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His hand tightened on my hair as I began to suck his cock. I could not believe what I was doing but the moaning sounds from the other couple and the darkness turned me on a lot. I was already feeling the pressure between my legs as I fucked his cock. He was moving his hips to meet my thrusts as I slobbered all over that cock. I could not wait anymore. I sat up and moved so I was sitting on his laps, facing away from him. I stifled my own moan as he entered me. I began to move gently up and down his cock.

Soon, I heard another set of sex sounds in the corner of the room and this heightened my pleasure even more. Knowing I had my own dick to fuck while others got it on was such a turn on. It was like a quiet orgy of some sort. Fucked by 2 cops. I moved my hips against him, letting my pussy wrap him up. He put his hands on my thighs, his fingernails digging into my flesh as he jerked his hips up to get more dick into my hungry cunt. One of the other girls getting fucked began to cry out. She sounded out of control. I bit my lip as that turned me on too. I imagined a rock hard cock driving into her pussy and making her act so crazy.

She moaned loudly and I closed my eyes as I came close to my own orgasm. A loud moan escaped me too as I exploded around this strange cock. I had not had enough. If I wanted to be slutty tonight, I wanted to go all the way. I pushed myself off his dick and settled down on him again, this time, his rock hard cock slid into my asshole.

His cock was completely covered in my cum so it slid easily deep into my tight asshole. I embraced the sweet mixture of pleasure and pain as my tight hole fucked him. He began to pant loudly. Soon, all I could hear was his panting as he moved in and out of my ass.

I think that you're very beautiful and a guy like me would be very lucky to be going out with a girl like you. I've always been attracted to you and I have like fantasies about doing things with you and to you. Summer gasped softly from Freddy's touch as he leaned in to capture her lips with his, kissing her nice and slow. Freddy breaks the kiss for a bit and gazes deeply into Summer's eyes, resting his forehead on hers.

The young blonde smiles at the boy that she loves as she began to unbutton his shirt, revealing his hairless and toned chest. Summer bit her bottom lip gently and smiled as she looked at Freddy once more, kissing him again but this time more passionately as Freddy wraps his arms around her waist while Summer wraps her arms around his neck.

Freddy began to feel Summer's wet body closer to his, feeling her bare breasts touching his chest. The handsome teen began to lick Summer's bottom lip, begging for entrance. Summer smirked into the kiss and gave Freddy access to enter her mouth as she began to feel his tongue slipping inside her mouth, exploring every part of her and tasting her.

Summer began to moan into the kiss as Freddy flicks his tongue against hers. Freddy moves his hands down to Summer's firm ass, gently cupping it with his hand and lifts her up from out of the bathtub as she wraps her long, luscious legs around his waist. Where do you want to take this at? Want us to do it in here or…. As they made it inside Summer's bedroom, Freddy lies Summer down on her bed and removes his shirt from off of his body and began to flex right in front of the cute blonde, making her blush more.

Summer ran her hands up and down Freddy's smooth and toned chest before flipping him over so she could be on top of him as Freddy kicks his shoes off from his feet while Summer unbuckled his belt. The blue-eyed cutie bit her lower lip and smiled at Freddy as she began to fumble with his zipper until she finally got his jeans undone. Freddy began to moan softly as he felt his crush sticking her hand in his pants and rubs his cock through the fabric of his black boxer briefs.

Freddy gently grabs Summer and turned her around so her back is facing him while they stood on their knees. Summer rests her back on Freddy's chest and turned her head to the side, capturing his lips with hers while he touched her oh so sensual, his hands rubbing against her firm and perky breasts.

Guns N' Roses recorded my sex moans onto Rocket Queen and I wasn't faking

Summer rolled her tongue against Freddy's while Freddy does the same, making her moan into the kiss as she felt his fingers squeezing her nipples. Freddy continues to play with her breasts with one hand while moving the other down to her shaved pussy, using his finger to rub her clit in a circular motion, causing her to moan loudly. Freddy slipped his middle finger inside Summer's dripping wet pussy and starts pumping in and out of her wet hole as Summer kept moaning out his name. After fingering Summer for a bit, Freddy lies Summer down on the bed and removes his jeans and fingered the waistband of his boxer brief, lowering them down to reveal his rock-hard 6-inch cock.

Summer began to blush from the sight of Freddy's hard cock. Freddy kneeled down by edge of Summer's bed, grabbing her by her legs while she holds her left leg up while letting the other dangle over the edge of the bed. Not wanting to waste any time, Freddy leaned down and ran his tongue up and down the cute blonde's wet slit, making Summer moan loudly. The handsome teen uses his finger to spread Summer's pink pussy open just so he can ease his tongue in her. Freddy continues sawing his tongue in and out of his crush's pussy as she bucks her hips into his face, grinding her delicious pussy all over his mouth, wanting him to make her cum hard.

