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The Missing Girl
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DOWNLOAD THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING GIRL BOOK TWO CONCLUSION the adventure of the pdf. This text is provided to you “as-is― without. The Adventure of the Missing Girl Book one has 3 ratings and 1 review. Greg Chance said: she comes to harm. Part one of a two part story.

Shearer is his usual arrogant self, jumping on the good drug busts and leaving Carter to handle the annoying and unsavoury discovery of a body wrapped in plastic. Fortunate for Carter,she has an unshakeable team helping her hunt down clues and knock on doors. Carter still has some ghosts which haunt her and ones she may have to face in the future if the final chapter is an indicator. The pacing is sound and the plot keeps you speculating as you follow the thin leads dug up by the detectives.

There are occasional leaps of faith to move the case forward but they take nothing away from the reader's enjoyment. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this one and look forward to more DI Robyn Carter books in the future. This is book 3 in the Robyn Carter series but work very well as stand-alone. When another girl goes missing the race is on to join up the dots before another body turns up. I downloaded this book from Netgalley some time ago but due to commitments I had to shelve it half way through.

Robyn is a well defined character who has developed over the course of the series. The story progresses at a steady pace.

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Unfortunately I worked out the unsub quite early on so the 'unexpected twist' was not forthcoming. That said it is a good read that will appeal to readers of crime fiction and police procedurals. Sep 17, Ingstje rated it really liked it. She scores high points in my books! Robyn and her team, Mitz and Anna, Ross and even Shearer are also all really starting to grow on me and it was a warm welcome to see them back. A few details that I want to highlight this time which makes me really love this series and this novel so much: I appreciate this writing, keeping it a steady pace and never letting the investigation run in chaos, all over the place.

What a great move, and also what a tease! Aug 15, Zannie darktwistybooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: DI Robyn Carter and her extraordinary team are back. While pouncing on a self-storage locker during an apparent drug bust, they find a large trunk. They open it believing they will find illegal substances, only to find a dead girl. While they work to uncover the identity of the girl, another goes missing.

Go rogue and investigate it anyway. She follows her hunches and is usually right. Anna and Mitz are back and cuter than ever. I like how their friendship has blossomed during this book. I enjoy both of their characters immensely. At the end of the book, Ms. Wyer mentions that many fans have asked about Ross having his own series. He would make for a fantastic private investigator series. And what a freaking cliff hanger at the end! Please tell me you will continue that storyline, Ms. With cherries on top.

Same bat time, same bat channel. Feb 28, Dee Ryan rated it it was amazing. I love it when you finish and book and immediately pine for the next one and this was one of those books.

I had read the first two books in this series and loved them so started this book with fingers crossed that it would be as good as the last two. I need not have worried in just a chapter in and I knew it would be a brilliant read. The thing I love most about these books is that you almost feel like you are part of the team, you get pulled head first into the story and exit with a serious boo I love it when you finish and book and immediately pine for the next one and this was one of those books.

The thing I love most about these books is that you almost feel like you are part of the team, you get pulled head first into the story and exit with a serious book hang over. A little girls body is found in a trunk and the only lead is a woman in blue that rented the storage locker and dropped off the trunk.

Soon another body with some similarities turns up leading Robyn to think that it is the work of a serial killer but not everyone is as convinced as she is. We are back with Robyn Carter and the team and I feel like this series is building in pace and couldn't wait to get started on this new one. A body of a girl, year-old Carrie Miller is found in a trunk and Robyn and the team are working on the case.

We see the return of the cracking characters that form part of the team such as Mitz and Anna, as well as a somewhat more likeable DI Tom Shearer. Robyn's new boss Flint however is not somebody that has gelled well and it's not going to be easy fo We are back with Robyn Carter and the team and I feel like this series is building in pace and couldn't wait to get started on this new one.

Robyn's new boss Flint however is not somebody that has gelled well and it's not going to be easy for Robyn. The story itself was pacey and we see the team work their investigative magic. Alongside the team working their case, we once again meet Robyn's cousin Ross who I absolutely love.

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He is working a case looking for a missing dog and I was thrilled to see him back as he is a character that I love and think works well in this series. In addition she still has contact and is forming a relationship with Davies daughter Amelie. I really liked this element of the story as we see how Robyn is coping and her thought process. The plot for the murder of Carrie Miller weaves its way throughout the book adding lots of layers and as the bodies add up, so does the stress put on Robyn and the team.

I loved this latest book and as for the ending People are saying it's a cliffhanger, but I disagree. It's just an absolutely first class opening for the next book and I cannot wait to see what happens. Another brilliant read for this new book by Carol Wyer and I loved it from start to finish, roll on book 4! Sep 03, BookwormCatLady rated it really liked it Shelves: For those that follow my reviews they may recall that I wasn't a great fan of this series in the early days, however I'm pleased to say that I am so glad I stuck with it as I feel invested in the main characters now.

