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Browse by Content Type Media/Theory: Thinking about Media and Communications ( Comedia) (): Shaun Moores: Books. Media/theory: Thinking about Media and Communications of media and communications with key themes in contemporary social theory. . Comedia Series.

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The author contrasts the 'first media age' of broadcast with the 'second media age' of interactivity. Travel in the Digital Age , London: Boorstin , Daniel J. Email Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. A History from the Telegraph to the Internet , London: Examining center problems with time and house, Moores additionally examines issues of interactions, signification and id, and argues that media stories is certain up within the wider strategies of the fashionable international and never with reference to learning the media. Innis , The Bias of Communication , Toronto:

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Communication Theory: Media, Technology, Society

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Digital Women and the New Technoculture , London: Internet Culture , London: The Mode of Information: Post-structuralism and Social Context , Cambridge: The Second Media Age , Cambridge: What's the Matter with the Internet? Aakhus eds , Perpetual Contact: The Talkshow in Media Culture.

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Wayne Munson examines the talkshow as a cultural shape whose curious productiveness has turn into very important to America's photograph economic system. Its diversity of themes defines type: On some of the new channels, notably those which seek to combine liveness with hour scheduling, cyclicity has become hourly — as well as daily and weekly.

More generally, schedulers make programming decisions that are based on cultural assumptions about which household members are available to watch television at what times of the day and week.

We face risk situations that no one in previous history has had to confront — of which global warming is only one. Many of the new risks and uncertainties affect us no matter where we live, and regardless of how privileged or deprived we are.