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My mom is pregnant with her first son after having three daughters before him, including me, the littlest one. In the middle of the night, my dad wakes us up and says we all need to drive to the hospital, and so we went. My sisters and I are waiting on the public hospital couches… waiting and waiting, way past our bedtimes and they are not telling us anything.

My mom is being sent from doctor to doctor, one room after the other and nothing is being said. The tension is palpable. The very next day, we lay our brother to rest in his small coffin. He looked like my dad. I am now a married woman with a new baby girl in my arms. She is 3 months old. It surprised me because with a new baby in the house, my phone has always been on silent mode — except this time. I try to grab my phone, half awake, look down and see my mom is calling me.

My heart stopped for a minute.


Most importantly, readers live through the days before Independence and up to today in Kenya. I'm very pleased with the quality of this product. We can use our words as part of our conspiracy with the Spirit to being blessings, or we can wound. You can have one, two or several jars for each year, each child, each milestone. Age Onesies These days, they make everything for babies — including statement onesies and even ones with the age printed on them. This then makes me look back at my own childhood.

I am not sure, can you please come over? He looked like he was at peace. The years in between are long, but the the emptiness is still very much felt. It is certain, it is sudden but its effects may last even a lifetime. I did not know my brother very well, naturally, because he died at birth, but being a ten year old and experiencing all of it made a real impact in my life. It pains me every time I think about what I should have done more, what I should have told him, the time I should have spent with him before his passing.

However, everyday, I make the choice to live — for myself, for my husband, for my children. Even though my dad has passed on, I choose to keep him alive in the stories I tell my children, in passing traditions he has taught me and my sisters and in the way I handle my current relationships.

Now is the time. Now is the only time. This is what loss has taught me.

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When I remember my dad, I remember not just fun memories together, but also to cherish moments with my loved ones at present. This is why journaling has become my favorite past time. Even as a kid I would write in special notebooks and keep diaries in secret places so no one can read them. The Memfy journalling app is a great tool that helps me keep my thoughts and stories private along with the freedom of writing whatever I please. My pain is still fresh from my loss, but I know in time, the sadness will fade and the good and lovely memories will remain. After all, it is in loss that I can truly see the value of life and the meaning of it all, not just for myself but also for my children.

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Posted in Memfy Stuff , Memories , Parenting Memories and tagged childhood , childhood memories , diary , family , family memories , Family Traditions , family vacations , journal , Journaling , making memories , parenthood on November 21, by Sheryn. They say we can never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Perhaps the statement rings truer when it comes to our children. I know firsthand, as a work-from-home mother of two toddlers, what that feels like. The most common misconception about stay-at-home moms is that we sit around all day doing nothing but playing, laughing and singing with our kids.

But the reality of life is, without a helper or a nanny, we do everything else — cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, picking up toys, in addition to taking care of the kids and playing with them. With all the chores and responsibilities come an unwelcome consequence: Yes, I am there for the big milestones — the many firsts, but not exactly mentally and emotionally there for all the little, seemingly insignificant at the time but actually very significant!

This then makes me look back at my own childhood. Growing up, my parents were at work most of the day, both with jobs. My sisters and I were always with a nanny, a neighbor or our grandparents and aunts. My husband grew up in the same type of household. His mother was an overseas worker and his dad was always working as well. But no matter how busy they were on weekdays, both our parents made sure we had family time during the weekends.

Weekend lunches and adventures were a must. My dad loved to drive us around anywhere and everywhere. I especially loved car rides so I have many great memories with him in the car, getting lost and discovering new places. However rich in valuable memories my chil dhood was, it is also the reason why I chose to stay at home with the kids, giving up a blossoming career as a chef. At the end of the day, I wanted to be present — physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually, for my kids.

It was so important for my husband and I to instill our family values to our children even at a young age. We also take them out on dates like I would take my eldest to watch plays and the ballet while my husband would spend time with our son and vice versa. In a sense, this is our special way of showing our kids not only how to make great family memories but also how to value every moment with each other. In the end, we only hope as their parents to be able to instill that in them until they are grown adults with their own families. As a millennial parent, I am fully aware of the power of social media.

