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busemblandteli.ga/green-home-building-money-saving-strategies-for.php This association is repeated in the line "En la risa joven del Numen Solar". The sorrow of the Fall is joined with the desire to return to the light [the divine center of the Great All]. In its form as poetry this light redeems the earthly rock by causing it to transcend into crystal, meaning it transforms crass physical form into crystal, or pure substance. There, the Emperor as the Apostate who denied Christ by returning to the pagan worship of the sun is seen as the first to perceive the power of the stars astros in the creation of poetry.

The poem calls stars or small suns the keys to the Great All. It might refer to an earlier excursion of Valle and Teresa, maybe in April. It refers to Palm Sunday and we know that in Easter fell in April: In that work, the narrator connects the crystal with another of Valle's essential symbols: In Clave 1 of Pipa , "she" is the rose and "he" is the bull. Crystal is also connected to another image, which is key in all of Valle's work, that is the mirror.

Valle republished that story on February 21st, And we remember that Teresa wrote her own poem addressed to "Beelzebuth, the "Lord of the flies" [a fly appears in Valle's poem.: In her diary, Teresa describes her own mirrors, which appear in the magic number of nine: I don't have the date of its first publication; this may be its first. The last line of the poem is telling in this regard: Antonio was a saint.

We have already commented on the importance of the rose and we note here that in Clave I, the rose is "encendida" on fire ,. Another novel of the Sonata series which involves an incestuous relationship, Sonata de invierno was re published on July 7th, Homenaje a Wiliam L. Santos Zas , Margarita coord. Insula marzo, Caucci von Saucken ed.

Saggi in onore di Giovanni Allegra , Perugia: The Language of Gems in modernista writers. Bucknell University Press London: Associated University Presses, According to Edwards, Teresa's always dressing in black, as well as her room echoed her literary style. I have not been able to locate Nieto's portrait. There is a mystery surrounding the date of the painting. It is given as , but when Teresa was in Spain that year, Gandara had already died. Could it have been done before Teresa left South America? She does not look like a femme fatale here. It describes his ivory boat sailing under a full moon in April.

The speaker might refer to the impact of Teresa in his life in the line: When I was about to fall asleep, I realized I was surrounded by mirrors I turned on the lamp and I counted them. There are nine of them. Maybe this is yet another allusion to Teresa who is exotic since she is from South America and is as unattainable as a princess by being a much younger woman, more like a daughter than a lover.

Of course all this is pure conjecture at this point. L, iii, 43 p. Authorship has been attributed to Edward Bell, clerk of the Chatham, and also to William Walker, surgeon. Reprinted from the Washington Historical Quarterly, vol. Reprinted in as an appendix to E.

Meany's Vancouver's discovery of Puget Sound no. Appleton and Company; Boston, Frederick Parker, Presents a step-by-step account of the development of the Oregon question and its solution, as part of the political history of the United States. Also published with imprint: V 37 [Beresford, William] fl. Dedicated, by permission, to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. London, Published by Geo. Some copies issued on large, heavy paper, with the eight natural history plates in colour.

Plate 10 is the score of a Nootka Indian song. Forty-nine letters by Beresford, the supercargo on the Queen Charlotte, edited, with an introduction and two appendices, by Dixon, ref. The Queen Charlotte and the King George under the command of Nathaniel Portlock who also wrote an account of the voyage no. Dixon 18 established the insularity of the Queen Charlottes of which Beresford gives a good description. The two works have been confused, especially in translation, in several bibliographies. Archives ordinary and heavy paper editions. A reprint of the first edition with the same pagination.

Howes D; Sabin , ; Smith ; T. French ii — Voyage autour du monde. Paris, Chez Maradan, Archives both I vol. Berlin, Christian Friedrich Voss und Sohn, Perevedeno s anglinskago na ostrovie Kad'iakie.

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V Sanktpeterburgie, v Tipografii V. Howes B; Wagner P. From the March number of the Washington Investigator. Washington, Printed by James N. History of the northwest coast, no. Besant, Sir Walter, Captain Cook, by Walter Besant. London and New York, Maaxiillan and Co. English men of action. Reprinted , , , , , twice , With illustrations by J. London and New York, Macmillan and Co. On verso of t. Reprinted , , A well-documented, fictionalized biography for the general reader. A sketch of Jesuit activities in the Pacific Northwest. Includes brief mention of British Columbia and the missionaries who worked there, especially Father John Nobili.

