An Art of Persuasion

Classical Rhetoric 101: The Three Means of Persuasion
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4 Tips for Mastering the Art of Persuasion In addition to adding a perceived sense of clarity, each repetition provides another opportunity to incite action. So the next time a manager, coworker, or consumer says something favorable about your idea, encourage them to elaborate. The easier it is for us to articulate why we feel the way we do , the more likely we are to be convinced that our belief is correct.

As a result, you can build certainty by making it easy for an audience to come up with their own reasons to support your position. For example, in a sales pitch, instead of asking people to come up with a long list of potential uses for your product, try lowering the bar.

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The art of getting others to see things as you see them -- usually called persuasion -- is a key one for entrepreneurs, and it needs to be honed. Can direct eye contact makes you LESS persuasive? By Susan Weinschenk Ph. D. The answer is yes if you are trying to persuade people who don't agree with.

But we know people are social animals. Use this as a tool.

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Belief certainty is a crucial lever in the persuasion process. To become a more effective persuader, challenge yourself to move beyond the simple act of shaping opinions and strive to inspire conviction. Doing so can reveal opportunities to make your audience more certain and, thus, to promote action and advocacy. Brand New Images Getty Images.

First, people that are consistent are more trustworthy, leading others to lend their support more readily. Second, people have an innate pull to remain alinged with what they have said or agreed to previously. In game shows, if the audience is polled they are often quite accurate based on the pooled knowledge they have. People also look to others for validation.

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Watch kids sometime to see this in action. Once the damn breaks and one kid tries something, the others are likely to think it is okay and start doing the same thing. Testimonials and the use of "experts" and doctors think, "9 out of 10 doctors recommend There is perhaps nothing better for influence than being liked, which is related to being trusted.

The Art of Persuasion: 10 Brain Hacks to Leverage in Business and Life

We also like people more who are similar to us and attractive people are typically found to be more likable. Likability is so important that it can often tip the scales in presidential elections. If someone likes you they will be more inclined to say yes to you.

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This is one of the most dangerous types of influence. It can be the absolute most powerful, but it can also be the most corrupting if used to the extreme.

Stanley Milgram showed the great lengths people will go to in order to obey authority. In some cases, participants in his experiment delivered what they thought was a crippling shock to another person , simply because they were told they had to do so by a person in the study that they thought was a real doctor.

The Art of Persuasion | Psychology Today

These titles, uniforms, and other visual displays of authority go a long way towards influencing people. Think of all the commercials you have seen where you must "act now" or "time is running out" for a certain product. These commercials use scarcity to make people believe that a product has limited supply and that they must buy right away.