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Atlantic Fleet at anchor, Photo by Enrique Mueller, Jr. Photo by Iron County Record. Cedar City, Utah , 20 September , Image 3, courtesy of chroniclingamerica. Photo by Enrique Muller. Sailors practice the employment of sea mines for the defense of advanced bases, on board a U. Navy battleship, circa the early or middle s.

New Hampshire BB is in the background. The original image, copyrighted by E. Donation of Charles R. Late in , Captain Edwin A. Anderson was given command of New Hampshire BB and while in command of that ship, took part in the American intervention at Veracruz, Mexico, in April of Given command of the Second Seaman Regiment, Anderson led that bluejacket landing force ashore and so distinguished himself in the fighting that followed that he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was also awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Photo courtesy of Bill Gonyo. Pictutred here are Marines on her quarterdeck during the Vera Cruz occupation. President's Envoy, His Adviser. Atlantic Fleet battleships steaming toward Mexican waters in Photograph copyrighted in by E. The following battleships that were dispatched to Mexican waters included the: In insets are left to right: Rear Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Rear Admiral Frank F.

Fletcher, Rear Admiral Charles J. Navy Officers on the quarterdeck of a U. Navy battleship off Vera Cruz, probably at the time of the U. Many of those present are identified on Photo NH complete caption. Photographed by Hadsell, Vera Cruz. Altogether, about 50 vessels will be assembled when the ceremonies began next Monday. It is promised that the strained international relations will have no effect on the parade. Photo by International News Service. Photo by International News Agency, courtesy of memory. Text courtesy of N. Times 16 May , Page 1.

Photo from New-York Tribune. Photo by International News Service, courtesy of memory. Times , 23 May , Page 3. Photo by The Sun. Photo from The Logan Republican. Logan, Utah , 28 August , Image 1, via chroniclingamerica. A nice day to park in the bay: New Hampshire BB lies anchored with three of her small boats out. View of the yard in wartime showing several battleships.

Wearing 4 stripes on her center smokestack, the New Hampshire BB lies broadside; beyond her with 3 stripes on her left stack, is the Georgia BB , stern facing right ; the Louisiana BB wearing 2 stripes on her 1st stack is behind her. Docked is the Delaware BB , bow on. New Hampshire BB lies anchored with one gun raised in her forward turret,.

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The super-dreadnought Arizona BB , latest addition to the Atlantic fleet and one cf the most powerful ships in the world, has just entered the service of Uncle Sam, fully, manned and ready for action. This addition to the Navy is far from a clear gain in strength, however, since it was necessary to strip three other battleships of their crews and place them in reserve to find a full complement of men for the new fighter. Photo from The Democratic Banner. The battleship Vermont BB , which was sent to the "graveyard" that her crew might help man the Superdreadnought Arizona BB , pictured above.

The Kansas BB , another useful fighting ship sent to the "graveyard". The display was in honor of the Kaiserin's birthday and a mark of courtesy to the German ships interned.

One of the decorated vessels was the battleship New Hampshire BB Starboard broadside view of the New Hampshire BB at anchor sometime between and at an unknown location. Funnel bands indicate that the New Hampshire was in the 1st Battle Division, 2nd ship. Photo by The Hays Free Press. Maneuvering in line abreast off the Atlantic coast, , as seen from the masthead of Minnesota BB , the Division flagship. Ships seen are from front to rear: Letterpress reproduction of a photograph.

It was published with a quite incorrect caption identifying these ships as units of the Sixth Battle Squadron in the North Sea. New Hampshire BB inboard profile, circa , as modernized with cage masts and then with long-base range-finders and vee-form torpedo defense tops. Photo and text courtesy of U. Note French sailing lugger in the foreground, with number C on her mainsail.

Kansas's BB seven-inch broadside guns have been removed. Battleships in the distance are: This is the baseball team of the United States battleship New Hampshire BB , one of the speediest organizations in the navy. Coaling while moored alongside a U. Navy fleet collier, at Brest, France, in December Ship in the left background is Albany CL Next ship ahead of her is a U. Note wartime modifications, including removal of some of the seven-inch and three-inch broadside guns and fitting of blast deflection shields on the "cage" mast fire control positions.