There is also a section entitled: Missionary stations along the Upper Columbia and Fraser Rivers, pp. Works issued by the Hakluyt Society, 2d.

Similar authors to follow

Mackenzie's rock, with a map showing the course followed by the explorer from Bella Coola, B. Introduction and notes by His Honour Judge Howay Sir Alexander Mackenzie's rock. End of the first journey across America. Publication date from the Canadian Catalogue. Bishop, a trained surveyor, who was then in the service of the Land Department of the Government of British Columbia Illustrations by John Flynn. A- popular biography for children, grades 6 to 8. Johnson, archivist, Hudson's Bay Company, with an introduction by R. Black's Rocky Mountain journal, Limited edition available only to subscribers.

Echelle chronologique et historique de la religion. Published by the Association de la Propagation de la Foi pour le diocese de Quehec. Also published in their Rapport, no. First printed version of the Catholic ladder invented by Bishop Blanchet to instruct the Indians of the Oregon Country, ref. The Catholic ladder and missionary activity in the Pacific Northwest. All the versions listed here are described in detail by Hanley. A second edition was printed of which Father Hanley found a fragmentary copy on the Somenos Reserve, near Duncan, in A third edition, lithographed at Namur in , was withdrawn as it conflicted with Blanchet's views and was replaced by the Paris edition.

Blanchet, Arche- veque d'Oregon-City. Paris, Typographic de Feimin Didot freres [ or 7 ] Broadside. Varies in presentation from Quebec version. Valparaiso, Libas [] 23 Broadside. A — The key to the Catholic ladder, containing a sketch of the christian religion and universal history, useful to all, with the authorization of the Archbishop of Oregon City. Issued to accompany no. Historical notes and reminiscences of early times in Oregon, in a series of articles. The first civilized man, etc.

A summary of Pacific Coast discovery and exploration. The first civilized men who saw the Columbia River. Discoveries of Spanish navigators, of Capt. Appendix; or Summary of the first forty years of missionary life in Oregon, from to Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon during the past forty years. Portland, Oregon [Catholic Sentinel Press] Early Catholic missions no.

Cowan; Howes B; Smith Howes B; Smith ; Soliday note. Library Association of Portland. Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon during the past forty years, This edition first published in Glad tidings by Fr. Francis Norbert Blanchet, D.

LA PEQUEÑA PRINCESA (The Little Princess, 1939, Full Movie, Spanish, Cinetel)

Howes B; Smith Memoire sur l'importance et la necessite de l'etab- lissement d'une province ecclesiastique dans l'Oregon. Caption title on p. Memoire sur I'etablissement d'un siege mitropolitain avec plusieurs suffragants dans la vaste etendue de l'Oregon. Original in the Acta of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, vol.

Oregon Historical Society imperfect. Entry completed from information supplied from perfect copy in l'Archidiocese de Quebec. Traducidas del frances por el R. Valparaiso, Imprenta del comercio, A [ — ] [Supplement. Rome, 16 avril, ] 3 p. Notice sur le territoire et la mission, de l'Oregon. Narnur, Typographic de F. Notice sur le territoire et sur la mission de I'OrSgon. Published under the auspices of the Association de la Propagation de la Foi.

Liste des objets dont la mission de l'Oregon a un grand besoin: PP[3I] Includes "une imprimerie complete, encre, etc. Bruxelles, Bureau de Publication de la Bibliotheque d'Education, The Notice has been revised and brought up to date and the "Liste des objets" omitted. Cowan; Graff ; Howes O; L.

Johansen, with comments on the art of navigation, by Dana Small. A blending of John Boit's account with that of John Hoskins designed for classroom use and independent reading. Based on Howay's edition of Hoskin's journal no. Includes a biography of John Boit of the Columbia, with passages from his diary kept on the northwest coast including incidents at Houston Stewart Channel, which the Boston men called Barrell Sound, in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Boston, Sold, wholesale and retail by L. Bold northwestman is a ballad of fourteen stanzas of double quatrains recounting an Indian attack on the Lady Washington in the Queen Charlottes on June 16, Only two copies are known to be extant but the entire text has been republished in F. Yale University photocopy of original in the Widener Library. Single column with a cut at the head of the text and an ornamental border. A variant form with some slight changes in the wording. A considerably altered version in eleven stanzas omitting verses ten, twelve and thirteen and substituting a new final verse.

