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follow url At parts it was much more focused on Leoma and Braith, which I'm not complaining about, and other times other characters were getting introduced. So it did not really flow in a way that left a clear picture. It's not bad, but I do not know if I will continue on to learn more about this world and other characters. This is the story of Leoma and Braith. Where to even start. This was just so exciting and a great start to what is going to be such a good series. This is a period storyline around the 14 Century that deals with Good Witches, Bad Wiitches, warlocks and of course those who are hunting them.

Leoma only focus from a early ages was to wipe out the evil witches. Leoma is a strong fighting hunter who stands out but follows what she knows is best. Braith was a warrior too but had planned on not fighting again and look toward family with his young ward. But that was changed when his ward was lost to him That when he meets Leoma who he thinks can help him find his revenge and maybe more along the way.

Really enjoyed their story!! Nov 22, books are love rated it really liked it. This was a great first book in the series. I love the strength of the female leads in this book. Leoma is a witch hunter.

Well she hunts those that wish to cause harm to others with their powers. She is strong, fierce and smart. Upon running into Braith we see instant attraction and hope. Hope that someone will understand her and still wish to be with her. Braith gives her this and more. He shows her respect as well. He listens and takes her advice. Braith has seen war. He has had to deal with bl This was a great first book in the series. He has had to deal with blood on his hands and now he wants to live in peace.

Only the coven has need of him and they will do anything to get him in their clutches. He is a wonderful character.

He is strong and kind. But also fierce and battle. He listened to Leoma and fell in love with her strength and character. They fought side by side to protect others and him. This kept us wondering and more in the moment. Feeling the emotions and fear from Leoma and Braith. I liked the discovery we saw Leoma have about male warlocks being out there and how they helped her. We also had some sizzling attraction between Braith and Leoma. An attraction that went further but also bound them together. The fight to keep Braith from the coven and figure out what the coven is up to is nailbiting.

A wonderfully intriguing story that will have you on your toes and wanting more. Feb 17, Megan rated it really liked it. I like e Donna Grant. Her books are always fantastic and this one was no different. Was it my favorite? But it was still pretty good. I looooove the heroine, Leoma. She was a badass hunter and I also really like Braith. They were both really great characters. I am looking forward to the next book. Nov 28, Robyn rated it it was amazing. Donna got me again!!

I loved this series and I can't wait until the next one!! I'm hoping it's the couple I think it is!! And I see a love triangle as a possibility!! This series has great potential for many books to come!! Nov 17, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book took me on a thrill ride of epic proportions. It thrills me to no end that Ms. Grant has started another Medieval paranormal series. Although there hasn't been a book she has written that I don't absolutely love with every cell of my body, this series will be in my all-time favorites 3 and reread pile.

You can feel the chemistry for the first time Leoma and Braith meet. This story will hypnotize you and you won't realize where the last 5 hours went. The story is fast pac This book took me on a thrill ride of epic proportions. The story is fast paced and completely enthralling. Dec 11, Christina Rimorin rated it it was amazing.

When it comes to good triumphing over evil, this book did not disappoint. Both Leoma and Braith are b Eversong: Both Leoma and Braith are bent on revenge for the wrongful deaths of ones dear to them caused by a witch in the coven. Who knew going after a common enemy would lead you to your best team mate along with your love for life?

Braith being a knight his whole life. Leoma taken off the streets and vigorously trained by Edra and Radnar. Their fights and battles side by side was quite impressive. Their first battle in the grove against the same witch they were after was awesome beyond belief. It was great reading about them taking Brigitta down. I love how Leoma can hold her own in a fight whether it is against powerful witches or knights twice her size.

Braith came with his own surprises up his sleeves too. How he killed the elder witch Eleanor with the power of the skull was dark, morbid, and utterly vivid. Like all couples, they had their love scenes. The first love scene was very nicely written. While I enjoy some hardcore, steamy raunchy-ness; this one was very tastefully done.

Despite his experience, he showed Leoma not only love but a tremendous amount of gentleness and patience. While it was great admiring the scoreboard of several deaths against the coven, Braith and Leoma realize they still have a bigger battle ahead of them with the coven.

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Another cherry on top, best ending ever. Tired and after cleaning up after the big showdown with elder witches, they finally put it all on the table of their feelings for each other and then the implied love scene that followed. This is my first book by Donna Grant and as far as first impressions go, why the heck did I not hear about her sooner?! The world of witches, warlocks, knights and magic was awesome and I world I would love to get lost in.

I highly recommend this book and I anxiously await the next book in the series. Nov 20, Books 2 Blog rated it it was amazing. First off, this book was literally magically delicious!

Eversong Woods

From then, I knew I would read everything I could get my hands on. Eversong blew magic across my ipad as soon as it landed and simply swept me away from the first page. From magic s First off, this book was literally magically delicious! A great warrior from birth but abandoned and lost as a child, Leoma is taken in by those who would form the Hunters.

At least I'm hoping.. Attraction arcs between Leoma and Braith from the moment their eyes meet. The wait is worth it though as their journey is fraught with danger at every turn from the Coven. When these two face down evil of the Coven Elders together, the bond between them gets cemented in blood. I can safely say this booked completely checked all my boxes for an exciting and exhilarating paranormal read and I will keep an avid eye out for the next book. This is more than a 5 star read for me.