Louisiana in foreground and New Hampshire in their slip at Pier 4 upon arrival from overseas with 59th Regiment, Coast Artillery; troops preparing to debark, 14 February, The regiment was in action 68 days, but lost only two men killed in action. Photo of a busy port scene with lots of ship's flags fluttering in the breeze. The whale boat has, I believe, "NH" on its bow. Two or three more BB's moored behind this one. War is on the horizon as members of the crew scan from the Delaware BB , August This type, as well as those now building, according to Mr.

Isham, is so far out classed by ships of foreign nations that they are obsolete, and from a strategical standpoint "no better than floating fortresses," in which speed and armament have been sacrificed for armor plate. Photo from Richmond Times-Dispatch. Postcard photo by Enrique Muller Jr. It is not the present intention to send the entire Atlantic battleship fleet Photo from The Bridgeport Evening Farmer. Circa mid April panoramic photograph looking west of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard from the South Norfolk side of the river.

View of the yard in wartime showing several battleships. Wearing 4 stripes on her center smokestack, the New Hampshire BB lies broadside; beyond her with 3 stripes on her left stack, is the Georgia BB , stern facing right ; the Louisiana BB wearing 2 stripes on her 1st stack is behind her. Docked is the Delaware BB , bow on. Times , 16 May , Page 1.

Standing with his back turned, is Capt. Photo from The Madison Journal.

The dreadnought Delaware BB , one Uncle Sam's biggest fighters, showing her mettle in the trough of a storm. The Kronprinz Wilhelm is now tied alongside of her, following her belated arrival from Norfolk. For what it is worth, it is not unknown for newspapers to submit photos taken sometime after they were first printed. It is also possible that the text in the photo caption is wrong. Photographed by Enrique Muller. Note the sub-caliber spotting rifles mounted on the barrel of each heavy gun, gun sight practice gear fitted across the top front of each turret, and whaleboat swung out on davits.

Though it is important for every gun crew to practice firing their guns with actual live ammo, the one ton shells of the main battery are a bit too expensive to use for all gunnery practice the gunnery divisions need. These small caliber guns were strapped to each gun barrel and fired at the targets to judge the proficiency the pointer and trainers without the expenditure of actual shells and powder. The ammunition handlers would run timed dry loading practice. Partial text courtesy of Chris Hoehn. Photo from The Sun. Over There - Photo by Central News Photo Service. The ship in the foreground first from the right is the Arkansas BB The photo shows a total of 8 battleships sailing in 2 columns.

The cage masts of a battleship is showing above the Arkansas' forward turrets and the ship on the far left is actually 2 ships 3 masts [the right hand of these 2 appears to be bow on to the camera sailing on a different bearing thus only one mast is showing]. Given the probable date of the photo, the flag on the foremast of Arkansas is probably that of R.

Winslow, which would suggest that the right hand column is probably Battleship Division 1. The New York does appear in the photo as the second ship in the right hand column second closest in the photo note the 2 forward case-mate guns verses 1 on 12" gunned BB's and the 2 gun main turrets. Assuming the the right hand column is division 1, the next 2 ships in that column would be Utah BB and the Florida BB both funnels are between the masts and the last ship in line the bow on ship may be Delaware BB Note arrangement of masts and funnels.

The gun barrels in the left foreground would belong to the No. Battleships of the Sixth Battle Squadron included the: Photo courtesy of periodpaper. This image was painted on Oil on canvas by Bernard F. Photographed through Mylar sleeve. Gribble, depicting the U.

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After years of being considered a total loss by Navy Art Gallery curators it has been restored to near perfect condition. The entire process took several months, but the result is the total recovery of a painting that is sure to establish Burnell Poole's name among the best marine painters of the early 20th century.