Summer arched her back, her toes began to curl and starts gripping the bed sheets tightly as her orgasm was starting to rock her whole body. Liquid was starting to leak all over Freddy's tongue as Summer explodes in pure bliss, squirting her juices all over his tongue. After lapping up her sweet nectar, Freddy kissed his way back up to Summer's lips and kissed her for a bit before replacing his tongue with something else. If you feel like you're ready to load up, feel free to pull out and just fire your load on me.

Freddy reached down and grabbed his erect penis and lined it up in front of her dripping wet opening, running the tip up and down the blonde's wet slit just to tease her a bit. Summer smiled and nods at Freddy as he began to slowly slide his thick cock inside her tight little pussy as Summer starts wincing in pain from the feeling of Freddy stretching her for a bit. Freddy slid himself back inside Summer.

The cute blonde bit her lower lip to keep herself from moaning loud from the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her nice and slow. Summer wraps her legs around Freddy, rubbing her foot up and down his butt, teasing him with the tip of her toes. Ohh…" Freddy moaned as he alternates from gentle and hard thrusts. But the sound of her surprised gasp drove him on. He wanted to hear more sounds like it, wanted to hear her moan. There had been so many times when images of her naked beneath him had flashed though his mind and he had dismissed them quickly before they could bloom into full blown fantasies.

But now he had her in this moment, and though she may put a bullet though his cock for it, he was going to kiss her breathless. She remained tense and unresponsive as he plundered her mouth, his tongue sweeping over her teeth and exploring every corner with enough force to be aggressive, but not so much that the kiss became overbearing and suffocating. She couldn't believe it, but being kissed by Rock felt good. She liked it when he showed this side of him, the aggressor, the warrior, not the whiny little office boy he usually was.

Even so, pride wouldn't let her succumb to him like this. She began to struggle again, trying to push him off, but his position on top of her gave him more leverage and she couldn't seem to break free. He could feel her fighting beneath him, and for some reason, it turned him on. A primal instinct thrived on holding her down and claiming her mouth as she thrashed about beneath him.

He growled against her lips, a dark and animalistic sound, and felt himself beginning to grow hard. Their current position had his groin centered in the cradle of her hips, and without stopping to think about what he was doing, he began to grind into the soft spot between her legs, growling again at the wonderful friction it produced. Heat that had nothing to do with the temperature of the room suddenly flooded Revy's body as she felt his half hard erection press against her sex. His hungry sounds were making her nerve endings burn as his mouth worked against hers.

Rock was turning her on in a way she hadn't felt for quite some time and the knowledge both confused and angered her. She wasn't attracted to this little punk ass! He was just a little bitch who was pissed at her for saying he didn't know how to please a woman. And yet, as he continued to grind against her, her panties were beginning to grow damp. Rock finally broke the kiss when his lungs could no longer withstand the lack of air. He looked down to find her breathing hard, a faint flush spreading over the bridge of her nose.

Even though she was glaring daggers at him, it was obvious his kiss had affected her.

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So, what did you think of it? Summer sat down on the edge of the tub, reaching in to turn on the faucet to fill the tub up. His voice was dark and menacing, but so full of desire that Revy was momentarily speechless. The sex life he'd had in that relationship had actually been rather good. Buy the eBook Price: Douglas Costa de Souza Douglas Costa spit shame: Revy let out a sharp cry, body shaking as she tried to adjust to the intrusion.

He could see they were clouded with desire. Although she didn't want to admit it, she liked what he was doing. Rock was no idiot. He knew full well what Revy was capable of. She was incredibly strong and could put up a hell of a fight, and he couldn't help but feel that despite her protests, she wasn't putting her all into fighting him off.

She began to struggle with renewed energy, thrashing around so wildly that Rock had to press his entire body to hers, forcing her down until she began to tire. When he could sense her strength had began to wane, he scooted down her body just a little, lowering his head so he was hovering over her heaving breasts. Rock didn't respond, but simply gazed at her chest.

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He could see the faint points of her nipples through her black cropped shirt, meaning she wasn't wearing a bra. Without warning, he leaning down and captured a nipple between his teeth right through the material of her top, causing her to draw in a breath sharply. He tugged at the hardened point roughly. He'd heard enough of Revy's disturbingly graphic accounts of sexual endeavors to know that she liked a little pain with her pleasure.

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Revy squirmed beneath him at the feel of his teeth closing around the sensitive bud. Every tug sent blazing heat streaking through her even though he hadn't even removed any of her clothes. He switched breasts, giving the other similar attention and noticing that the harder he tugged, the louder her gasps were. Rock was unfazed by her words.

He lifted his head from her chest to fix her with a gaze so heated that she felt something low in her stomach flutter pleasantly. His voice was dark and menacing, but so full of desire that Revy was momentarily speechless. Her theory about him being gay had clearly gone up in smoke. Before she could muster the words to reply, his teeth found the bottom hem of her shirt and he tugged it upwards until it was bunched around her armpits, revealing two bronzed and flawless globes.

