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Argentina's restrictions on imports of Spanish and Italian ham. Effect of severance pay reductions on the increase in unemployment. Tobacco Products Directive and smokeless oral tobacco. Venezuela — the media and presidential elections. Labour restrictions imposed by Spain on Romanian citizens. Electronic nose to detect tumours via breath. Direct funding programmes — town of Isernia. Application process for Commission staff. Linguistic bias in the selection of Commission staff. Lack of distinction between computer programs designed to commit offences and those used for benign software development.

Tinset taken off the market as a precautionary measure. Geographical imbalance of Commission staff. Portuguese researchers have developed a method of identifying wines. The CAP was responsible for the drop in Europe's wine production between and Suspension of marketing authorisations for medicines manufactured in India. Was werden Sie unternehmen, um zu vermeiden, dass dies in Zukunft erneut geschieht? Serbien befindet sich im schwierigen Prozess der Reform seines Justizsystems.

Die Stellungnahme der Kommission von stellt den damaligen Sachstand dar: Dat verslag werd mij niet overgemaakt via de Commissie, maar ik heb ondertussen wel een exemplaar ervan in mijn bezit. Het monitoringverslag en de conclusies in het advies van de Commissie over de Servische aanvraag tot lidmaatschap van de Europese Unie van Bent u het ermee eens dat, gezien het belang dat in de besluitvormingsprocedure van het Parlement gehecht wordt aan de informatie van de Commissie, de verschafte informatie in dit geval onvolledig en misleidend was?

Wat zult u ondernemen om te voorkomen dat dit zich in de toekomst herhaalt? Zal de Commissie deze verslagen in de toekomst overmaken aan het Europees Parlement? De Commissie volgt dit hervormingsproces op de voet. De EU-delegatie heeft daartoe lokale deskundigen aangewezen die een tussentijds verslag gebracht hebben met hun standpunten en dus niet met deze van de delegatie of van de Commissie. Het advies dat de Commissie in uitbracht, had toen de situatie als volgt omschreven: Dit verslag van de lokale deskundigen was enkel voor intern gebruik. Op deze manier worden de belangen van de Unie in haar bilaterale betrekkingen beschermd en kunnen de deskundigen zich zonder angst voor externe druk uitspreken.

De Commissie blijft toezicht houden op het hervormingsproces en zodr. De definitieve beoordeling van de Commissie zal rekening houden met de individuele schriftelijke bewijsstukken die een duidelijk beeld moeten geven van het effect van eventuele procedurele tekortkomingen na afloop van de hervorming. It was not made available to me through Commission channels, but I do have a copy now. Despite some procedural shortcomings, the majority of decisions were generally taken in line with the guidelines. What will you do to prevent this from happening again in future?

Will the Commission submit these reports to the European Parliament in future? Serbia is engaged in a difficult process of reform of its judicial system. Concerning the shortcomings identified by the Commission in the Progress Report regarding the re-appointment of judges and prosecutors, the Serbian authorities launched a review of the procedure now conducted by the Councils in their permanent composition, mainly by judges and prosecutors elected by their peers.

The Commission monitors this review process closely. The Commission bases its assessments on various sources, not just the work of individual experts who may not always have as complete an understanding as the Commission of all issues at stake.

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This report from local experts was produced for its internal use only. This protects the interests of the Union in its bilateral relations and enables the experts to express themselves without fear of external pressure. The Commission continues to monitor the review process and raises any issues as soon as they are identified. The Commission's final assessment will take into account the individual written justifications allowing a clear picture of the impact of any procedural shortcomings on the result of the review. Developing metropolitan areas, promoting ties between regions and cities in different areas of public interest and developing cross-border initiatives are closely linked to cooperation between local and regional authorities.

Consequently, a global approach is required to correlating these initiatives with a view to developing strong metropolitan areas. What strategy does the Commission have in mind for setting clear objectives for the development of metropolitan areas using a cross-sector approach, and for co-opting public and private partners interested in setting these objectives? Could the Commission confirm the total cost to date? Will the Commission provide such a list? Will the Commission detail what discussions have taken place with the Israeli authorities on the need for such compensation to be provided?

If not, what are the reasons for not doing so? The list requested is attached. It should nevertheless be noted that in the vast majority of cases, the donor was an EU Member State. There are currently no plans to do so. Such cases can be raised in the appropriate Association Council fora with Israel and by diplomatic ways. It is not clear if codified procedures would be helpful, given the great diversity of scenarios possible and the difficulty of drawing up a code which would address all of these in an effective manner.

The EU Representative Office in East Jerusalem is currently requesting Member States for any information in order to update the list of damaged infrastructure if necessary. Discreet demarches are often more effective than public announcements in such occasions. To that end it would not be appropriate to divulge the precise content of discussions with Israel on such matters.

According to a published report on those testimonies, most children are arrested in the middle of the night and reports say that the army frequently organises terrifying raids for that purpose. Verbal abuse and, humiliation, threats and physicsal violence are frequent features of arrests and transfers. What is the response of the Commission to the possibility that Israel may be violating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by keeping children in adult prisons?

Does the Commission intend to use all instruments at its disposal to ensure that the Israeli government observes in full the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment? The EU continues to voice its concerns about the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli judicial and detention system. There was also one minor in administrative detention at the end of Under the amendment minors must be informed of their right to consult with an attorney in private, prior and during an interrogation. The EU also remains concerned about insufficient protection of children during arrest and detention, in particular the failure to permit children to be accompanied by a lawyer and parent during questioning.

The EU has repeatedly conveyed its concerns about these practices to the Israeli authorities in the framework of its regular political and human rights dialogue and will continue to do so. La Commissione ha finanziato in misura consistente la ricerca sulle anomalie cromosomiche nell'ambito del sesto e del settimo programma quadro per la ricerca PQ6 e PQ7. In totale, il contributo finora fornito dall'UE ai progetti sopramenzionati ammonta a 24 milioni di EUR. La Commissione segue un approccio integrato per tutte le anomalie congenite.

La prevenzione primaria delle anomalie congenite dovrebbe essere inclusa nei piani nazionali per le malattie rare, attualmente in fase di elaborazione. Chromosome 18 syndrome is a rare illness belonging to the group of conditions determined by changes in the number and structure of chromosomes. The case history of this syndrome is minimal given the lack of knowledge and information. Unlike in the United States, where a registration and database project was launched long ago, in Europe this work is left to patient associations that are not linked to each other by a European network.

What measures can it adopt to encourage Member States to implement national plans which allow social and material support to be provided to individuals affected by this syndrome and their families? The Commission is aware of the fact that chromosomal abnormalities are a significant cause of health problems. This is a European network of registries for the epidemiologic surveillance of congenital anomalies active from onwards and following more than 1.

