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hojasixoxace.tk Frydman spoke Marathi and so became a translator of Nisargadatta's talks.

He recorded and compiled the sessions, leading to the publication of I Am That. Most of the conversations were in Marathi, but for the benefit of Westerners talks were often translated. Many of the questions put and answers given were so interesting and significant that a tape-recorder was brought in.

While most of the tapes were of the regular Marathi-English variety, some were polyglot scrambles of several Indian and European languages. All the conversations were recorded at Nisargadatta's small tenement and later transcribed and translated by Frydman while the master was still unknown to the Western public. A Marathi version of the talks, verified by Nisargadatta, was published separately.

According to Nisargadatta, "Maurice Frydman told me, 'Everything that is said here is immediately lost, though it could be of a great benefit for those looking for truth. I would like to translate and publish your words so others might know them.

And so, he wrote I Am That ". With the book's publication, Nisargadatta became very popular: I Am That was initially rejected by the major publishers, so Frydman worked with a then small publisher, Chetana Publications. The book was first published in in two hardcover volumes. The revised and enlarged second edition was published in one volume in The first paperback was published in The book comprises sections, each corresponding to a particular conversation, averaging four pages each and cast in a question-and-answer format.

Most deal with a single issue but some go from one subject to other, always in line with the spiritual quest. The second edition includes an epilogue, Nisarga Yoga, by Maurice Frydman. Nisargadatta also had a strong devotion to his own guru, and suggested the path of devotion, Bhakti yoga , to some of his visitors. Nisargadatta deviated from the formal Navnath Sampradaya lineage style of teaching by giving informal discourses for the benefit of Western devotees who did not have access to Dasbodh or other texts, and who were not familiar with Indian traditions and customs. His teachings came from his own experience.

According to Nisargadatta and others [29] one of the main blockages to self-realization is identification with the body. For this, no effort is required.

Omega uses proprietary technology to help machines understand natural language.

This initiative will introduce competitive robotics to students at 6 elementary schools in low-income areas. The award recognizes artists who have shown exemplary commitment to improving the state of the world. The first recipients of the i.

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On May 31 - June 1, , i. The Pyramidi is a collaborative multimedia project by will. It is 90 minutes of some rich Hollywood guy who almost dies, has an epiphany that "Hey, maybe I've been a greedy bastard these past 20 years and maybe there's more to life than private jets, luxury cars and fancy homes," and makes a movie about it.

I AM is the fascinating costume jewelry brand for women. Our label YSTRDY completes the core collection with textile accessories, watches and more. I Am or I'm may refer to: Contents. 1 I am. Language; Terminology; Books; Film and TV; Music. Performers; Albums; Songs.

In which he shows picture after picture after picture of his luxury homes and himself standing in front of a private jet and a luxury car. Three times we see the same photo of him standing on the tarmac. The thesis of his movie is something along the lines of Nature is holistic, all Living Things are of One, Man is by his own nature Good and full of Empathy and the Heart is more powerful than the brain.

He takes sound bites from interviews with some popular academics such as Noam Chomsky and David Suzuki neither of whom I think actually buy into his hippy Gaia hypothesis full scale. We are programmed by society, by competitive sports and spelling bees, to go against our Nature of Cooperation.

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Everyone is nice if just given the chance! He argues that Man can have revolution through peaceful means and that one person CAN make difference. And then he uses Gandhi as his example. Wow, one example out of thousands of years of war. But he doesn't delve any deeper than that.

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He does not ask why Man can be Bad. But he is ecstatic that he can make yogurt smile. He does not offer The Answers.

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Which is kind of important seeing as he begins the movie asking his Two Questions. It is basically 90 minutes of being privy to some guy wonder about stuff.

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Chapter 21; Who Am I? Learn more More Like This. It is basically 90 minutes of being privy to some guy wonder about stuff. For this, no effort is required. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article.

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