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drusparklimoty.cf/the-blueprint-for-marrying-a-strong.php Design and development of a Juju-based virtual network function manager for open baton. Design and development of an open baton extension for 5G network. Design and implementation of a 5G end-to-end network slide selection. Design and implementation of a container orchestration framework for fog computing infrastructures.

Design and implementation of a fog service orchestration engine for smart factories. Design and implementation of a high-capacity packet processing framework for a 5G core software data path. Design and implementation of a machine learning module for the open baton autoscaling engine. Design and implementation of a semantic annotation extension of the OpenMTC platform. Design and implementation of a virtualized infrastructure manager driver for docker-based virtual network functions. ElasTest - An open source project for testing distributed applications with failure injection.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Elastic and dynamic orchestration of service function chains for 5G networks. Emerging micro-operators in 5G small cell networks: Extensible framework for elastic orchestration of service function chains in 5G networks.

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1. Ausgangslage und Forschungsinteresse

A proactive location-based service supporting polygonal-shaped geofences. Retrospective mobile phone position estimation using crowdsourced data detail records. SDN enhancements for the sliced, deep programmable 5G core. Service function chaining in Next Generation Networks: State of the Art and research challenges. A service orchestration architecture for Fog-enabled infrastructures. Towards container orchestration in fog computing infrastructures. Application-derived communication protocol section in M2M platforms for smart cities.

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Advanced cloud and virtualization techniques for 5G networks part II. Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, 27 - 29 May Towards mobile federated network operators: Towards semantic monitoring data collection and representation in federated infrastructures. European union and South African Smart City contextual dimensions. An automated health monitoring solution for future Internet infrastructure marketplaces. September , Karlskrona, Sweden. Bildbasierte Reidentifikation von Fahrzeugen mittels Feature-Scoring.

A comprehensive framework for detecting and preventing VoIP fraud and misuse. February , , Honolulu, USA. Design and implementation of a carrier grade software defined telecommunication switch and controller. Management in a software defined world: IEEE, , 7 S. Design and implementation of self adaptable multi-transport protocol solution for M2M systems. The development of M2M standards for ubiquitous sensing service layer. IEEE, , 4 S. Willner, Alexander; Magedanz, Thomas: A future internet resource management architecture. Flexible cross layer optimization for fixed and mobile broadband telecommunication networks and beyond.

Interconnecting standard M2M platforms to delay tolerant networks. Virtualisation of cellular networks. Lisbon, Portugal, 4 - 7 May On the usage of standardised M2M platforms for Smart Energy management. On the use of unsupervised techniques for fraud detection in VoIP networks. Emerging trends in ICT security. Prototyping machine-to-machine applications for emerging smart cities in developing countries.

QoS-aware multi-cloud brokering for NGN services: Tangible benefits of elastic resource allocation mechanisms. A real-time middleware platform for the smart grid. United States; 12 - 14 November Resource efficient quality of service management for NGN services in federated cloud environments. Self-adaptable IP control in carrier grade mobile operator networks. A single access point for conducting multifaceted experiments on heterogeneous test facilities. Unified representation of monitoring information across federated cloud infrastructures. Utilizing M2M technologies for building reliable smart cities.

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Self-adaptable IP connectivity control in carrier grade mobile operator networks. Standardized M2M platform software for smart cities and the IoT. System and method for managing an access network re-selection: Telecom applications, APIs and service platforms. July 2 - July 5, Vienna, Austria, December Unleashing the potential of virtualization by the right toolkits and open testbeds: WN; the journal of mobile communication, computation and information. Adaptive network-aided session support in context-aware converged mobile networks.

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Juni , San Francisco. Prototyping Machine Type communication in carrier grade operator networks. Performance evaluation of selection schemes for offloading traffic to IEEE Promoting M2M application development for smart city.

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QoS-aware elastic cloud brokering for IMS infrastructures. Secure and efficient validation of data traffic flows in fixed and mobile networks. Association for Computing Machinery: Proceedings of the 7th ACM workshop on Performance monitoring and measurement of heterogeneous wireless and wired networks. ACM, , Mueller, J. Towards a generic application aware network resource control function for next-generation-networks and beyond. Gold Coast, Australia, 2 - 5 October Unifying management of future networks with trust. Bell Labs technical journal 17 , 3, Emmelmann, M. Access network discovery and selection in the future wireless communication.

"PULS." – a Blog-based Online-Magazine for Students of Medicine of the Goethe University Frankfurt

Mobile networks and applications 16 , 3, Radusch, I. An agile service platform for telecommunication environments. New York, NY [u. Description of Demonstration Environment. Design and implementation of a generic event enabler for future internet services. Device connectivity management for mobile All-IP broadband network architecture. Efficient session-based multimedia content delivery in Next Generation Networks.

