of exhinitions and awards please see: I have had several group and solo exhibitions. In the beginning of my painting career, I went through several painting styles. In displaying op-art I find myself in two positions. Is it a game, or a vision of the future? I love nature and I often wander on my bike. I recharge my energy there. Most of his works are watercolor and pencil, pen and tiny size. Daniel Berdala, Barcelona, Spain.

Selected at the Josep Guinovart Studio of painting. Since his works have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in Spain and abroad. Mats Eriksson lives in the south of Stockholm in Sweden.

Mats has been painting, using various media, on and off for many years now. He used to work as a researcher in chemistry but started to paint more on a daily basis about 6 yrs ago. His preferred media is acrylics and has the last year mostly been painting nudes and portraits, but also some still lifes and landscapes. He is fascinated by how colors affect each other and by light-effects, and is often experimenting with this in his paintings.

Representatives of the Movement - immaginepoesias JimdoPage!

His paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Sweden since ILham Badreddine Mahfouz, Damascus. She came to the United States in and had the privilege of having the best of two cultures and the adventures of a new world guided by the upbringing of an old world. She studied the art of Raku with Mr. Robert Piepenberg, ceramics with Mrs. Suzanne Stephenson, and painting with Mr. ILham Badreddine Mahfouz was influenced by their abstract art, where the direction of a simple line and colors could dictate the mood of a painting. By improvising and directing the art work it helped to make the painting strong.

Her works have been shown in several international exhibitions. I hope that through my art I will be able to convey my true beliefs about humanity and help one another. He holds a Ph. He has equal affections in science, mathematics and literature. The results are all reflected in academic and creative published simultaneously.

His literary works include novels, prose, and poems. He loves describing nature, humanity's love and affection through literary works. He is often referred to as "a green poet". In addition to access to many domestic and foreign literature awards, a large number of his works have been published in domestic and foreign literature publications and been translated into more than 14 languages and had been published in over 38 countries.

Important winning records within three years: Jacky Phaengtho, Hua Hin. Born in in the North-East of Thailand, Jacky Phaengtho realized his artistic ability at an early age. He was captivated by Nature and the fact that it surrounded him in during his early years, it seemed only natural for him to focus on capturing its beauty and wonder. It was not until he reached the age of fifteen that he began to develop his own unique style, moving on to more contemporary themes as he grew into a fine painter.

At seventeen, while working in Singapore for several years, Jacky became friends with several local artists there. He began to realize that art had become a major part of his life and that he only felt a complete person when he was depicting how he felt inside or what impressed him most in life. When he returned to Bangkok, he worked with other art students by joining several Thai and international artists. He helped many to exhibit their art work, because they either lacked the wherewithal or the skills necessary to create their own shows. So now it is time to show the world his paintings - oil paintings that are bursting with vibrant color.

The varieties of his subject matter are a fresh look at the world through young eyes that are clearly open. Jacky worked all through his twenties to become the artist he is today. Here you can see his various works of art displayed, together with the works of a few other local artists.

Representatives of the Movement

Jacky Phaengtho has developed into a truly fine artist and contributes to a sense of art awareness in the community. Aicha Skandrani, La Marsa. It was during her studies at IESA that she discovered the light and colors of Italy — mainly in cities like Verona and Venice, where she captured optical effects at high speed with her camera.

In this way she began developing an art, through photography of the visible, that enabled one to see images invisible to the naked eye. At age 17, something happened that had a major impact on her life and on her consciousness. She came to be aware that there are real things invisible to the naked eye, and that the ability to see beyond the visible is not given to everyone.

Drawn to this invisible world, she wanted to share her vision through the medium of photography as her art was taking on another dimension. The main purpose consists in opposing religious extremism, by way of multiple symbols, letters and icons that for millennia have belonged to different cultures as well as our universal culture… I am focusing on the spiritual side of art for the purpose of awakening an awareness of my work that asks that we consider how could we really be different if we all see the same light! Mohamed Ali Essaadi, Carthage. Yesim Agaoglu was born in Istanbul.