This third instalment is definitely the best yet and based on the final two chapters I cannot wait for number four! Judging by the increasing positive interactions seen throughout The Missing Girls I think his feelings will be conflicted of course, this is all hypothetical! I'll definitely be recommending this series now to fellow crime fans! Thanks to Bookouture for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Aug 06, Renita D'Silva rated it it was amazing. Carol Wyer does it again! I love this series - each book in this series is perfection. I started this one wary - how could this author better her absolutely brilliant previous two reads in this series? But that's exactly what she has done! This amazing book delivers on every level: The characterization is spot on, every single character believable and well rounded, their motives and actions absolutely spot on.

Th Carol Wyer does it again! This is a book that scared and thrilled in equal measure. An author I hugely admire. I cannot wait for her next book. Sep 20, Jean rated it liked it Shelves: This is the 3rd book in the DI Robyn Carter series. I have read and enjoyed all 3 books. But this one started out slow for me and it was over halfway through the book before I got into it. I was also getting irked by the mundane references to the dead fiancee. Made sure she ate and got her to use post-it notes, really? All in all, the writing was good and the story was interesting with a twist.

It also left quite a cliffhanger so I guess I will be reading the next book too. Aug 02, Nicki rated it liked it. Review to follow closer to publication day. Sep 14, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was really eager to read the third book in the Robyn Carter series. I love her character and this latest investigation.

I enjoyed every page and couldn't wait to read more and find out how they were going to find this killer. You can just imagine yourself in the police investigation, looking at all the coloured post it notes- wondering what connections will be found and looking for clues with each suspect. At one point I was certain it was going to be one suspect- but we are led into other aven I was really eager to read the third book in the Robyn Carter series.

At one point I was certain it was going to be one suspect- but we are led into other avenues and more chilling evidence comes into play. You are desperate for them to find the missing girls and for them to find out how the cases are linked. Carol E Wyer produces the most spine tingling suspense- willing you to read just one more page even though you should be turning the lights off to get some sleep.

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How could you leave them in the middle of the case! Jul 07, Brooke Gunderman-Harris rated it it was amazing.

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Missing girls had a way of working their way into someone's head. Go rogue and investigate it anyway. When my dear friend Julie Novel Thrills And Chills Review suggested that we read book three in the series, I was thrilled to reconnect with Robyn and her team. The blood-red cover with gold lettering on the spine is thrilling and truly spectacular. The new missing persons case, puts them all back on the old rumor mill, creating a renewed interest in the cold case. Personally, I hated the structure.

This is the third book in the DI Robyn Carter series and it couldn't have been any better than it was! This was such a fantastic book and Carol deserves so much credit for her amazing writing! This is one of my absolute favorite series and I cannot get enough!! After reading this I am even more pumped for the fourth installment coming in December!!!!

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The books starts with a gripping beginning that pulls you in so far that you know that you cant back out and stop reading anytime soon! A girl wakes This is the third book in the DI Robyn Carter series and it couldn't have been any better than it was! A girl wakes up and realizes that she isn't where she last remembered being but she is being held by a deranged psychopath who has left her with nothing but a mattress and very little light.

This continues with several other girls that have done something that the captor doesn't agree with in any capacity. So the captor is determined to make these girls pay for what they have done. With the many threads that are hard to understand where they will all intersect and weave together you cant help but keep reading in order to see what is happening. Yes you will grab the edge of whatever you are sitting on because it is that gripping of a tale that they girls go on, along with the intricate details along the way!

This book hit such a hard place for anyone to deal with whether you are the person being bullied or someone that you know is being bullied whether it is online or in person. Online is always such a hard thing to deal with because people get bold behind a keyboard because they don't have to deal with the person in real life. This book hit this issue head on with a vengeance! SO many things can come of cyber bullying and this is one of the hardest things to deal with because you never know who is behind a computer or a phone.

Carol took a very hard issue that is such a huge thing within the world right now especially younger kids that aren't as well equipped to handle the harsh realities that are out there and she smashed it out of the park. It bears a warning to watch what you do online and especially how to conduct yourself at all times.

She made this book into something I never dreamed would be as amazing as it was! Just as the book ties up some loose ends DI Robyn Carters life not only takes a small dip but goes into a full tailspin and takes a huge turn! I absolutely cannot wait to start on the fourth book in the series to see what happens in DI Robyn Carters life!!

She not only has an amazing talent to writing but she is one of the most absolute sweetest people I have loved getting to know!!! Dec 03, Julie Lacey rated it really liked it.

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This is a great series and this story really kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. There are lots of girls going missing and DI Robyn Carter faces a race against time to catch the killer. Sep 15, Shell Baker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy freaking hell what a book…I am still trying to compose myself after devouring this book in one afternoon!

Well where do I start…. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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