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Katie confesses that she watched the tape with her friends the previous week. That night, Katie is killed by an unseen force. At Katie's funeral, Ruth, Katie's mother, urges her sister Rachel, a Seattle journalist, to investigate her daughter's death as she recalls the night she discovered Katie's disfigured body in the closet, with doctors being unable to explain the cause of death.

Rachel discovers that Katie's friends were killed in bizarre accidents on the night of her death. She also learns that Becca has been institutionalized after witnessing Katie's death.

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Rachel goes to Shelter Mountain Inn, the mountain retreat where Katie and her friends watched the supposed cursed tape. While probing the inn's manager for details concerning Katie and her friends' stay, she notices an unmarked videotape on a nearby shelf advertising rental videos for guests; while the manager's back is turned, she slips the tape into her purse. She rents the same cabin that Katie stayed in and reluctantly watches the tape; it contains gruesome and disturbing imagery, culminating in the static image of a lone well in an empty field.

After the tape ends, she receives a phone call from an unknown caller who whispers "seven days". Rachel recruits the help of her ex-boyfriend Noah, a skeptical video analyst. He watches the tape and Rachel makes him a copy so they can both investigate where it came from. Rachel experiences supernatural symptoms of the curse, including irregular nosebleeds and having cords stuck in her throat, which she is forced to vomit out. She discovers hidden imagery of a lighthouse and identifies a woman on the tape: Rachel finds their son, Aidan, watching the videotape. On the ferry to the island, a horse is affected by Rachel's cursed presence and leaps to its death.

On the island, she discovers Anna had an adopted daughter, Samara , but Richard denies it. Rachel speaks to the island doctor, who explains that Anna adopted Samara due to her infertility. Samara possessed the ability to psychically etch images onto objects and into minds, tormenting her parents and their horses.

Noah finds a psychiatric file on Samara which mentions a missing video record last seen by Richard. Rachel sneaks into the Morgan house and watches the missing video, which shows Samara explaining her powers during a psychotherapy session. Richard discovers her and strikes her. Horrified that Samara's evil is still at large, he electrocutes himself in the bathtub. Noah arrives and he and Rachel enter the barn. In a loft converted to a bedroom to isolate Samara from her mother, they find an image of a tree behind the wallpaper; Rachel recognizes it as a tree at the Shelter Mountain Inn.

Rachel returns with Noah to the cabin at Shelter Mountain Inn, where they are led to a well beneath the floorboards. They remove the lid and Rachel is pushed inside.

A hand grabs her, and Rachel experiences a vision of Anna suffocating and dumping Samara into the well, where she survived for seven days. Samara's corpse surfaces from the water. After Rachel is rescued from the well, they arrange a proper burial for Samara. Noah tells Rachel that they are now safe as more than seven days have passed since she watched the videotape. Aidan warns Rachel that it was a mistake to try to help Samara.

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Rachel realizes that Noah's seven days are up and rushes to save him, but the vengeful ghost of Samara materializes on his TV screen, crawls out of it and kills him. Rachel finds his disfigured corpse and returns home to destroy the tape. She concludes she was spared because she made a copy, which Aidan watched. Rachel has Aidan make a copy of the copy to show to someone else, saving him from Samara.

Aidan asks what will happen to the person they show it to, but Rachel doesn't answer. The Ring went into production without a completed script.

Verbinski was initially inspired to do a remake of Ringu after Walter F. Parkes sent him a VHS copy of the original Japanese film, which he describes as "intriguing", "Pulp" and "avant-garde". The film also sought to retain the minimalism that was prevalent throughout Ringu and was decidedly set in Seattle , due to its "wet and isolated" atmosphere.

Verbinski also admitted to not wanting to cast "big stars" as he wanted his film to be "discovered" and describes the wave of harsh criticism from hardcore fans of the original Japanese film as "inevitable" although he expressed desire for hardcore fans of the original to find the remake as equally compelling. The film features an original score composed by Hans Zimmer who would later collaborate on Gore Verbinski's other works.

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Samara causes the water to recede from the bath, replacing Aidan with herself, and terrorizing Rachel so that she tries to drown Samara. Max enters, seeing her drowning Aidan instead, and forces her to take her son to the hospital. Rachel visits Evelyn in a psychiatric hospital , who advises her to "listen to her baby". Temple to commit suicide before returning to Max's house. Max arrives, suspects foul play, and tries to secretly take photos of Aidan.

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Rachel arrives, discovering an affectionate Aidan waiting for her, but acting suspiciously out-of-character. She steps out, finding Max's corpse in his pickup truck. Rachel falls asleep, dreaming of Aidan, who tells her that she will have to exorcise Samara.

Upon awakening, Rachel drugs Samara with sleeping pills and places her in the bath to temporarily drown Aidan in order to exorcise her. Samara is removed but appears in the television. Finding herself in the bottom of the well Samara died in, Rachel discovers the lid is partially open.

She scales the well's walls, pursued by Samara, but escapes by climbing out and pushing the lid shut on Samara, locking her out of her and Aidan's lives. Wandering through the woods, she comes to the cliff where Samara's adoptive mother Anna committed suicide. Hearing Aidan's voice, Rachel falls off the cliff and falls into the water, returning to the real world and reuniting with Aidan.

The site's critical consensus states: In the Unrated Edition DVD release, a few extra scenes were included that were not in the theatrical release. These scenes included conversations with Rachel's new neighbor and neighborhood gossip , numerous additions in which Max shows a romantic interest in Rachel, more scenes with Samara prior to her possession of Aidan including one in which she is shown to enter him in the restroom at the local fair , and the short film Rings which was also included on a special edition of The Ring released just before The Ring Two arrived in theaters.

A scene in the theatrical cut in which Aidan first encounters a deer while wandering the local fair prior to the deer attack has also been removed from this version. Also, some musical cues were changed such as when Samara leaps out of the well in the opening scene. The opening scene was also longer. The scene when the power went out was changed with a scene of the lights in Aidan's room going on and off, as well as the oven downstairs catching fire.

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Max takes them in. Jake is then promptly murdered by Samara. The video from the cursed videotape was played in late night programming over the summer of without any reference to the film. Films directed by Gore Verbinski. After the tape ends, she receives a phone call from an unknown caller who whispers "seven days". Rachel takes him home but they are attacked by wild deer on the way. Many critics praised direction, screenplay, Watts's performance, and reliance on dread and visuals over gore, but criticized the lack of character development.

Henning Lohner Martin Tillman. Ring by Koji Suzuki.