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iwikuvetetof.tk Let us never cease from weeping over sinners as Jesus did over Jerusalem; let us endeavor to snatch the firebrand from the flame, and weep when we cannot accomplish our purpose. Select Silver in the Certification field. Do any of you have so easy a life that you have nothing to grieve over? He can indulge us with a delightful sense of the divine goodness which dwells in his sympathy, and make us rejoice to be co-sufferers with our Savior. Best Video from a Film.

Believers must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of heaven. Who has not lost a friend? If Jesus wept, then do not expect that we will escape the tears of grief; the much beloved Lazarus died, and so will our closest friends. Parents will go before us, infants will be snatched from us, brothers and sisters will fall when touched by the hand of death. Death is the impartial foe of everyone, it spares neither goodness nor wickedness, holiness nor sin; with equality it crushes all of our cherished loved ones!

Judas betrays Christ, Ahithophel is a traitor to David. We have had our Ahithophels, and we may yet meet with our Judas. We have trusted in friends, and we have found their friendships fail. We have leaned on what seemed to be a staff, and it has pierced us like a spear. You cannot, dear friends, pass through the wilderness of this world without discovering that thorns and thistles grow abundantly in it, and that, step as you may, your feet must sometimes feel the sudden and unexpected wound.

The sea of life is salt to all men. Clouds hover over every landscape. We may forget to laugh, but we will always know how to weep. As the saturated clouds must drip, so must the human race, cursed by the fall, weep out its frequent griefs. I see before me a second bottle, it is black and foul, for it contains tears distilled by the force of the fires of sin.

This bottle holds more than the first, and is filled on a more regular basis.

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Sin is more frequently the mother of sorrow than all the other pains of life put together. Note our rebellious nature! When a trouble comes, it is not the trial which makes us groan so much as our rebellion against it. It is true the ox goad is thrust into us, but we kick against it, and then it hurts us far more. Like men with naked feet we kick our foot against the goads. The chastisements which come directly from our heavenly Father are never so hard to bear as all the agitations and ragings of our stubborn self-will.

Just like the bird that slams itself against the wires of its cage and breaks its own wing, we do the same thing. If we would take the cross as our gracious Father gives it, it would not irritate our shoulders, but since we rebel against it and hate the burden, our shoulders grow raw and sore, and the load becomes intolerable.

If we were more submissive, then we would have fewer tears. When a man has been ambitious and has failed, he will weep loudly instead of learning from the experience, or gathering up his courage for a wiser venture. When a friend has spoken of us in a derogatory manner, or an enemy has falsely accused us, we have had to struggle to hold back the tears, and have felt wretched inside. Ah, these are cruel and wicked tears.

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God wipe them away from our eyes now! Certainly he must do it before we will be able to enter heaven. We manufacture trouble for ourselves by anticipating future problems which may never happen, or which, if they do occur, may be full of mercy and blessings. We start imagining what we would do if a certain dreadful thing occurred, which, in reality, is a thing that God has determined never will happen in our lives. We imagine ourselves in positions where Providence never intends to place us, and so we end up feeling a thousand trials. Oh, the wickedness of the sin of mistrusting God, and the bitterness with which that distrust is made to curse itself.


"Tears in Heaven" is a song by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings from the Rush film soundtrack. Its lyrics were inspired by the death of Clapton's four-year- old. Tears in Heaven Lyrics: Would you know my name / If I saw you in heaven? / Would it be the same / If I saw you in heaven? / I must be strong and carry on.

Unbelief makes a rod for its own back; distrust of God is its own punishment; it brings such unrest, such anxieties, and such tribulation of spirit into the mind, that he who loves himself and loves pleasure, had better seek to walk by faith and not by sight. The tears of anger against our fellowmen, and the crabbiness and irritation, because we cannot have our own way with them; these are black and horrid tears, as foul as the fires of hell.

May we always be saved from such unholy tears. Sometimes, too, there are streams of tears which arise from depressed and despondent spirits because we have neglected the means of grace and the God of grace. Seldom do we experience the comforts of God because seldom do we have secret prayer; we have lived at a distance from the Most High, and we have fallen into a sad state of mind. I thank God that there will never come another tear from our eyes into that bottle when eternal love will.

We would never overlook the third bottle, which is the true crystal tear bottle into which holy tears drop, tears like the tears of Jesus, so precious in the sight of God. Even these tears will cease to flow in heaven. Tears of repentance, like glistening dewdrops fresh from the skies, are stored in this bottle; they are not of the earth, they come from heaven, and yet we cannot carry them there with us.

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The godly preacher, Rowland Hill, used to say, repentance was such a sweet companion that the only regret he could have in going to heaven, was in leaving repentance behind him, for he could not shed the tears of repentance there. Oh, to weep over sin! It is so sweet a sorrow that I want to be a constant weeper! Like a dripping well, my soul would always drop tears of grief because I have offended my loving, tender, gracious God. Who can restrain his weeping?

