Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose

Workplace Wellness : Performance with a Purpose by Rose Karlo Gantner Ed.D. (2012, Paperback)
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The Key to Workplace Wellness Isn’t What You Think

Here are the top 5 reasons to implement a wellness program in your company:. The main goal of implementing an employee wellness program is to encourage employees down the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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With this as the ultimate purpose for wellness programs, an accompanying bonus is that healthier employees are more likely to have a higher level of energy and increased concentration. These factors will lead to increased employee productivity.

One of the most telling benefits from implementing an employee wellness program is lowered overall company costs. Implementing a wellness program is an efficient way to address a wide range of health initiatives. From fitness and exercise programs, health screenings, nutritional advice, and programs to manage stress, being able to provide these tools for your employees is a sure way to help address the overall well-being and needs of your employees.

Today’s Key to Improving Employee Performance—Workplace Wellness

Let the results speak for themselves — healthier employees work harder, are happier, are more willing to help others and are generally more efficient. Unhealthy workers tend to be sluggish, fatigued and unhappy, and their lifestyle can have an impact on their work.

Increased employee loyalty is another big bonus for those companies with an employee wellness program. In my marriage fell apart.

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Shared Values—Shared Results is the follow-up to the influential business philosophy book Zero Trends: In one large study of 1, participants across workplaces, As part of the wellness program, some employers may provide on-site nap rooms and sleep pods or increase flexible hours to allow workers to rest. Company ABC has hired a Wellness Coordinator to execute these responsibilities, assess; collaborate with employees through a wellness committee; determine a strategic plan including a mission, vision, goals, and objectives; review evidence-based practices to implement; and conduct ongoing evaluations of the program. These strategies can include structuring the leadership involvement and social environment to provide support for people trying to initiate or maintain lifestyle behavior changes, for example, weight change. Next is to develop a strategic plan that considers the pertinent assessment results from a vantage point of both the individual's actions and environmental context in accordance with the direction from the governance structure.

For those who have gone through a divorce, the experience is scary, lonely, and yields unprecedented stress. Some use the transitional experience to embark on an entirely new life path. Some travel the world to find a new sense of self.

Recognition and Support

I chose to continue working. The stress of being a leader in HR is already considerable and with the added emotional roller coaster of a drawn out divorce, it was a lot to manage at one time. I was lucky to have several workplace relationships that supported me through my personal journey of growth and healing.

The Importance of Teamwork

Each time that I met with my manager for our weekly one-on-one he would genuinely ask me how I was doing. He offered his ear if I needed someone to talk with about my divorce, serving as both a trusted sounding board as well as my work manager.

Best Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Vendor

I felt that I had a safe space to be open and honest about what I was going through that week. That emotional support and acknowledgement made a world of difference in helping me manage my personal stress levels while at work. Another vital healthy relationship that brought me joy and a sense of support was with my team. Instead of my work being a dreaded daily habit, I found it to be a place of solace amidst my difficult divorce process.

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The work environment of our team was positive and supportive. We also enjoyed spending time together outside of the office, which was truly an added perk. Practicing yoga and receiving a chair massage at work are certainly helpful stress relievers but they do not ensure that the office will be an inspirational and healthy place to be on a daily basis.

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Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose: Achieving Health Dividends for Employers and Employees Paperback – March 6, Praise for Workplace Wellness Dr. Gantner provides insightful direction on how to develop a culture of health inside every American corporation. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Rose K. Gantner, EdD, senior director of health promotion, consumer education, training and innovation at the UPMC.