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Aug 19, Dana Hall rated it did not like it. Might be the worst book I have ever read. Shepherd spent her life making mostly low quality art and having sex with almost anyone she could.

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She lived a meaningless life. Glad she is not my mother. Sex -VS- Acting Sex with every man she met, with some acting on the side. I felt like a priest listening to confession. Nov 15, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: This was an impulse free purchase.

I was very surprised to find it for free. I've always quite liked Cybill Shepherd and thought her autobiography would be popular. Especially due to the Elvis bits. Then I began to wonder if she'd missed out all the juicy bits and that's why it was free Well, I couldn't have been more wrong really. This seems to be a no holds barred account of the way she sees her life. Unless she's led a This was an impulse free purchase. Unless she's led a much more exciting time and she's only given us the tip of the iceberg. I find this unlikely though as she doesn't look haggard enough.

She starts at the very beginning and we learn of her childhood. Which doesn't seem altogether the happiest. She's taught early on the value of her looks. Which she seems to view as a help but also a hindrance at times throughout her career. I really expected to like Cybill and thoroughly enjoy this book. She's always come across as beautiful, bright and fun with what seems like a wicked sense of humour. The tales of her tomboy behaviour at the start of the book further confirmed this. However as the book went on I found myself not taking to her quite as much.

It seems wrong to state that the author of an autobiography seems self-centred, that's what they're here for. It just seemed that she saw things from her perspective and nowhere else. Early on in the book a relationship falls apart, which may have done anyway but she hastened it on. That's never going to warm the reader up. But I put this aside as she was honest about her involvement and she was pretty young at the time. She always seems to come across as though she's a little hard done to throughout the book.

The problem was I don't know anything about anyone else mentioned so I can't compare. The chapters of her life including Orson Welles were interesting. Hell, she shared a house with Citizen Kane: She did well getting out of there. I hate it when I read an autobiography and I like the writer less afterwards. I don't hate the woman. I still have her to thank for episodes of Cybill when I was grounded on Friday nights. I would love to know the views of those that she was less than complimentary of.

The ones she thinks stabbed her in the back. You've got to give her credit, she did well in a male dominated world. She was successful and I'm guessing she did have to stand her ground a lot. Maybe I'm doing her a huge disservice.

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The problem with reading a Kindle book is that you don't get to read the cover and dedications etc, as easily as a real book. There is a ghost writer here, Aimee Lee Ball. I forget these things when I read on a Kindle though. I have no idea what her input was. The book read well enough though. I certainly couldn't complain that there wasn't enough juice in there.

This book is raw and a gossip's dream. Not one I'll ever read again though. Jun 07, Mediaman rated it it was ok. Cybill Shepherd deserves the grief she gets from everyone--this book proves that she has her nose in the air at all times, trying to portray herself as innocent and well-meaning while making destructive decisions and comments. The worst part of the book is that she tries to use her life as a role model for women's liberation, yet in truth she's a complete hypocrite. While she condemns controlling, lying, cheating men, she herself acts the same way The book is filled with her st Cybill Shepherd deserves the grief she gets from everyone--this book proves that she has her nose in the air at all times, trying to portray herself as innocent and well-meaning while making destructive decisions and comments.

The book is filled with her stories of having sex with all types, from movie stars and producers to crew members and strangers. In any other book she would be called a slut. Here she claims she is a feminist. Of course she clings to morality saying she believes in God, getting married in a church though she has to lie to do it yet the book proves her to be almost completely immoral--and bragging about it!

She throws every man she bedded under the bus naming some, giving fake names to others and rarely accepts responsibility for her behavior. I feel sorry for her kids--her oldest said to her, "I wish I'd been wanted," which is proof that the child senses that the parent didn't want them. Cybill admits that the child was "unplanned" but "welcome," and uses the incident as a defense of abortion claiming it's "the most important message of pro-choice, for to be wanted is a child's surest protection against being abandoned or abused. Your oldest child knows you slept around with other men, had an abortion, and often choose your sexual partners over your kid, leading her to conclude you didn't want her--wake up!