The Commission is following an integrated approach related to all congenital anomalies. Primary prevention of congenital anomalies should be added to National Plans for Rare Diseases, currently under development. The Pathway to Sustainable Development that seeks to encourage governments to do the same. The World Bank report is clearly intended to put pressure on governments to adopt new policies.

How does the Commission view the content of this report and the proposals it sets out? Would this property be exclusively public? Would it be tradable? The World Bank recently presented a report that advocates assigning an economic value to natural and ecological goods and services and awarding property rights for them Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development. It is more likely that rich countries providing assistance to developing countries will look at the environmental issues involved and warn developing countries of the need to protect their natural resources, perhaps being more reluctant to allocate funds if this warning is ignored.

Buy Números Naturais e Operações (Como Eu Ensino) (Portuguese Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - linawycatuzy.gq Números Naturais e Operações (Como Eu Ensino) (Portuguese Edition) eBook: Célia Maria Carolino Pires: linawycatuzy.gq: Kindle Store.

The Commission welcomes the cited World Bank report as a useful contribution to the ongoing debate on the economic and social value of nature. The EU Biodiversity Strategy indeed provides among its actions, aimed at maintaining and enhancing ecosystems and their services, assessment of the economic value of such services and to integrate these values into reporting and accounting systems, at EU and national level by The EU Biodiversity Strategy does not seek to assign property rights to natural resources. The Commission fully respect principles of aid effectiveness enshrined in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and Accra Agenda for Action, and which are re-iterated in the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

The Commission does not apply the specific conditionality for development assistance, referred to in the question and there is no discussion at present on introducing such specific conditionality. The Commission does however take all possible measures to ensure that its development assistance does not have negative consequences for ecological resources and services. The purpose of improving knowledge about values of ecosystems and their services, and of bringing them into accounting and reporting systems is to preserve and enhance the environmental and social sustainability of ecosystems and their services, not to undermine them.

Sendo a tourada parte integrante deste evento, a mesma foi assim financiada mesmo que desta forma indireta, quer tenha sido organizada pelo VINAC ou apoiada por este? Nos termos do artigo 5. Is it able to confirm that the bullfight was held using EU funds? What was the sum involved? As the bullfight was an integral part of this event, was it financed, even indirectly, as an activity organised or supported by VINAC? In countries such as Portugal, bullfights have lost a great deal of their public support over the last decade.

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Stassen to the Commission. According to this source, the Commission has a preference concerning where an economic activity should take place, based on tax principles. With regard to the reform of the regulatory authorities, the Commission is aware of the Spanish Government's announced plans for the establishment of a single regulator, the National Commission for Markets and Competition CNMC , which will encompass the current Telecommunications Market Commission CMT. Information on the use of EU funds for the period by the municipality of Pisa Region of Tuscany. Could the Commission provide further information on the Chernobyl Shelter Fund in the context of the availability of funding for this particular endeavour? Several years have now passed and therefore I would like to ask the Commission the following:. How it regards the growing use of corporate bonds and the possible implications of exposing enterprises to the markets;.

In this context, their financial viability can only be assured through generous public support, whether financial or logistical. Therefore, the presence of the ERDF logo on the banner of the exhibition leads to a misunderstanding because only one activity of the whole exhibition was co-financed by the ERDF. Within the framework of shared management, the responsibility for the selection, management and implementation of projects within programmes lies solely with the Member States, in full compliance with applicable EU and national legislation.

The Commission is not aware of any EU co-financed project for building new bullfighting facilities, although it cannot exclude that some of these facilities have indirectly benefited from investments aimed at either upgrading or restructuring local public facilities. The European Union has progressed with legislation on animal welfare, particularly with regard to food production, circuses and zoos.

However, despite the deserved attention given to this subject, none of this legislation has been applied, or is applicable, to the animals involved in bullfights. Is it planning to propose legislation, amend existing legislation or change the way existing legislation is applied, to extend animal welfare issues to bullfights? Why is existing European animal welfare legislation not applied to bullfights?

Does the Commission not agree that current animal welfare legislation should prevent bullfights taking place in Europe? Si tratta di modificare l'attuale Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, col quale si imporrebbe alle aziende ICT del paese di dotare i propri servizi voip, e-mail e peer-to-peer di un accesso privilegiato ad uso delle forze dell'ordine per facilitarne le intercettazioni in ambito di indagine. Nel caso in cui venisse accolta dal sistema americano, ne reputa compatibili le conseguenze con l'attuale normativa vigente in Europa in materia di privacy e trattamento dei dati personali?

Qualsiasi trattamento dei dati personali all'interno dell'UE deve rispettare la legislazione applicabile dell'UE sulla protezione dei dati. It involves amending the existing Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act so as to require ICT companies in the country to equip their VOIP, e-mail and peer-to-peer services with preferential access for use by law enforcement bodies to facilitate interceptions during their investigations.

If the proposal is adopted as part of the American system, does the Commission consider the consequences compatible with the rules currently in force in Europe regarding privacy and personal data? Given that the services managed by the companies which would be subject to these rules are also widely disseminated and used in the European Union, does the Commission consider that the rights of its citizens may be put at risk?

Gli operai, cui non viene assicurata nessuna tutela sindacale, sono infatti costretti a turnazioni di 12 ore, ricevono esigui stipendi mensili fra i 70 e i dollari, spesso non dispongono di alcuna garanzia contrattuale e devono sostenere ritmi estenuanti di lavoro per consegnare le commesse in tempi strettissimi. The EU regularly uses meetings with third countries, such as human rights dialogues, to urge third countries to ratify and implement International Labour Organisation ILO conventions concerning the right to form trade unions, to engage in collective bargaining and to enjoy decent conditions of work.

Following the adoption of a Commission Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility in , the Commission is currently developing human rights guidance for specific business sectors and for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Commission will also publish a report on EU priorities for the effective implementation of the UN Guiding Principles by the end of The website nevertheless indicates that Commission-funded humanitarian assistance is implemented through humanitarian organisations European NGOs, UN agencies and international organisations.

It contains the ERC Guidelines and shows in detail what is being funded. Grant Facility funding is no longer operational and therefore its dedicated page on ECHO's website is to be removed. No grants were awarded in Galicia is a region with significant natural diversity. As well as being a natural resource, water creates jobs and is economically important for Galicia.

It is therefore essential to ensure that Galician water is clean and used properly. This has been publicly acknowledged by several governments of different political persuasions. In addition, the sewage system plans included a pipe discharging near a drinking water source in the Sisalde area Arteixo. The Commission is therefore unable to ascertain the alleged seriousness of the situation. The use of sea outfalls to discharge effluents is an option that can be effective to protect coastal waters.