Her poems have appeared in various anthologies, and her published books of poetry have been translated into many languages. She frequently participates in international literary and poetry festivals, as well as gaining recognition internationally as a contemporary artist. Eria Solomon Nsubuga, Entebbe. Artwasane really means the art of ' Sane' in a local Ugandan language, Luganda. Nsubuga was born 17th January in Central Uganda to Uganda parents of different but similar Bantu tribes.

Sane is mostly a painter, sculptor and teacher. Peter Thabit Jones, Swansea, Wales. Barkan, his American publisher. Her father, well known musician and composer Manolo Guardia, along with her mother, a pianist and medical doctor, introduced Rosina to the world of the arts.

Since a very early age Rosina studied dance, music, acting, and later became a self-taught sketch artist. Currently, she is dedicated full-time to a creative investigation in visual arts. Photography has been part of him all his life. In his long artistic journey, his photographs, whether representational, conceptual or abstract, often blur the boundaries of photography, transcending the limitations of realism, venturing into territories once limited to the art of painting, drawing or even sculpture.

Since Stanley H. Mia Barkan Clarke, New York. She now lives in Big Sur, California, where she studies, writes, and paints amidst the surrounding wilderness. Her 11 books have been used as inspirational texts in universities and healing centers, and her writings have been translated into Korean, Romanian, Arabic, and Bulgarian.

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Her two latest books, Soul Seeds: Revelations and Drawings, and Vagabond Dawns are currently being translated into Korean and will be published in in bilingual editions. A Promenade of Portraits , a collection of fables, essays, poetry, and full-color artwork, will be published in early spring, Loi Duc Nguyen, Hanoi.

T School of art and graduated in the year with a certificate in Fine Arts. As I had always presented interest and a keen passion in my work, I managed to attract the interest of one of my teachers, Paul Wade, one of the most influential members at the B. T art school, who offered me employment in his Graphic Design Company.

I was employed in this company until the year when I later on joined SARDC, where I am currently employed as the publications designer.

Edition originale du poème d'Yves Peyré et premier tirage des lithographies de With a paper-covered portfolio containing a suite of initialled proofs of eight . [ FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Photographie originale. .. NY: Limited Editions Club, . Litoral - Revista de la poesia y el pensiamento, & New York: George Braziller, First American Edition Inscribed and A near fine copy in black cloth, white titles to the spine, rose topstain, (John P. Translated from the French by Bernard Frechtman. A .. Dieci poesie di Péret scelte per l'occasione da Tristan Sauvage (Arturo . NY: The Viking Press, hardcover.

I use a palette knife instead of a paint brush and this has helped me produce unique paintings over the years. The palette knife gives my paintings a unique feature that is richly textured. Wood engravings in the text. Full limp vellum, window in upper cover frames a wood engraving of a harp seal pup. With a separate suite of the 11 etchings and 5 wood engravings, each numbered and signed by Robinson, in ice blue cloth folder.

Both volumes fine in matching tray case spine faded. Signed by Cohen, Robinson, Carol, Davies. There were 76 copies printed in all, most bound in handmade paper. The fictional narrative of a young boy's experience with the harp seals is printed in Centaur type on Saunders paper; it is interleaved with the seals' poems printed in Arrighi italic on blue Moriki paper.

The trade publisher's limited edition of what may be Irving's best-loved book a substantial claim for a book by the author of The World According to Garp , a part of which was the basis for the movie Simon Birch. Fine in an acetate dustwrapper and slipcase, and still in the publisher's original shrinkwrap.

There was also a Franklin Library edition, which preceded the publisher's editions -- and was, in effect, a subscription book club edition -- and a signed limited edition of copies produced by the Book of the Month Club, but this edition is the scarcest of them and, by virtue of being the publisher's limited edition, the most desirable. Avec carte de visite: Medical and physiological Problems. Psychological problems of adaptation Stuttgart , Daco-Verlag Gunter Blase. Only edition authorized by Vava Chagall after the luxurious edition Mourlot German text with 43 colour some double and 39 grey illustrations after the originall lithographs of M.

