The Blonde Theory

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Years pass, and somehow Harper manages to continually alienate the men she dates. In the midst of this romantic drought, she turns to her childhood friends Meg, Emmie and Jill all fellow Ohio transplants for help.


The Blonde Theory has ratings and reviews. Harper Roberts is a corporate attorney in Manhattan. She's smart, attractive, and funny. So why can't.. . So when her girlfriends dare her to test the "Blonde Theory" as fodder for a magazine article, Harper takes the bait and agrees to spend two.

Men are threatened by successful women. Harper makes a pact to act and dress like a ditzy blonde cheerleader for a two-week period to see if her luck with men improves.

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According to the blonde theory, Harper should find more men to date if she downplays her achievements. At least the female friendships come across as believable, as jealousy lurks beneath the surface when the marrieds and non-marrieds compare lives. There was a problem adding your email address. Be the first to discover new talent! She's smart, attractive and funny. So why can't she find a date? Men flock to her at parties when they think she's a dumb blonde.

But, as soon as they realise she's a Harvard-educated lawyer, they flee. Harper's best friend is a magazine editor who suggests Harper go on assignment for a month as a 'dumb blonde' and see if it changes her dating perspective. So, for two weeks, Harper goes undercover.

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She changes her wardrobe, her conversation, her body language. The result is a series of comical encounters. Soon, Harper must take a good look in the mirror and realise that it's not just men who judge people on their looks.

The Blonde Theory

Harmel is a frequent contributor to numerous publications inc. She also reviews the newest and best 'chick lit' books as 'The Lit Chick' on the nationally syndicated morning tv show, The Daily Buzz. Alan Lightman - who worked for many years as a theoretical physicist - is the author of six novels, including the international bestseller Einstein's Dreams, as well as The Diagnosis, a finalist for the National Book Award. He is also the author of a memoir, three collections of essays, and several books on science.

He has taught at Harvard and at MIT, where he was the first person to receive a dual faculty appointment in science and the humanities.

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He lives in the Boston area. Before becoming a full-time writer, Alison worked in the film industry for ten years, starting her career as an at ICM before becoming an agent at the Cassaratto Company representing writers and directors.

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Alison enjoys writing books and travelling the world. When not off gallivanting she lives in the Cotswolds with her husband and two children. Also the author of Mendocino and Other Stories, she lives in northern California with her family. Visit her at www. Anthea Cohen, SRN, worked as a hospital sister and private nurse.

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A columnist for the Nursing Mirror and regular contributor to World Medicine, she has written eighteen Agnes Turner novels, among other work. Her Agnes Carmichael novels have been described as the 'one of the most original chiller series around'. Felicia Lamb, Mail on Sunday. Barrie Roberts was born in Hampshire and for most of the last thirty years he has been a criminal lawyer.

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This is his third novel to feature lawyer Chris Tyroll and he has also written five novels featuring Holmes and Watson. She reviews for major newspapers. She lives in Chicago and teaches creative writing at Vermont College. She lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales.

When she isn't writing books about swoony boys and 90s pop culture you will find her renovating her hundred-year-old Victorian homestead or annoying her local travel agent for a quote to escape the chaos. Clare Jay's short stories and poetry have won prizes and appeared in anthologies. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and tutors the subject at university level. She has led 'Dreaming into writing' workshops at international conferences and has lived in five European countries and travelled extensively in South-East Asia.

Danielle Pearl is the bestselling author of the Something More series. She lives in New Jersey with her three delicious children and ever-supportive husband, wholuckilydoesn't mind sharing her with an array of fictional men. She did a brief stint at Boston University and worked in marketing before publishing her debut novel, Normal. She writes mature Young Adult and New Adult contemporary romance.

Danielle enjoys coffee, wine, and cupcakes, and not in moderation. To learn more, visit: Emily Hilda Young was born in Northumberland, the daughter of a ship-broker. In , after her marriage to solicitor, J. Daniell, she went to live in Bristol, which was to become the setting of most of her novels. Elizabeth Berg is the author of eighteen novels and has more than 1.