In the event of significant negative impact and in the absence of alternative solutions, the project may be authorised only for imperative reasons of overriding public interest. The project has received funding from the Cohesion Fund. The Commission will continue to follow the situation and will take further measures as appropriate. In recent days, a number of serious revelations have been made by authoritative political and economic figures, including the current head of the State-saving EFSF Klaus Regling, a former head of department at the German Ministry of Finance, referring to the time when Italy entered the euro and expressing strong doubts about whether Italy ever truly met the pre-established convergence criteria for joining the single European currency immediately.

Other authoritative German sources have also revealed that many people knew that the operations carried out by Italy to put its accounts in order were simple window-dressing and lacked any real economic impact. It therefore seems that Italy was the trailblazer for the political complaisance that was soon to allow Greece to join the euro, despite the doubts that have always been expressed about the accuracy of its accounts at the time.

Politics cannot however mask the economic and financial shortcomings of a country forever, and the crisis has dramatically brought all this to light, leading Greece to the brink of the abyss and plunging Italy into a profound crisis as well. Greater rigour and seriousness would probably have made the current situation less serious, and those responsible for this should be held to account.

In view of the above, can the Commission investigate these events in detail and shed light on the statements made by these prominent figures, some of whom have important positions in European financial management? La Commissione effettua controlli regolari sui progetti LIFE tramite un sistema di relazioni che i beneficiari devono trasmettere alla Commissione, secondo un calendario di presentazione previsto nella convenzione di sovvenzione, e con l'aiuto di un gruppo di consulenti esterni che riferisce direttamente alla Commissione.

Zelkova sicula is a woodland species endemic to Sicily. Can the Commission say whether it is monitoring the measures being taken by the Region of Sicily for the protection of Zelkova sicula under the above project? The Commission carries out its regular monitoring of the LIFE projects through a system of reports that the beneficiaries have to send to the Commission according to the reporting schedule included in the Grant Agreement, and through the assistance of a group of external consultants, who report directly to the Commission.

However, tendering documentation is verified by the Commission and its external consultants at the latest prior to the execution of the final payment to the Coordinating Beneficiary. Articolul alineatul 2 din Regulamentul CE nr. In many cases, they omit to mention this fact on the product label.

Can the Commission specify the legal obligations of processors regarding the addition of powdered milk to fresh milk and regarding consumer information? Authorised modifications include the modification of the natural fat content by removal or addition of cream or the addition of whole milk, semi-skimmed milk or skimmed milk, the enrichment of milk with milk proteins, mineral salts or vitamins, and the reduction of the lactose content by conversion to glucose and galactose.

The addition of milk powder is not allowed. The Commission does not intend to change the legislation in this respect which provides for rules aimed at guaranteeing a high quality of drinking milk in line with consumers' demand. The European Union has recently announced that it will not ban imports of beef from the United States and will not change its health inspection procedures at customs, even though a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy was recently discovered in California. Can the Commission give the reasons for its decision, and say whether it will continue to monitor the situation and possibly review its position?

The confirmation of this new BSE case in the United States comes as no particular surprise, considering that indigenous BSE cases have already been confirmed in this country. In such a context, an occasional finding only confirms that the local surveillance system is able to detect BSE cases. It should not be interpreted as a sign that the sanitary situation has changed. This new case will have no impact on the classification of the United States as a country of controlled risk for BSE.

For these reasons, the Commission does not consider appropriate, at this stage, to take any new measure as regards the import of beef from the United States. Imports of beef from this country will remain subject to existing EU requirements, including the removal of specified risk material the organs considered to harbour the BSE infectivity.

The compliance with these measures is verified by the Commission's inspection service whose reports are published at: The NER funding mechanism, administered by the European Commission, will be used to fund up to 8 carbon capture and storage CCS projects and 34 renewable energy projects across Europe. Projects will be ranked in increasing order of cost-per-unit performance.

The Commission will make award decisions, based on this ranking, in the second half of Furthermore, it is unclear how environmental impacts will be taken into account by the Commission prior to making award decisions. Would the Commission consider an award of funding through the NER funding competition to projects which may have an adverse impact on a Natura site? It will hence not be awarded any funding under the first call for proposals of the NER funding programme. What data is available on the difficulties and charges faced by European industries because of the lack of rare earth metals and the artificially inflated prices imposed by China?

What does it intend to do to increase the possibilities of exploiting the sources of rare earth metals available in the EU? Unfortunately, the consultations did not lead to a mutual satisfactory solution. In this light, the Commission sees no other option but to move to the next stage in World Trade Organisation proceedings, i. The Commission has received numerous complaints from EU businesses about their difficulties related to the lack of secure and affordable access to rare earths inputs — including the necessity to raise the prices of their products, or to relocate — or even cease — some of their operations.

The Commission is also preparing a proposal to launch an Innovation Partnership on raw materials within the Europe Flagship on Innovation Union. We all know about the risks linked to natural disasters, for which there is a special compensation fund set aside. However, not enough is known the risks linked to fires in buildings. Yet, with the development of new materials and technologies, the risk of fire in buildings has increased considerably and has economic and social consequences that are underestimated. Fire safety is a major environmental, economic and social issue.

National regulations differ from one country to another, which means that there are wide disparities in fire prevention standards. Furthermore, European legislation, in particular the directive on the energy performance of buildings, will necessarily continue to have consequences concerning the reaction to fire performance and fire resistance of materials used in buildings.

If so, does it plan to commission a statistical study based on national fire statistics, which would enable a precise assessment of fire prevention measures in the Member States? The safety of buildings falls under the responsibility of Member States. Under these circumstances the Commission does not intend to launch a study identifying the fire prevention measures in the Member States. Technical work is currently ongoing for a possible review the Council Recommendation of on fire safety in existing hotels. Can the Commission please explain why an important accountability measure such as this was not included in the proposed IPA Regulation?

Relevant committees in both branches of the legislature are currently considering the proposal. In line with this conclusion, the importance given to monitoring and evaluation processes as a major part of the overall accountability principle is indeed reinforced throughout the current Commission proposal. Can the Commission please detail why there is such an enormous difference between the funding for the two candidate countries, especially because Turkey has been receiving pre-accession funding since before the current IPA system of pre-accession funding was established?

The allocation of IPA funds to beneficiary countries is done on the basis of objective and transparent criteria which include, inter alia , needs assessment, absorption capacity, respect of conditionalities and capacity of management. With regards to needs, the volume and type of assistance that Iceland requires to prepare for the implementation of the acquis cannot be compared to that of other enlargement countries. The degree of its alignment with EU legislation achieved through its membership in the European Economic Area as well as its level of economic and social development are notably different from that in other countries.

Can the Commission state if there is an EU regulation on private pension schemes? If so, can the Commission please provide details of such a regulation? There are a number of pieces of EU legislation which can apply to private pension schemes depending on the nature of the particular pension scheme and the circumstances. Veleno di animali come medicina del futuro. Da vipere, scorpioni, lumache, cobra, lucertole e anemoni di mare molti scienziati hanno ricavato farmaci per patologie gravi come il cancro, la sclerosi multipla o l'ipertensione.