Heck, I even have assigned hashtags for each of my kids. I figured it would be the equivalent of having assigned photo albums like the ones my parents had — for my older sisters not for me, because I was the youngest, and you know the rest of this story…: But no matter how big a role social media and technology play in our lives, we still like to keep some things private. Not because they are classified information, but because we hold conversations with our kids sacred.

This is why I started to write my kids handwritten letters. When Ily, my eldest daughter turned one, I got the un-fanciest notebook I could find lying around the house and began to write to her, not everyday, but when something significant happens in her life and I have not stopped since. She is now three. I did the same thing with my younger son Aman who just turned one last February.

On the other hand, it is not entirely the most practical way of jotting down memories. For instance, I am always out with the kids and to remember everything that has been said or done during the day, I still pull my phone out and jot them down so as not to miss anything. This is why when my friend introduced me to Memfy, I was really excited to know that my handwritten letters had a techie equivalent.

Even better is the fact that Memfy just released an Android app so with unlimited data and my phone practically plastered to my hand at all times, remembering every single moment is made easier and more convenient. Besides, who says it has to be only one or the other?

The amazing thing about being a parent today is that we can freely choose — with more options, I might add, how we raise our kids. There are no longer strict rules when it comes to choosing what is best for our children — even when it comes to making and keeping memories that we will hold in our hearts forever. Posted in Memories , Parenting Memories , Traditions and tagged children , family , Family Traditions , home , hugs , kids , parenting , reading , spending time on December 26, by Sheryn.

However, a busy schedule and a list of responsibilities are not an excuse to miss out on the important moments with your children. As parents, we all know that the days may be long but the years go by so fast. The most important thing as parents, is to make every moment in between count. After all, it is their times as children that really shape who they become as adults. These memories are not even grand, momentous events but really simple ones that make children feel happy and loved.

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So parents, put down that smartphone or that pile of laundry now. Here are the 8 most mundane things you should never take for granted because your children will remember them forever! The conversations you have and the moments you share inside the car going to school will always be remembered by your kids.

Saying goodbye to your kids and hugging them before they leave the car each morning makes a huge impact on their lives. Providing shelter is a basic responsibility of parents to their children. But beyond a roof over their head and four walls to protect them, it is the making of a home that really becomes unforgettable to all children. A child will never forget what kind of home, school, playground or backyard they grew up in.

The stories they will tell as adults will be set in these natural environments and it will definitely set the tone for them. Although kids love being kids — playing and goofing around, they also like the feeling of being trusted. Giving your kids real responsibilities like simple household chores and rewarding or praising them for a good job done will be forever ingrained in their minds and hearts. Your time is a precious gift. Your presence in small and big occasions will matter and it will shape the kind of people they will become. Perhaps they need you there when they fall down or when they are embarrassed in school and need someone to confide in.

Maybe they need you to show up when things are looking glum and they know that you are the person they can count on all the time. Books create a world where everyone that is reading becomes a part of it. No matter how old your child is, reading to them will make them feel special and loved. The stories we share with our kids will change them forever. Hugs are a symbol of reassurance and protection — things that every child would want to feel at all times. When a child realized he or she has talent for a particular skill, these memories highlight a sense of competence. Reassuring and affirming your children of the things they do well will later on help them build confidence as well.

As an adult, if there is one thing you remember being a child, and still carry on today with your own children! You are shaped by these traditions that you experience growing up and it creates a positive effect in your life.

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In the same way, having your own family traditions with your kids will help them learn about the importance of family, togetherness and a support system. It teaches them the value of spending their time well and placing value in people and relationships. Posted in Memories , Parenting Memories and tagged boy or girl , children , DIY , gender reveal party , motherhood , parenthood , party , pregnancy on November 12, by Sheryn.

Naturally, when you find out, the first thing on your mind is telling everyone about it. Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular these days.

