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Top Swedish Idioms & Proverbs

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Analysis, Acquisition and Treatment. Life of Samuel Johnson. Rodney Shewan , London: Bowker, Lynne and Jennifer Pearson Working with Specialized Language. A practical guide to using corpora. Die Interpunktion des Deutschen. They could be anywhere. Because in Middle Age Sweden, whilst meat was scarce, you could be sold cat or dog in the guise of pork.

Unless you like that sort of thing. You know when you are getting proficient or cocky in a language when you start using idioms. Or, for the English teachers out there, perhaps they can be considered a bit of functional language to give lower level learners that little confidence boost. These above examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Swedish idioms, and we encourage you, brave language learner, to seek out your own particular favourites and use them at will!

If, however, you feel it may be more useful to learn the basics in Swedish before you start speaking in riddles, that works too, and we understand. Why not contact us and see what we have on offer to help you on your Swedish quest.