Se non intende approfondire la ricerca summenzionata al fine di migliorare la salute e la sicurezza dei cittadini? La clorotossina ha dimostrato efficacia sul cancro, nei modelli animali e nella fase iniziale delle prove cliniche. The venom of certain animals is highly toxic and can even be lethal, but may also be the salvation of many sick people. Scientists have extracted medicines for serious diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or hypertension from the venom of snakes, scorpions, snails, cobras, lizards and sea anemones.

An American magazine has illustrated the dual nature of these animals: The venom of the yellow scorpion, a native of North Africa and the Middle East, may be used against cancer. Whether studies on animal venoms used as medicine have been carried out recently as part of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP7? Whether any medicines derived from animal venom and distributed in Member States have received authorisation from the European Medicines Agency, the body that coordinates the scientific evaluation of the quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products?

Whether it intends to further the above research with a view to improving public health and safety? In cancer, chlorotoxin has demonstrated efficacy in animal models and early phase clinical trials. There is no marketing authorisation for a medicinal product derived from an animal venom granted by the Commission via the centralised procedure. It is yet too premature to ascertain which could be the specific research issues addressed.

Le forze dell'ordine di Venezia, Vicenza e Padova hanno sequestrato oltre tonnellate di alimenti avariati. Otto responsabili sono stati denunciati per commercio di alimentari contraffatti e frode in commercio; sette lavoratori in nero sono stati trovati in uno stabilimento che operava senza autorizzazione. Se l'Ufficio alimentare e veterinario, che controlla i singoli impianti di produzione alimentare, ha riscontrato incoerenze tra gli strumenti utilizzati dai governi degli Stati membri per controllare i rispettivi produttori di alimenti e le norme di sicurezza alimentare volute dall'UE?

L'Ufficio alimentare e veterinario UAV ha effettuato audit regolari negli Stati membri, anche negli ambiti dei sottoprodotti animali e dell'igiene alimentare. I risultati degli audit mettono in luce le incoerenze e le differenze di approccio tra gli Stati membri aventi in certi casi implicazioni per la sicurezza alimentare.

Questi casi sono all'occorrenza oggetto di un follow-up per assicurare che gli Stati membri interessati attuino interventi correttivi per affrontare i rischi identificati. Targeted investigations have uncovered large quantities of fresh, deep-frozen and frozen animal products meat and fish which were no longer suitable for human consumption because they had passed their sell-by date, had oxidised, had become dehydrated or bore counterfeit labelling.

Although they were marketable only as by-products for use in animal feed, they were being fraudulently sold by unscrupulous traders, creating a serious health risk for consumers. Eight of those responsible have been charged with trading in counterfeit food and fraud; in the course of the raids, seven illegal workers were discovered in a plant operating without a licence.

Tax investigations have also been launched against those responsible in order to quantify the proceeds of their illegal activities and hold them financially accountable. Whether it is aware of the raids carried out by law-enforcement agencies in northern Italy? Whether the Food and Veterinary Office, which is responsible for scrutinising individual food production plants, has identified inconsistencies between the national instruments used by Member State governments to monitor food producers and EU food safety standards? No, the Commission has not been informed of the raids referred to by the Honourable Member.

These audits target the performance of the Competent Authorities in relation to their implementation of controls, rather than individual food production establishments. The outcomes of the audits highlight inconsistencies and differences in approach between Member States which in certain cases has implications for food safety.

Finora nel almeno cinque persone sono state uccise in conflitti violenti per la terra nei villaggi di Lakang, Apar e Pabbo nel distretto del nord di Amuru. Altre due persone sono state uccise alla fine del nel vicino distretto di Nwoya. Se l'UE non ritiene di dover coadiuvare l'azione del governo dell'Uganda al fine di prevenire il conflitto? So far in , at least five people have been killed in violent land disputes in the villages of Lakang, Apar and Pabbo in the northern district of Amuru. Two others were killed in late in the nearby district of Nwoya.

The Acholi and Langi communities in the Pader district in the north of the country are currently in dispute over ancestral land in the villages of Acwinyo and Lamincwida. Although the two communities are not armed, there has long been hostility between them. Unclear border demarcations, such as trees and stone markers, which may have been lost or moved during the years of conflict, have exacerbated land disputes, as has the presence of a youthful regional population with an average age of 14 for females and 13 for males.

Land in northern Uganda is held under customary tenure. The lack of official land ownership documents is one of the reasons why people fear losing their land. The government is currently issuing customary ownership certificates in parts of the region, but this is drawing mixed reactions. Promoting respect for democracy, rule of law and human rights, as well as international humanitarian law and the prevention of conflicts are at the core of the EU's foreign policy. The first phase of PRDP was implemented during the period , and the second will take place in In particular, it will aim to strengthen district capacity for surveying, support land dispute settlement mechanisms, and increase awareness of the current land laws.

Non conosce limiti la ricerca sulle potenziali alternative al petrolio per produrre energia e da Boston si fa strada l'ipotesi che si possa produrre energia dai vetri delle finestre di una casa. Alcuni ricercatori hanno effettuato una sperimentazione per mettere a punto e diffondere un sistema per generare energia solare impiegando vetri domestici in sostituzione delle celle fotovoltaiche al silicio. Ci lavorano dal ma ora i tempi sono maturi: Si tratta di impiegare su scala minore una tecnica largamente usata in diverse centrali solari termodinamiche che sfruttano la forza del sole raccogliendola attraverso grandi specchi parabolici e trasformandola in calore.

Il vetro ha la funzione di una grande lastra di fibra ottica che convoglia la luce verso l'esterno e la trasforma in energia mediante cellule fotovoltaiche disposte lungo la cornice. Quali paesi europei, tra gli Stati candidati e Stati possibili candidati, sono ad oggi in grado di garantire il rispetto dell'acquis comunitario in materia di energia, elemento indispensabile alla conclusione del processo di adesione?

Il prototipo di celle solari in parola rientra nella categoria delle celle solari organiche le quali impiegano composti del carbonio come strato attivo. Per quanto riguarda il quesito relativo a quali paesi europei — candidati e possibili candidati — siano ad oggi in grado di garantire il rispetto dell'acquis UE in materia di energia, elemento indispensabile alla conclusione del processo di adesione, solo la Croazia ha concluso in via provvisoria i negoziati sul capitolo energia. I negoziati con tutti gli altri paesi candidati e potenziali candidati non sono ancora iniziati sul capitolo energia Turchia o non hanno nemmeno avuto inizio tutti gli altri.

