Handling Difficult Questions

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Keeping these things in mind when handling difficult questions in presentations will allow you to seem more prepared and make your presentation go more smoothly.


Want more info on how to be a better presenter? The worst mistake you can make is to panic and launch into an answer, with no idea of what you are going to say.

This can only lead to confusion and embarrassment. Offering an alternative — such as saying you will find out and get back to the person — will make you sound much more professional. Kopernikusstrasse 13 - Offenbach am Main - Tel: You might also like 6 reasons why silence is golden in presentations.

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What should I do with my hands during a presentation? Occasionally, questions will fall outside of the remit of your talk and it would be too much of a diversion to tackle them in front of the whole audience. Respond positively to any such questions and suggest that they best be tackled by a quick chat after the event.

Lessons From Fahrenheit 451 for the Modern Day

Finally, you can come across a questioner who disagrees strongly with your argument. If you feel that you have answered the initial question, announce that you will move on and suggest that you might continue discussion after the presentation.

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If the questioner persists, use an assertiveness technique called 'broken record' to assert your position calmly: I do need to move on No one can know the answer to every question. Study the following seven strategies and keep them in your back pocket so that you can field even the toughest questions with confidence.

In fact, the audience will revere you because adults love to be involved and share their knowledge. After you have fielded all of the contributions, be sure to summarize and add your own ideas if any have been sparked by the interaction. Summarizing at the end helps you to maintain control and authority.

Thinking On Your Feet: How to Answer Difficult Questions

Always repeat questions before answering for the same reasons. First, write the question down. Make sure everyone knows you are writing the question down.

Can you get back to them by the end of the day? If it is an all-day program, can you get back to them after lunch?

Answering Tough Questions

All of these things make this strategy very powerful. It is not smoke and mirrors.

It is an opportunity to go the extra mile, expand your knowledge, and impress your audience. Defer to the Expert This is a more sophisticated version of the Reflection technique. Sometimes a question is legitimately outside of your area of expertise. You may be a marketing expert and someone asks a question about the engineering aspects of a product.