The date of the massacre is given as May Extraits de deux lettres des PP. Bolduc et de Smet, missionaries dans l'Oregon, Mission de la Colombie; lettre et journal de Mr. Bolduc, missionnaire de la Colombie. Quebec, De lTmprimerie de J. Frechette, pere, Imprimeur- Libraire [] 95 P- Account of his voyage from Boston via Cape Horn to the Columbia district in The journal ends with his proposed visit to Vancouver Island with James Douglas.

Bibliography of the Salishan languages, p. Deuxieme lettre et journal de M. Bolduc, missionaire a la Colombie. Quebec, De l'lmprirnerie de J. Frechette, pere, Imprimeur-Libraire, Four letters concern Tahiti; one dated 15 fevrier, , reports the voyage to Vancouver Island on the Beaver with Douglas, the establishment of Fort Victoria and the return to Cowlitz. California Historical Society Quarterly, vol.

Fray Juan Crespi ; Smith Roma, Istituto Grafico Tiberino, Accounts of Malaspina's voyages compiled and edited by Emma Bona, together with her two articles, pp. Narrative of the sufferings and adventures of John R. Jewitt, only survivor of the crew of the ship Boston, during a captivity of nearly three years among the savages of Nootka Sound: Auburn and Buffalo, John E. A well-documented study of Vancouver's contribution to the exploration and hydrographic survey of the coastline in relation to the work of Cook, the Spanish and the Russian explorers, based on the author's Ph.

Summarized in Oregon Historical Quarterly, vol. IS, 3 61 Bowes, Gordon Emerson, , ed. Eye-witness accounts from the first exploration in down to of the Peace River district of British Columbia, including the Finlay and Parsnip river basins, compiled by G. Bowes, together with several historical and descriptive narratives, maps, a bibliography and an index. Selected and edited by Gordon E.

A novel of the life of Rodrigo Alvarez de Palma y Ferragut, carpenter's apprentice on the Nootka, with his subsequent adventures on the Pacific Coast and at the signing of the Nootka convention. The author is best known for his monumental six-volume biography of James Madison. Victoria, British Columbia Historical Association, v. Superseded the Association's Annual report and proceedings. Table of contents and index in each volume. Also indexed in the Canadian Index. Publication suspended with vol. Toronto, The Ryerson Press [] 32 p. The Ryerson Canadian history readers. An elementary school reader.

A fairy tale for politicians who are too young to have learned anything, or who are so old that they have forgotten everything. New York, William H. A voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean: Performed in His Majesty's sloop Providence and her tender in the years , , , , by William Robert Broughton. London, Printed for T. Returning to the northwest coast in command of the Providence, he found Vancouver gone, whereupon he commenced a four-year survey of the coast of Asia. Great Britain's claim to the Oregon Country was based largely on Broughton's exploration of the mouth of the Columbia River.

A facsimile reprint of the first edition. French —Voyage de decouvertes dans la partie septentrionale de l'ocean Pacifique Traduit par ordre de S. Translated by Jean Baptiste Benott Eyries. This edition contains an added appendix "Voyage de Laxmann a Matmai Insu ", vol. Archives lacks some plates. Broughton's Befehlshabers der Kon. Weimar, Verlag des Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs, Also issued by the same publishers in in their series Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen zur Erweiterung der Erdkunde, vol.

Howes B; Sabin Publication date from Canadiana. Popular, undocumented sketches of incidents and personalities concerned with various place names compiled by a radio broadcaster and writer. Canadiana '54; Lowther ; N. Brown's political history of Oregon. Provisional government treaties, conventions and diplomatic correspondence on the boundary question, historical introduction of the exploration on the Pacific Coast, history of the provisional government from year to year, with election returns and official reports, history of the Cayuse war, with original documents, by J.

Portland, Oregon, Wiley B. Only volume one published. The author is sometimes called James Henry. Eberstadt postulated in his Catalogue , no. A history of Oregon to Cowan; Howes B; L. A lecture on the Oregon Territory. The title of the United States to its sovereignty. Its capabilities and value to our country. And the necessity of an immediate settlement of it from the States, by Peter A. One of the first pamphlets printed during the boundary controversy and aimed at inducing emigration from the United States.

Includes a history of discovery and early exploration and an account of the British claims but devotes most space to discussing the accessibility of the capital territory by the overland route. Mackenzie, Selkirk, Simpson, by Rev. Limited, I 2 1. Series republished in five later editions no. Notes and comments on Harmon's journal, WSu v.