The composition of the ships of the 6th Battle Squadron during their operational history, appearing in the painting in no particular order were: Royal Navy and U. Fleets at Rosyth, Scotland, The strongest navy afloat. The signal bridge of the North Dakota BB June photo - Inspection on board one of the battleships. The men are required to lay out their hammocks and bedding. Crewmen exercising on the quarterdeck, while she was stationed in British waters with the Sixth Battle Squadron, Location is probably the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

Delaware's BB crew getting ready for Saturday night during the day, while in Europe. This photo shows a side - loading torpedo tube aboard the Delaware BB circa Torpedoes were transported along the monorail above the tube and then lowered into it. Orders to the crew to fire were delivered through the speaking tube.

It was generally conceded that torpedoes were an extremely effective weapon but that their underwater tubes were a hazard because they constituted weak points in systems of bulkheads protecting against underwater hits. For a time, therefore, U. They were therefore, omitted from the ships reconstructed during the interwar period.

Photo and text courtesy of U. The arrangement of the search lights and the 3" gun platforms on the crane kingposts makes the photo no earlier than The lack of traverse makings on the turrets or a range clock on the mast means early at the latest.

Note the escorting biplane. The "escorting" aircraft is either a Curtiss HS-1 or HS-2 note the single engine can't tell which from the photo. The aircraft on a fly-off platform atop the No. The platforms were a British concept designed to provide the fleet with an aircraft capable of reaching the high flying Zeppelins which the German Navy occasionally used as scouts.

Though equipped inflatable floats for water landings, this tended to do a lot of damage not the least of which was dowsing a hot engine in cold salt water. By a successful compressed air catapult was developed and were being mounted on the aft deck of all 4 turreted battleships and fly-off platforms were removed. The Texas and New York BB , because of their 5 Turrets, lacked the deck space for the catapult and had to make do with a float plane Vought VE-7 sitting on the aft deck which would be launched by lowering it over the side for a surface take-off.

If you look carefully at this photo you see the VE-7 on the deck and the A-frame hoist used for handling it. Photo by Paul Thompson.

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Times 31 December , courtesy of memory. How the Atlantic Fleet looked to the camera man in a seaplane flying over lower Manhattan a week ago yesterday morning as the mighty armada came up the bay to anchorage in the Hudson off Riverside Drive for a two weeks' vacation after months of strenuous maneuvers in Southern waters. In addition to the big battleships, the fleet includes thirty-two destroyers, numerous supply ships and several submarines. The Atlantic battleship fleet is home again. Here are the twelve great first line fighting ships that are paying Father Knickerbocker a two weeks' visit.

Over a hundred of Uncle Sam's grim sea warriors gray the North River, while their 30, sailor-men are given the freedom of the city in a royal welcome home. The Battleship Mississippi BB leading the fleet into the harbor, as photographed from an airplane. Note the airplanes atop the forward and aft turrets. Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

All of New York's harbor craft turned out to greet the sea fighters.

Battleship Photo Index BB USS DELAWARE

The photograph shows in the foreground the Delaware BB following the fleet into the harbor. Photo from The Bemidji Daily Pioneer. Image and text provided by Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Photo from The Southern Herald.

American Battleships 1892 to 1945

Right section of three of a panoramic photograph taken by M. Mayberry, of Mayberry and Smith, Shreveport, Louisiana. Among the ships present in this image are from left to right: Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation, D. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress via Bill Gonyo.

Navy ships prepare to watch the Billy Mitchell bombing experiments, 20 July The ship at the far left is Ohio BB Moving to the right, the next two are the Delaware BB and North Dakota BB , but the photo is not clear enough to tell which is which. An unusual view of the famous drive between two of the monster guns on board the battleship Delaware BB anchored in the North River.

Panoramic photo of the U. She is followed by two other U. DANFS records that they made midshipmen cruises to Europe during that time before they were decommissioned later in the fall. The beginning of Delaware BB being scrapped. Florida BB is to the left. The ship has been stripped in preparation for scrapping. Note propellers, rudder, armor belt and heavy fouling on her underwater hull. Delaware BB being scrapped.

Delaware BB dismantled in dry dock. Delaware's BB cage mast on her side. At work on her gun deck. A guest studies a painting depicting the history of battleships.