Nov 18, Brigitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eversong is a fascinating introduction to The Kindred Series. It revolves around witches, warlocks and witch hunters in 14th century England and Scotland. It introduces the Varroki, ancestors of the Vikings. Leoma is a skilled witch hunter, trained in various fighting techniques.

Her target is a Coven of witches who cruelly and indiscriminately use their magic to gain power. Braith is an Earl who has left his warring days behind. His ward was his only family, now he is on his own and on a quest f Eversong is a fascinating introduction to The Kindred Series.

His ward was his only family, now he is on his own and on a quest for revenge. Braith is persuing the witch, responsible for his loss and when he finds her, Leoma gets in his way. He is not aware of what Brigitta, the witch is capable of. He is impressed by Leoma's beauty and skills. He goes after her, knowing that she will lead him to his target.

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Eversong Woods is a reclaimed section of the Eversong Forest. It is the starting zone for the blood elf race, introduced in World of Warcraft's first expansion set — The Burning Crusade. Eversong lies in the northern part of Eastern Kingdoms, and is the location of Silvermoon. Eversong Woods is the starter zone for the Blood Elf race. It is a golden forest with typical high elf buildings. In the center of the map is a blighted strip known as .

The path is a difficult and blood curdling one. What they witness is beyond comprehension and they realise that they have a common goal. Once Braith becomes aware of the hunters' purpose, he readily offers assistance. A mutual admiration and attraction begin to develop. Could this lead to romance? Braith proves his loyalty once committed to the cause. Leoma is a worthy warrior who will risk anything to thwart evil.

The Elders are scheming and callous. The Varroki are respectable and despise evil. It's an exciting and rivetting story. There is betrayal, cruelty, magic, bloodsheds, loyalty, dedication and unconditional love. An intriguing concept with well developed characters. I absolutely love this first installment and look forward to what follows. I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion. Nov 20, Rhiannon St.

Clair rated it really liked it Shelves: Historical elements were woven into this piece, and I loved the presence of witches, wizards, warlocks, and the like. Grant painted a picture with her words, and I found myself catapulted into this space that had both paranormal and fantasy elements to it. I enjoyed the plot of this story. When two people are working toward the same goal, they can either come together, or they can work against one another, and I liked how these two chose the later option.

There was mystery, adventure, action, and of course romance, and these different pieces fit together perfectly. Leoma is a strong and fierce character, taking what was instilled in her since birth and using it to fight for good.

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Braith is heroic in his own right, and fiercely loyal. Both of the main characters were enjoyable and people that I felt like I could relate to. The romance aspect in this book is a slow burn, which I adore. There was a fiery connection between Leoma and Braith from the get go, but no there was no intsa-love to be found here. The connection formed between these characters is made only more intense by the journey they are on and the experiences that they endure together.

Four stars to this novel! I fell in love with this book from the Forward.

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A very heartfelt telling by the author as to why she wrote the story. Historical Romance was also my first love. This novel brings the richness, grit and tradition of the middle ages and weaves in the fantastical world of witches and warlocks. Throw in a bit of Viking mythology and a heroine in a very non-traditional roleyou get a kick ass story! I love th 4. I love that the lead characters--Leoma and Braith-- are not the paranormal aspects of the story.

They are the warriors.

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From their first meet, I could tell that they would be drawn together and a perfect match. Both have great personality and an underlying goodness about them. When they finally give into the tension between them, it seals the deal on the feelings they have been fighting toward each other.

We have some mystery and intrigue happening. The Coven--a large and powerful group of witches--is up to something. Leoma and Braith are able to hold them off for now. I suspect we will have more encounters in the next book. I was very intrigued by the Varroki. I'll take more of them in the next book as well. Great start to the series. Looking forward to reading more! Donna Grant has once again written a story that kept me glued to its pages. Set around the 14th century, this story involves witches, warlocks and witch hunters.

Braith is a warrior, a man out to seek revenge on the witch who murdered his young ward and only remaining person he classed as family. Leoma is a witch hunter, a young woman who has vowed to destroy all evil witches, especially those who Donna Grant has once again written a story that kept me glued to its pages. Leoma is a witch hunter, a young woman who has vowed to destroy all evil witches, especially those who murdered her friend.

When these two team up to rid their world of The Coven, witches who desire power and spare no thought for others. This is an exhilarating story, a journey that is monumental. It is a magical story involving some of the most powerful and strong characters, I have seen in Ms Grant's books.

I was thrilled that most of these characters were women - not many books of this genre have strong female leads. Another epic series in the making. I wait patiently not really for the next books in this series. A highly recommended read. I love this start of a new series!!!

Leoma was trained from an early age to take down the Coven. She was orphaned and her surrogate parents brought her up to do battle with the Coven. She is hunting a member of the Coven when she crosses paths with Braith. Come to find out they were both hunting the same witch. This is what I do as a hunter: You are going to need to use this mistbat pet for the following 2 quests, so move quickly because your pet only lasts 15 minutes HINT: What I do is dismiss the mistbat and tame another one before I leave the area so the timer resets on it 48 Go back up and turn in " The Fallen Courier " Just to let you know, the quest reward item you get Saltheril's Haven Party Invitation just allows you to pick up the party goods on the tables at the party, but nothing more.

Eversong Woods is now finished. Now go into Ghostlands Joana - Last Updated: This Guide Whole Site. Go do it, then turn it in. Go turn in " The Forsaken " Go turn in " Return to Arcanist Vandril " Then go accept ALL the quests that are available in Tranquillien which include: I skip " Fly to Silvermoon City " for now.