Horrorscopes: A Little Book of Misfortunes

Horrorscopes: A Little Book of Misfortunes
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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The principle conflict is the Love of Evil, or conversely, the Evil of Love.

The other side of the Libran horror story is the quest for justice. One of the older versions of this story is the tale of the revenant, the dead who come back to life to punish those responsible for their demise. The bloody story of vengeance is often performed without the addition of the supernatural.

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Scorpio represents the seductive quality of death- the death wish as ultimate peace. The fear of death is annihilated by accepting death. One may become like the Vampire by allowing their embrace. Scorpio also opens the door on the many myths of apocalypse by plague. Examples of this are the Andromeda Strain, the Stand, and more recently, the Resident Evil series of movies and games, as well as certain articulations of the zombie movie, where zombiesm is the result of an infectious disease.

In the stories that involve zombies, the infectious nature of death has its veneer of sexuality removed, and co-mingles with the mindless obedience and conformity typical of the Capricorn story. The Sagittarius complex of archetypes revolve around quests. Conversely, in the zodiac of horror, Sagittarius is the super-soldier of death- the elite commando of doom who will stop at nothing to destroy the potential victims of the Sagittarian horror tale.

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As the centaur symbol of Sagittarius suggests, the mind is fused with the body- principles and ideas are explained by acting on them. One has only to look at one of the most obvious examples of the genre- Friday the 13 th. Friday the 13 th , with its cult-status villain- Jason Vorhees, are but one articulation of this most popular sub-genre of horror.

Darkside Zodiac: Pisces

This is a story that can be told with or without super-natural elements. In fact, most real-life stories of relentless serial killers fit this narrative formula. In Capricorn we confront our horror of social inequality, the twin fears of becoming one of the pitiless devils ruling the world or one of the mindless slaves serving them.

And here we find a modern favorite- the Zombie. Although the tale of the zombie has become one of masterless morons hungry for the next brain, the zombie has its origins in a misinterpretation of Vodou. The one who seeks to master more than his due contracts foul forces to serve him. The villain in this story is only in part the zombies.

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The other nemesis is Dennis Hopper, who plays the heartless overlord of the city, brutally exploiting the survivors. The conflict between the humans and the zombies is mirrored by the conflict between the rich and poor humans, with Dennis Hopper representing the force keeping the hierarchy in place.

Once the plot gets moving, the inequality of the slave-master dynamic explodes. When we ply the tunnel of Aquarius, we are swept into stories whose horror revolves around the theme of forbidden knowledge. By transgressing the limits of human knowledge and power, an abomination arises, a walking mistake. In the original tale, he is not merely a brute, but rather an alienated outsider, observing a human order in which he cannot take part and full of alienated angst.

This, my friends, is Aquarius in the darkened hues of the horror tale. But there are other tales of horror whose foul spring is the fear of forbidden knowledge. But despite the danger, humans have always wanted to know the future, and always will. Many of the tales of H. Lovecraft also fall under the Forbidden Knowledge banner. In Pisces we find ourselves in a regressed nightscape, where the boundaries of the real and the unreal commingle and dissolve. In these tales, the terror pours from the absence of truth.

Reality becomes a molten sea bereft of any rock to cling to. All is real, all is unreal.

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This story annihilates the division between the subjective and objective- madness. Many stories garnish themselves with this motif, while others make it their altar piece. The characters in Piscean tales are often children or artists because of their intimate involvement with the imagination. Yes, yes, yes, and HELL yes.