That's not a pro-choice message! It's a sad truth that many women especially in Hollywood are too selfish to see that their choices lead to their children believing they are unloved. Shepherd's response should have been to mourn that she wasn't communicating that she cared for her kid and to change her vagabond ways. The book is both entertaining and frustrating.

If you're looking for inside stories to most of her movie and TV projects you won't find them here, other than the name of the hotel where she staid and which married crew member she slept with. She will name-drop Elvis, Frank Sinatra without really giving enough detail for the reader to know what went on. She tells enough bad stories to make her look unintelligent, all the while claiming how smart she is she isn't anywhere near as smart as she thinks. And she has a lot of venom--so it's hard to believe when she claims innocence regarding causing conflicts in her relationships or on the set of her TV show.

She is certainly a unique, call-it-as-I-see-it type celebrity autobiographer. But the question is how much we can really believe, since so much of this is defensive and incomplete. Feb 20, Mckinley rated it did not like it Shelves: Mostly 'I did this Then this happened to me Just didn't seem to be any reflection or content other than events. I got the Kindle edition of this book free about a year ago. I had fun reading it. I am not a huge Cybill Shepherd fan so I learned a lot about her life that I did not know.

One interesting thing; she was named after both of her grandfathers Cy and Bill. That is why her name has such a unique spelling.

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Some of these people do good things and some do bad things, including Cybill. To give her c I got the Kindle edition of this book free about a year ago. To give her credit she does not seem to blame everyone else for bad things that happen to her and her career. I mean, she will tell what others did to her but she does not hold back on her own role in the events. The only thing that confused me is that a few people are not refered to by name.

Why are these people spared being named in her book where others are not? It is clear from this book that Cybill did not and does not live a "morally clean" life by the standards that I adhere too. I do appreciatre that she does not go into lurid detail, however, so that I did not feel that I needed to stop reading her book. I never did watch her show Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and reading this book makes me want to see a few episodes. I did see her Show Cybill and I was suprised to learn from the book that there was so much personal drama and confrontation behind the scenes. Aug 28, Karen rated it really liked it.

Autobiographys are just grandstanding and grandiosing about a boring life.

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Cybill's was anything but boring. A woman who spoke her mind, didn't live by the conventions of her upbringing and made it through sheer determination. Cybill Shepherd is a woman I have always admired because of her willingness to call a spade a spade and not sugar coat it. She confronted woman's issues on her popular Cybill show. It was a shame that she happened to annoy the wrong person - that was ultimately the demise - Autobiographys are just grandstanding and grandiosing about a boring life. It was a shame that she happened to annoy the wrong person - that was ultimately the demise - along with her attitude!

Yes Cybill admits that she had some creative differences with people in her time. Read that as a woman who doesn't mind standing up for what she believes in, and you have a big problem in old boys school hollywood. If anything, this look into her life has made me all the more determined to stay away from people who want to be your friend, but only while the going is good. Cybill does name drop in the book, but as a celebrity, why shouldn't she. What she doesn't reveal and because I don't live in hollywood, there is no way for me to know are the names of those that she slept with, or refused to sleep with to protect their families and reputations.

Me, i would have probably just named and shamed them all, but while Cybill has a strange concept of morality, she does protect those that look after her and those who could shit on her too. I found this a very compelling and interesting read. Aug 14, Lauren rated it did not like it Recommends it for: But with the exception of the first and last chapters, which provided an intro and then a summary, the book reads like dry statistics.

Instead, go get one of her movies or TV series to watch. Apr 16, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: I remember hearing that Cybill Shepherd's autobiography was a major tell-all when it was released back in I love celebrity gossip but somehow never got around to reading it so when it was offered as a free Kindle book last year I snagged it. Cybill definitely tells all about her sexual escapades but didn't tell very much about anything else.

