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Rock 'n' roll and classic rock. Hal Leonard Guitar Recorded Versions. For voice, piano and guitar chords.

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With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams, introductory text and discography. Classic rock and rock 'n' roll. Includes guitar tablature songbook and accompaniment CD. With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics and chord names.

Disraeli Gears Performed by Cream. With standard guitar notation, guitar tablature, vocal melody, lyrics and chord names. Hard rock and classic rock. Includes instructional book song exerpts only and examples CD. With standard guitar notation, guitar tablature, chord names, guitar notation legend, introductory text and instructional text. Hard rock, classic rock and instructional. Hal Leonard Signature Licks.

Crosby, Stills and Nash: Classic rock and folk rock. With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and guitar notation legend. Glam rock, pop rock and classic rock. Derek And The Dominoes: With standard guitar notation, guitar tablature, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and guitar notation legend.

Eric Clapton, John Mayall: With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names and guitar notation legend. Blues rock and classic rock. Best of Steely Dan - "Guitar recorded versions" Format: Transcriptions are reasonably accurate, and the book covers a nice range of material. The guitar parts are written out in tablature and standard notation, with chord names written above.

Chord shapes are given at the start of each song, though one of the oddities of this book is that for several songs the chord shapes are omitted completely. A few songs have only a handful of shapes written out e. You can get often get clues for the missing chord shapes from the tablature, but this doesn't always work - it would be much better to have all the necessary shapes written out explicitly. The chord names given are fairly accurate though the chord voicings are not always that good. Often, rather minimal voicings that omit the root note are given, which is fine if you're playing with a bass or keyboard player who can fill in the extra notes, but not so good if you're playing on your own and expect to hear the right chords.

My approach to working out guitar arrangements of Steely Dan songs is to get playable chord shapes that capture as many of the essential harmony notes as possible. That way, you can get the essence of the song in a single guitar part. This doesn't seem to be the approach taken by this book, so if you want nice single-guitar arrangements you'll probably have to piece together bits and pieces from the tablature and chord shapes.

If you're mainly interested in the solos and riffs, the book gives you all these. As with all songbooks, treat the transcriptions as a good starting point from which to improve. If a chord or riff from the book doesn't sound quite right, trust your ears and try to figure out what's wrong. Overall, despite the flaws, this is probably one of the songbooks that guitarists will find most useful.

Order "Best of Steely Dan - guitar recorded versions" Back to top. The transcriptions are detailed and their quality is generally good. Most parts are written out "note for note" for the whole song, though there are some simplifications e. Solo lines sax, guitar etc are written out, though they can be a little wooden in places. Important slurs, grace notes or subtle rhythmic touches are sometimes missed out, but if you're prepared to work out a few of the finer details yourself, what you get here is a very good starting point.

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The transcriptions are good, especially considering that detailed parts for 8 or so instruments are given for each song. Having said that, I've found quite a few parts that don't sound right to me. There are a few very quirky notes probably typos , but rather more areas where the harmonies are not quite right. Again, if you are prepared to do a little work yourself, this songbook gives you a very good starting point. The guitar music is usually written out using a single stave.

Chord names are given throughout, though there are no chord shapes. The chord names are not always accurate, but if you scan the keyboard parts as well and "borrow" some notes, you'll end up with decent sounding chords. This songbook is well worth considering. Especially useful for keyboard, bass and horn players, it's also useful for guitarists who are happy to work from standard notation and chord names.

Steely Dan Complete Format: On the positive side, this book has chords for every song from the albums up to and including Gaucho.

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On the negative side, the chords given are not that accurate. They'll give you something that sounds kind of similar to the original song, but not very close. With many groups this might be OK, but with Steely Dan each chord, and more particularly the voicings chosen for each chord, have to be spot on for the song to sound right. Some songs are in the wrong key, which is inexcusable Josie in Fm?

If you want to play something that is "in the ballpark", try this book. If you want to play things that sound right, then look elsewhere. Order "Steely Dan Complete" Back to top. Guitar tablature with CD Accuracy: The book has transcribed examples guitar tab and standard notation from 11 different songs, and the CD has recordings of how the transcribed sections should sound. The CD has some "full band" tracks, where drums, bass, keyboard and guitar play together, and other tracks where just the main guitar part is heard on its own.

All guitar solo sections are played twice - once at normal speed and then once at half speed, making it easier to follow some of the faster parts. The quality of the music on the CD is pretty good considering the complexity of the original songs. Personally, I prefer to get to know the guitar parts by playing along with the original recordings, though I'm sure some players will find the half-speed renditions of the guitar solos a useful way to practise the parts.

Hal Leonard Boston - Don't Look Back Guitar Recorded Version Songbook

In terms of the guitar tablature, the transcriptions in this book are identical to the guitar tab in many of the other Steely Dan songbooks. Again, this is sadly the way these songbooks are produced - the same tablature and chords are repackaged many times to produce apparently "new" books. Note that the tablature in this book only covers the main riffs and solos - you don't get transcriptions of the complete songs.

