Markets for Schooling: An Economic Analysis (Routledge Research in Education)

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Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 38, 5 — How schools structure inequality. Black wealth, White wealth: New perspectives on racial inequality. Segregated schools and national policy. Race and the liberal agenda: The loss of the integrationist dream — The growth of segregation in American schools: Changing patterns of separation and poverty since Harvard Project on School Desegregation. Impacts on metropolitan society. Minnesota Law Review, 80, — Consequences of a decade of resegregation. Criticizing school closings, in a noisy annual ritual.

The New York Times. School closings and parent engagement.

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Peace and Conflict, 18, — Ways of providing for individual differences. Educational Leadership, 11, — Everyday politics of school choice in the Black community. Du Bois Review, 12, 41 — How parents navigate Chicago Public Schools. Charter schools, urban school reform, and the Obama Administration. Harvard Educational Review, 79, — African American involvement in school voucher reform. Urban shrinkage as a performance of Whiteness: Neoliberal urban restructuring, education, and racial containment in the post-industrial, global niche city.

Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32, — People for the American Way. Community voice or captive of the right? A closer look at the Black alliance for educational options. CMD publishes full list of 2, closed charter schools with interactive map.

Wealth gaps rise to record highs between Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. The lost decade of the middle class.

Intro to Economics: Crash Course Econ #1

When middle-class parents choose urban schools: Class, race, and the challenge of equity in public education. Systems thinking and race: Gentrification and the k. Howard Law Journal, 46, — Making the visible invisible: Willful ignorance of poverty and social inequalities in the research-policy nexus. Review of Research in Education, 40, — The color of welfare: How racism undermined the war on poverty. The widening socioeconomic status achievement gap: New evidence and possible explanations. More unequal and more separate: Growth in the residential segregation of families by income, — Trends and consequences of school segregation.

Annual Review of Sociology, 40, — How foundation dollars change public school politics. The nationalization of local school board elections. Building the federal schoolhouse: Localism and the American education state. The transformation of business, democracy, and everyday life. Think tanks, public policy, and the politics of expertise. Changing the geography of opportunity by expanding residential choice: Lessons from the Gatreaux program.

Housing Policy Debate, 6, — Using social, economic, and educational reform to close the Black-White achievement gap. The political economy of urban education. Review of Research in Education, 22, 49 — Five miles away, a world apart: One city, two schools, and the story of educational opportunity in modern America. The political economy of school choice. Yale Law Journal, , — Evidence from capitalized income tax data. Quarterly Journal of Economics, , — The gift of education: Public education and venture philanthropy. Cities in a world economy. Black and White in school: Trust, tension or tolerance?

The politics of venture philanthropy in charter school policy and advocacy. Market-driven education reform and the racial politics of advocacy. Peabody Journal of Education, 86, — School choice as a civil right: The political construction of a claim and implications for school desegregation. New policies and legal options for a multiracial generation pp.

When community control meets educational privatization: The search for empowerment in two African American charter schools. Consequences for K student learning and development pp. School choice and the empowerment imperative. Peabody Journal of Education, 88, 60 — An alternative framework for policy analysis: Community resistance to school privatization: The case of New York City.

ACORN, community organizing, and the struggle for economic justice pp. The hub and the spokes: Foundations, intermediary organizations, incentivist reforms, and the politics of research evidence. Urban neighborhoods and the end of progress toward racial equality. Race, schools, and perceptions of injustice. Black educators in an elusive quest for justice Annual Brown Lecture. American Educational Research Association. Think tanks and the rise of the new policy elite. The democratic potential of charter schools. University of Minnesota Press. Can you steal an education?

Public school choice and racial sorting: An examination of charter schools in Indianapolis. An evaluation of predictions made in Brown v. Psychological Bulletin, 85, — Poverty, place, and educational outcomes. Educational Researcher, 37, — Philanthropy, education reform, and the politics of influence. Can teaching poor children to act more like middle-class children help close the achievement gap? The New York Times, pp. Google Scholar , Medline. Restoring the commitment to equal education opportunity: Education Law and Policy Review, 3, — Benefits of living in high-opportunity neighborhoods.

Rhee details prescription for ailing schools to donors. The one best system: A history of American urban education. School governance in the United States: Historical puzzles and anomalies. Can we fulfill the promise pp. A century of public school reform. Census Bureau projections show a slower growing, older, more diverse nation a half century from now. US-Mexican youth and the politics of caring. The problematic segregation of special populations in charter schools relative to traditional public schools.

Is choice a panacea? An analysis of Black secondary student attrition from KIPP, other private charters and urban districts. Berkeley Review of Education, 2, — America at the crossroads of school choice policy. Where charter school policy fails. Social, political and economic dimensions.

Can the marketplace deliver a system of schools that offers freedom of choice, efficiency, equity, and social cohesion? School choice, student mobility and school quality: Evidence from post-Katrina New Orleans. Education Finance and Policy. An empowering spirit is not enough: A Latino charter school struggles over leadership. Creating quasi-markets in education: A review of recent research on parental choice and school autonomy in three countries. American Education Research Association. Young Blacks turn to school vouchers as civil rights issue. The warmth of other suns: Why greater equality makes societies stronger.