Full Super Moon 8.10.2014 ~*~ Poesie sur la Lune ~*~ ASMR francais/French

A beautifull edition in a very good state. Librairie Ancienne Cerat ]. Antique collectors' Club, Gilt on blue boards, excellent clean tight copy in similar dustwrapper. Dazu sieben Orphische Hymnen.

The ornately carved box measures 12 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches approx. She won shell art competition 1st place when she was A Fine set in Very Good slipcase. Jacket has just a touch of rubbing, and a minute crimp at the crown and outer tips. Nsubuga was born 17th January in Central Uganda to Uganda parents of different but similar Bantu tribes. A lovely crisp copy, internally flawless bar the aforementioned clipping.

Bilder von Roswitha Quadflieg. Hamburg , Raamin-Presse, Ausgezeichnetes fast neuwertiges Exemplar. Einband von Christian Zwang. Auflage von nummerierten und signierten Exemplaren. Als Beilage Nachrichten aus Schenefeld Nr. Poster printed front and back, promoting an exhibition held at the Dau al Set art gallery, in Barcelona. Michael Joseph, , Illustrated by John Lawrence.

Original blue cloth, titles to spine in silver. With the dust jacket. Black and white illustrations in the text. An excellent copy in a bright jacket. First edition, first impression. Signed by Dahl on the half-title. Joint le carton d'invitation au cocktail d'inauguration du Salon Raimu en Editions Du Centre Pompidou, Cloth in Illustrated Jacket. This is the comprehensive hardbound catalogue published in conjunction with Jean-Hubert Martin's controversial yet landmark exhibition entitled "Magiciens de la Terre" at Paris' Centre Georges Pompidou that attempted to contrast the production of artists from Non-Western cultures creating in a contemporary vein with that of American and European artists utilizing global imagery in the context of their own work.

A bright, most handsome example of the uncommon Editions Du Centre Pompidou first edition of this vital document. Additional shipping costs are required for this item beyond our standard rates due to its weight and value - we will inform you of the applicable amount at time of purchase. Books on the Arts ]. English text; Hardcover cloth with dust jacket ; The dust jacket front cover shows a small mark, caused by the card box.

The card box show some minor wear marks; Limited edition of copies of which this is number It was she who saved the pieces in the famous "Mail Service" from neglect. Represented in your display cabinets are the illustrious table services that ornamented the Royal and Imperial Palaces of Brazil's Bragantine court.

Also present are the faithful servitors of the Monarchy, in lovely Chinese export porcelain, decorated with family crests or initials. Jorge Welsh Books ].

Original cream cloth-backed green paper boards, titles to spine in metallic green, facsimile of author's signature gilt to front board. With the pictorial dust jacket. Tom McGuane, Ann Arbor, " front free endpaper. Grafica Uno, , Lastra , stampa Studio Bibliografico MArini ]. Silver Thimble Books,, Designed, illustrated, and published by Gordon Murray, the text is original calligraphy with original watercolors interpreting the work of Edmund Dulac, including "The Snow Queen" of Hans Christian Anderson, "The Little Mermaid" Anderson , and 8 others.

Accordion fold structure, 10 double-page watercolor illustrations numbered by the artist in pencil, calligraphic text; text clean, unmarked. Navy cloth over boards with window in the front cover revealing a watercolor illustration, clear plastic dust-jacket, hand-tinted end-papers; binding square and tight.

Black-paper-covered slip case with silk pull, printed paper label on side; light shelf wear. Gordon Murray was a British television producer and puppeteer. He wrote and produced some of the most popular children's television programs aired in the United Kingdom.

After retiring from television in , Gordon produced and distributed more than sixty limited-edition miniature books under the Silver Thimble Books imprint. Bound entirely by hand, they contained watercolor paintings, special covers and bindings, and slip cases. After , Murray began to tire of the run sizes and the amount of work involved in printing letter press, and began to emphasize hand-made editions, including original handwritten texts accompanied by original watercolor illustrations. Gordon Murray's miniature books are some of the best artist's miniature books of the twentieth century.