Christ sees such tears as diamonds; blessed are the eyes which flow with such royal treasure. If I cannot win crowns I will at least give tears. If I cannot make men love my Master, yet I will weep in secret places for the dishonor which they do to him. These are holy drops, but they are all unknown in heaven. Truly, when I think of the griefs of men and women, and above all, when I have communion with my Savior in his suffering, I would cry with George Herbert who said,.


My grief has need Of all the watery things that nature can produce! Let every vein suck up a river to supply my eyes, My weary, weeping eyes, too dry for me, Unless they get new conduits, fresh supplies, And with my state agree. It would be good to go to the very uttermost of weeping if it were always of such a noble kind, as fellowship with Jesus brings.

Let us never cease from weeping over sinners as Jesus did over Jerusalem; let us endeavor to snatch the firebrand from the flame, and weep when we cannot accomplish our purpose. Till then, we must expect to share in human griefs, and instead of praying against them, let us ask that they may be sanctified to us; I mean of course those of the former sort. Let us pray that trials may produce patience, and patience produce experience, and experience produces the hope that I will never be ashamed of.

Let us pray that as the sharp edge of the carving tool is used on us it may only remove our warts and shape us into images of our Lord and Master.

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Let us pray that the fire may consume nothing but the dross, and that the floods may wash away nothing but defilement. Let us thank God that though before we were afflicted we went astray, but now we obey his word; for we now see it to be a blessed thing, a divinely wise thing, that we would tread the path of sorrow, and reach the gates of heaven with tear drops glistening in our eyes. He is the great tear wiper. Observe, brothers and sisters, that God can remove every trace of grief from the hearts of his people by granting them complete acceptance of his will.

Our ego is the root of our sorrow. As one fire puts out another, so the master passion of love to God and complete absorption in his sacred will quenches the fire of human grief and sorrow. Just as death is swallowed up in victory, so are trials swallowed up in contentment and delight in God. He can also take away our tears by causing our minds to dwell with delight on the end which all our trials are working to produce. Moreover, God can remove every tear from our eye, in the time of trial, by abundantly pouring the love of Jesus Christ into our hearts.

He can make it clear to us that Christ is afflicted in our affliction. He can indulge us with a delightful sense of the divine goodness which dwells in his sympathy, and make us rejoice to be co-sufferers with our Savior. The Savior can make our hearts leap for joy by reassuring us that we are engraved on the palms of his hands, and that we will be with him where he is. Sick beds become thrones, and slums ripen into palaces when Jesus fills our heart and soul with his eternal love and presence. My brothers and sisters, the love of Christ, like a great flood, rolls over the most rugged rocks of afflictions, so high above them that we can float in perfect peace where others are a total wreck.

The rage of the storm is all hushed when Christ is in the boat. The waters saw you, O Christ, the waters saw you and were silenced at the presence of their king. The Lord can also take away all present sorrow and grief from us by providentially removing its cause. Providence is full of sweet surprises and unexpected turns. When the sea has ebbed its uttermost it turns again and covers all the sand. When we think we are locked up in a dungeon for the rest of our lives, and the lock on the door is rusted shut, God can make the door fly open in a moment.

When the river rolls deep and black before us he can divide it with a word, or bridge it with his hand. How often have you found it so in the past? As the clear sunshine comes after the rain, so will peace come after your trials.

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As the dark clouds fly away before the compelling power of the wind, so will the eternal God make your griefs fly away before the energy of his grace. The smoking furnace of trouble will be followed by the bright light of comfort. When I can crawl under the wing of my dear God and nestle close to his chest, let the world say what it wants, and let the devil roar as he pleases, and let my sins accuse and threaten as they may, I am safe, content, peaceful, rejoicing, and happy. You will find him so, beloved. Oh, I bear testimony for him this day that you cannot go to God and pour out your heart before him without finding a wonderful comfort.

God is a refuge for us. He is our fortress, our refuge and defense. We only have to go to him and we will find, that even here on earth, God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. There are many reasons why glorified spirits cannot cry in heaven. These are well known to you, but let us just hint at them. In heaven, the redeemed will never suffer the grief associated with attending funerals of their friends and loved ones. The horrid thought of death never enters the mind of an immortal spirit. In heaven they have no losses and crosses in business.

There are no broken hearts, no shattered dreams. They know fully, even as they are fully known, and they love even as they are loved. No pain can ever come on them; for their resurrected bodies will be raised from the grave and will be glorified, thus they will not be capable of grief. The tear gland will not exist; although much of the human body remains, at least the tear gland will be gone, they will have no need of that organ; their bodies will be unable to experience grief; they will rejoice forever.

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