Research into potential alternatives to oil for producing energy knows no bounds, and work carried out in Boston is now pointing to the possibility of energy being produced from the glass in house windows. Member States have in place contingency plans to ensure its rapid control and eradication. Measures such as changing the composition of fuels and fitting filters have helped to reduce emissions of harmful particles.

No scientific study has yet shown that these measures have had a positive impact on public health, however. Does the Commission intend to conduct a study into the impact that the use of different fuels has on health? Does it plan to revise the legislation on energy taxation to take account of public health recommendations?

The Commission does not intend to conduct a study on the impact of the use of different fuels on health. In the Commission presented a proposal for a revision of the directive. It appears that the level of innovation in regions that are home to a capital city is always equal to or higher than that in the other regions of the same country. Does the Commission not think that the Spanish Government should increase investment in innovation, in order to make the regions more competitive, thereby creating more jobs?

In the Annual Growth Survey, the Commission called for smart fiscal consolidation, where growth-enhancing areas are prioritised and protected whenever possible. If increased investments are not possible in a limited number of countries given the current macroeconomic situation, then at least the cuts should be less severe than those in the overall budget. They are usually long-term unemployed who have lost hope of finding another job.

When the economy starts to recover, some of those who have become disheartened will rejoin the labour market. Although the official unemployment figures do not reflect this serious situation, the exclusion of these people from the labour market places an economic burden on the state. Does the Commission feel that the necessary steps are being taken to prevent more people particularly young people and overs leaving the labour market? How does it propose to alleviate this specific situation?

Does the Commission consider that the official unemployment figures should include those who have stopped looking for work? The crisis has not affected older workers more than other age groups. Under the European Semester, Spain received a recommendation to raise the retirement age in line with life expectancy and promote measures for older workers, including lifelong learning, better working conditions and reintegrating older workers into the job market.

Since the unemployment rate gives only a partial picture of the situation, it has started publishing supplementary unemployment indicators, including the number of jobless persons seeking a job but not immediately available to work and of jobless persons available for work but not seeking it. Most European citizens do not understand why these measures have had to be implemented within such a short space of time, inevitably giving rise to drastic changes in their living conditions.

The Union needs to move ahead keeping pace with the major changes taking place in the world, examples of which are events such as the Arab Spring and the role of the emerging economies. Whether it intends to launch a far-reaching debate on the need for a new European treaty, or if it considers this would be premature, given that pivotal steps towards economic and financial union have yet to be taken? Whether this time of economic and monetary crisis is the right moment to reconsider the crisis of values affecting European society, which is at the same time fomenting the rise of anti-European movements and parties?

Whether it considers it important, during these years of crisis which have undermined the single currency and, with it, the whole European project, to discuss what we wish the Union to achieve? Whether, in the hypothetical event that the United Kingdom manages to achieve its demands, it sees a danger of other countries doing likewise, based on the principle of equal treatment? It raises the questions on how to strengthen cooperation and integration in the financial, fiscal, economic and also in the political field.

The Commission has set out a vision and the tools and the instruments as well as a sequenced path to achieve this ambition. In addition, the Commission will present its outline for the future EU ahead of the European Parliament elections in This outline will present ideas for shaping the future of the Union, some of which will require Treaty change. The Commission considers that the run up to the next elections for the Parliament as an excellent occasion to intensify a genuine European debate.

What it intends to do to reduce the feeling of distance between the Union and its citizens and what specific actions can be put into practice, in coordination with the Member States, to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the European project, especially through national educational programmes? Fair competition is essential to ensure efficient functioning of the market. The existence of monopolies and oligopolies in particular branches and sectors of the economy may be highly detrimental to consumers.

One such sector is trade, and particularly the retail trade. Although no monopolies or oligopolies exist in this sector, there are still certain businesses which are dominant in respect of the others, their market power being significant. This leads to the conclusion that it may be necessary to supervise them more stringently. The Commission assesses the market power of undertakings involved in the context of each particular competition case. Daraus ergeben sich folgende Fragen:.

At present, an amateur football team in Austria may field only two non-Austrians. How far advanced are these plans for re-regulation across Europe? Abolishing the exclusion clause for foreigners in Austria might well create a serious obstacle to recruiting and training young up-and-coming players, since many of them would no longer have any chance of moving up to senior teams. How does the Commission view such fears? Does the Commission see a need for action and any scope, in general, for seeking changes to legislation on freedom of movement for workers in order, within competitive team sports, to counter the conflict of interests between looking to achieve good results during a season, meaning that team selection might be heavily or exclusively biased in favour of foreign players, and the long-term development of national sporting potential?

Can action which jeopardises the development of entire team sports in individual countries, also with a view to the interests of young people, also be regarded, in this instance, as a key issue of public interest? The modifications adopted by the Austrian Football Federation, as mentioned in the Honourable Member's question, aim to align the rules in force in Austrian football with EU rules on the free movement of citizens.

The Commission is aware of the social and educational role of sport and of the importance of the training and recruitment of young players. In the context of its structured dialogue with sports stakeholders and Member States, the Commission regularly provides guidance and explains the existing rules so as to help them address possible legal difficulties stemming from actions or rules in the field of sport. The competent Lithuanian institutions have not yet recorded any unusual and significant increase in the number of migrants. However, we cannot ignore these threatening statements because the situation can change in a very short period of time.

Weak border security would also inevitably increase the scale of smuggling. Due to the insufficient number of Belarusian border guards there will continue to be huge queues of lorries and cars at the border. Has the European Commission drawn attention to these statements by the Belarusian leader? Has action been taken recently to convince Belarus to enter into negotiations on a readmission agreement?

The EU is closely following Belarusian statements on borders and migration.

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So far this has worked satisfactorily. In case of possible insufficient Frontex financial means, the Union will urgently verify whether funds could be redeployed. The fact that Belarus has neither a border nor a re-admission agreement with Russia is not helpful either. Which specific provisions of the tax code has the Greek Government undertaken to simplify?

Can the Commission, as a member of the Troika, give its unqualified assurance that its objective is not the imposition of new taxes or an increase in existing ones — such measures having already brought the Greek people to its knees? The objective is to simplify the income tax code, bringing together the provisions in a single place, making the tax code much easier to understand and less burdensome to administer for citizens and businesses.

No major changes in tax policy nor further increases in revenues are planned in this respect. In addition, the legislation on tax procedures will be reviewed, making the system less costly and bureaucratic and helping combat tax evasion. The committee will produce a bill to reach Parliament in May. The Troika is not represented on this committee, but will follow its progress closely. A constituent of mine is concerned that products such as milk, meat and eggs from animals fed on GM feed are not subject to these labelling requirements.