This means that if you already own other Steely Dan songbooks with guitar tab for the songs covered in this "Inside Look" songbook, there's no point buying the book if all you're interested are the transcriptions - you will be buying the same guitar tablature again! What this book does offer however, in addition to the play-along examples on the CD, is a little information on suitable gear for reproducing those Steely Dan guitar sounds. It also has a few paragraphs on some of the key Steely Dan guitarists, and it offers some guidelines for playing the transcribed examples on a track-by-track basis.

These performance notes are a useful addition and they are a feature that I think should be included much more often with guitar songbooks. Having said that, I don't know if it's really worth paying the money for this book just for these playing tips, the CD and the information on players and guitar gear. Because the transcriptions are identical to those in some of the other songbooks, many of the same comments on transcription accuracy apply.

The guitar tab is pretty good overall, but there are many details that are wrong and there are a few areas where the transcriptions are particularly poor the tablature for the Peg guitar solo is a long way off.

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The performance notes are good, sometimes giving info on how to tackle particular sections of the music, and sometimes giving background information on the playing style or harmonic ideas being used. One weakness of the performance notes is the occasional mistake when attributing a player to a guitar part. For a songbook claiming to offer an "inside look", it really should check these details more carefully. For example, it fails to mention how Denny Dias and Walter Becker play alternating solo sections in Aja - the book assumes all guitar solo parts are played by Dias.

The transcriptions often fail to highlight where guitar parts were recorded as multi-track parts, and unfortunately the performance notes fail to pick up on this. For example, the interlude sections in both Josie and Aja were recorded as three separate single-note parts, not as a single guitar part as the book suggests.

There are subtle but crucial differences in tone that result from this, and the book should have pointed out that the parts can be approximated on a single guitar but they won't sound the same. Overall, this songbook has some useful plus points. The performance notes are good and many guitarists will find the "play along" CD with half-speed versions of the solos helpful. The transcriptions are good but not note perfect as with all Steely Dan guitar tab books.

If you want complete transcriptions of the songs, this is not the book for you. Standard music notation Accuracy: All the transcriptions are in standard music notation. The examples highlight various riffs e. There's a nice variety of choices in terms of both the songs featured and the examples taken from these songs.

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For each transcribed example there are a few lines of text that describe points of interest. These sometimes highlight stylistic or rhythmic features, harmonic structure, or give some general background to the solo or piece e. These bits of text help to make sense of the transcribed examples, and they give a lot of added value to the songbook. However, one criticism is that throughout the songbook Donald is the only keyboard player named, and many parts played by other musicians are wrongly attributed to him.

Hal Leonard Boston - Don't LOOK Back Guitar Recorded Version Songbook

Since Steely Dan's use of session musicians is well known, this is a bit surprising or careless. The accuracy of the transcriptions is on a par with the best of the official songbooks - generally very good, but with some errors. These mistakes are usually in the small details of the songs, in the chord voicings e.

Occasionally the transcriptions errors are such that the transcription just doesn't do justice to the song - for me, this is true of the transcribed intro to Gaucho where, despite the text talking about a gospel "funky amen" sound, the transcription doesn't pick up the disguised IV-I sound that is the key to this part.

Overall however, given the complexity of the music, the transcription accuracy is very good. This is a songbook that gives some nice insights into some of the great keyboard and piano moments from Steely Dan songs. Some of the material requires high levels of keyboard technique in order to be able to do it justice when playing it, but there is plenty of more manageable material as well.

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There's a small risk that the examples here might whet your appetite and leave you wanting complete piano transcriptions for the songs, but if you can live with that then you may well get a lot of enjoyment from this book. Standard music notation with chord names. This songbook was on sale at some of the Steely Dan concerts in Japan e.

Chris Lincoln, who alerted me to the existence of this book, kindly sent in some of his thoughts about the transcriptions in this book. His comments below are, as he explained, from his standpoint as "one man with a piano and no expectation to ever sit down and use these charts in a band setup".

For a keyboard player, the first hope is that any chart will accompany a singer, not duplicate the melody in the right hand. Steely Dan accomplishes that. A piano player might be happier with the 15 songs chosen. Some Reelin', Kid Charlemagne have significant guitar parts.

What you do when there are guitar solos is an open question. Wu over some songs in here because the piano parts are better. Hey 19 plays pretty well all the way through. Peg, because of those rich chords, especially through the introduction, is enjoyable to play - until the guitar solo. Babylon Sisters is playable all the way through, and sounds more like the demos of that song available on the internet. Time Out of Mind is another quite satisfying song to play. The feel is there and the keyboard part is rythmic enough to carry it. Same for My Old School.

A lot of it sounds pretty close and if you can forget about the horns and guitars, no problem.