Emergency services in IMS. Testbeds and research infrastructures: Emerging testing trends and the Panlab enabling infrastructure. Enabling cognition in system of systems: The distributed self-growing architecture. Bonn, Germany, 4 - 7 October ; including workshop papers. Enabling information push for network- and device-agnostic internet services. Evolution of the resource reservation mechanisms for machine type communication over mobile broadband Evolved Packet Core architecture.

Evolutionary future internet service platforms enabling seamless cross layer interoperability. Riga, Latvia, February Flexible architecture for spectrum and resource management in the whitespace. Brest, France, 3 - 7 October The future of services in next generation networks. Cross-layer composition and security for a flexible Future Internet. Wahle, Sebastian; Magedanz, Thomas Betreuer: Heterogenous resource description and management in generic resource federation frameworks.

Interoperability in heterogeneous resource federations. An IP based platform for emergency calls and reporting. Managing an Autonomic Future Internet. Massive deployment of small coverage area cells in the all-IP wireless system - Opportunities, issues and solutions. Network resources pre-reservation for multimedia content delivery in heterogeneous wireless networks. Advanced Communication Protocol Technologies: Solutions, Methods and Applications. Optimized low mobility support in massive mobile broadband evolved packet core architecture. Mobile networks and management: Purpose-driven, self-growing networks- A framework for enabling cognition in systems of systems.

Budapest, Hungary, 15 - 18 May ; Including workshop papers. Realizing autonomics for future networks. Warsaw, Poland, 15 - 17 June Self-management for energy-efficiency adaptations in access networks. Information security technical report 16 , 1, Blum, N. A Smart information sharing architecture in a multi-access network, multi-service environment. Kyoto, Japan, 5 - 9 June A subscription application framework for location-based-services. Information security technical report 16 , 1 Magedanz, Thomas Ed.

Berlin, October Cape Town, November , Heraclion, Crete, October , Access network discovery and selection in the next generation mobile networks environment. Access network reselection based on momentary resources in a converged wireless environment.

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Addressing the next wave of mobile broadband applications: Assessing workflow languages for composition of real-time communication services. Proceedings, Berlin, October Can you predict human behavior? Terminology, Technology and Techniques. Nova Science Publishers, , Wahle, S.

A diameter-based testing system in Next Generation Mobile Network. September , , Warsaw, Poland. Enabling ambient aware service delivery in heterogeneous wireless environments. Enabling context-sensitive communication experiences. Enabling Next Generation multimedia social services. Quality of service architectures for wireless networks: Information Science Reference, , Magedanz, T. Federation Interoperability Dealing With Heterogeneity: Federation Interoperability Dealing With Heterogeneity. National Science Foundation u. How smart will future bit pipes be?

The human side of future communication systems. The Human side of the Future Internet. Interoperability in heterogeneous resource federations: Das Next Generation Mobile Network: Next Generation Network infrastructures - Introduction and evolution in emerging countries - Challenges and options: Berlin, May Pan-European testbed and experimental facility federation architecture refinement and implementation.

Peer assist live streaming overlay for Next-Generation-Networks. International journal of handheld computing research 1 , 4 Blum, N. Journal of mobile multimedia 6 , 3, Blotny, A. A platform providing bidirectional service integration for the dynamic long-tail service market. Preventing distributed denial-of-service attacks on the IMS emergency services support through adaptive firewall pinholing. Prototyping Convergence Services on Broadband Networks.

Prototyping mobile broadband applications with the open Evolved Packet Core. Resource management in large scale experimental facilities - Technical approach to Federate Panlab and PlanetLab. Scalable storage in the cloud: Are mobile broadband networks ready? Mobile networks and applications 15 , 3, Good, R. Session-based end-to-end policy control in 3GPP evolved packet system.

International Journal of Communication Systems. New Reflectors in the Internet. De Decker, Bart Hrsg. Communications and multimedia security: Springer, , Lecture notes in computer science Technical Program Committee Members: Niagara Falls, Canada, October , Smart advertising in the home of the future. Survey of network security systems to Counter SIP-based denial-of-service attacks. Nha Trang, Vietnam, August , International journal of electronic government research 6 , 1, Magedanz, T.: Understanding Emerging Mobile Broadband Networks: Understanding the role and relationship of mobile and fixed NGN control platforms and emerging Service Delivery Platforms for seamless broadband multimedia service provision: Workshop on Future Seamless Communications: Composite Services Management Workgroup.

Wireless and mobile networking: Springer, , IFIP advances in information and communication technology New Value-added Services on Demand. Mobile geo-blogging as Service Enabler for Next Generation. Context-aware control for personalized multiparty sessions in mobile multihomed systems. Context-Aware Media Delivery Architecture. Autonomic computing and communications systems: Springer, , Magedanz, T. IOS Press, , S. Convergence of Telecoms, Internet and IT: Demystifying Self-awareness of Autonomic Systems. Development of a Widget based IMS client.