A paper read before the Society on the evening of 13th December, Winnipeg, Manitoba Daily Free Press, Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society. The reminiscences of a fur trader. Harmon's experience in the Northwest. Largely superseded by W. Kaye Lamb's edition of Harmon's journal, entitled Sixteen years in the Indian country no. A reprint of the first edition, with the same pagination. National Library, Ottawa London ; U. Preface dated August 19, Baltimore, Printed at the Constitution Office, Archives and the Yale University copies are all without maps. Memorial of Charles Bulfinch and others praying the confirmation of their claims to certain tracts of land on the Columbia River, April 9, Referred to the Select Committee on the occupation of the Columbia River and ordered to be printed.

Asking confirmation of Columbia River lands only. January 13, , referred to the Committee on foreign affairs. Charles Bulfinch et al. Includes historical remarks on the discovery of the Oregon River and purchases of land on the northwest coast with affidavits and deeds of purchases by Kendrick of virtually the whole of 38 76 77 Vancouver Island from Maquinna and Wickaninnish; also, extract from George Mortimer's Observations and remarks, London, , on medals struck by Kendrick in Hawaii in Bulfinch, John Trecothic Apthorp, b. A simple account of early exploration of the northwest coast written for children, with a poem The discovery of the river "Roc" The Columbia.

Letters lately published in the Diary on the subject of the present dispute with Spain, under the signature of Verus. London, Printed for G. Authorship attributed to Burges by S. Initials and pseudonyms, but it is not among Webb's works listed in the D. Howes W; Sabin title.

A narrative of the negotiations occasioned by the dispute between England and Spain in the year It was prepared in the foreign office while the negotiations were in progress The Ryerson Canadian History Readers. Explorers and colonists, no. Burney, son of the musician Charles Burney and brother of Fanny, Madame D'Arblay, sailed with Cook on his second and third voyages and rose to the rank.

After his retirement, he wrote a five-volume history of discoveries in the Pacific Ocean to , a number of pamphlets, and this work. Although primarily concerned with the Russian voyages on the northwest coast, it includes his account of Cook's third voyage. Influence of the war of upon the settlement of the Canadian west, by Lawrence J. A very broad, undocumented essay of which the author observed "this paper On the old Athabasca trail, by Lawrence J.

Toronto, The Ryerson Press [] p. Printed in Great Britain by the Camelot Press. Extracts from the adventures of early travellers on the Athabasca Trail from David Thompson to Sandford Fleming retold by the author while on the same trail. Archives Toronto ; U. For the general reader. Henry Hudson and the great bay. OQ Hearne] The quest of the Coppermine. Simon Fraser of New Caledonia. Burpee, Lawrence Johnston, The search for the western sea: London, Alston Rivers, Ltd. Part 3 includes early exploration of British Columbia. Changing trends in research have led to a revaluation of its merit.

Critically reviewed by AS. Morton in the Canadian Historical Review, vol. Also published in New York by Macmillan in from the Canadian printing. The published writings, no. Calhoun and the 42 87 Hon. Pakenham, Her Britannic Majesty's plenipotentiary, with an appendix, containing the counter statement of Mr. Pakenham to the American Secretaries of State, and a map showing the boundary line proposed by each party.

London, Wiley and Putnam, Apparently published under the auspices of the British government for limited circulation. Howes C31; Sabin ; Smith Callahan, James Morton, American foreign policy in Canadian relations, by James Morton Callahan. New York, The Macmillan Company, Lowther, has made extensive use of publications and archives of the U.

Coleccion completa de los tratados, convenciones, capitulaciones, armisticios y otros actos diplomaticos de todos los estados de la America Latina comprendidos entre el golfo de Mejico y el cabo de Hornos, desde el afio de hasta nuestros dias, precedidos de una memoria sobre el estado actual de la America, de cuadros estadisticos, de un diccionario diplomatico, y de una noticia historica sobre cada uno de los tratados mas X 43 importantes, por Carlos Calvo Durand, Gamier Her- manos [et] Mms.

At head of title of these volumes: This edition gives texts in Spanish and editorial matter in French. Journal kept on board the Santiago on Hezeta's expedition "translation. The illustrations were made by Choris while on Kotzebue's voyage of Captain James Cook, R. A straightforward account of Cook's career by a naval officer, author of a number of books on sailors and the sea, ref. Who was who, C, and his contribution to the fur trade in Canada, including the far west. Although the work is obviously based on solid research, the lack of documentation makes it impossible to determine which conversations, letters and diary entries are factual and which imaginary.