Rock stared a moment in wonder. Her breasts were large, but still pert and supple. The wine colored areolas gave way to tightened little nipples that were fully distended and reddened thanks to the ministrations of his teeth. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath, enticing him all the more. He had to admit, while Revy had many flaws, she had a perfect set of tits. He longed to touch them with his hands, but couldn't risk releasing his captive. Instead, he let his mouth close around one pebbled nipple, sucking it into his mouth where he swirled his tongue around the hardened bud and grazed it with his teeth.

Revy felt a moan bubble up inside her but managed to force it down, settling instead for another string of scathing insults. She would not moan for him, even though his mouth was working over her sensitive breast in ways that was making her head spin. She would not give in, not to this white-collared fucker. You miss your mama's tits and have to go after mine? Rock didn't answer, but flicked his eyes up to her face as he continued to suck at her breast, letting his teeth close around her nipple sharply for her insult. She shivered slightly, but didn't make a sound despite the fact that the heat between her thighs was practically throbbing now.

How the fuck had he managed to get her so riled up? Rock was a pansy, and yet here he was holding her down and giving her the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. She had always figured Rock would be the type to tentatively touch a woman while whispering sweet nothings and other useless bullshit, but the Rock on top of her right now was almost Rock could see the desire in her eyes.

Even if her mouth was telling him to stop, was calling him every name she could think of, those beautiful brown depths told him the truth. She wanted him, but her pride wouldn't let her say it.

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If she couldn't find the courage to be vulnerable in front of him, to bare just a little of her soul to him, then he would help her. He would satisfy her lust even if it meant putting up with the game she was playing, of pretending he was the only one that wanted this. He continued to bite and suckle at her roughly, switching from breast to breast and making Revy so wet she could hardly stand it. Suddenly, he stopped, shifting his body to plant a knee into her sternum while he gathered both her wrists into one hand.

The free hand deftly undid the plain black tie he was wearing and he used it to bind her wrists together. Revy tried to squirm away but every time she did so, the knee on her chest kept her pressed in place. It appeared his knot-tying abilities had improved quite a bit since he had first joined Lagoon Company, for despite how much she tugged, she couldn't pull her hands free of her bonds.

It wasn't often Rock let this side of him show. Hell, he had never let it show before he'd joined this group of pirates, and he certainly never thought his darker side would make an appearance while with a woman. This is what Revy did to him. She brought out his carnal side, for better or for worse, and Rock found himself using words that usually would have made him blush, doing things he'd never dreamed of doing, and the tattooed woman seemed to egg him on until he couldn't help but bare his teeth at her like this.

It was dangerous and exciting, much like the rest of his experiences as a pirate, and the added thrill only made him crave her more. The woman beneath him tried to swing at him with her bound fists but he caught her arm easily with one hand, shrugging off his shirt as he pushed her back down on the bed. Despite his words, there was amusement in his voice.

You just can't seem to behave yourself. He succeeded anyway and managed to tug them over her hips until they were halfway down her legs, leaving her in simple black bikini cut panties. The redheads breath hitched as she felt his fingers dip beneath the cotton material and smooth down over her skin. Rock was surprised to find her lacking any trace of hair on her mound.

She must have just shaved and he was glad she did because when he reached even lower, he was able to feel just how wet she was as her plentiful juices coated his fingers. You're soaked," he breathed, letting two fingers rub over her slit and groaning as he could feel the hot flesh pulse beneath him. A smirk formed on Rock's lips at her protest.

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The words she used were forceful, but the way she stuttered, and the breathiness in her voice proved to him that even she wasn't sure she wanted him to stop. Revy put as much venom into her voice as she could muster, but the feel of him touching her sensitized flesh had her trembling. Her body was aching for him, craving his touch, and though the fact pissed her off royally, she was losing the will to fight him.

Rock watched the woman beneath him as he ran his fingers teasingly up and down her slit, over and over. He watched her abdominals tense, her chest heave, her thighs quiver, but the response that gave him the most satisfaction was the way she bit her lip and the chocked sound of pleasure she managed to stifle in doing so.

Wanting to break down her resistance completely, he moved his digits just a little higher and found the small fleshy nub he'd been searching for. He brushed over it gently, watching hungrily as the contact made her hips jerk before her entire body dissolved into shivers. She was so sexy and responsive. All it took was some gentle handling of her clit to have her falling apart. Rock couldn't resist throwing this newfound knowledge back in her face. Revy's pleasured expression was immediately replaced with one of pure rage.

I'll fucking kill you! Whatever she was going to say after that was forgotten as Rock applied steady pressure to her clit for a moment before running over the swollen pearl again and again. Her profanities were lost to cries of pleasured surprise and lusty moans as her whole body bucked in response, forcing Rock to tighten his grip on her bound wrists. He drank in her every response, his cock throbbing with each moan that fell from those pouty pink lips. Her slick flesh was growing wetter with every stroke of her fingers enticing him in a way that not even his former girlfriend had.

Revy was a strong and dangerous woman, but in this moment he had power over her. Rock had never been one to crave control, but he was quickly becoming drunk on the power and lust that came with subduing the foul-mouthed redhead.

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