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If there is no AO3 version, read the ff. If there is no ff. Failing that, read the journal version, because that's the only one there is. Crossover Fanfiction I do not cross-list crossovers and fusions under their component fandoms; this is the only place to find them. These stories are all mine! All Original Fiction My various bingo cards: Cotton Candy Bingo, Round One blackout!

Link 2 comments Reply. As before, constructive feedback is welcomed with open arms. Protagonist age somewhere between 20 and 40, all other details up to me has a cool secret, which gets revealed. Other characters are duly impressed. This last is because worldbuilding a coherent secondary world in only a couple thousand words can be hard and might detract from the secret and the reveal, which should be the heart of the story. Secret-keeping for someone's safety but not in a cheap or self-justifying way is an appreciated element. Then tonight I copypasted that into the full story document and did about two thirds of the work necessary to blend it into the existing words.

I think I just need one or two more sentences, mostly to describe the scenery in proper sensory detail and layout, and then I'll be good to pick up on the continuing 'Ekanu and Denifar argue about sixty different things which are all stand-ins for arguing about their relationship' plot thread.

After which I need to have some kind of meteorological event that Ekanu can take as a spiritual sign and Denifar can take as a perfectly natural phenomenon, because I like to maintain a firmly agnostic stance toward all my fictional religions. For future reference, "Harvest" is now a touch over 15, words. Once I finally get Ekanu and Denifar back off the vision island and back into a semi-functional friendship rather than an extremely dysfunctional romance , I need to wrap up Ekanu's temporary posting in Ileara and ship her back off to Vinaeo for training as a chapterhouse inspector in preparation for her trip to Yanomy Writing is such a pain.

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Stepping Stones" -- original, Firsthome Summary: Ekanu and Denifar on the vision isle. This ficlet is another snippet of "Harvest," this one set sometime after Harvest: Downwind -- I'm inclined to think perhaps the next morning? That one is vicious and evil on my wrist, because the shapes are so small and fiddly and colored pencils have much smaller tips than big Crayola markers so they fill space at a much slower rate. I think I may toss that book out after I finish the one pattern I started and print out some mandalas or something instead.

Link 4 comments Reply. This ficlet is set during Ekanu's student years in Estara, though judging by her grasp of Common and recognition of Trinitarian religious imagery, she's been there at least a couple years. So it comes after Learning To Listen , Barycenter , and Craftsmanship , but before Seduction in which she goes to Vinaeo to begin her service payment for her education.

Ekanu finally tells Kadeotak that she's going to leave home. This is kind of It's set during the opening section of Learning To Listen , which is the tale of how and why Ekanu came south to Estara and wound up studying at the University and befriending Denifar. Kadeotak is Ekanu's childhood friend, which is clear in "Learning To Listen. But it's always been true in my mind. Kadeotak is also an important character in the as-yet-unwritten story or stories of Ekanu's initial return to the Domaris, so I wanted to get her properly on-page and start exploring who she is as a person.

Ekanu spends the summer on the shores of the Inner Sea in Nivenos. This ficlet is set when Ekanu is in her late thirties, after she's attempted to settle down in Pythas and start a family with Ain Taylak.

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That fell apart for various reasons and she's been doing University chapterhouse inspections again, this time in Nivenos rather than Yanomy, until she got shipwrecked in a spring storm near the western coast of the Inner Sea. Jou Shaha Vagyu found and saved her, and they've been living together while Ekanu heals. December Talking Meme, Day Firsthome is another world I dreamed up around age thirteen, but in this case my initial terrible notes which included, IIRC, a legendary pirate and a mermaid???

I dunno, it was forever ago and the notes in question were, at best, one sentence summaries of concepts that need at least a thousand words to make any sense were extremely minimal and I didn't get around to making maps until much later. Except for Yanomy, but Yanomy is a weird case I will explain in a bit. I first 'mapped' Firsthome verbally, and since then have been engaged in an off-and-on struggle to make those verbal descriptions of geography and climate into functional images.

Like, there are seven continents in this world. Three in the northern hemisphere Arina, Yanomy, and Tirith Ansam , three in the southern hemisphere Nivenos, Kerabada, and Chida , and one that pretty much straddles the equator Ohiyesa. Some of these names are, um, approximations in Common aka the language of the Estarin Empire, which is still the common speech of Estaria, a big region of Arina for names in the language of whatever people the Estarins happened to conquer first on a given continent. I have little verbal geographic sketches of the entirety of Arina, Yanomy, and Kerabada.

Ohiyesa and Chida are very vague -- though I've actually written one ficlet each set on those continents. Seduction is set in the city-state of Vinaeo, which is on the northern coast of Ohiyesa, and Clockwork is set in Besmodu, an as-yet-unmapped region of Chida. At one point I started a project to map the whole world by hemispheres, but I only finished the east; west, south, and north are all sadly blank. And the map itself is pretty sketchy and subject to future revision, particularly Chida and Ohiyesa. But here it is. The scribbly bits are mountain ranges.

Svedanya sin Alar and Tallo Nashialle face a disruption to their attempt at a private life after the Three-Day Revolution.

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It's been ages, so I doubt anyone remembers, but Svedanya and Tallo are two friends and later lovers who live about five hundred years before Ekanu Thousandbirds. They are some of the leading figures in the Three Day Revolution that beheads and topples the Estarin Empire, and end up roped into the first post-imperial government of the Free City of Estara.

Suffice it to say that after a period of dictatorial rule, and then a term of democratic service, they attempt to retire from politics. Also, by this point they've both gotten better at dealing with their particular magical gifts: Tallo calls lightning and Svedanya can feel the most likely future. The Edge of the Knife. Ekanu rides the wind, but not as a leaf. She is a bird, and will always return to her home. Look, it's original fiction! She does eventually end up in a stable relationship with Ain h'sut chung h'Ril of Pythas, but it's not a closed relationship.

He stays in one place and raises their daughter, but Ekanu never stays put anywhere for more than a few years. And when they're apart from each other, it's understood that they can love as they will. This is partly a Domaris cultural thing, and partly a personal negotiation. This freedom results in two "outside" sexual relationships on Ekanu's part: Anyway, Ekanu is in her early forties in this ficlet.

Refan is about ten years younger. I have a temporary connection via an unsecured network I've never seen before, which may or may not be theirs by a different name since it appears with the strongest signal as theirs used to. I think they are still in California on vacation and this may be the result of their dogs messing stuff up and their housesitters making fumbling attempts to repair the damage.

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