It was sternly reviewed by Dr. Grace Nute in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly, vol. Issued simultaneously in New York by the St. Martin's Press from the Canadian printing. Great stories of Canada: The book won the Governor General's Award, Campbell, Marjorie Elliott Wilkins , The savage river: Toronto, Macmillan of Canada [] [6] p. Great stories of Canada [no. A history written for children. Early journal — to , later journal—Sept.

Seattle, Washington [Shorey's Book Store] Preface signed by John W. Early journal copied from typescript transcript in the Soliday Collection. Later journal then owned by a grand-daughter, Mrs. After a period spent farming at the Red River settlement, Campbell joined the H. He discovered the Upper Stikine in and the Pelly River in The Scotsman in Canada, by Wilfred Campbell Cat; Lowther vol. Report of the Public Archives. Ottawa, Queen's Printer, v. No reports issued for , , , Also found in Canada.

Reports for were not issued separately but included in the Reports of the Minister of Agriculture. Some reports reprint the text of newly acquired documents. A — Index to reports of Canadian Archives from to Published by authority of the Minister of Agriculture under the direction of the Archivist. Ottawa, Printed by C. Publications of the Canadian Archives, no. A general history of Oregon prior to , by Charles H. Carey, President of the Oregon Historical Society. Portland, Oregon, Metropolitan Press, i[i] 2 v.

These are especially useful for the detailed documentation of official publications, particularly those of the U.

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New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company [] vi, p. A novel of the northwest coast for grades 6 to 8. The author has been an associate editor of the Catholic Sentinel and written a number of books with an Oregon background for children. Reprinted 10 times, ref. Who's who among Pacific northwest authors.

Personnel of the Endeavour. Hawai'ian opinion of Cook. Cook's logs and journals. New York, Franklin Watts, Inc. A biography written for children. Published simultaneously in Toronto by George J. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, Includes references to the northwest trade. Milano, Edizioni "Alpes", Includes eleven letters of Malaspina published from the original mss. Congregatio de Propaganda Fide.

Ristretto con Nota d'Archivio sulle prowidenze d'adottarsi per il prospero reggimento degli affari Ecclesiastici nell' Oregon. Issued to accompany F. Blanchet's Memoire sur I'importance et la necessiti de I'itablissement d'une province ecclesiastique dans I'OrSgon no. The Catholic University of America. Studies in American church history..

United States , by Donald Shearer Contents identical with Washington edition. Los Angeles, Privately published by the author, xiii, p. Broad history of the coast from Mexico to Alaska from pre- European times to the twentieth century, with emphasis on California. Reprinted by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Archives ; U. The table on pp[] shows the apportionment of authorship credits for Bancroft's Works no.

Los tres siglos de Mexico durante el gobierno espanol hasta la entrada del ejercito trigarante. Obra escrita en Roma por el Padre D. Andres Cavo de la Compania de Jesus. Mexico, Luis Abadiano y Valdes, Suplemento a la historia de los tres siglos de Mixico durante el gobierno espanol. Escrita por el Padre Andres Cavo. Carlos Maria de Bustamente, como con- tinuador de aquella obra. Historia civil y politica de Mexico. Biblioteca nacional y extraniera. Reprint of edition. Jalapa, Tipografia Veracruzana de A. Paris, Societe de Geographie, Extrait du Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie, 2e trimestre, Includes the speeches made on the centenary, copies of some correspondence of Laperouse, a life and a catalogue of exhibits.

A biography which synthesises material from published sources. Euryalus; tales of the sea. A few leaves from the diary of a midshipman. Sometimes attributed to Admiral B. Pim, who was also a midshipman on the Herald. A lively account of service on H. Herald which took part in the search for Franklin's expedition and visited Vancouver Island in Reprint of the first edition, with a new t.

The American fur trade of the far west. A history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of the Missouri Valley and the Rocky Mountains and of the overland commerce with Sante Fe. Maps and illustrations by Hiram Martin Chittenden New York, Francis P. Ghent in the D. The Press of the Pioneers Inc. American culture and economics series, no. Figures of the commonwealth. A popular biography written for young readers.

