Basketball as a Metaphysical Experience: A Memoir

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The grandiosity of their moods is in no way justified by their surroundings. They can feel like Napoleon in a suburban bedroom, like Che Guevara at the school disco.


It's a cliche to appeal to adolescent hormones as an explanation. Part of it, however, must be a side effect of simply getting to know the world. A crazily unlikely world with giant question marks behind the familiar edifices of education, family and the daily news. A world you have been dropped into alive, for a short time, to make sense of as best you can. Enough to drive anyone briefly or even permanently crazy. Not that they're necessarily the right people to express that wonder, in words or art.

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The worst, of course, are diaries. Is it to Barbara Ehrenreich 's credit she has exposed her own diaries, over a particularly important period of her personal development, to public scrutiny? Or does placing them in such an exalted context — as the backbone of a philosophical investigation with lofty ambitions — repeat the hubris of the teenager?

Living With a Wild God is not a volume of diaries as such. In , asked to collect her papers for a university archive, Ehrenreich found her journal from the years to , starting when she was It pivots around an incident she has been avoiding, in one way or another, since it happened.

This is her attempt, finally, to interpret it. The fact that she is an "atheist by tradition" is key to the story.

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This was an unusual denomination in s middle America, its origin a deathbed renunciation of Catholicism by Mamie McLaughlin, the paternal great-grandmother. Not that her parents were especially rational. Ehrenreich's father comes across as a domineering alcoholic both parents enjoy drink-driving, regularly returning home battered and bruised from a prang. Her mother is just as disturbed. In one display of intellectualised jealousy, she tells her daughter that Freud said girls are sexually attracted to their fathers, which had to be why Barbara prefers him to her.

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Her parents' behaviour stunned her, I think, into a deep-seated detachment. She begins a "systematic observation" of them as an alternative to colluding in their emotional ups and downs. It is a protective mechanism, but it burrows into her being to such an extent that she starts to undergo episodes of total dissociation. She experiences these, however, not as mental disturbances, but philosophical ones.

Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior

Each time they happened, she writes, "something peeled off the visible world, taking with it all meaning, inference, association, labels and words". She is able, magically, to see objects and people as they really are, raw forms, bundles of matter — existing, just existing, under the sun. A collection of book reviews and essays on books, literature, and writing.

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A man possessed by alien entities recruits convicts for a murderous rampage. Sequel to The One Thousand. A fellowship of alien-possessed psychopaths throw a party at which they plan to slaughter all the guests. In southern Europe, the Team of Seven hunt a busload of alien-possessed psychopaths intent on unleashing a deadly pathogen in a major city.

Fourth novella in The One Thousand Series. The Team of Seven finally confront the alien-possessed psychopaths they have been hunting. Copyright by John Walters. August Book Review: Stiles Posted on August 27, by John Walters.

Posted in Uncategorized Tagged beach , music , summer Leave a comment. Posted in Memoir , Travel Tagged basketball , memoir , metaphysical experience , travel 1 Comment. Endings Posted on August 6, by John Walters.

Living with a Wild God by Barbara Ehrenreich – review | Books | The Guardian

Check out my Patreon page! The Story of a Search Memoir of my hippy travel days in the mids. A collection of science fiction stories. A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories.

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. David Richman, President and Creative Director, has been Combining his experience in both realms, his focus is on presenting universal insights in simple ways that make . Since I know little about basketball, I especially enjoyed the back and forth between sports and family history. Read "After the Rosy-Fingered Dawn: A Memoir of Greece" by John Walters with Basketball as a Metaphysical Experience: A Memoir ebook by John Walters.

Surreal and deadly hunt for a serial killer. Memoir of my return to the States after thirty-five years overseas. A collection of fantasy short stories. A memoir of my life in Greece. A collection of dark science fiction stories.

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While I initially had the idea that Spiritual Hoops was going to have lots of player stories and inside notes from the famous Phil Jackson, I found that it was a lot deeper than that. Xenophobe's Guide to the Dutch. It really makes me think about how to bounce back after I mess u Overall I really liked this book. Memoir of my return to the States after thirty-five years overseas. Sometimes Jackson drags on some of the stories that he tells, which caused some boredom for me. He played all through high school and managed to get recruited at North Dakota University.