Power and Use of Thought

The Power of Thought
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James Allen said it best when he said "circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him". Every aspect of your life, from the state of your finances to the state of your health and your relationships, is accurately revealing your thoughts and your beliefs. It's an Inside Job: Most people have it back to front, believing that they feel or think a certain way because of their circumstances, not knowing the truth that it is their thought power that is creating those very circumstances, whether wanted or unwanted.

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By internalizing and applying this Truth, that your thoughts create your reality, you will grant yourself the power to create the changes you want to see manifest in your life. Reality creation is an inside job. Your Thought Power is Limitless: There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe, which is all powerful, all knowing, all creative and present everywhere at the same time - the Universal Mind.


Let us consider separately the action of these two manifestations of thought- power. The vibration may be simple or it may be complex, according to the character. The Power And Use Of Thought [C. W. Leadbeater] on linawycatuzy.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of .

Your mind is part of this One Universal Mind and since your thoughts are a product of your mind, it follows that your thought power too is limitless. Once you truly understand that your mind is one with the Single Source of All Power and that this power is within you, you will have found the only true source of infinite power for which nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing.

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Know that thought power comes from within. Accessing the source of All Power starts by looking inwards.

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Your Thoughts are Alive: The greatest mystics and teachers that have walked the Earth have told us that everything is energy. This has now been undeniably confirmed by modern science.

The Scientific Power of Thought

Your thoughts too are energy. William Walker Atkinson told us that "where mind is static energy, thought is dynamic energy - two phases of the same thing" and Charles Haanel went on to say that "thought power is the vibratory force formed by converting static mind into dynamic mind". Your thoughts are alive.

Each time you entertain a specific thought, you emit a very specific, corresponding frequency or energy vibration.

Be careful of what you think

What Frequency Are You On: The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself those things and circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your dominant frequency, which is itself determined by your dominant mental attitude, habitual thoughts and beliefs. Mike Dooley, one of the presenters of the movie The Secret , fittingly suggests that if you want to know what a thought looks like, just look around you. Keep in mind these three words "thoughts are things".

The attractive power of any particular thought is determined by how often you have that thought and by the strength of the feelings or emotions associated with it. The more energy you give to a particular thought, the greater its power to attract its corresponding circumstance into your physical world through the Law of Attraction.

Your one-off, passing thoughts do not have the same creative power as your habitual thoughts and beliefs. Remember, that it is of little use to entertain positive thoughts for just a short burst of time each day if you then proceed to think negative or unwanted thoughts for the rest of the day. A negative thought cancels the benefit of a positive thought and vice versa. Since your reality is the sum total of all your thoughts there are many factors influencing your life.

The Power of Thoughts Is a Creative Power

This makes it difficult to directly join the dots between the cause thought and the effect circumstance but the causation is always there. It is your subconscious mind that is the storehouse of your deep-seated beliefs and programmes.

Whatever you desire you can achieve it using Mind Power.

To change your circumstances and attract to yourself that which you choose, you must learn to programme and re-programme your subconscious mind. The most effective and practical way to do so, is to learn the simple process of creative visualization. It is the technique underlying reality creation, making use of thought power to consciously imagine, create and attract that which you choose. All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy; even your thoughts are vibrations of energy.

While it sounds like a concept or theory, this is a new reality that quantum physics has revealed to us. Your thoughts have a powerful influence on your life.

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Most of us go through life taking little notice of our thought processes: For the most part, we go about your lives with minimal attention paid to how we think. We go through life neglecting one of the most important and powerful forces in our life: Mind Power is directing your thoughts towards a desired outcome. Focus on success and you attract success.

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Focus on fear and failure and you attract failure. Mind Power is understanding these principles and making our thoughts work for us.

Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. Use them consciously and you will awaken to a whole new life of power and opportunity.