This may lead to a situation where a consumer purchases such a product without knowing that the animal was fed on GM feed. Does the Commission agree that there is a weakness in the GM food labelling rules? Consequently, products obtained from animals fed with GMOs, such as eggs, meat or milk, are subject neither to the authorisation requirements nor to the labelling requirements referred to in the regulation.

Following a petition in asking for the labelling of such products, the Commission asked EFSA to clarify if transgenes or their products may be incorporated into animal tissues or products. EFSA concluded that, to date, a large number of experimental studies with livestock have shown that recombinant DNA fragments or proteins derived from GM plants ingested by farm animals like broilers, cattle, pigs or quails have not been detected in their tissues, fluids or edible products.

On this basis, the Commission concluded that it was appropriate to maintain the current legislative approach. The results of the study will be published in Is the Commission aware of this project to drill and extract gas and to install a gas pipeline? Will the Commission ask the Spanish Government to provide information about this project?

In the interests of consistency, this permit should have been issued before the EIA took place; however, the Andalusian government has yet to make a statement in this respect. Is the Commission already familiar with this gas extraction project? Will it request that the Spanish Government withdraw the EIAs which have been presented, until they have received the abovementioned declaration?

Di conseguenza, sono in crescita anche i ludopatici. Nel mio Paese Italia hanno raggiunto la cifra di mila, di cui mila sono gravi, tanto che il ministero della Salute ha incluso questa patologia fra quelle prese in carico dal Servizio Sanitario Nazionale. Gambling with video poker and slot machines, in addition to betting and gaming halls, are constantly on the increase.

As a result, gambling addicts are also on the increase. Has the Commission carried out, or does it intend to carry out, a survey to discover the extent of the phenomenon in the individual Member States and to find out in which other EU countries gambling addiction is treated by the National Health Service? Why does it not propose a rule that prohibits the advertising of gambling on television and on the Internet, as was the case for tobacco, in order to prevent people from being drawn to it, with the resultant adverse effect on their health? As the Honourable Member was informed in a previous response on the issue of gambling addiction.

The current EU legislation protecting the economic interest of vulnerable consumers also covers online gambling. Under this contract, Cosco is committed each year, in addition to the rent, to pay the PPA a guaranteed minimum amount, which will vary depending on the activity at the port in any given year.

According to the information available, the Cosco has asked the administration of Piraeus Port Authority PPA to abolish payment of the guaranteed minimum amount. How does it view Cosco's request to the PPA to amend the concession contract, i. The Commission services are not aware of this request, as the Greek authorities have not contacted them about it.

Therefore a request for information will shortly be sent to the Greek authorities. In the last few days, because of heavy rainfall that has caused landslides at the landfill on the island of Zakynthos, displaced waste has flattened the building housing the electronic equipment for the management of waste fumes. Furthermore, liquid waste from the landfill has reached the habitat of the Caretta caretta turtle in Laganas Bay. Moreover, citizens and environmental organisations in Zakynthos, who have for a long time been expressing their concern about the existing landfill, now have understandable objections to the choice made by the authorities to construct a new landfill at Livas, within a protected wildlife area, again without making any plans for waste prevention and recycling at source as required by EU legislation.

What stage have the court proceedings reached? What means does the Commission have to enforce Community law and, thereby promote the prevention and recycling of waste at source, which are best practices? What action will it take so that, in any event, the principles of prevention and recycling at source are implemented before any new landfills are created? In addition to legal action by the Commission to ensure full implementation of EU waste legislation, the Commission is taking several initiatives to promote best practices for waste management.

For instance, in November last year, a best practice seminar was organised in Greece with the national and regional authorities. In this context, a Roadmap including precise recommendations to improve waste management in Greece was developed and discussed with the Greek authorities. This Roadmap will be made publicly available. Regional funds remain available to support the required investments to improve waste management in Greece and to promote the first steps of the waste hierarchy — waste prevention, re-use and recycling.

The Commission has put forward a proposal for a directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure alternative fuels include liquefied natural gas LNG , compressed natural gas CNG and electricity. Under the proposal, each Member State would have to set up a minimum number of publicly accessible recharging points. In addition, the Commission proposal calls for all charging stations to be equipped with a single type of plug with Type 2 connectors as described in standard EN At present, however, charging stations are equipped with two different types of plug.

In France and the United Kingdom, Type 3 plugs are the most widely used. In France, some local authorities have already introduced self-service electric car schemes and built thousands of charging stations equipped with Type 3 plugs. In the light of EU competition law and the principle of technology neutrality, how can the Commission defend its decision to impose a single type of technology?

Can the Commission explain why its proposal for a directive not only sets targets for the Member States but also stipulates how they must meet these targets i. If it wishes to impose such a requirement, should it not be proposing a regulation, rather than a directive? Given that the technology behind electric charging stations is becoming more sophisticated all the time, is it really necessary to force all Member States to use Type 2 plugs when they might become obsolete in a few years anyway? The proposal for a directive of the European parliament and of the Council on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.

The implementation of common technical specifications in the Union is therefore necessary based on the work of the European Standardisation Organisations. The proposed directive foresees a revision clause every two years in order to update the standards in view of any new technology and market developments. As the type 2 is used in most of Member States and is recommended by the European automotive manufacturers and the European electric utilities, the European Commission has proposed type 2 plug as common European standard in order to remove all market uncertainties and reduce the cost for the users and public authorities.

In my opinion, the European Progress Microfinance Facility is not yet an effective tool for achieving the goals that it was set up to pursue. That is also the view conveyed in the report on the functioning of the facility. Does the Commission think that, in the forthcoming financing period, it could be more heavily focused on supporting youth employment? Implementation patterns of financial instruments typically indicate a nonlinear portfolio build-up with a slower start followed by a stronger rise in volumes. Progress Microfinance is thus well on track for achieving its objectives.

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The threat of rabies continues to pose health threats to humans in the Philippines. Furthermore, according to the National Meat Inspection Service, additional diseases associated with consuming dog meat include E. Coli , salmonella, anthrax, hepatitis, internal parasites and brucellosis; a large proportion of these diseases can be fatal.

A large proportion of these are strays or are pets that have been stolen by traders. During transportation, dogs endure stressful and painful conditions for a prolonged period of time, in high temperatures and without food or water. At the slaughterhouses, the surviving dogs are exposed to a number of inhumane killing methods.

With regard to the Philippines, the Animal Welfare Act provides the general framework to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the country. The Anti-Rabies Act recognised the role played by the spread of rabies and tightened the supervising and regulating legal framework also by increasing penalties for convicted dog meat traders. However, due to continued reports on animal cruelty the Philippine Congress considers amendments to the Animal Welfare Act. Being aware of this issue, the signed but not yet concluded EU — Philippines Partnership Cooperation Agreement includes provisions and creates a framework for dialogue and cooperation also on animal welfare which might be explored in the future based on the interest of both parties.