John Howell for Books ].

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  4. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Environmental Behaviour and Pathways of Human Exposure;
  5. Catharine Macaulay and Mercy Otis Warren: The Revolutionary Atlantic and the Politics of Gender.
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Very fine in very fine dustjacket. Signed by the author, a lovely copy of his Booker Prize-winning novel. Very minor age-toning throughout. Most of the tissue-guards are stained not affecting the plates. Wrappers and interior in overall very good condition. Eric Chaim Kline - Bookseller ]. Co-linearity of the gene with the polypeptide chain. Offprint from Nature Without wrappers as issued. Light browning, minor creasing, small marginal tears, otherwise very good. Brenner and his colleagues performed the first study to show co-linearity; i. Brenner and his team were working with "nonsense" mutants, called amber mutants, that terminated protein synthesis in E.

And we wouldn't have to do any protein sequencing! The only assumption we would have to make is that the protein is always read from the same end, which seemed a very reasonable one. So in we published a paper which proved that the gene and the protein were co-linear by an argument that was totally unexpected at that time.

We showed that as the amber mutations moved further and further to the right in the position of the gene, we got progressively more and more of the protein made: Brenner, My Life, p. Co-linearity means that changes in DNA sequence can produce changes in protein sequence at corresponding positions.

Working independently, Charles Yanofsky and his colleagues were also able to show co-linearity; "it was the Yanofsky work on tryptophan synthetase that was to provide the specifics of amino acid substitutions with gene mutations" Brock, p. The Viking Press, It was reissued as Never Give an Inch. Both book and jacket are first state. Book has spotted topstain, light wear at bottom corner of front board, lightly bumped corners and name on front fep. Slightly wrinkled jacket has touch of rubbing at spine ends.

Ken Hebenstreit, Bookseller ]. Fleet Publishing Corporation, Good only in a good dustjacket bumped at several corners, also bumped and dented at bottom center of front cover - hard enough to have created a short split in the board; jacket is price-clipped and has several ragged tears and associated creasing along the bottom edge of the front panel, along with internal tape repairs. Includes his professional boxing record. Artist's proof signed by Baskin.

Price clipped jacket has rubbing at flap fold ends. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, First edition, first printing. First editions, first printings. The complete set of the Prydain Cycle. The books are all in near fine condition. The dustwrappers are lightly sunned on the spines, with some roughness at the edges and folds else they are very good to near fine. Single yellow sheets typed rectos only, stapled at the corner, fine. The manuscript has extensive holograph corrections throughout with several stapled sheets replacing and adding paragraphs.

A account of the political and social unrest in the period after Congo's independence in Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. The second, unauthorised edition of the author's uncommon first book. Asparagus-coloured boards lettered in gold at spine. A tiny hint of wear to head of spine and upper board lifting just a fraction.

Corner of front endpaper clipped, presumably to remove a former owner name. A lovely crisp copy, internally flawless bar the aforementioned clipping. Housed in thin paper dust wrapper with the 12'6 price sticker to front flap. Wrapper tanned at spine panel, a little chafed at rear flap joint, with some light sunning to some extremities and two areas of loss from spine panel. Caton and the Fortune Press'. Daniel Thierstein Buchantiquariat ]. Edited by Sam Francis. Mit vielen farbigen Abbildungen und 62 34 doppelblattgrossen meist farbigen Originallithographien.

Lose Bogen in farbiger Originalleinwanddecke mit Schutzumschlag, in Originalleinwandschuber. Near Fine condition, 47 x 63 inches, on linen. Glazed and printed white boards. Paper cracked and repaired at the bottom of the front gutter, else very good or better. From the library of music critic Ralph Gleason. Fine in fine dustwrapper with a couple of tiny tears. Publisher's File Copy, stamped on the front and rear fly leaves, and the foredge: You only live twice. Publishers binding with dustjacket. Hot Springs High School. First and only editions.

Some modest wear, student inscriptions, mostly fine in custom cloth clamshell case. All three of Bill Clinton's High School yearbooks he attended a junior high school which went through 9th grade.