Lights and shadows of sailor life, as exemplified in fifteen years' experience, including the more thrilling events of the U. Exploring Expedition and reminiscences of an eventful life on the "Mountain wave", by Joseph G.

Ole!: Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century

Boston, John Putnam, Eberstadt Catalogue , no. Although the greater part of the work concerns experiences in the South Pacific, chapter 14 describes the visit to Vancouver Island and Columbia River area with the U. Reprinted in with 6 plates by Benjamin B. A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises, by Richard J. Chapters record a fur-trading voyage in the ship Caroline to Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands in Contains an additional introduction relating further experiences; also, a letter from William Shaler relating particulars of a voyage to the northwest coast.

A re-issue of the edition in new covers. Boston, Published by Charles H. New York, Burt Franklin [ ] p. New York [! A reprint of the reprinting of the edition. Includes some additional material and an obituary.

The Last Muse of the Marqués de Bradomín?, Virginia M. Garlitz, El Pasajero, nº 25,

New York, Manhattan Publishing Co. London, Edward Moxon, Howes C; Sabin The makers of Canada. Edition limited to four hundred signed and numbered sets. Series title also at head of t. Later editions listed under series no. David Thompson, the explorer, by Charles Norris Cochrane. Canadian men of action; series edited by W. Toronto, The Champlain Society, The publications of the Champlain Society, Limited edition for members and subscribing libraries only.

Journal of Golnett's second trading voyage to the northwest coast, edited from the original in the Public Record Office. The appendices contain the terms of the licence and other records relating to the Prince of Wales, Princess Royal and Argonaut and a translation of Martinez's diary from July 2 to 14, 58 , presenting a parallel version of Colnett's account of the Nootka Incident. Originally published as Champlain Society Publication A voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of extending the spermaceti whale fisheries and other objects of commerce by ascertaining the ports, bays, harbours and anchoring births in certain islands and coasts in these seas at which the ships of the British merchants might be refitted, undertaken and performed by Captain James Colnett of the Royal Navy in the ship Rattler.

London, Printed for the author by W. Bennett; sold by A. Ar- rowsmith, Stockdale, Edgerton, Elmsly and White, Compiled by William Combe from Captain Colnett's journal, ref. A lengthy footnote, pp. Howes's note that "it was preceded by a 16 p. Philadelphia, " appears to be an error. London, Printed for the author Comments on the Convention with Spain. Argues that the terms of the Nootka Sound Convention are too restricting. Appears to be written by one with interests in the northwest trade. Howes C; Smith Comparative chronological statement of the events connected with the rights of Great Britain and the claims of the United States to the Oregon Territory.

Smith and Graff date provisionally ; Streeter dates ? Two parallel columns setting out the claims, left, of England and, right, of America. Last date mentioned is Summary, pp[i4]-i5, denies the claim of the United States.

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Compendio hist6rico de las navegaciones practi- cadas por oficiales y pilotos en buques de la Real Armada, sobre las costas septetrionales de California, con el objeto de descubrir y deter- minar la extension y position de sus distritos, e islas adyacentes. Mexico, Editor Vargas Rea, Biblioteca Aportaci6n His- t6rica, 2.

Attributed to Casasola by H. Wagner, who says it formed 60 the basis for Navarrete's introduction to Jose Espinosa y Tello's Relacion del viage hecho por las goletas Sutil y Mexicana no. Cartography of the northwest coast of America no. A novel of the fur trade on the northwest coast at the time of the North West Company, written for Grades 7 to 9 by an Oregon author of fiction for children, ref.

The journals of Captain James Cook on his voyages of discovery; edited by J. Edited from the original mss. Beaglehole with the assistance of J. His monumental work is the standard modern authority and is unlikely to be superseded. For each voyage, Cook's own journal is published from the originals together with all other ms.

The voyage of the Endeavour, The voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, The voyage of the Resolution and Discovery, Charts and views drawn by Cook and his officers and reproduced from the original manuscripts, edited by R. A voyage to the Pacific Ocean, undertaken, by the command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the northern hemisphere, to deteimine the position and extent of the west side of North America; its distance from Asia; and the practicability of a northern passage to Europe.

Performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke and Gore, in His Majesty's ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the years , , , and Illustrated with maps and charts, from the original drawings made by Lieut. Henry Roberts, under the direction of Captain Cook; and with a great variety of portraits of persons, views of places, and historical representations of remarkable incidents, drawn by Mr. Webber during the voyage and engraved by the most eminent artists. Published by order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

London, Printed by W. Nicol, Bookseller to His Majesty, and T. Plates found bound variously. Lada-Mocarski gives a lengthy note on the subject. He considers that the 62d. The long delayed official account of the voyage "edited, emended, added to and drastically tidied up by Canon Douglas": Parry in the Canadian Historical Review, vol. The first edition sold out in three days, ref. Beaglehole gives a detailed history of the publication and its sources in his edition of the Journals no.

Here are fisted only editions and translations of the official account. There were in addition numerous abridgements, collected voyages, and popularizations. Henry Roberts, under the direction of Captain Cook. Dublin, Printed for H. London, Printed by H. Mus Sabin ; Wickersham Contains a memorandum by William Wales, entitled A defence of the arguments advanced in the introduction to Captain Cook's last voyage against the existence of Cape Circumcision, vol.

The introduction has been rewritten and the account transposed into the third person. French — Troisieme voyage de Cook Traduit de l'anglois, par M. Demeunier with additions from the journal of William Anderson, ref. German — Capitain Cooks dritte und letzteReise EineUeber- setzung nach des zwoten grossen Englischen Ausgabe Du Rietz lists five German translations, including this, and observes "It is earnestly to be hoped that the complex bibliographical field formed by the contemporary German texts relating to Cook and his voyages shall soon be surveyed in its entirety by a trained bibliographer well versed in the German language and with free access to the holdings in German and Austrian libraries".

BK ; Kayser ; Smith Tableau topographique et politique de la Siberie, de la Chine, de la zone moyenne d'Asie et du nord de l'Amerique. Berlin [Imprime Chez Louis Quien aux frais de l'auteur] The author was "un homme d'esprit et de savoir, mais d'un savoir indigeste et d'une imagination bizarre": Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siecle. Concludes that conditions on the northwest coast are producing a race of "Jasons modernes" such as terminated in France only with "une monstrueuse dissolution vomitoire de brigands, de sacrileges, de regicides, de charlatans Voyages in the Northern Pacific.

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Narrative of several trading voyages from to , between the northwest coast of America, the Hawaiian Islands and China, with a description of the Russian establishments on the northwest coast. Interesting early account of Kameha- meha's realm; manners and customs of the people, etc. With preface and appendix of valuable confirmatory letters prepared by Prof. First published serially in the London Literary Gazette, Corney did not make landfall on the B.

He describes shipping activities in the area. Cowan; Graff ; Howes C; Wickersham A limited facsimile edition of numbered copies, preceded by 75 pages of biographical and bibliographical notes. Adventures on the Columbia River, including the narrative of a residence of six years on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, among various tribes of Indians hitherto unknown: London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, He gives an account of the rivalry between the Nor'westers and the Hudson's Bay Company, along with a sketch of Wilson Price Hunt's journey to Astoria and his own activities, ref.

Some copies bound 2 vols, in 1. Howes C; Sabin ; Smith ; T. New-York, Printed and published by J.

Harper, and sold by the principal booksellers throughout the United States, Prepared by the personnel of the Work Prosy jects Administration, Project no. This publication 66 is sponsored by the California State Library. San Francisco, June, Sutro Branch, California State Library. A transcript without additional material. Edited and with an introduction by Edgar I. Stewart and Jane R. The American exploration and travel series [no. Illustrated by Cleveland Rockwell and others. Far western classics, no.

Date from National Union Catalog. One of a " Series edited by Alfred Powers: Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America, to which are added, the conquest of Siberia, and the history of the transactions and commerce between Russia and China, by William Coxe Coxe visited Russia in and collected oral and manuscript accounts of discoveries.

His work consists of an almost complete translation of Neu Nachrichten von den neuentdekten Insuln by J. Schultz; abstracts of the journals of Krenitsin and Levashev not previously known even to Russian readers ; and a number of other documents with useful introductory and editorial matter, ref. Bering's successors, ; contributions by Peter Simon Pallas [edited] by J. March of America facsimile series, no. A facsimile reprint with added title: The Russian discoveries between Asia and America.

BC Historical Books

Includes supplement with separate t. A comparative view of the Russian discoveries First published to accompany the third edition no. Contains a supplement, pp[] with separate tp.: A comparative view of the Russian discoveries with those made by Captains Cook and Clerke and a sketch of what remains to be ascertained by future navigators. A facsimile reprint with added t.

London, Printed for Messrs.