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There is nothing more amazing than a beautiful baby bump on any woman. Hide it under your shirt and when the time is right, let your parents and in-laws unwrap their most precious gift. Print out eyelashes and mustache pictures and stick them alternately in all your party decors. Award the team that won for added fun! The suspense will get everyone going and will definitely motivate them to hit it harder each time. It is also a nice way of welcoming your baby to the world and introducing him or her!

Another way is to keep the helium balloons in a box, hidden from everyone. This way, when you open it, only the right color will come out for the grand reveal. If you want a super memorable gender reveal party, then you would want to try this. Posted in Memories , Parenting Memories and tagged childbirth , children , family , father-son moments , fatherhood , labour pains , memories , motherhood , parenthood , parenting memories , pregnancy on October 23, by Sheryn.

Sometimes, there are just too many mixed emotions flying around and it makes time pass quicker than ever. But with all the craziness that comes with parenting, and all the memories we remember from raising our kids, a mother will never forget what it was like to give birth. Truth be told, childbirth is one of the most underrated experiences known to man.

To be able to carry life inside your body and bring them out into the world is a profound way to express love and dedication to another person. Childbirth has its ups and downs, for sure, and all mothers have their favorite moments with each child. Whether your gave birth to singletons, twins, natural, water birth or caesarean, we believe every way is beautiful and should always be celebrated.

Whatever the outcome was, mums around the world will never forget the moments they had during childbirth. Below are the six most memorable ones most mothers will undoubtedly be able to relate to. Of course the best part about carrying a child for 9 months is finally meeting them for the first time. Although you may still feel overwhelmed by the entire process, the world just stops for a moment and you share this sacred time with your baby.

An even more exciting moment than seeing your child, is holding them! These days, skin-to-skin contact is highly encouraged in every birthing centre and hospital because it has amazing benefits for both the mother and baby. This is when post-birth bonding begins. Mums will never forget the moment the doctor pulls the cloth from the baby and to feel that warm, smooth skin against theirs. There is also a deep connection between the mum and her offspring and it is reinforced more through this process. No one ever said childbirth was easy. Whether you chose to go with the drugs or not, everything about it is painful, uncomfortable and definitely unglamorous.

Though the rewards outweigh the drama, a mother will never forget every single pain and tear that is associated with labour and childbirth. You may actually hear this from your own mother, from time to time! Although not every story is the same, movies are an imitation of life and they have happened that way in real life. The water breaking is a significant moment because it alarms you that the time has come and the nine months of waiting is about to end soon.

A woman will never forget this moment because it is just then when she realizes that she will be meeting her baby very soon! Doctors allow the mother or a close kin to cut the umbilical cord to signify the release of the baby from the womb and to welcome them to the real world. Being able to do this is an experience one will never forget because it is deeply profound and moving at the same time. It takes two people to make a child.

Even though the mom carries the baby for nine months, there is an undeniable bond between a father and his children. Seeing a father hold his child for the first time is a definite tear-jerker moment you will never forget. Posted in Parenting Memories and tagged child , childhood , documenting memories , father , journals , keepsakes , memories , mother , motherhood , parenthood , remembering , unforgettable moments on August 23, by Sheryn.

They say when you have kids that the days are long but the years are fast. But with the blink of an eye, your baby becomes 6 months, starting to crawl and before you know it, she is a year old, walking around, being her own person. As she gets older, she will begin to realise how much her parents have valued her life and this will please her tremendously. With technology by our side, there are so many wonderful ways to remember every important moment of our kids growing up.

Definitely an oldie, but a goodie! Writing down special moments and important milestones is a beautiful way to write letters to your children. Choose nice, durable notebooks or ones that hold special meaning for you and start jotting down moments with your kids that you never want to forget. By using paints and canvas and other art materials, you and your kids can have a blast while making masterpieces of your hands together at every age. You can choose to hang these paintings around the house or take pictures of them so you can place it in an album. You will look back at these paintings one day and not only remember her baby days but also the experience you had while making them together.