I would have liked to know more about the more personal aspects of her life. This book was basically, "Here is the project I worked on and who I slept I remember hearing that Cybill Shepherd's autobiography was a major tell-all when it was released back in This book was basically, "Here is the project I worked on and who I slept with while I was working on it. Another large part of the book was Cybill trying to disprove her difficult to work with reputation. I thought it was kind of funny - if almost everyone you work with has a problem with you, maybe you should look inward.

Because the book came out right after the television series Cybill came out, Cybill spends a disproportionate amount of the book writing about that series and her conflicts with the network, director, and her costars. I recommend this book to only the most die-hard US Weekly readers. Was surprised to find this as a free download. I'm a big fan of biographies, so I thought, why not. When everyone my age was watching , the old soul in me was watching Murphy Brown, Cheers as well as Cybil Shepherd's show, Cybil.

I was too young for her days in Moonlighting, but I had seen Taxi Driver. One could say Cybil's a dislikeble person for acknowledging her constant sleeping with married men--including taking married director Peter Bogdonovich away from his wife. Or you could say sh Was surprised to find this as a free download. Or you could say she was totally honest in her constant quest for romance, which was more veiled promescuity. She had constant committment problems. Interesting moments were reading about her fling with Elvis, friendships with Hollywood heavyweights like Orson Wells and Stella Adler, the ups and downs of the acting scene, her rivalvry with Christine Baranski.

The beginning was a little too much on who her family was back in Tennessee, her teenage hormones, etc. I was a little disappointed she only glossed over moments of being a single working mom Overall a decent read Mar 08, Sharienne rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading about Ms. My oI was disappointed to read that she and Baranski got along so poorly on the set on her self-titled show. Two of my favorite lines of all time were delivered by Christine Baranski in relation to that show. As Cybil moaned about her sex life to her friend Baranski finally cuts her off with the line that was new to me even if y'all have heard it "Waiter, I'd like another Scotch and could you bring my friend a clue?

I liked the show. I liked her book I even liked her singing on the Moonlighting soundtrack. You'd think I were getting paid Actually, she kinda owes me because I bought this book at full price but now has it posted for free on her personal site. I'm happy to have done it. I only mention it because I didn't want to sound like she had her mom write this.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Books by Cybill Shepherd. See All Goodreads Deals…. Trivia About Cybill Disobedien No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Cybill Disobedience. Out of Our Heads with Proof of Truth: Rolling Stones hiring the Hells Angels was fake news. Man who signed the checks-on the tours-at Altamont-tells his story with the proving documents.

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They're Playing Our Song: Of course it is. See All Goodreads Deals…. While she condemns controlling, lying, cheating men, she herself acts the same way I'd given my name and much of my identity to the series, blurring the line between real life and fiction, much more than is customary in television. But I put this aside as she was honest about her involvement and she was pretty young at the time.

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention cybill shepherd bruce willis cybill disobedience well written behind the scenes waste your time free kindle recommend this book christine baranski read this book taxi driver comes across blah blah blah married men side of the story fun to read orson welles everyone else moonlighting and cybill kindle version.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. When it comes to providing a sense of the subject, this autobiography actually does a great job. The only problem is that the person presented isn't exactly somebody one would want to spend much time with. Cybill clearly comes across as somebody who is happy to make her living trading on her beauty only to notice and protest that the game is rigged in favor of the young and pretty when her beauty starts to fade. Late in the book she inserts some "lessons" learned from therapy, but they don't seem to go very deep and they certainly don't permeate the book.

The book itself has a somewhat muddled style. I think the ghost writer struggled with how to present the material so it wasn't just an account of sexual adventures, professional tantrums, and a couple of lucky breaks in a career of mostly mediocre placeholders. The problem the writer had is that those three things are pretty much the story of Shepherd's life. The sexual adventures might make a great book if they weren't all so meaningless. It isn't really that the book has a lack of detail - it's more that the detail Shepherd shares isn't vivid enough to make you feel like you're reading accounts of actual people.