Digital inclusion opportunities in the telecommunications sector through ngn and open source tools: Innovations for digital inclusion: Enhanced Advertising for Next Generation Networks. Magedanz, Thomas General Chair: CRC Press, , S. Journal of network and systems management 17 , , Zseby, T. Breakout Session, 29 October The Importance of a Service Oriented Approach: International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. Hindawi Publishing Corporation Ehlert, S. On the increasing complexity of next generation networks and the future internet.

Mediacast for Mobile Communities: When the Web and Telecommunications converge. When the Web and Telecommunications converge: Halbtagstutorial, 3 May Next Generation Softswitch I: Halfday Focus Workshop at 5th int. Network Protocols and Algorithms 1 , 2, Blum, N. Communications of the Arab Computer Society 2 , 1, 17 S. Service Broker for 3rd Party Enabling: Service Oriented Testbed Infrastructures: A blog-based online-magazine for students and other faculty-members. The articles are generated from own investigations and from ideas of different groups of the faculty— deanship, students and lecturers.

A user-analysis is conducted with the open-source software Piwik and considers the data security.

PHP Application Development with NetBeans: Beginner's Guide - download pdf or read online

On the increasing complexity of next generation networks and the future internet. If required, the online journalist supports the faculty with drafts for speeches or memoranda. Addressing the next wave of mobile broadband applications: Funkschau , Kormentzas, G. Hierarchical peer-to-peer networks using lightweight superpeer topologies.

Additionally, every year an anonymous online-user-survey Survey Monkey is conducted. The content focuses on the needs of Frankfurt medical students. The close cooperation with different groups of the faculty - deanship, students and lecturers - furthermore guarantees themes relevant to the academic faculty. The user-evaluation shows a growing number of readers and a high acceptance for the online-magazine, its themes and its style.

It pushes towards a higher transparency, more communication and a stronger identification of the students with their faculty. Das Themenspektrum ist zentriert auf die Anliegen der Frankfurter Medizin- und Zahnmedizinstudierenden. About students of medicine were enrolled at the Goethe-University Frankfurt in The medical school is one of the largest faculties of medicine in Germany http: A substantial number of lectures, courses and assessments, as well as ever-changing curricula mark the local study conditions.

Numerous construction work on the campus and a high number of graduates exceeding the legal number of university places, especially in clinical semesters, tighten the study conditions even more. In autumn medical students protested against their study conditions and called for higher transparency and communication focused on curricula and syllabuses.

Frankfurt medical students miss reliable and reasonable Information which relates to a multiplicity of decisions and changes which affect their study conditions. They were also interested in the actual and prospective developments on the medical campus. Typically, faculties, medical and non-medical, communicate information to students about e. Thus, information is not up-to-date, but elaborate articles could focus on long and relevant themes.

Often illustrations are of high graphic quality. Two examples of these rarely published newsletters come from a medical faculty: But blogs as typical web 2. Actuality up-to-date response to current developments, intermediality embedded video, audio; links to other websites and interactivity opportunity for comments are advantages of blogs. Furthermore, articles can be managed and searched along categories, keywords or date.

Based on our research, we found no similar faculty blog magazine in Germany. We organized a sweepstake for students of the faculty in order to choose the name of the blog. It is hosted by the university computer center, which also takes care of the technical administration. For both authors and readers, the web 2. The commenting feature offers direct interaction of readers and the editorial staff. The link to new articles is directly mailed to the registered mailing address. For reporting of visits we implemented the open-source web analyzing tool Piwik http: Because of data privacy protection no IP-addresses are stored.

Annually and anonymous user survey has conducted with the online-tool Survey Monkey http: Again, both tools are hosted by the university computer center. Usually, content production such as writing articles and concepts are committed to motivated staff members, who adopt this task in addition to their usual tasks. Experience with these seemingly less expensive solutions are not encouraging, especially with respect to sustainability. Interviews and quotations are always authorized.

If required, the online journalist supports the faculty with drafts for speeches or memoranda. This guarantees the high quality of both content and language. The online journalist and the blog are funded by the faculty. Content as well as style are tailored to the particular needs of the special student target group.

CLAAS MAX SPREAD. Futterqualität im Fokus. / 2018

Thus, we achieve the typical web 2. Our carefully searched and written articles offer reliable and first-hand information and background facts for better understanding of faculty activities. The central issue of articles focuses on learning, teaching and the curriculum: Thus, new curricular developments could be introduced to students in some detail and also recognize dedicated lecturers positively.

Also, topics cover information about data protection, good media skills and netiquette. In a welcome note both deans of study address the students just before the actual semester or encourage students to succeed in upcoming assessments. A column written by students reflects the student view and opinion on campus events [ 3 ]. Based on key words the search function can be used to find articles and thematic dossiers, or one can flip through the thematically or chronologically organized archive.