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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Please try your request again later. Andi - the artist - and Terri - the author - write, illustrate, and publish their own genre fiction from their home nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire. Andi's whimsical illustrations and Terri's playful writing bring a humorous perspective to the theme of the outsider trying to fit in. Via this short story collection, the reader is transported to a school in the near future where witches, robots, sirens and werewolves mingle in the school hallways.

Equal parts humor, horror, hormones and high school. Get started on 'The Monster Exchange Program' by grabbing the complete series at one low dollar-saving price: Are you an author?

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A lot of the books seem right up the same alley as The Monster Exchange Program. They were sweet awesome games and this new game, Hero-U, needs to get made! I won't bore you with the entire history, our so-called "war on fun" , and the trouble with popularity.

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Product details For A Good Time, Call Unicorn (Monster Exchange Program) eBook: Terri Bogard, Andi Bogard: Kindle Store. For A Good Time, Call Unicorn. (The Monster Exchange Program #3). by. Terri Bogard (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 7 ratings · 3 reviews.

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Series by Terri Bogard. Terri Bogard is now friends with Nick Reichert.

Jul 12, Terri Bogard wants to read. Apr 21, Terri Bogard and 74 other people liked David's review of The Road: For the first pages of The Road my BS detector rang li Jan 08, Terri Bogard and other people liked Maren's review of The Road: Honestly, I think there's something wrong with me.

I just finished reading "The Road" today - it only took a couple of hours to get th I also see this book: The I have NOT read this book yet, but judging by the description, it sounds an awful lot like the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. The Wolves of Paris Maybe all three were based on the somewhat true story of wolf killings in France in the s? Dec 05,