You get the mechanics, but no real sense of why you want to read it. As for the professional tantrums, Shepherd makes herself out to be the victim of producers, co-stars, basically anybody who had anything to do with either of her shows. Of course it is. Do women still have responsibility for how they act in professional environments?

There is a telling moment in the book where she records getting a call from Roseanne Barr. Roseanne commiserates with her about what it is like to have a difficult reputation and to survive a troubled show. Cybill says she didn't really do any of the things of which she was being accused. Roseanne replied that she did do everything that she was accused of and wishes she had done more.

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I don't think I'd want to work with either Cybill or Roseanne, but I know who I'd rather have a drink with and who is capable of a much more insightful and interesting account of their own life. Whether I'm hanging out with somebody or reading their autobiography, I'll always prefer the person who is capable of meaningful insight about their own behavior. Well written for a non-writer and fun to read! Worth all 99 pennies! While not the most engaging autobiography I've ever read, it certainly isn't the worst. First, I've noticed in other reviews people seem to take issue with her use of "big words I had to look up".

Fellow reviewers, that is not a good criteria for the basis of a review. That is a comment on your own lack of education. Perhaps keep it to yourself. All you need for this book is a rudimentary understanding of the english language. There, got that out of the way. I actually got this book because of that review. This book chronicles a time when Hollywood changed guard.

Cybill was lucky enough to be there as old school met new school. She rightly laments not understanding the importance of this at the time. At no time did I feel she was soliciting sympathy or seeking forgiveness, but rather honestly sharing her life as a blond starlet in Hollywood at a time when the casting couch was still the main starmaker. Of course she's selfish! How do you get anywhere in Hollywood without being selfish? Overall, it's a juicy, gossip-y summer read, from someone I hadn't really thought about much this century, and have rather enjoyed the light read!

With assets of approx. She tried to make it in Hollywood, and did very well. Oh, and had lots and lots of sex. If that shocks you, stick with the how-to section. Cybill Shepherd's autobiography was published in the year and has a very telling subtitle: To me, Cybill Shepherd's name was known as that of an actress, and I could sort of put a face to the name but have never seen any of her movies or the various series she has starred in during the s and 90s; nor have I ever heard her sing, in spite of a rather impressive discography.

That did not make reading her book any less interesting. The way her life changed from pretty girl with what transpires as a rather unhappy home life to landing her first modelling jobs and then on to becoming a movie star and singer, with a career that had many ups and downs, plus a complicated personal life to match, is described in what sounds like an honest, no-fuss manner. I have deliberately chosen to say "sounds like", because I can of course not really tell how much honesty there is in an autobiography by someone I do not personally know.

There is sadness in the book, but also a lot of humour. More than once, I found her choice of words quite wonderful. For instance, she says about her first phone call from Elvis that he had "a voice like melted Kraft caramels".

Picks and Pans Review: Cybill Disobedience

Some of the people mentioned only go by nicknames such as The Suit or The Executioner, while others - her co-stars, husbands, partners and relatives - appear by their full names. Not everyone she worked with on or off camera gets away lightly, but there is no nastiness and nothing that sounds too outrageous to be true. As the book was published in , I wanted to know what happened in the 15 years since, and looked her up on wikipedia. Already in the book are described some of her activities for equal rights, and I was pleased to read that she was honoured in by the Human Rights Campaign in Atlanta with a National Ally for Equality award.

What do I think of Cybill Shepherd now, after I have read her autobiography? Well, she comes across as a very "human" human being - with just as many faults and strengths as everyone else, and she is not ashamed of admitting to the former and playing on the latter. Admittedly, I am still not overly interested in watching any of the movies or series she has been in, and I am not going out to buy one of her records anytime soon. But the book made for an interesting, entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking read, with the free copy showing only minor typing errors.

Therefore, 4 out of 5 stars, I'd say. One person found this helpful.