The Light Before Darkness

A Light Before The Darkness #1 (of 6)
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From the above, God is Light by his very nature, by his very essence. Evil , darkness, do not exist on their own, they are properly understood as the absence of the perfections of good and light respectively.

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God by his almighty creative power [it is said] is able [and does] make innumerable copies of his essence 1. The created light is a copy of the uncreated Light he is. To him be honor and eternal dominion. Divine attributes New Advent and e. The third part of the secret revealed at the Cova da Iria-Fatima, on 13 July Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Was God living in darkness before the creation of light?

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Was God living in darkness before He created the light? Why would you assume: Unless you assume Heaven is confined within this Universe? Rick You missed out the "If" part. It's not assumption, it's an argument.

The Darkness Before Creation

You make the assumption that there was a 'before' before the creation. There was no time before that moment. You want to know whether they was light in heaven but the fact is that there was NO heave. In the Beginning God created the heavens.

So we don't know were God was before the beginning and we don't know whether he moves to the heaven he created or whether he created the heaven around himself. I believe the consensus interpretation of the Fathers to be: The "light" that is continually attributed to God's nature is its own concept, which we commonly speak of using "optical" language. God has never been without it. Its absence is spiritual darkness. The "light" of Genesis 1: Secondarily, this "light" is some sort of primordial energy, which may include the kind of light that we experience in everyday life, but isn't limited to that.

This is not necessarily cleanly distinguishable from the spiritual light of the previous bullet point, though; we with our scientific knowledge want to say that light is just a simple matter of physics, but the Bible was not written in the time of Maxwell. Concerning "at a loss to explain exactly what it means for light to exist without some light-giving body", if we confine attention to material light electromagnetic radiation, photons , then the standard "big bang" cosmology has light existing long before the formation of the first stars and galaxies. I don't claim that this has any relevance to the spiritual light that is God or to any other special light that He may have created; I'm only pointing out that material light without a material source is not so unthinkable.

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AndreasBlass Right, this is a limitation in the physics available to the commentators of the era. Suggesting otherwise is misleading. God doesn't reside in the physical universe.

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God does not "dwell" in darkness, because he has never "dwelt" in this universe. Does God need light? Light and darkness are metaphors. There are 3 types of Heavens Heaven 1- is the Sky Heaven 2- is the Universe called Heavens Heaven 3- is where God dwells the light God created was not physical light but actual light to see. If God is made of light, how can he dwell in darkness? Xino 1 7.

Infact Revelation says that is how it will be in the new heavens and new earth: And the gem which would sum up my thought: One Face 1, 7 I agree with Mojo. WelcomeNewUsers 1 10 You should click 'edit' on Mojo's answer to add this in rather than making a separate answer.

A Light Before The Darkness #6 (of 6)

I would consider deleteMe's answer as separate and not particularly germane as it deals with an apocalyptic vision generally believed to refer to the future, not to any time before the creation. Still, International printing and shipping can encounter unexpected delays. If any delays occur you will be notified immediately. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. The entire collected six-issue epic mini-series, page of story, remastered with BONUS material, on the worlds biggest e-comics platform: Running out of bookshelf space?

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But this project does not come without a cost, and we have limited sources of revenue. Learn more about accountability. The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world. Seers vision and testimony: Smooth going down, but with a nice kick to it, like the best of Gaiman. The Darkness Before Creation Darkness.

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A Light Before The Darkness #1 (of 6)