Maines Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts

Maine’s Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts
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Tall wooden and glass cases filled with minerals and creatures from all over the world greeted Mendelsohn at the L.

Maine’s Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts

Bates Museum in Hinckley. Many times she had passed the Museum of African Culture, a small establishment on a side street in Portland. When she finally walked through the door, she was greeted by one of the most memorable people she has interviewed: You can design a day trip or vacation that pursues some of these interests. Cross the bridge to Indian Island and find the Penobscot Nation Museum in a small building, run by Penobscot elder and artist James Neptune, a man with a passion for the history of his people. His artwork and family photos are interspersed with a year-old canoe and war clubs his ancestors made for tourists.

Maine museum home to eclectic artifacts for more than a century

Talking to museum workers — owners, directors, secretaries, volunteers, guards — is the way to delve deeper into the artifacts and photographed faces on display. Nearly all of the volunteers at the Telephone Museum in Ellsworth used to work for a telephone company. Mendelsohn found that the poor economy has been tough on smaller museums.

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The Portland Harbor Museum had low visitation numbers when Mendelsohn paid them a visit in summer Since then, it merged with Maine Maritime Museum, and she had to modify the information in the book before publication. She hopes to include more detailed descriptions of these places if she writes a second edition of the book.

Maine's Museums

High-tech kiosks and computer pads guide visitors through exhibits, and many museums offer short videos and plan events for children and adults that take into account the generally shorter attention span people have today. In a conversation Mendelsohn had with Donna McNeil, director of the Maine Arts Commission, she asked her one thing the public could do for for museums.


Clearly you have a love for museums and, given my occupation, so do I! What do you say to someone who thinks that museums are old-fashioned or stuffy?

Art, Oddities & Artifacts

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She hopes to include more detailed descriptions of these places if she writes a second edition of the book. While some museums surprise when they teach you something about yourself, others fascinate with the oddity of their collection. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! How did you get started on this project? I was writing a Boston Globe travel article on the Maine Folk Art Trail which involved concurrent exhibits at 11 museums, large and small.

How would you convince the contemporary consumer of the relevance of museums in our current, high-speed culture? Photo by Janet Mendelsohn.

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Video games keep setting the bar higher for visual effects. Museums in Maine are now lending visitors iPads and installing high tech kiosks to enhance what we see and do in the galleries.

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Maine's Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts [Janet Mendelsohn] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Distinctly Maine: Active Shakers, ice. Maine's Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts. likes. The first and only book soley devoted to the state's diverse and often unusual collections for.

Many have terrific summer and vacation week programs for children and adults, special events like logging competitions and military reenactments. Would-be sea captains and sailors find plenty of hands-on activities at the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport.

Photo courtesy of Penobscot Marine Museum. Are there any hidden gems for families — spots parents could take children that seem to be under the radar?

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Maine Maritime Museums in Bath has a one-weekend family boatbuilding workshop, a pirate ship to climb all over and lighthouse and nature cruises on the Kennebec. The Wendell Gilley Museum of wood carving, on Mount Desert Island, has art, natural history and wildlife protection programs, including carving lessons for ages 11 and up. Which destination was your personal favorite? Was there one place you connected with more than any other? You want me to choose? The Saco Museum brought history alive for me with its personal stories.

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The Osher Map Library collection is full of exquisite rare art that served a practical purpose. Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village was especially interesting.