The questionnaire does not meet the basic criteria for public opinion surveys of objectivity and accuracy. The first question already contains two mistakes. What action does the Commission intend to take at this stage and what corrective mechanisms does it intend to apply to ensure that the results of the consultation exercise are objective?

The questionnaire uses commonly applied terminology. The questionnaire was designed to allow for a comprehensive range of answers in order to obtain a representative overview of the positions of concerned individuals, companies, organisations and authorities. The Commission considers the questionnaire as balanced and has no plans to introduce any changes. Da hier keine 1: The purpose of the drafts was to approximate EU chemicals law. The drafts depart from chemical law in some respects, which, with regard to waste, is appropriate.

As the provisions are not going to be brought fully into line with chemicals law and, in addition, the proposals are likely to impact chemicals law significantly, there should be — according to Commission guidance — an impact assessment. What is the impact — in particular with regard to hazardous property HP 14, Ecotoxic — on the volume of hazardous waste and on the treatment routes for it? What consequences do the changes to hazardous properties have for agriculture, in particular as regards limit values under other EU legislation, e.

Several options to define the ecotoxicity of waste hazardous property HP 14 are being analysed and will be further discussed in an expert working group. While a fully-fledged impact assessment is not required, impacts of the amendments are being discussed. A preliminary assessment of selected waste types can be found under: In the context of the discussions of the options for defining the ecotoxicity criterion HP 14 , possible implications on sewage sludge, and in particular, consistency with existing requirements for the use of sewage sludge, are being analysed.

It is not foreseen to change the waste code 10 01 Accordingly, fly ash from untreated wood would continue to be classified as a non-hazardous waste. Einem Bericht der Bild-Zeitung vom 6. Following the detection of horsemeat in hamburgers sold in British supermarkets, the Spanish consumer association OCU has confirmed that out of 20 brands tested in Spanish supermarkets, two contained horsemeat, without it being listed on the packaging.

In addition to horsemeat, antioxidants, colourings, flavour enhancers, sulphites and an additive to keep the meat looking fresh and disguise its poor quality were also detected. Is the Commission monitoring the situation concerning the use of horsemeat in hamburgers sold in Europe? Apart from the cases already found in the United Kingdom, Ireland and now Spain, does it know whether the same problem exists in other European states?

Does the Commission consider the addition of antioxidants, colourings, flavour enhancers and sulphites to meat likely to pose food safety and public health risks? Does it not feel that the use of such additives should be controlled and regulated? Does it intend to change the rules on labelling of meat products, so that horsemeat content can be identified? Following the findings of mislabelled food with horsemeat, the Commission has been actively coordinating ongoing investigations in the Member States.

To this end, the Commission has recently adopted a recommendation on a coordinated control plan calling for EU-wide controls on foods marketed as containing beef to detect undeclared presence of horse meat and on horse meat destined for human consumption to detect phenylbutazone, a veterinary drug whose use is allowed only in non-food producing animals. Europol is also involved in the ongoing investigations. These current Union food labelling rules, when correctly enforced, are sufficient to ensure that horsemeat content can be identified on the labelling of meat products.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO today warned of the risk of new bird flu outbreaks unless surveillance and disease control is strengthened globally. Is the Commission monitoring this situation? What steps will it take to strengthen the surveillance and control of bird flu and other animal diseases? Can it guarantee the safety of poultry and pig farms in Europe? Does it believe that this FAO warning may constitute a threat to public health since these new outbreaks of bird flu H5N1 may be transmissible to humans?

What preventive measures has it taken or does it intend it take? Around European children and adolescents have been diagnosed with narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix H1N1 vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. Given that new vaccines will be manufactured should new cases of bird flu and swine flu arise, what measures has it taken or will it take to ensure that these new vaccines will not pose the risk of narcolepsy associated with Pandemrix?

Influenza vaccines are subject to the strong EU legislation framework for medicinal products. Quais foram os seus resultados? How does the Commission view the outcomes of this high-level conference? Did the conference meet expectations? What were the main points highlighted and the most pressing issues identified in terms of implementing a joint and successful effort to prevent violent extremism and to involve the various communities living in the Member States?

How does it assess manifestations of violent extremism in Europe? What are their main causes and consequences? What specific measures has it taken on this issue? What were the outcomes of these measures? The objective of the meeting was to bolster Member States' efforts in their policy on preventing violent extremism and to support the involvement of local players. The Conference recognised the added value of the RAN and the approach aimed at tackling all kinds of violent extremism. The discussions will feed into the Commission's work on Countering Violent Extremism.

The RAN aims to be an EU-wide umbrella platform for practitioners involved locally in countering violent extremism. Eight working groups have already been set up within the RAN on different topics such as community or local police and victims of terrorism. Its overall is more to facilitate preventative cooperation, and to share experiences and practices amongst practitioners and local actors closest to the most vulnerable individuals.

It aims thereby to contribute to the goals set out by the Commission in the Internal Security Strategy. No dia 30 de janeiro de teve lugar a Khurshid discussed bilateral relations between the European Union and India and foreign policy issues of common concern, in particular in their respective neighbourhoods, the Middle East Peace Process and Iran.

Both sides agreed on the necessity to enhance EU-India relations, in particular as regards political and security-related issues, trade and sectoral cooperation. The recent cases of violence against women were also mentioned. The relations between EU and India continue to deepen in a constructive manner. Both sides look at the next Summit as an important step in this process. Que projetos tem presentemente em curso com este objetivo? A thorough understanding of European cultural heritage requires knowledge of centuries of European presence throughout the world and the preservation of material and non-material cultural heritage that marks this presence and interaction with other peoples and cultures.

Much of this European heritage is found in developing countries, which often lack the means to prevent its degradation or even disappearance. Does the Commission believe that material and non-material European cultural heritage found outside the Member States is an important part of European cultural heritage as a whole? Does it believe that this heritage deserves the care, attention and protection of all Europhiles and that the European identity is incomplete without it? Does it provide any support for the identification, examination and preservation of European heritage throughout the world?

What does this support entail? What projects is it currently supporting? The Commission is of the opinion that the safeguarding of European cultural heritage is of high importance. Moreover, bilateral ad hoc initiatives are taken in the Eastern and Southern Partner countries, such as a capacity building action in heritage management — which is at the core of an important upcoming programme with Algeria — and support provided for the institutional development of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia.

The Bank of France has confirmed that a huge capital flight is taking place, which will escalate if the Socialist government persists in further penalising the wealthiest. What does it think of it? In the current context of crisis, many governments have turned to tax hikes as a solution, without the measure effectively leading to any increase in tax revenue, as it has resulted in the flight of capital and wealth towards more favourable regimes.

