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The remembrance of our dangers should make us thankful for our deliverances. To aggravate the folly of those who, in their discontent, would have gone back to Egypt through the wilderness, though they had forfeited, and had no reason to expect, the divine guidance, in such a retrograde motion. He shows them how fair they stood for Canaan at that time, v. He told them with triumph, the land is set before you, go up and possess it.

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He lets them see how near they were to a happy settlement when they put a bar in their own door, that their sin might appear the more exceedingly sinful. It will aggravate the eternal ruin of hypocrites that they were not far from the kingdom of God and yet came short, Mk. He lays the blame of sending the spies upon them, which did not appear in Numbers, there it is said Deut. You said, We will send men before us, v. As if it were not enough that they were sure of a God before them, they must send men before them.

He repeats the report which the spies brought of the goodness of the land which they were sent to survey, v. The blessings which God has promised are truly valuable and desirable, even the unbelievers themselves being judges: Yet they represented the difficulties of conquering it as insuperable v.

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He tells them what pains he took with them to encourage them, when their brethren had said so much to discourage them v. Then I said unto you, Dread not.

Moses suggested enough to have stilled the tumult, and to have kept them with their faces towards Canaan. He assured them that God was present with them, and president among them, and would certainly fight for them, v. And for proof of his power over their enemies he refers them to what they had seen done in Egypt, where their enemies had all possible advantages against them and yet were humbled and forced to yield, v. And was there any room left to distrust this God? Or were they not the most ungrateful people in the world, who, after such sensible proofs of the divine goodness, hardened their hearts in the day of temptation?

Moses had complained once that God had charged him to carry this people as a nursing father doth the sucking child Num. He charges them with the sin which they were guilty of upon this occasion.

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Though those to whom he was now speaking were a new generation, yet he lays it upon them: Observe what he lays to their charge. You would not go up, but rebelled, v. Because the Lord hated us, he brought us out of Egypt, v. What could have been more absurd, more disingenuous, and more reproachful to God? An unbelieving heart at the bottom of all this: You did not believe the Lord your God, v.

A sad pass it has come to with us when the God of eternal truth cannot be believed. He repeats the sentence passed upon them for this sin, which now they had seen the execution of. They were all condemned to die in the wilderness, and none of them must be suffered to enter Canaan except Caleb and Joshua, v.

Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete)

So long they must continue in their wanderings in the wilderness that most of them would drop off of course, and the youngest of them should be cut off. Thus they could not enter in because of unbelief. It was not the breach of any of the commands of the law that shut them out of Canaan, no, not the golden calf, but their disbelief of that promise which was typical of gospel grace, to signify that no sin will ruin us but unbelief, which is a sin against the remedy. The Lord was angry with me for your sakes, v. Because all the old stock must go off, Moses himself must not stay behind.

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Their unbelief let death into the camp, and, having entered, even Moses falls within his commission. Yet here is mercy mixed with wrath. That, though Moses might not bring them into Canaan, Joshua should v.

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Encourage him; for he would be discouraged from taking up a government which he saw Moses himself fall under the weight of; but let him be assured that he shall accomplish that for which he is raised up: He shall cause Israel to inherit it. Thus what the law could not do, in that it was weak, Jesus, our Joshua, does by bringing in the better hope.

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In this part of his narrative he insinuates to them,I. You are as the stars of heaven for multitude; and prays for the further accomplishment of it v. Take you wise men, that are known to be so among your tribes, and I will make them rulers, v. To manage your subscription, visit your Bible Gateway account settings. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password.

That, though this generation should not enter into Canaan, the next should, v. But mercy rejoiceth against judgement. In three ways this book of Deuteronomy was magnified and made honourable: The king was to write a copy of it with his own hand, and to read therein all the days of his life, Deut. It was to be written upon great stones plastered, at their passing over Jordan, Deut.

It was to be read publicly every seventh year, at the feast of tabernacles, by the priests, in the audience of all Israel, Deut. This book of Deuteronomy begins with a brief rehearsal of the most remarkable events that had befallen the Israelites since they came from Mount Sinai. In the fourth chapter we have a most pathetic exhortation to obedience. In the twelfth chapter, and so on to the twenty-seventh, are repeated many particular laws, which are enforced Deut.

All this was delivered by Moses to Israel in the last month of his life. The whole book contains the history but of two months; compare Deut. Thus we have more recorded of what our blessed Saviour said and did in the last week of his life than in any other. The last words of eminent persons make or should make deep impressions. Starting your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus is easy.

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