School choice and the standpoint of African American mothers: Considering the power of positionality. Journal of Negro Education, 74, — The Milwaukee voucher experiment. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 20, — Modernising leadership through private participation: Janelle Scott University of California, Berkeley. Abstract Full Text Abstract. Remember me Forgotten your password?

Subscribe to this journal. Vol 40, Issue 1, Tips on citation download. How privatization and public investment influence education outcomes. The state of teacher diversity in American education. Vouchers and the privatization of American education: Justifying racial resegregation from Brown to Zelman.

University of Illinois Law Review, , — Privatizing schooling and policymaking: The American Legislative Exchange Council and new political and discursive strategies of education governance. Educational Policy, 30, — Toward an intersectional understanding of social context and causality. Qualitative Inquiry, 18, — The education of Blacks in the south, — University of North Carolina Press.

Google Scholar , Crossref. Could it be otherwise?

Parents and the inequalities of public school choice. A political economy of urban educational reform. Education and the formation of conservative movements. Teachers College Record, 97, — Google Scholar , ISI. White flight, demographic transition, and the future of school desegregation. Which districts get into financial trouble and why: A forgotten experiment in school privatization. Phi Delta Kappan, — Public schools and privatization. Twentieth Century Fund Press. The marketization of education: Public schools for private ends.

Parental involvement contracts in California charter schools: Strategy for educational improvement or method of exclusion? Teachers College Record, 98, — Urban Review, 39, — All choices created equal? The role of choice sets in the selection of schools. Peabody Journal of Education, 84, — School choice, racial segregation, and test-score gaps: Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 26 1 , 31 — School district fragmentation and racial residential segregation: How do boundaries matter?

Urban Affairs Review, 44, — The promise and politics of empowerment. Institute for Contemporary Studies. Equality and justice for all? Examining race in education scholarship. Review of Research in Education, 31, — Changing the geography of opportunity. Race and housing choice in metropolitan America pp. Fruit from a rotten tree: Are ELL students underrepresented in charter schools?

Demographic trends in New York City, — Journal of School Choice, 5 1 , 40 — Are charter school students harder to educate? Evidence from Washington, D.

An Economic Analysis

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 27, — Restructuring school districts key to long-term continuing improvement in American education. Education and Urban Society, 37, — Between public and private: Politics, governance, and the new portfolio models for urban school reform. Race, charter schools, and conscious capitalism: On the spatial politics of Whiteness as property and the unconscionable assault on Black New Orleans. Harvard Educational Review, 81, — Charter schools, educational policy, and the racial market in New Orleans.

Confronting the politics of corporate school reform pp. The new education privatization. Elite and grass-roots origins of parent choice in Milwaukee. Teaches College Record, 98, — Vouchers in American education. Center for Research on Education Outcomes. Charter school performance in Louisiana. Dyett hunger strike ends with dinner, declaration of victory. The rise and retreat of school desegregation.

Ethnic segregation in Arizona charter schools. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 7 1 , 1 — Fostering consent to education markets in the United States. Environment and Planning, 47, — Foundations and the school privatization movement. National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. The gender gap in charter school enrollment. The politics of school desegregation: Comparative case studies of community structure and policy-making. A statement of the fundamental principles underlying the organization and administration of public education. Urban revitalization, social status, and marketing public schools to the upper middle class.

Journal of Education Policy, 23, — Marketing schools, marketing cities: Who wins and who loses when schools become urban amenities. University of Chicago Press. Attending to social context in studies of marketing and education. Peabody Journal of Education, 91, — A study of early implementation: First year report — The Newark school reform wars.

The institutional landscape of interest-group politics and school choice. Peabody Journal of Education, 82, — Public ends, private means. Metropolitics for the 21st century. University of Kansas Press. The impact of race, rights and taxes on American politics. The struggle for control of public education: A hunger strike, education, and housing in Chicago. Regional educational policy analysis: Educational Policy, 29, — The sociology of markets.

Annual Review of Sociology, 33, — Political geography in legal analysis. Harvard Law Review, , — Charter schools and race: A lost opportunity for integrated education. Charter school segregation and the need for civil rights standards. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 19 1. Melting pot cities and suburbs: Racial and ethnic change in metro America in the s. The public square, big or small? Charter schools in political context. The paradox of radical decentralization pp. The geography of metropolitan opportunity: A reconnaissance and conceptual framework.

Housing Policy Debate, 6 1 , 7 — Academic and racial segregation in charter schools: Do parents sort students into specialized charter schools? Education and Urban Society, 40, — The impact of school choice on racial segregation in charter schools. Educational Policy, 22, — Disparate impact, school closures, and parental choice.

Educational Policy, 28, — Additional federal attention needed to help protect access for students with disabilities. Are we heading toward a charter school bubble? Lessons from the subprime mortgage crisis. University of Richmond Law Review, 50, Are charter schools sufficiently public to receive public funds? An analysis of Council of Organizations about Parochiaid v. International Journal of Education Reform, 7, — How Washington made the rich richer—and turned its back on the middle class.

Parent power and mayoral control: Avenues for parent and community involvement in New York City schools. Commission on School Governance. Privatization in the United States: Political Science Quarterly, , — The end of exceptionalism: The changing politics of school reform. Locational decisions of charter schools: Probing the market metaphor. Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia.

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