How does the Commission view this situation? What impact is it likely to have in terms of economic recovery and rebalancing national budgets? The recent mediatised cases of famous French citizens changing country of residence to avoid tax burden should not drive us to any quick conclusion on the impact for the economy as a whole in the absence of reliable data. The fiscal strategy of the French Government has currently relied mostly on revenue measures, with a specific emphasis on tax payers with the highest capacity to contribute.

As indicated in the Annual Growth Survey, efforts should be done to achieve a balanced fiscal strategy, in particular in countries with a relatively high share of public expenditure in GDP, as is the case for France. Salarissen en pensioenen van EU-ambtenaren. Wat is de gemiddelde hoogte van het pensioen dat momenteel wordt uitgekeerd aan gepensioneerde ambtenaren?

Wat is de gemiddelde hoogte van het pensioen van deze ambtenaren? Hoe worden de ingelegde pensioenpremies beheerd? De personeelsstatistieken worden bekendgemaakt op europa. Het fonds volgt een principe van actuarieel evenwicht en het mechanisme dat daarvoor wordt aangewend, is het pensioenbijdragepercentage. De werknemers moeten een derde van de vereiste financiering betalen. Aan deze vereiste is en wordt voldaan. Overeenkomstig het principe van actuarieel evenwicht wordt het pensioenbijdragepercentage namelijk elk jaar aangepast om de pensioenrechten voor het volgende jaar volledig te dekken.

Aangezien het pensioenfonds in actuarieel evenwicht is, kunnen alle toekomstige uitkeringen volledig worden uitbetaald. Over the past five years, how many civil servants have taken early retirement at age 55, without deduction of pension? What is the average pension of these civil servants? Over the past five years, how many civil servants have taken early retirement at age 55, with deduction of pension?

What is the total amount paid out for other benefits, such as sickness and disability benefits? How are the pension contributions managed? Is there a required funding ratio? If so, how high is this required funding ratio? What happens to the deposited pension contributions?

Are these invested, for instance? Staff figures are published on europa. It follows an actuarial balance principle and the pension contribution rate is the mechanism maintaining the scheme in balance. This requirement is and has been met, as under the principle of actuarial balance, the pension contributions is to be adjusted each year to fully cover pension rights acquired in the following year. The pension fund can fully pay the future benefits because it is in actuarial balance. The Commission has not developed any scenarios in case a Member State were to leave the Union.

Il problema dell'espianto di organi ai danni di prigionieri di coscienza in Cina ha radici profonde, risalenti al Il regime cinese ha, infatti, da tempo, dato inizio alla persecuzione contro i praticanti del Falun Gong, un popolare sistema di esercizi cinese, i quali vengono regolarmente arrestati, torturati e uccisi per il loro credo.

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L'Unione europea ritiene che il dialogo UE-Cina sui diritti umani rappresenti un'importante sede di discussione delle questioni relative ai diritti umani in Cina. The problem of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China is deep-rooted, dating back as far as The Chinese regime has for some time persecuted members of Falun Gong, a popular system of Chinese exercises, the practitioners of which are regularly arrested, tortured and killed for their beliefs.

Considering that, if it is indeed true that organ harvesting is being performed on prisoners of conscience who are not sentenced to death, this would consist of a crime against humanity;. However, the regulation does not adequately address the issue of donor consent. The EU also remains concerned with the secrecy surrounding organ transplant statistics, which makes it impossible to gain an accurate picture of the source of transplanted organs, and at allegations that many organs are harvested from prisoners in Re-Education through Labour camps.

The EU continues to encourage any efforts by China to promote voluntary organ donation. The EU believes that the EU-China human rights dialogue constitutes an important channel for discussion of human rights issues in China. The EU has already addressed the issue of organ harvesting in the framework of past rounds of the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue and will continue to do so, together with individual cases of persecution of individual Falun Gong practitioners.

Wie hoch war der zugesagte Betrag? In welchem Umfang wurden die bereitgestellten Mittel schon vergeben? Wurde die Kofinanzierung geleistet? Wie beurteilt die Kommission den aktuellen Stand des Museumsprojekts vor Ort? Wenn er nicht zufriedenstellend ist: Warum hat die Kommission in das Verfahren nicht eingegriffen bzw. Lei wurden bereits ausgezahlt. The project should have been completed in It included the restoration and renovation of the museum and the excavation sites.

What are the criteria for granting this financial support? What amount was promised? To what extent have the funds made available already been handed over? If it is not satisfactory, why has the Commission not intervened in this process, and will it demand the successful completion of the project? The beneficiary has received No company has received support for this project, as the responsible body and beneficiary is the Mehedinti County Council. The project includes new buildings, the rehabilitation of the old museum building and archaeological works. The latter are weather dependent and unforeseen problems with the building structure delayed the work.

The construction of the new buildings could not start because a new archaeological site was discovered. A new location for these buildings needed approval from the Ministry of Culture and the technical design had to be redone. A new tender procedure for the works is in progress.

Work on a pedestrian bridge over the railway met technical problems and agreement from the railway company was delayed. The Commission approved an extension of the implementation time. The Romanian authorities monitor the situation based on progress reports and site visit reports. The beneficiary has been urged to speed up the work.

The Commission considers that the main problem encountered the new archaeological site was beyond the beneficiary's control.

Misleidende informatie van de Commissie. Kan de Commissie uitleggen en aan de hand van een effectbeoordeling bewijzen wat er is veranderd sinds haar eerste beoordeling? Blijft de Commissie erbij dat de invoering van een FTT in het kader van intensievere samenwerking geen gevolgen zal hebben voor de andere lidstaten? Volgens deze bron heeft de Commissie een voorkeur voor de plaats waar een economische activiteit ontplooid zou moeten worden, op grond van belastingprincipes.

Staat het de Commissie uit hoofde van de Verdragen vrij dergelijke voorkeuren te hebben, die niet verenigbaar zijn met de regels van de interne markt? Hoe zal de Commissie het beginsel van rechtszekerheid naleven als ze zulke belangrijke maatregelen voorstelt binnen zo'n kort tijdsbestek, zonder overleg en zonder dat het publiek ervan op de hoogte is? De Commissie heeft voor haar oorspronkelijke FTT-voorstel een volwaardige effectbeoordeling uitgevoerd.

Deze effectbeoordeling behoudt grotendeels haar geldigheid voor nauwere samenwerking op basis van het huidige voorstel. Er is een aanvullende analyse uitgevoerd met het oog op de invoering van een FTT in het kader van een nauwere samenwerking. De resultaten van deze analyse zijn bekendgemaakt in het werkdocument van de diensten van de Commissie dat een analyse van de beleidsopties en effecten bevat WDC Het voorstel van de Commissie is gebaseerd op algemeen aanvaarde beginselen van internationaal belastingrecht. Het is volledig in overeenstemming met de eengemaakte markt en beoogt een betere werking daarvan.

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